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  1. No question in my mind. Joe won. CNN fact checker likened D’ump’s lies to the I Love Lucy chocolate factory scene compared to Biden’s occasional “yeah, that’s not accurate.”

  2. CNN’s undecided North Carolina focus group vote: 9 said Biden won debate, 2 said neither, 0 for Trump

    7 said they’ve decided to vote Biden, 0 for Trump, 4 still undecided

  3. Well, good. I’d really hoped that trump would blurt, “Not enough people have died.” But I guess this was as good as I’m going to get until someone slips truth serum into his water.
    In clear-eyed hindsight, I’m glad that I missed most of it. 

  4. I of course love it when joe speaks Irish  .  I did notice him studdering it out though and my heart went out to him.  Trump is so toxic he can undermine Joe’s successful lifelong efforts to overcome studdering.  

  5. Missed another one of the ape shows.  Sounds like Biden did the job of being a president once again.  As a reminder, SFB is not in this universe.  His mind is somewhere else. In that place he is always a winner and always telling his truths.
    The latest anti-American Miller trick is to try and destroy the federal civil service system.  Another thing Biden will have to fix January 22, 2021.

  6. @m_mendozaferrer
    Mitchell McConnell’s hands were ok a week ago… what happened to bruise them to such a degree that they are now literally black as seen in pictures from AP News yesterday? Don’t Kentucky voters have a right to know about his health?



    Replying to @MeidasTouch
    He also has bruises on his face and he’s clearly wearing makeup to try to cover it up.



    ???fights and arm twisting to get him to do stimulus bill??? 

  7. McConnell?  Can’t say about that face, but as to his hands – my guess is that he has had either infusion therapy or blood drawn, or both. 

  8. mortonie said his wife forgot the safe word, which would’ve made me laugh-cringe more if I hadn’t seen Rudy with his hands down his pants this week.  
    Faux & tRUMP are going to keep at the Hunter angle, because they have nothing else…just a bad game of telephone from Russia to Rudy to tRUMPsky.
    Now, LP needs to beat the drum about tRUMP’s Chinese bank account, about saying Xi was being transparent in the beginning, about Chinese tax payments v US tax payments.   Well, that’s one ad.
    Healthcare and how the SCOTUS vote will  impact it (during a pandemic), THAT is the one that may sway undecideds.  
     I have a problem believing there are undecideds, only those afraid to say who they’ll vote for next week. 
    Local ads are hitting healthcare and SCOTUS hard.   
    Jeez, you don’t suppose a Russian beat up Mitch because he was caving, do you?   Could COVID do that?  

  9. I can’t vote for Joe now because he’s not really from Scranton.  Tsk tsk.

    Oops…..too late, I already voted. Darn.

  10. OSH

    I was concerned about the stutter as well.  Trump does push his buttons with the constant lies and idiotic rebuttals. 

    My only problem with the content of the debate is that there were no actual foreign policy or events discussed. A great deal is happening in the world that has not been brought forward.


  11. jamie, back in sept wonkette had a story on D’ump plan to make joe stutter at debate.  here’s some of that:

    What’s the name for the compulsive disorder that makes you run to reporters and tell them all the filthy, vile things you’re up to today?

    Oh, right — TRUMPISM.


    There’s some tension among the president’s advisers over whether it’s wise to try to trip up Biden so he stutters, or to box him in on issues.

    One 2016 Trump campaign official said it’s a “calculated risk” to phrase things in such a way that might cause the former vice president to stammer in his response, acknowledging such a strategy could backfire if Trump deliberately appears to be messing with Biden’s history of stuttering — an attribute Biden has used to demonstrate his ability to overcome challenges and his empathy for children in similar situations.

    They also have a theory that certain words, umm, cause his circuit board to glitch and “reboot.”

    The Trump team has been studying Biden’s idiosyncrasies in debates and other venues and preparing tactics for Trump, according to interviews with a dozen campaign aides, White House officials and outside advisers. Some have noticed the way he says, “C’mon, man,” whenever he feels frustrated, and they’re trying to identify words or phrases that trigger him to “reboot,” as one person familiar with the planning described it. Essentially, Trump aides are looking for ways to trip up Biden in an effort to spur an incoherent or unsatisfactory response — bolstering a key Trump argument against Biden built around his age.

  12. Now that I see the pics of McConnell’s hands, I change my guess – I think sturg is right – he’s rotting from the hands in.

