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  1. here’s what the week said about that D’ump ad maher refers to:

    President Trump’s campaign released a Spanish-language ad on Tuesday focused on Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, praising Trump’s nomination of the “impartial judge” and noting that she’s a Christian and mother of seven. Democrats “want to destroy” her and even “attack her family and faith,” the ad alleges, but it doesn’t seem to have much proof.
    As a voiceover declares how Democrats are out to destroy Barrett, photos of Democratic nominee Joe Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) appear on the screen. But next up comes HBO host Bill Maher, who says Barrett is “very, very Catholic.” That’s more of a fact than an attack when considering Biden and Pelosi are also Catholic and speak often and openly about their faith. Schumer, who is Jewish, does the same.

    and the ad itself:

  2. wapo:

    A federal judge rebuked the Justice Department and the White House Counsel’s Office on Friday for dismissing without explanation President Trump’s “emphatic and unambiguous” tweets ordering the declassification of all documents in the government’s probe of Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. election.
    “I have fully authorized the total Declassification of any & all documents pertaining to the single greatest political CRIME in American History, the Russia Hoax,” the president tweeted Oct. 6. “Likewise, the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal. No redactions!”

    Associate Deputy Attorney General Bradley Weinsheimer maintained in a court filing Tuesday that the White House Counsel’s Office informed the Justice Department that notwithstanding the president’s statement, “there is no order requiring wholesale declassification or disclosure of documents at issue.”
    At Friday’s hearing, however, Judge Reggie B. Walton of the U.S. District Court in D.C. expressed bafflement at the claim that President Trump’s words were not to be believed.
    “I think the American public has a right to rely on what the president says his intention is,” Walton said.
    “It seems to me when a president makes a clear, unambiguous statement of what his intention is, that I can’t rely on the White House Counsel’s Office saying, ‘Well, that was not his intent,’ ” the judge said in a hearing conducted by videoconference because of the coronavirus pandemic.

    Walton directed the department by noon Tuesday to clarify with Trump or “an individual who has conferred directly with the president” whether Trump had intended to order the declassification and release of Mueller report materials without redaction. The judge cited the urgency of releasing as much information as possible in the remaining days before the election.

    “I think I need something more emphatic that this is, in fact, the president’s position, and not just the White House counsel’s position,” Walton said. “If we’re going to get this information out before the election, we need to get to this next week.”
    The ruling came in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by BuzzFeed, CNN and the Electronic Privacy Information Center to obtain Mueller-probe documents.
    Arguing for BuzzFeed and the journalist Jason Leopold, attorney Matthew Topic told the court, “We wholeheartedly agree.”

  3. looks like it’s rudy’s turn in the barrel

    newsweek via msn:

    Ari Melber, host of The Beat on MSNBC, asked Cohen: “Do you think Rudy Giuliani is being used as a tool and a hack of the Russians, whether or not it passes a legal line and do you think that’s wrong?”
    Cohen replied: “Of course it’s wrong and the answer is yes,” Cohen replied. “Rudy is being played by the Russians.
    “He’s 100 percent susceptible to being used by the Russians because… the disinformation, he runs right back to President Trump like a child running to a parent: (saying) ‘Look what I have. Look what I have.'”
    He described how Trump “speaks and behaves like the mob boss” and that “he’s using his soldier”, referring to attempts in Ukraine at getting dirt on the former vice president.
    “The problem here is that Rudy isn’t a soldier. Rudy is—Rudy is drunk all the time, which is a big problem and that’s what makes him susceptible because his faculties are gone. He behaves crazy.”
    Melber challenges Cohen on this point, asking, “are you sharing an opinion or are you sharing an observation like you’ve seen him drink X amount?”
    Cohen, who was jailed in 2018 for arranging payments to silence women who claimed to have affairs with Trump, continued: “I’ve seen him drink to the point like he’s a high school drunk,” adding, “and it makes him susceptible.” Newsweek has contacted Giuliani’s office for comment.

  4. Notice the Evangelicals and Southern Baptists don’t have a problem wit da Cat’lics, anymore?  i wonder how long that will last.

  5. It might occur to some astute Baptists here and there that the Supreme Court is headed towards being all catholic. They probably just haven’t thought much  about that.  

  6. patd…   it looks a lot like your cartoon around here.  As I sit typing this…  I’m looking out of my window at maple and birch trees all aglow with yellows, reds, and oranges.  We’ve had really great color this fall.

  7. …also assuming the QAnon crazies don’t realize the world’s largest cult of pedophiles is the Roman Catholics? 

