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  1. Scary week.  Tomorrow, I find out how much my health insurance premium increases, how much more my copays and deductible will be, and if my doc will accept it.  
    Then, we find out if Sasse, Collins, Merkowsi and/or anyone else, has the decency to try to stop the abomination that is Amy Phony.   
    As of Saturday, 23% of registered Texans had voted.

  2.  “Orange is ruined.” 

    BiD, get one of those white pumpkins and go wild.  maybe do a white supremacist’s scowl on it for your D’ump neighbors. 

    Image result for white pumpkin face

    Image result for white pumpkin face

    Image result for white pumpkin face

  3. when D’ump loses (god willing) at what point do you think he’ll try to sneak out of the country? 

    jan 19th or earlier?   

    how much damage will he do and abscond with on his way out the door? 

    and where most likely to go?

  4. His departure from the White House will be nice–his mother taught him never to take out sore feelings on the ‘help’.

  5. I LOVE orange, rust, sienna…  any of those fall colors.  I’ll be damned if I’ll let trumpty dumpty ruin them for me!

  6. As we head into the home stretch the death count in the US has leveled off at just over 650 per day.  Looking at the Wapo chart on cases and deaths (2nd chart on the page – and it is switchable between deaths to cases) nothing much has changed after the summer peak for deaths (June) and cases (August), where we are at about the same place respectively for the two categories. At this rate the death toll as reported by WaPo will be about 228,000 by the time “take out the trash day” arrives on Nov. 3.
    And the article in WaPo from this morning about discord in the COVID-19 group is well worth the read.

  7. Some interesting voter stats from El Paso Texas early voting
    BTW, this is a strong Democratic county, in 2016 Clinton took the county with 69% of the vote.
    Interesting numbers, 26% didn’t vote in 2016.
    1 in 9 have no voting history and they would be screened out of any likely voter poll. 
    Beto  did well in the Whole Foods districts but under performed with Hispanics
    If the Hispanics can turn out the vote as El Paso appears to have done then there is a chance to flip Texas.

  8. The BEST description D’ump could hope for is that he’s a pimple on Nature’s ass.  Pimple or not, that’s the right area of nature’s anatomy to associate tRump with, if at all.

  9. ‘Our house is on fire’: Suburban women lead a Trump revolt
    TROY, Mich. (AP) — She walks with the determination of a person who believes the very fate of democracy might depend on the next door she knocks on, head down, shoulders forward. She wears nothing fussy, the battle fatigues of her troupe: yoga pants and sneakers. She left her Lincoln Aviator idling in the driveway, the driver door open — if this house wasn’t the one to save the nation, she can move quickly to the next.
    For most of her life, until 2016, Lori Goldman had been politically apathetic. Had you offered her $1 million, she says, she could not have described the branches of government in any depth. She voted, sometimes.
    Now every moment she spends not trying to rid America of President Donald Trump feels like wasted time.

  10. i’m deep in the heart of Trumpistan and i’m not sure that i’ve seen a single trumppence yard-sign, this fall.  i see signs for other candidates running for other offices, just not that horrid blue one.

  11. on a supposed “attaboy” call by d’ump to staff according to wapo:

    A day after Anthony S. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, criticized Trump’s behavior during an interview Sunday night with CBS’s “60 Minutes,” the president claimed that the country did not want to hear more from the country’s scientific leaders about the pandemic.
    “People are tired of listening to Fauci and these idiots,” Trump said, baselessly suggesting that Fauci’s advice on how best to respond to the outbreak was so bad it would have led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands more people.
    “And yet we keep him,” Trump continued. “Every day he goes on television, there’s always a bomb, but there’s a bigger bomb if you fire him. But Fauci is a disaster.”
    He added, “He’s been there for 500 years.”
    Trump also argued that the American people were no longer interested in taking precautions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, even as the number of confirmed cases has been rising in a majority of states.
    “People are tired of covid. I have the biggest rallies I’ve ever had. And we have covid. People are saying, ‘Whatever — just leave us alone,’ ” Trump said, adding that he gets large crowds because people are tired of public health restrictions. The virus has killed more than 219,000 Americans.
    Trump, phoning in from Las Vegas, sounded angry and defiant on the call and made a range of startling accusations and comments, including that Biden should be “in jail.”
    “He’s a criminal,” Trump said, without offering evidence what crime he had committed.


    “I think Joe Biden has a scandal coming up that will make him almost an impotent candidate,” he said. “This scandal is so big. And the only thing he has going is he has a corrupt press who will not write about it.”

    The president seemed to have the greatest opprobrium for Fauci, who was critical of Trump and the White House in the “60 Minutes” interview, saying that the president’s conduct made it unsurprising that he caught the coronavirus and that the administration had tried to muzzle him. Fauci has a higher approval rating than the president, which has long rankled Trump, according to advisers who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe internal discussions.
    Campaign aides see the coronavirus — and the president’s handling of the pandemic — as their biggest political weakness, and Biden’s campaign has focused extensively on the issue. Trump’s message Monday — that Fauci is an “idiot” and people are “tired” of the virus — is not the message advisers have suggested he deliver.
    In closing, he offered some advice for his staffers, saying they need to “work their asses off.”
    “You have two weeks,” he said. “Don’t listen to anybody. Don’t even read the papers.”