  13. On McConnell’s hands, it looks like purple glove syndrome which is a serious complication of IV phenytoin used as an emergency treatment of convulsive seizures. Bruises on his face suggest a fall. So did he have seizures that caused him to fall, requiring IV phenytoin? Pure speculation on my part but its not an uncommon occurrence in the elderly. 

  14. Rick and I thought the funniest moment in the debate came when they were discussing climate change.  Trumpty Dumpty claimed that Joe would tear down houses and replace them with smaller houses with tiny windows.
    yeah…  this is how a tiny mind thinks….

  15. Also….  Biden did a good job at times of looking directly at the camera and speaking directly to the American people.  So many claim that trump is a product of television… he supposedly knows what sells best on tv…   but he didn’t look at the camera once.  Another trump myth exposed.

  16. So I went over and did my civic duty this morning in the early voting line.  It was short, quick, and now Joe’s a lock.  Odd thing about our ballots is that the Repugnicans appear as the first choice in each race even if the Democrat in the race is the incumbent.  Well, it is West Virginia.

  17. patd,  I’m guessing that those idiots on trump’s team who came up with the various ways to throw Joe off aren’t exactly Harvard trained neuropsychologists.  They sound more like cocktail party neuropsychologists  …  after a few drinks.

  18. Before the last debate, Chris Christie told tRUMP to interrupt like the loudmouth he is, in order to keep Joe off-balance.  So glad Christie got the cofeve, but it’s doubtful he learned any more from it than SFB.  Still, I like to think it was karma for Christie aiding and abetting an a-hole. 

  19. Hunter who?
    It didn’t work before why would he think the wanker Rudee is anything but a Russian tool!

  20. Ha, from a lawyer pal who’s been recruited by Biden campaign to help with any legal challenges and polling place shenanigans:

    Got my “challenger” appointment letter and will be on the front lines in NH next week.  They also sent along PPE, but no flack jacket.  In our training we did get briefed on what to do when people show up with guns!  It’s New Hampshire….Live Free AND Die!”

  21. New Hampshire : One of the last places one would expect rippers to act up.  Still, they DID elect grafter sherman adams and his students the sununus. 

  22. It’s New Hampshire….Live Free AND Die!
    oh yeah….   if only I got a dollar for every time I’ve heard that in the last 6 months…
    When I first moved here it was mostly a red state…  then it turned purple.  And now… except for the governor….  it’s blue.  That’s what happens when all these NHerites build houses and invite people from Massachusetts to come and buy them.

  23. Live Free AND Die.  As a former NH resident I love that (and have heard that iteration since the 80s when I hung my cap there).

  24. Shane Goldmacher at NYT published an article today entitled Six Takeaways from the Final Presidential Debate.
    They are:
    1. They actually debated!
    2. Trump still didn’t have a compelling answer on Covid-19.
    3. Biden made the ‘Come on, man!’ case.
    4. Trump landed his ‘all talk, no action’ punch …
    5. … but he also got lost in a cul-de-sac of obscurity.
    6. They had surprisingly substantive disagreements.
    Sometimes I hate smart people – they make me feel so … slightly above average.

  25. meidas touch latest

    With 11 days until the election, the MeidasTouch closing argument against Trump and for voting for Joe Biden continues in full force. Yesterday we released two videos, a double header, with the hashtag #TrumpIsPathetic which quickly became the top trending in the USA even just as the debate was beginning and received millions of views. Today, we present the a video called ‘Trump Crime Family.’ Joe Biden in his infinite dignified personality that he displayed his entire career has not gone after Trump’s family — this despite the fact that Trump and his entourage of compromised grifters have made patently false allegations about Biden’s son. MeidasTouch is not as nice. We have previously made dozens of videos focused on the rampant and unprecedented corruption of the Trump family while Trump was in office. Our newest video, ‘Trump Crime Family’ ties it all together, and makes the strongest case that the Trumps are no different than the mafia families of the past. The ‘Trump Crime Family has violated thousands of laws (Federal and State), engaged in documented domestic and international corruption, and utterly destroyed every ethical principle turning the White House which was once the people’s house into the money laundering Trump trap house. It is our duty as American citizens who value our constitution to vote out the Trump cartel and bring back decency to the White House and this country.