  8. It is a strange election year. Early voting started today in Kansas. Out in the Johnson County suburbs there were over 100 people lined up to vote an hour before the polls opened. Early voting  is like black Friday at Walmart or the 1970’s when the Stones tickets go on sale.   
    Early voting is hip. If you aren’t standing in line for hours then you just didn’t get the full experience.
    This can’t be good for Republicans.

  9. Although I think what Senator Sasse said about was true (that tRUMP ridicules evangelicals behind closed doors), I think he and other Republican Senators trying distance themselves from tRUMP are full of fried baloney.  
    Prove yourselves, Repugz, and stop this abomination of a SCOTUS nominee from being seated!
    And, if they still back tRUMPsky instead of supporting Americans and the US Constitution, then President Biden will  pack the courts! 

  10. My 80-year old, Independent dad in KC voted for Biden, as did this white, suburban, leftie woman from TX.    

  11. rr – That cartoon of the Election Day asteroid reminds me that tRUMPsky said he was going to run as a Dem, at one point.  Destroying the Republican Party from the inside took a lot less time than blocking their intent from outside the party.  
    Flip the Senate!

  12. As predicted (by many), trump admitted he is considering leaving the country if he loses.  

  13. I think Ben Sasse is trying to have it both ways and what we always need to remember with him and all other Republicans is when it counted they were a no show Trump enabler.  If they had those beliefs then they should have been speaking up.  Instead he had a private conversation that he new would be leaked, then voted the straight Trump ticket. 
    Mrs Jack had a Ghandi quote that she often used as her email signature. 
    “Actions express priorities”

  14. Not giving Garland a hearing and now trying to put Barret on the court would be two stolen seats.  It would only make sense to  add two seats for balance.  

  15. Does he tap out the morning of, so Pence can pardon his federal crimes and then bug out to avoid unpardonable offenses?  Whatever happens, it’s gonna be weird and we’ll never see the likes of it, again.
    I still hope TX voters aren’t just voting for Biden…take the time to vote for MJ, etc.
    Royce West is a lot like Donald J. tRUMP.  All hat, no cattle…giant, wounded ego/sour grapes.

  16. …if they take both houses they don’t need to pack, they could just impeach a few🤷‍♂️
    Just workshoppin’.

    What is, essentially, in my estimation, a slightly center-right electorate, on the whole, will reject the legitimacy of a SCOTUS that might ram far-right policy down their throats without exception, and will support measures to make that body more representative of the nation, as a whole.

    i think Chief Justice Roberts understands this.

  17. Jamie – That’s a logical argument.  Biden should use it. 
    I leave canned stuff in my garage.  It’s weeks before it comes inside, so I assume it’s dead by then.  I stopped wiping down the frozen stuff.  My blueberries go from the pouch poured into to the blender, and then I wash my hands after the pouch is in the trash.  So far, it’s worked.  

  18. The frozen stuff is the most important to wipe down! (see above)

    i suspect surface transmission is low, on the whole, but i’m not a virologist. Ounce of prevention, and all that, though🤷‍♂️

    OMG i cannot even describe the clean-up operation initiated should an unwiped item contaminate my freezer! It would be a tense couple of hours😬


  19. I love it that someone FINALLY spoke to giuliani’s alcoholism in public. His year long October-Surprise has given us a case of political DTs

  20. handy run down today listing the various cases awaiting the dumping of D’ump according to  CNN:

    The legal reckoning awaiting Donald Trump if he loses the election

  21. the hill:

    The Lexington Herald-Leader, one of Kentucky’s largest newspapers, has endorsed Sen. Mitch McConnell‘s (R-Ky.) Democratic challenger, Amy McGrath, for the state’s senate seat. 
    The newspaper wrote in its endorsementthat many people feel Kentucky’s senate race is “the most important contest in the country” next to the presidential election, “with the future of our democracy riding on the right choice.” 
    “During his 36 years in office, McConnell has made it perfectly clear that his only passion is the pursuit of power, his own and that of the Republican Party,” the paper said. “For that reason alone, we would endorse his opponent.”
    “Luckily for voters, McGrath, a former fighter pilot and public servant, would make an excellent senator who would actually put the needs and interests of Kentuckians above her own,” it continued.
    “Mitch McConnell has had 36 years to make life better for his fellow Kentuckians, and instead, we are still among the sickest, the hungriest and the least educated,” the paper wrote. “We can do better, and all it will take is a vote for Amy McGrath. We all deserve better, and so does our fragile democracy.” 

