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  1. When Trump attacks Hunter, why not Biden just look into camera and say something like, He’s obsessed with lies about my family, I’m obsessed with telling the truth about your family

  2. Yes, Joe is a kind man but fight fire with fire. Really there’s so much damning corrupt behavior by Trump’s kids and son in law. Oh, how I do wish Obama was in the front row in front of Trump’s heavily made up face.

  3. Tony, I know it’d be tempting for Biden to go after Trump’s family but I’m against it, leave that to surrogates, keep the focus on voters and what they need for their families

  4. I am so hopeful that Biden will be tonight the man he was in the town hall interview …. down to earth, decent, calm but serious, intelligent, and forthright about issues that are hard to deal with.  Regarding his response when T goes after Hunter, I hope he says “I think the American people deserve better from us than attacks on the other’s children.  Let’s talk about the issues facing this country and how each of us plans to go about dealing with them.”

  5. TONIGHT’S FORMAT | The debate will run for 90 minutes without commercials and will be broken up into 15-minute segments on these topics: •Fighting COVID-19 •American Families •Race in America •Climate Change •National Security •Leadership

  6. Trump is bringing a debate guest, a former Hunter business partner who says Joe got a kickback, a story mainstream media hasn’t confirmed and isn’t reporting. Look for Trump to point him out in the audience to force media to talk about it.

  7. I also want him to say that T’s refusal to “sound the alarm” about COVID when he learned about it early on had nothing to do with T not wanting to cause a panic.  It was pure and simple incompetence bc he’s not smart enough to know that he’s not the smartest person in the room – he doesn’t believe in listening to experts b/c he perceives himself, with no basis in fact to believe such, as being smarter than everyone else without even having to read, listen, or learn anything new.  And the American people deserve a leader who is capable of tackling tough issues by listening to those who have studied the issues, who are experts in that field, who can provide guidance on a “best approach” to handling a problem, and who is then willing to put a plan into place without regard for whether it is a popular move or not.   

  8. It’s Biden’s basic calm decency that helps with whatever unless might still exist and gives comfort the GOP who are reluctantly leaving their party because of Trump’s disgusting behavior

  9. I agree with Craig and MJ…   Biden should ignore trump’s attacks on Hunter and talk issues.  The polls said that voters were disgusted with trump’s attacks in the first debate.  So yeah… let the idiot do it again.

  10. 47 million Americans have now already voted—more than a third of the total vote in 2016. Makes the impact of anything potentially game changing in this debate less impactful.

  11. Craig happy to be back ….. had lots going on lately.  Visited with my mother for a bit, she’ll be 93 in Dec. How is Bill?

  12. Hunter is not a debate topic.   I, too, hope Joe doesn’t take the bait.
    Surrogates  can do the dirty work.
    Joe, Joe, Joe!

  13. Notice how they ~found~ this business partner just in time for tonight’s debate.   Propaganda.   Very Rushun  of the Republicans to use lies to deflect.
    HMMM, hard to deflect from 200,000-plus dead Americans.  

  14. Bloomberg is spending big bucks in Florida.   Lots of folks with visible, high profiles like JLo and Lin Manuel Miranda, too.

  15. Oh Ciraig, I LOVE that about your Dad, and he LOOKS great!!  My mother has always considered herself “conservative” and she was not a fan of the Obama/Biden administration, but she will be casting her vote for Biden/Harris and is horrified that 2 of her 4 children are T supporters.  BY THE WAY my brother, who is not one of those two T supporters, is quoted in an WSJ article out tonight/tomorrow, by Stu Woo, on the woes not being able to obtain ZTE products and hardware support for rural telephone companies.

  16. I thought the question was, how will you lead the country.  T’s response?  “It’s going away” WTF???

  17. So many emotions.  Laughter, among them.  He’s immune.  Maybe for 4 months, maybe forever, but he’s immune. 🤣🤣🤣  
    COVID came from China…where tRUMP has a secret bank account!  Which is why he said Xi was being transparent early on.

  18. No he doesn’t want to go to a beautiful room in the WH… he wants to go to the golf course!

  19. tRUMPsky already tried to bring up Hunter (got money from somewhere)…. god, tRUMP is a worthless ass.

  20. I am of the opinion that one reason T was so slow to act is that he and his family members were trying to figure out how they could make money off of this …. looking into which pharmaceutical companies to invest in, what companies were making products that the government would be buying in large quantities.

  21. Teachers in classrooms are dying.  The kids come home, give it to their parents.  Their parents die.  Orphans.  tRUMP will make kids orphans.