  26. Turning the corner, D’ump style (Data courtesy Wapo):
    At least 8,435,590 COVID-19 cases have been reported since Feb. 29.
    At least 223,192 COVID-19 deaths have been reported since Feb. 29.
    In the past week in the U.S….
    New daily reported cases rose 11.4%
    New daily reported deaths rose 14.7%
    Covid-related hospitalizations rose 5.9%
    Among reported tests,the positivity rate was 5.7%.
    The number of tests reported rose 2.1% from the previous week.

    Nickname Brownie?

  27. Boy, do I love this headline –
    Sacha Baron Cohen says ‘it was pretty clear to us’ what Giuliani was doing in Borat scene: ‘It is what it is’

  28. Wilson compared the situation to an analysis for a battleground congressional district he has consulted for in which the Republican leads by a point, but Democrats have poured it on so heavily in early voting that his candidate needs to win Election Day by huge proportions.
    “Great news. We lead [in the polls]. But if you look at the early vote, we have to win 2-to-1 on Election Day,” Wilson said. “And that’s probably just about every contested race in America.”

  29. They really screwed the pooch  with that mail-in ballot/USPS melodrama . 
    Because all the Dems bolted out of the gate , and their voters were all standing in the stall , confused. 

  30. In re the case of Rude Julie Annie :
    It is delightful to see a republican, particularly a dirtball russian shill like Julie Annie get the o’keefe treatment. I just wish someone would o’keefe o’keefe himself.

  31. Regarding Mr Pogo’s or 2:11 pm, displaying the opinions of Shane Goldmacher, I fear that I must disagree with Goldmacher’s first point. I was not an actual debate. It was more like the presidential ‘debates’ of the old days, but those weren’t actual debates either.
    Further, this Amicus saith nought.

  32. The question of “Oil” has all the  wingers panting.
    “Joe blundered ” ! 
    Well, he also shored up  young voters  thinking about the climate. 
    I’ll take that trade.
    Not a lot of 22 year-old’s  worried about the future of fracing. 
    Several million worried about climate.

  33. Poll shows Democrats lead in three Iowa House districts and fourth tightening
    New polling in Iowa shows a tightening race in the state’s single Republican-held House seat while Democrats hold leads in the other three districts. A Monmouth University poll released Thursday shows two first-term Democratic incumbents leading in their races while the Democratic candidate leads in an open seat held by the party.


  34. As of yesterday, TX was at 37% turnout…and now winter has arrived. That might hurt turnout around these parts. What is winter? 49 degrees.

  35. I keep hearing that great line they gave Hall Holbrook  in the parking garage ……………..
    “Forget the myths the media has created about the White House The truth is , these are not very bright guys.”

  36. Message from California. “tRUMP did a good job last night.”   Please, somebody adopt me.  

  37. Blue –
    90 mins of behaving like a human being does not wipe out 12 years of being a hydrophobic weasel. 

  38. OM – I just can’t believe I’m related to some of the folks in my family. SFB could’ve been 100 times crazier and meaner, but the message I got would be the same.

  39. Biden did a very sharp thing  last night  he curled his lip and  called Trump , “Abraham Lincoln”
    The “Head Birther”  being called   that by Obama’s VP.
    I remember those “birther days” here.  I forget that  jackass’s name , but there was one guy,  who would fly in everyday here for months  with a single  seed of doubt .  From Bad Breath News. 
    Each pass did it’s job , sown discord. 

  40. So I’m watching my past being  converted into ashes , real ashes.  The first place I lived in Grand Lake was a cabin the “Grand Lake Lodge” rented out . It was part of a circle of   small cabins with a shower house . 
    Me and Jose’  rented the smallest one at the top of the circle .  Up the hill was a road , past that was the Rocky Mountain National Park .
    We called it the “Bird House”  it was so small . 
    And yes,  we were the Bird Brothers . 
    It was about 8×10 and real  CCC  skill in building the whole  place. 
    It was this tiny dollhouse log cabin  with a front porch , perched on these huge granite boulders, above the whole  set-up. 
    So , shortly after we moved in , we  went hiking .  Fresh out of Texas in big woods. 
    And we found one of the biggest sets of Elk horns I’ve ever seen.
    So we “stole it” , and hauled it out of the park, and nailed it on the front of  the  “Bird House” in the gable above the porch roof. 
    The result  was , that 75 yards down the parking lot , looking up at the “Bird House” …………..  The antlers were going to tip the entire dollhouse  over. 
    This in trees that are 80 or 100 feet tall. 

  41. As America is a nation, and the earliest quote says nations, I guess Abba Eban is the author of that witticism, and all the others are mere paraphrases. 