  12. as mr. spock would say – fascinating


    The image, stretching for 40 yards on a hillside in Peru, shows a creature with pointy ears, orb-like eyes and a long striped tail. It appears to be a cat lounging, as cats often do.
    Archaeologists stumbled across the faded etching while remodeling a section of a UNESCO heritage site known as the Nazca Lines, Peru’s Ministry of Culture announced last week.
    The catlike geoglyph — which experts say dates to 200 B.C. to 100 B.C. — is the latest discovery among the carvings of larger-than-life animals and plants previously found between the towns of Nazca and Palpa, in a desert plain about 250 miles southeast of the capital, Lima.
    “The discovery shows, once again, the rich and varied cultural legacy of this site,” the ministry said in a statement.
    The Nazca Lines were first discovered by a Peruvian aerial surveyor in 1927. Images of a hummingbird, a monkey and an orca were unearthed at the site. UNESCO has designated the Lines and Geoglyphs of Nasca and Palpa a World Heritage Site since 1994.
    The cat etching is believed to be older than any of the prehistoric geoglyphs previously unearthed at Nazca.
    “It’s quite striking that we’re still finding new figures, but we also know that there are more to be found,” Johny Isla, Peru’s chief archaeologist for the Nazca lines, told Efe, a Spanish news agency.


    A photo released by the Peruvian government shows the figure of a feline on a hillside in Nazca, Peru, this month.

  13. Poobah, is there some law I’m not aware of that requires the press to report on something that cannot be independently verified by the press outlet, or for that matter, anything that can be independently verified?  Maybe I missed that in Conlaw.

  14. Ms Pat, in response to your Qs of 8:37 am : the UAE in the winter, Occupied Crimea in the spring, Moscow in the summer and Occupied Crimea in the autumn.
    He’ll leave the morning of Christmas Eve; after ascertaining that a military coup against the Constitution will fail before it starts, his packed bags and he (already in the air) will head to UAE on what will have been billed ahead of time as a diplomatic mission. He will not resign and he will not come back. 
    He’ll bring his alleged old master and his foreign bank books plus stock & bond certificates. 

    Neither amir nor sheikh nor ambassador will meet him. He’ll head straight for his golf resort and play a few holes.

  15. The UAE and Occupied Crimea both need McDonalds and KFC franchises. I presume that both already have both Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

  16. Kidding aside, Mr Tony, have you heard from Mr Solar ?  I wanna read how he thinks the 2 parties are exactly alike just one more time.

  17. I plan to vote Friday.  Early voting starts Wednesday here but the clients I have hearings for on Wednesday and Thursday probably wouldn’t view that as good use of my time before their hearings.
    I’m still trying to wrap my mind around D’ump calling Fauci and the (presumably) other members of the task force idiots when the only member of the task force who seems to be an idiot is Dr. Atlas.  

  18. Hi X
    Lol, I haven’t heard from Solar for a long time. Both parties the same, omg we always disagreed! It’s the same as the “both sides” media, such bullshit!

  19. Texas social workers can now turn away LGBTQ, disabled clients A state regulatory board removed the discrimination protections following a recommendation from Gov. Greg Abbott.

    Officials and the state Board of Social Work Examiners is now facing backlash for the decision, with some advocacy and professional organizations saying it could put already vulnerable disabled and LGBTQ people at a greater risk.
    After the policy change became public, seven advocacy groups released a joint statement condemning the move.
    “The social workers code of conduct previously helped ensure ethical treatment of all clients and prevented bias-motivated misconduct,” Ricardo Martinez, CEO of the statewide LGBTQ group Equality Texas, said in the statement. “Now with the removal of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression from the code, LGBTQ+ folks who experience discrimination could face more obstacles to getting the help they need.”

  20. SFB is going into overtime on tweets.  and other manic activities.  What is interesting is that the tweets are not in all caps.  Oh the fun is starting now that he is attacking the nation scientist.  And that Biden will listen to scientist is hilarious.

  21. trump calls the Bidens a crime family
    relative to the Trump’s the Biden’s are positively angelic 

  22. 8,000,000 Americans slipped into poverty amid coronavirus pandemic, study finds.nbc news
    “Slipped into poverty.”

  23. So, what is it we’re not supposed to talk about if he’s tweeting like a maniac?
    Ha, yes, extradition. Please, let’s go there!
    Pop that zit! Pop that zit!

  24. Tripped by tRUMPsky’s fat foot…right over the edge.
    Republicans hate Americans (except the wealthy ones) and they are the death panel. 

    They don’t even care about small business.

  25. A term I coined years ago when dealing with the climate deniers  ………..
    The BBFF –
    “The Butt Based  Fact File,  you just reach around and pull that crap out of your ass.”
    That ignorance , was once just an online  tatic , it is now the largest plank in the GOP platform. 

