My Favorite Senior

My Dad, a WWII/Korean war vet, 93 years old, with macular degeneration, lung cancer, COPD, diabetes, hearing loss and sore legs managed to send in his mail ballot, which was counted, and appoint himself Biden-Harris campaign manager at his Florida retirement home.

Coming Tonight: Our live thread for the 9pm ET presidential debate.


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  1. also yesterday from

    jimmy kimmel:

    “Of course Donald Trump has a Chinese bank account. He had to — he’s running out of things to be hypocritical about. It was the only thing left. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he tunneled under the border from Mexico into the country.”


    and from prez obama

  2. Get every vote you can, sir. That is so great!  “Hi” to Mr. C!  We have matching masks, but I’m afraid to wear mine around here.
    tRUMP: “I had it made before the plague came.”    Almost one-quarter if a million humans are dead, many from his mishandling of tRUMP’s plague, and he’s having a pity party.   Now he’s trying to get sympathy votes?  
    No sympathy for one who showed none to anyone else. He’s a self-absorbed monster.  
    It’s too bad that Republican Senators are still propping him up.

  3. So far, 32% of registered voters in TX have cast their ballots.  It’s slowing down. Is that because folks aren’t showing up for tRUMP?  Some want to wait for Election Day?  IDK.

  4. no ofc not

    Women in bikinis fawning over a big bubba in a mask would be more effective for that demo, methinks.

    OR: military vets saying something like “if i served in Afghanistan for two years, you can wear a mask for one”, might work, limitedly, also.

  5. “ …have cast their ballots.  It’s slowing down.”

    i heard the last few days of early voting are as busy as the first few🤷‍♂️.

    Speaking of, i have some haranguing of young people to do before i get crackin’✌️

  6. The Traveling Inferno  has really dialed it up in Colorado .
    A fire that had  been burning for 2 weeks,  exploded  yesterday near Grand Lake and Granby. 
    Burning 6,000 acres a hour. 
    These forests were  killed several years ago during the bark beetle attacks.

    The name is the East Troublesome Fire.


  7. The high-rise dwellings where olde Floridians live are officially known as ‘Adult Congregate Living Facilities’ or, more simply, ‘ACLFs’. They vary in design and activities and resident involvement in management and investment. Lots of variety. They are mostly occupied by widows and/or widowers. They are not nursing homes.

  8. Go, get ‘em, Joe!   I really hope tRUMPsky is so roided-up that he blurts out every awful thing and there will be nowhere he will be welcomed.  Well, maybe Lubbock will take him. Sorry, OM. 

  9. KGC, that walking out does seem his usual MO.  he even had that as a tactic in the “art of the deal” 

    NYTimes has reported this about the premature release of his 60 minute interview (a side thought: wonder if premature releases are also a habit of his in other areas):

    As a tactical matter, Mr. Trump’s decision to release the video just hours before the last debate with Mr. Biden was curious. One Republican noted that it meant that Democrats would have some insight into how the president might answer certain policy questions.
    In the interview, Mr. Trump makes a notable pronouncement about his opinion of the Affordable Care Act, telling Ms. Stahl that he wants the Supreme Court to abolish the policy, commonly known as Obamacare.
    “I hope that they end it; it’ll be so good if they end it,” Mr. Trump says. Pressed by Ms. Stahl on how he would handle a scenario where millions of Americans abruptly lost their health insurance, Mr. Trump said repeatedly that he had “a plan.”When Ms. Stahl pointed out that he has not shown a plan publicly, Mr. Trump falsely claimed that he had.
    At one point, Mr. Trump falsely claimed he had never said a version of “lock her up” about Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, who was recently the target of a foiled kidnapping plot. In fact, after his rally crowd chanted, “Lock her up” as he campaigned in Michigan last weekend, Mr. Trump said, “Lock them all up.

    his lies during the debate will give joe a chance to employ the reagan “there you go again” line.  add to it “lying” and then quote wapo’s latest lie count.

  10. rvat

    These Republican voters can all agree – Donald Trump has failed the American people with his mismanagement of the coronavirus. When it comes to getting this pandemic under control, they trust Joe Biden. “We don’t hire presidents for the good times, we hire presidents for these kinds of times.”

  11. I hate to say it, I have been spending several minutes each day on FB trying to keep up with my friends who live in the fire zones.  All is not that great.
    One thing that surprises me are the scams that are going on.  I see my friends picture plastered on weird crap.  Buy a vending machine, all you need to do is contact X and send Y dollars to get it out of storage.  First off the only thing the real person knows about vending machines is how to put money in  and push a button, never to buy one.  Another is to buy a ATM for your room, his friend is selling them and will install it.  There are many more, but what a waste.  At least a couple feet of snow are forecast which should tamp down the fires and I can go back to my usual ignorance of the FB world.

  12. Hmmm, then the tRUMP spawn would be fair game, like Junior and Russian interference in 2016, and, Eric and foreign banks…which brings up tRUMP’s secret, CHINESE bank account.
    Americans DO NOT CARE about what garbage Russian-Republicans/tRUMPsky and their propaganda machine Izvestia/Faux Noise can concoct about Hunter.
    If tRUMPsky goes after Hunter, it’s because he has NOTHING ELSE.   tRUMP  is a LIAR AND A LOSER!

  13. It is difficult to read the FB posts right now.  There is a constant stream of requests for horse and cattle trailers.  Hundreds of head of horses are at risk of death as the fires attack.  Places which are very familiar to me are near the fires, are in the fire or have burnt.  The same can be said of those who live in the fire areas of California. 

  14. BB. – The MSM barely covers the fires or anything else except number of COVID deaths and whatever BS tRUMPsky can puke out to get their attention. 

  15. BB –
    It’s as bad as it seems  in Grand County .  My first summer in Colorado was at Grand Lake,  I lost my wallet in the damn thing .
    The East Troublesome fire , brace yourself 
    Yesterday it was 19,000 acres  this morning it was 125,000  acres.
    Beetle kill and it’s crossed into the Park.   The town of Grand Lake may be gone.

  16. Wildfire Forces Residents Out Of Estes Park And Into Pandemic

    Wildfire Forces Residents Out Of Estes Park And Into Pandemic

    ESTES PARK, Colo. (CBS4) –Thick smoke moved into Estes Park Thursday as the East Troublesome Fire jumped over the Continental Divide and into Rocky Mountain National Park — forcing residents out into the coronavirus pandemic.

    “We’re afraid right now of what’s going to happen,” said Estes Park resident Thomas Booth. “Being evacuated into a pandemic is terrifying.”


  17. This fire has crossed the entire Rocky Mountain National Park in a single night .
    This is simply amazing. 

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