  42. Yep, the new tRUMPsky ad is all about Hunter.    Pay no attention to COVID, the illegitimate SCOTUS procedure and the subsequent, pending loss of healthcare and protection for pre-existing conditions, job loss, no more stimulus money and all of the other things that actually impact your life.  Listen to the biggest liar to sit in the OO lie about his opponent.  

  43. @RepMattGaetz just now at Trump super spreader rally in Pensacola: “I hope Joe Biden has got his dental records on file because that’s probably how they’re going to have to identify the body after Donald Trump put him through such a beat down over that 90 minutes in that debate.”

  44. Borat responds to Rudy Giuliani controversy:
    ‘He’ll reach into his legal briefs and whip out his subpoenas’

  45. As an expert on these matters, Mr Crawford, would you say that gaetz’ presence at the FL Super Slayer today means that Florida’s 1st District might turn Blue again ?
    It seems pretty doubtful to me, but I don’t know the place at all.

  46. “The Birdhouse” –
    About  50 yards south  was where the Colorado River  flowed out of the park, past  the main lodge , and into the lake. 
    Just inside the park , was  the flood gauge. 
    This was May of 70′ and that gauge  had been automated  for some time .
    But the old way of getting data  was still  there. 
    And that was a cable car,   so a human  could cross  the “stream”  to get to the gauge.
    What we found was a trapeze bar , on a roller , on a cable,  between 2 towers  across the  Colorado River .
    And that was FUN! 
    Grab the monkey bars, run like Hell,  swing upside down , hang buy your knees ,  your head was about 10 inches  above the  river. 
    I did about 2 or 3 of these , and then  my billfold  fell out of my back pocket , and into the Colorado River .
    It  is at  the bottom of Grand Lake.  So help me God. 

  47. So that is  what it is .
    Me watching the greatest  fires  we’ve ever seen burning up our past , our future, and our dreams. 

  48. Back  to that “Oil” issue 
    The Arctic  sea ice is not forming  where  should.  Breaking yet another record .   Yet another Red Line . 

  49. We are trying to raise the dead  here , people who never think of  the idea  that we owe it to each other. 
    We are all living  in really big times. 
    Buckle your  fucking Face Mask !!!!!!

  50. I did  not want Biden , as he did the “talking to his family ” thing. 
    Too much drama .
    But that old buzzard,  has won , and his pick for VP  seals the deal. 
    There is an ocean  of young women  that know his age.

  51. Think about all the people that fled the GOP.   And spoke up. 
    Not one story about ,  any one fleeing to Fox News. 

  52. Think the democrats  are about the drag people  off their bean bag chair  to vote .
    The GOP will be crawling the Covid wards. 

  53. Biden might not even be the nominee if trump hadn’t pursued his “Hunter” strategy.  Oh, the delicious irony.

    i wasn’t even thinking about Biden, last year, until trump brought him up.

  54. Trump at Florida rally today on Kamala: “She will not be your first female president. We’re not going to have a socialist president, especially any female socialist president. We’re not going to have it. We’re not going to put up with it.”

  55. Winning.

    Most new cases of COVID-19 reported 10/22:

    1. USA +74,301

    2. India +54,482

    3. France +41,622

    4. Brazil +31,985

    5. UK +21,242

    6. Spain +20,986

    7. Argentina +16,325

    8. Italy +16,079

    9. Russia +15,971

    10. Czechia +14,150

  56. The polling is shifting in the purple states. Right now, I see the Dems picking up 6 senate seats and losing 1 for a net gain of 5, meaning a 52(+vp) – 48 Senate in 2021. 
    In the presidential race Biden wins all the states that went to HRC and adds WI (10), MI (16) and PA (20), blocking trump and winning the Presidency. If this is how it ends, trump will only get 257 Electoral College votes to Biden’s 281.
    Also, the struggle continues in AZ (11), TX (38), IA (6),FL (29), GA (16), NC (15), all states that went to trump in ’16. If these all fall to Biden, an unlikely scenario, trump will only have 142 Electoral votes to Biden’s 396.
    So, this seems to be the range in the presidential race, so far :
    Winner Biden 281 – 396; Loser trump 257 – 142.
    The election count is still a thousand years away, and anything can happen. 

  57. The pics of the various trump rallies that I’ve seen seem to have an unusually high % of 30-somethings, rather that the seniors I expect. 
    What’s up with that ? Am I seeing things ? 

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