  22. I wish Biden would say something about let’s look at what the countries where they have had low rates of transmission did and learn from them.  

  23. What did they drug tRUMP with before the debate and did they time out how long the meds would last?

    He lasted 45 minutes for “Sixty Minutes.”


  24. Technically, tRUMP’s Russian money is laundered and arrives through Duetsche Bank, or something, right?

    The moderator needs to get control. tRUMP has redirected with HUGE LIES.

  25. I am sooooo glad he’s going to release his tax returns as soon as possible.  I cannot wait for Biden to hit him with the 60 minutes interview in which he said that he wanted to kill Obamacare.

  26. At some point I want Biden to say ….. Mr. President, you must think the American people are pretty stupid if you think they are goin to believe this crap you are spouting.

  27. Is anyone else noticing that when Trump makes an insult against Biden, Biden is cut off from answering, but in the reverse – Trump seems to always get the time to respond?

  28. Yep, Ivanker and her Chinese shoes.  Hell, if SFB is wearing a tRUMP-brand tie, it was made there, too.

  29. Can’t wait to get to HEALTHCARE.   SFB told “60 Minutes” he wants SCOTUS to take away your healthcare!  
    Dammit, shut up, Donald!

  30. You are in court asking the Supreme Court to terminate and invalidate Obamacare’s pre-existing conditions provisions.

  31. My “great, private healthcare” was going up 22% this fall. My employer couldn’t do it and so I now have a plan that costs only 6% more for LESS coverage and higher copays/deductibles.    

  32. Thank you Joe for bringing up education.  I’m a teacher – and these bastards have put nothing into the system and demanded more

  33. tRUMP just comes off like the lying a-hole that he is.  He would’ve benefited from a muted mic.  Let the bastard hang himself with his own words. 

  34. 🤣🤣🤣OMG! Abe Lincoln and then tRUMP.  The next Lincoln Project ad just wrote itself.
    Now, denounce white supremacists. 

  35. Was waiting for it …. and there it is “nobody has done more for the blacks than this president”.  O.M.G. … how dumb does he think people are??

  36. tRUMP’s racist followers might not like his lies about being the “least racist” person who’s done more for blacks than anyone ever. 

  37. It’s fun to see many familiar names tonight
    I am finding Dr. Pimple Popper to me more relaxing viewing tonight. I hope you’re all doing well 

  38. Poobah, criminal justice reform is Biden’s Achilles’ heel. Joe needs to make it clear that he does not agree with the results of the criminal justice reform act. I think he did that. But it’s hard to tell in the orange fucking hurricane that follows every comment he makes.

  39. Dump’s tell is “and many other things.” When he says it it means that he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about and he’s just making it up on the fly.

  40. Why does tRUMP get to rebut the rebuttal? He’s controlling the clock.   She was not up for the task of moderating this debate.   tRUMP is a loose canon. Is she afraid she’ll loses access to the WH?

  41. tRUMP’s plague!   We are in the highway to hell.
    NOPE! Goldman Sachs said the economy will recover faster under Biden. PERIOD!

  42. The debate won’t matter to anyone who has picked a side.   What might matter is “60 Minutes” and HEALTHCARE!

  43. There aren’t piles of dead birds under windmills and Europe has figured out how to prevent the ones there are by painting one arm black.

  44. Biden won the first half hour, on the virus, which is the biggest audience. Good thing the criminal justice and energy stuff came later, he didn’t fare so well on those topics

  45. Twitter is gonna shred trump, tomorrow.   Once again, he said so much dumb shit your brain might not have processed it all, yet. A fatal performance.

  46. he said he couldn’t tell if he was the least racist person in the room because it was dark for Christ’s sake
    windmills kill birds
    windmills emit tremendous fumes
    ”Good.” responding to 525 kids that can’t find their parents
    Biden was a class act, the stutter humanized him
    ok, enjoy the implosion✌️❤️🇺🇸

  47. SFB is definite teeing up COVID to be the scapegoat for losing.  Hey, if it allows him to save orange-face and go away…
    Greenpeace is all over tRUMP’s lies about climate, already.
    Biden would’ve looked better if the moderator had control of things.
     tRUMP was and interrupting asshat, again. I hope he pissed off his base with his “least racist” garbage.  He didn’t win over any black voters with his BLM lie.  And yes, he did say he couldn’t tell if there were any black folks in the audience because it was dark, for crying out loud. 
    What folks care more about right now is COVID, healthcare, and, jobs/wages.  tRUMP saying it should be up to the states AND fed minim wage should  be $15…he doesn’t even bother keeping his lies straight. 
    Joe talking to the camera is always a winner. 

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