  22. From the topic yesterday :
    This is going to be the 2d worst beating of a sitting president in US history.1912, with taft coming in 3d out of a field of 4, w/23% of the Popular vote and getting only 2 states and 8 E.C. votes out of 531 was the worst. And trump deserves that record much more than taft did. 

  23. Ms Pat, re your last comment yesterday, yeah I agree that sasse would probably like to look in the mirror and see a nice guy looking back. Too late. Nebraska is corn and meat, and what wasn’t wrecked by the tariff war with China was smashed by C19, closing the meat processors and killing the employees. ‘Til the day he dies, the bastard deserves to see putin looking back from the mirror.

  24. Not getting back to the Midwest this year. Maybe next year on the way to/from NY.  Already planning a vacation.  (Bink, Don’t tell me no vaccine.  I’ve gotta have something to look forward to, dammit.)
    New Zealand has voted for Ahern.  A real leader who spoke the truth about the virus and acted.  None of this “panic” BS tRUMPsky is trying to sell. 

  25. Good thing for the kiwis that their prime minister decided to panic the entire country by telling them the truth.

  26. Safe travel is possible with responsible conduct.  If you’re flying book an airline that blocks middle seats, i’d wear a respirator and goggles on the plane- i’ve worn much goofier than that through airports

  27. Just returned from the ballot box drop off.  Yay!  Another vote for Biden/Harris.  It looked like a lot of people have been using the convenient process of voting. 

  28. I see by the twitter it’s being reported that the Wolverine Watchmen who stand accused of plotting to shoot the sitting Governor of Michigan really spooked all their neighbors. 

  29. Jack – Sasse said he is voting for the handmaiden.  I never believe what a greedy old pervert or trumpist says, they specialize in lies.
    Fogerty looks like a lot of guys in the sixties and seventies.

  30. @FrankQcwriter



    Replying to

    Not to mention… It’s always been my impression rats are smart enough to leave the stricken ship in a hurry, not fret overly long about grave concerns and gradually distance themselves.

  31. So S F B says he is thinking about leaving if (sic) he loses.   Obviously looking for a place with no extradition.  Russia looks like his best bet

  32. The pilots’ wharf at the Pacific end of the Panama Canal was teeming with rats. I don’t know whether they were coming or going.

  33. Almost two years ago SFB decided to shut down the government for a while.  Rather than sit around the house I went down to my boat to work on her.  At the time there was poor cell phone coverage and no Wi-Fi.  So I decided to have each night movie night.  It is enjoyable to pick out a movie from a DVD or even a VHS tape, I have a good size library to pick from so I can match the mood of the night.  Old movies, new movies, movies few ever viewed and special to me movies.  Although not on my boats, tonight I got the old DVD player working and Saturday Night at the Movies is The Godfather.

  34. Hope some good pics of our ridiculous hair fuhrer  come from today’s Michigan super spreader. 

  35. i think the healthiest advice if you are getting over COVID is to fly around doing endless rallies, right?  Totally fit for office🙄

  36. KGC… another place where trump might land is Qatar.  He has many business interests there and they have no extradition to America.  I’ve read somewhere that they have no objection to him living in their country.

  37. Crimes against humanity (border sterilizations)…would the World Court try him and his cohorts?
    Once President Biden is sworn in and we’ve flipped the Senate, what becomes of the he evildoers who propped him up like DeJoy, Yertle, Lindsey, Cotton…well, virtually all Republicans in almost all cases.   
    Republicans really are more stupid than rats if they have no sense of self-preservation.   To do that…stop this sham, SCOTUS nominee from being seated.  Amy Phony is a liar just like tRUMPsky.  She does not deserve the honor of such a position.  

  38. BB – Enjoy your movie night. A fictional crime family will be a nice change of pace. 

  39. I wanna see him stuffed and mounted in the Smithsonian basement.
    Maybe trump will want to be in occupied Crimea in the spring and autumn, spend the summer in Moskow and Petrograd, and then winter in The Persian Gulf.  

  40. Donald Trump Has At Least $1 Billion In Debt, More Than Twice The Amount He Suggested

    No aspect of Donald Trump’s business has been the subject of more speculation than his debt load. Lots of people believe the president owes $400 million, especially after Trump seemed to agree with that figure on national television Thursday night. In reality, however, he owes more than $1 billion. 
    The loans are spread out over more than a dozen different assets—hotels, buildings, mansions and golf courses. Most are listed on the financial disclosure report Trump files annually with the federal government. Two, which add up to an estimated $447 million, are not.
    It is important to note, as Trump did Thursday night, that he also has significant assets. Forbes values them at $3.66 billion, enough to make his net worth an estimated $2.5 billion. He is not broke, despite what many critics claim.

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