  26. Yard signs, anf Bumper stickers 
    The #19 seems to have wiped out them out here. 
    We just had our 3rd “Trump Train” rally here .  Giant pick-ups here in the hundreds . 5 to 6 flags stuck in the beds . They all drive around the “Loop” here. 
    A ” Dwarf Monster Truck Rally “. 

  27. Hope someone got their plate numbers on video.  Those are the boys who’ll cause trouble when Biden wins and they don’t want to accept it.
    I hope the media (including social) for tRUMPsky and his entire admin are somehow placed on a 10 minute delay, to allow the platforms to review them and block any lies/incitement to violence.
    If the broadcast networks were smart, they would air programming about Nazi propaganda, etc., and remind forks that their grandparents fought against fascists. Do something to save our country.  Someone at NBC has incriminating video from his TV days, right?  
    Schumer is trying adjourn until after the election.  Let’s see if Collins, Sasse, Romney, Merkowski, etc. is there an etc.?)  do the right thing.  They can avoid the vote altogether.

  28. So I have this over the air channel here called, “Grit    ………….. Television With Backbone” .
    Totally old westerns , TV and Movies. 
    I have taken to learning all the supporting actors names.  In doing this , I have learned that before “Star Trek”,  DeForest Kelly was in a boat load of bad westerns.  And in everyone he was  a “stinker”.   Thank God Roddenberry saved him from that.  

  29. New ad here from Gov. “One Box”  …………. cities in fire ! Mobs! 
    Vote Republican judges! 
    Right the now, the only thing burning is Colorado, and California. 

  30. My “Rat Theory” is panning out. 
    As a ship sinks the rats in bilge come racing up from the bowels of the ship, and gather at the railings.  Then, at the last moment, they jump overboard.  
    From Fox News –
    Texas GOP Sen. Cornyn tries to distance himself from Trump, says he disagrees with president ‘privately’
    Cornyn is a very rare albino , Texas Rat. 

  31. the hill:

    The Supreme Court on Monday left intact an extended mail-in ballot due date in Pennsylvania, handing a major defeat to Republicans.
    The court’s four more conservative justices — Clarence ThomasSamuel AlitoNeil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh — would have halted a lower court ruling from taking effect, strongly suggesting that Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the three liberal justices to form a 4-4 tie that left in place the lower court’s decision.
    Pennsylvania Republicans and top officials from the state’s GOP-held legislature had asked the justices to review a state supreme court court ruling that requires election officials to accept ballots postmarked by Election Day, as long as they arrive within three days.
    The ruling was seen as a win for Democrats in the key battleground state — which President Trumpwon in 2016 by just over 44,000 votes — since Democratic voters are considered more likely than Trump supporters to vote by mail in November.

  32. If I was the Lincoln Project ……………………..
    I’d be running that access Hollywood Bus tape .  And him calling Fauci  an idiot.

  33. Patd-
    Roberts seems to be that feared judge they hate , he moves left as they move right. 
    Roberts is his own man . He’s not a tool. 

  34. A mental health tip-
    Clean out a closet , enter it when necessary, and suck your thumb in the dark  for the next 2 weeks.
    Is it effective ?  No.
    Just trying to write something funny. 

  35. Way back when the barbed wire fences  in South Texas  played the 50,000 watt radio  out of Del Rio –


  36. Trumpkin owes Tucson some $80K from his last visit. The mayor asked him to wear a mask, tell his hoards to wear one, and follow the CDC guidelines.  That the mayor, or anyone one, has to tell the president to follow rules somehow is ass-backwards.
    But he’s the one who called CNN “those bastards” today.   A real class act.

  37. Better yet, do a virtual debate.  No need for President Biden to be exposed to Agent Orange.  
    MJ kicked Cornyn’s behind in the debate. There were to be three debates, but Cornyn couldn’t handle it and would only agree to one.  As 25% of Texas voters have voted, and most have made up their minds, another debate is pointless for him.  It would only benefit MJ, as far as the few undecideds go. 

  38. One last thought .
    I have seen countless interviews  of voters leaving Trump.  But not one Hillary voter swinging to him. 
    The same with non voters. 
    There are no  Trump voters that sat out 2016. They were all in. 
    Not so the other way.  Countless voters ashamed for not voting 4 years ago. 
    They are all in.  As dark as all this seems , there are a mind blowing  reasons to think our  nation will be  better. 
    Once you get off the couch ,and  engage  in politics , you ever go back. 
    This election is  flooded with them,  and they ain’t voting for Trump. 

  39. Let us all lobby Anthony Mason   at CBS  to  interview  Miss Fish.  It is a crime , she as never  had the spot light. 

  40. Well, ya know, did trumpity order Cohen, or someone else, to order the murder Menachem Stark, real estate developer, whose badly burned body was found smoldering in a dumpster outside a gas station in Great Neck, New York in 2014? A lot of millions of dollars were involved. After defending Putin, trumpity said, ” “‘You think our country is so innocent?’ And he said it again on Morning Joe and on Fox. Just sayin’.

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