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  1. George Stephanopoulos (Mikey Day) hosts a town hall with Joe Biden (Jim Carrey) while Savannah Guthrie (Kate McKinnon) hosts one with Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin).


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    Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, like NBC hosting a town hall for Trump.

  3. a face for post-election day future

    Cronutt in a transport cage, following his surgery on Tuesday.


    Brain Surgery for a ‘Sweet Boy’: Saving Cronutt the Sea Lion

    Cronutt, like a growing number of ocean mammals, developed seizures because of toxins in the water. Scientists hope a pioneering procedure he underwent this week could help.

  4. Careful, sturg, there’s a Rushun on the trail his morning. 

    Nice selection. Jack, thanks.

    patD – “Novanka” – Love the nickname!

  5. A few paragraphs from WaPo article about Michigan appeals court reinstating anti-voting restrictions on mail in ballots and ballot collection efforts to protect seniors from Covid exposure that sums up the election pretty well.

    At the West Flamingo Senior Center in Las Vegas, Frank Jimenez said he trusts the mail for the most part, but this election was just too important to take chances.

    “My mail gets lost and this is the most important election of my lifetime, so I had to come out here, even though it wasn’t easy,” said the 71-year-old, who had rolled his walker away from the line to smoke a cigarette.

    Elsewhere in line, 63-year-old grandmother Danita Lewis rested on a chair to ease her aching legs. For three decades, she had worked for the U.S. Postal Service, a job that kept her on her feet.

    Lewis said she completely trusted the integrity of the mail, saying claims about it being vulnerable to voter fraud were mostly concocted by Republicans and the Trump administration to sow chaos.

    At one point, she shook her head and added: “If Obama had tried half of the stunts Trump has, they would have hung him right there in front of the White House.”

    Another voter, Sandy Bailey, said that people were out to get Trump. Even though Nevada was one of several states to offer all voters the opportunity to vote by mail, she was having none of it.

    “I’m skeptical of this whole election,” she said, standing in line with four members of her extended family, adding: “The potential for fraud is just too high. I want to see my vote go right into that machine, so I know it’s counted.”
    “If [Trump] loses, the election was obviously rigged,” Bailey added. “But he’s not going to lose.”

    Michigan desperately needs a Democratic legislature to pass measures that expand voting opportunities rather than disenfranchise voters. 

  6. https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/18/politics/donald-trump-women-gretchen-whitmer/index.html
    tRUMPsky def belonged in the NBC lineup with Bill Cosby and Matt Lauer, as SNL pointed out.  
    Who are the suburban “housewives” to whom he refers?  
    I’m sure there are unemployed women, or those who’ve had to quit to homeschool children (as one of my former coworkers did), but the only ladies-who-lunch are ultra-wealthy, and they probably think he’s a lying loser, too.
    Go away, you creepy loser!

  7. I hope there are pics of these “crowds” from a distance.  His followers have been lower than claimed from day one.  

  8. Asserting that mask-participation should be guided by “personal responsibility” instead of mandate is like saying roads shouldn’t have traffic control devices like stop-signs and we should just decide when to go through intersections based on “personal responsibility”.

  9. I’m reveling in Stevie Ray Vaughn’s Austin City Limits concert. Phenomenal performance. What a loss. 

  10. So good Whitmer (51% approval in MI) drilling this down on Sunday shows: “It’s incredibly disturbing that the president of the United States, 10 days after a plot to kidnap, put me on trial, and execute me … is at it again … inciting this kind of domestic terrorism,” Whitmer said. https://t.co/4E5GhOZoaw

  11. When Jake Tapper asked if the President should tone down his rhetoric against Whitmer, Lara Trump said, “He wasn’t doing anything, I don’t think, to provoke people to threaten this woman at all. He was having fun at a Trump rally”. 

    Jake responded, “I don’t think ‘lock her up’ is fun”

  12. That New Zealand lady has given much strength to the movement.  When I was in Auckland, I marveled at the kiwi sense of humor, and one of the best movies ever was a New Zealand movie called “Good-bye Pork-Pie”.

    Movie of the Week.

  13. I saw “Mutiny on the Bounty“ from the seventh balcony in the opera house, and then we drove around the island.

  14. Just noticed the floral memorial under RBG’s mural.  
    How is football viewership?  I’ve heard several racists, including relatives in California, who aren’t going to watch because they kneel/so tired of it.   I have no idea if it’s just BS and they’re just skipping the beginning of the games or the entire games.
    Timing of those ads might be crucial.  
    I’m not sure there’s anyone who hasn’t made up their minds.  Maybe it would keep some tRUMPsky voters home.
    All of the tRUMPs, even those who married into the crime family, are disgusting excuses for human beings.   

  15. “ relatives… who aren’t going to watch [NFL] because they kneel/so tired of it.”
    They’ll watch, junkies need their fix.

  16. tRUMP ad   lying   about who would pay more taxes under Biden.  
    There will be a quarter of a million dead from tRUMP’s plague by Election Day.  Death for the poor and tax breaks for the rich.  

  17. One of the interesting effects of not watching a lot of television for the last thirty years is that I do not know what shows to watch.  Tonight I just found a series which might be interesting (watched the pilot) Suits.  Thankfully I stumbled across this one as I was ready to start rewatching other s[programs I had watched earlier.

  18. That minister is exhibiting some combination of integrity, faith and how can I put up with this bullshit and still sleep at night?  

  19. Corey – That was heartening to read.  Now, if only the rest of the cultists would step away from the orange menace.
    BB – “Suits” is the show  Meghan Markel stepped away from to marry Harry.  I don’t remember her in it; I only watched the first season before I ditched cable, so maybe she wasn’t on it yet.    
    My all-time favorite series is “Northern Exposure,” but it never seems to be aired on the oldies, over-the-air channels. 

  20. Suits is a great series.  It got a little bogged down in the last year, but worth seeing to the resolve of themes.  The spinoff didn’t work.  


  21. Well, I’ve been watching as people in my life seem to be turning into Trump supporters. This minister seems to be seeing what so many others can’t see right now. Or maybe refuse to see?

  22. As with all crackpots and racists, the safest bet is to not engage with them, vote, and take refuge here.   
    You’d think that the ads from veterans, like the one from Sully, would get some of them to at least stay home.   

  23. https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/18/investing/stocks-week-ahead/index.html
    Make sure you’re stocked up on essentials, because it’s gonna get nuts, again.  
    Why would tRUMPsky partner with CVS and Walgreens to vaccinate healthcare workers and nursing home residents?   Healthcare workers could get vaccinated at their hospital or clinic.  The Visiting Nurses Association could vaccinate nursing home residents, although, there are nurses in staff who could do it.    
     I smell money.

  24. I know a Reformed Church Minister from Michigan’s sunset coast. The relative of a relative of a relative. Asshole.

  25. So I go to bed Saturday night and the tv is on nbc. On Sunday morning it is on nbc. Our local nbc affiliate airs an evangelical Upper Room Church service at 7am. I go down to get coffee and let the dog out and before I can switch to College Football Final the preacher is talking about how Christians have nothing in common with Jews, Muslims or ( ready?) CATHOLICS. He threw in a few “praise Jesuses” and “hallelujahs” as he spewed his nonsense, so he must’ve believed it. I was frankly dumbfounded. Probably shouldn’t have been but there I was. 

  26. i have 30 days (free hulu trial) to watch “Black Adder” because as a young lad, i could never stay up late enough to watch it.  It was on at 10:30!

    Rowan Atkinson is just funny🤷‍♂️

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