Trump’s Rich Friends Got Virus Facts Public Didn’t Get

NYT: “The president’s aides appeared to be giving wealthy party donors an early warning of a potentially impactful contagion at a time when Mr. Trump was publicly insisting that the threat was non-existent.”

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  1. insider information. 

    who and how many just happened to play the market with that info that day?

    there may be a pattern here, folks. 

    sorta like the saying “every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings” every time D’ump makes an outrageous covid announcement killing main street a D’ump crony makes a killing on wall street

  2. the hill:

    Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden‘s (D) campaign announced late Wednesday that it had raised a massive $383 million during the third quarter of 2020, marking the best period for the campaign so far.
    The figure, announced by Biden and his campaign manager, Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, on Twitter means that the former vice president will go into the remaining weeks of the election with $432 million in the bank, an impressive figure to fund last-minute advertising.
    “To every person who chipped in a few dollars last month — thank you. Because of your support, we raised an astounding $383 million,” tweeted Biden late Wednesday evening. “I’m incredibly humbled.”



    an impressive figure to fund last-minute advertising” ?  better use would be to put it into providing transportation to the polls and providing for the folks in line (dem or goper or indy) free covid masks, water, ponchos for inclement weather and maybe temporary seating (6ft apart) or wheelchairs available for infirmed.

  3. Something is strange about the facebook algorthym.  It thinks I am in Colorado and gives all sorts of Colorado restaurant ads.  It had been popping up far right greedy old pervert posts on mine and a friend’s pages; we both blocked those and announced we were doing so.  Today I have a huge set of Democratic posts from North Carolina.  It is all very strange.

  4. So D’umbass sat down with (on the phone I’m sure) Marc Thiessen (torture boy) for TB’s podcast and laid out why he thinks he’s going to win.  Thiessen is a D’ump butt licker.  His reasons are internal polling, strange public polls, and that last year was the best ever and next year will be, too.  Seems he forgot about this year. (221,000 Americans dead from Covid on his watch, perhaps?)  BTW, Wall Street and Main Street don’t agree with D’umbass about how marvelously things are going.
    BTW, I get NYT email feeds twice or moreat times) – today’s are interesting reads for those who also get them, particularly the virus sell off info.

  5. I don’t use facebook with any regularity, but Google certainly knows where I live and what shopping I browse.  It’s a bit disconcerting at times.

  6. This is from one of the Times feeds today – it should piss you off although it probably won’t surprise you.

    We already know, thanks to Bob Woodward’s book, that President Trump was fully aware of how severe the coronavirus was back in February, even as he was publicly downplaying it. As it happens, senior White House economists that month repeatedly warned board members at the conservative Hoover Institution — many of them Republican donors — about the dangers of the virus during closed-door meetings, at a time when some of those same officials were giving rosy predictions to the public.

     A hedge fund consultant who attended the meetings wrote a memo that circulated among hedge fund investors, with one clear message: that a devastating virus outbreak in the United States was increasingly likely. Or, as one major investor who was briefed on the memo reacted, “Short everything.”

     The information from the administration helped give elite traders a financial advantage by offering them a sobering economic assessment during a chaotic stretch in late February, when the public was struggling to understand the severity of the crisis, according to the hedge fund consultant’s memo and Times interviews with a range of investors.

  7. Fun fact – since Sept. 2, when the two candidates were tied, Biden is now 30.4 points ahead of D’ump in the betting odds calculus reported by RCP.  That’s down 4.3 points over the past 4 days – it peaked at 34.7 on the 11th. 

  8. Bink, I do from time to time and have location on only when using an app, and then only if location means anything.

  9. Seriously…  if you don’t want to be tracked get rid of everything and anything with an internet connection…  no desktop…  no pad…   no phone…  no tv.  Then MAYBE no one will know where you’re at or what you buy.  I’m not pretending to have privacy…  I’ll go where I want… with whatever device I want…  and buy what I want… from where I want.  I don’t care what they know about me….     fuck ’em!

  10. I don’t if it is true everywhere but in California a campaign cannot provide food and drink to voters on election day

  11. Take water and snacks.  
    I see Yertle is hellbent on getting rid of healthcare.  Anyone who manages to survive will never vote Repug, again.  Killed the party, too. 

  12. …just wait ‘til there’s no line?  Why pressure the poll volunteers unnecessarily?🤷‍♂️

    Hey, if elected officials can just break the law at will and in plain sight like Republicans, these days, do, how are any laws valid? We’ve seen plenty of selective enforcement during the protests of this year. How is this country one of “Law and Order”?

    So confused. Oh, well🤷‍♂️

  13. RR – I expect to be tracked, especially by the Russians.  FB is going wild with ads and strange posts right now.  If it were not the only way to be in contact with certain friends I would dump it.  I have added facebook container to firefox and that has helped stop some of the tracking.  A couple years ago I did shut down fb for a few weeks, it was interesting, but I did need to contact some friends and had to bring it back. 

  14. Bink…  yup…  I don’t have any problem stating my opinions.  But I also know they’re like assholes…. everyone has one.
    KGC… but… but… I read somewhere on this here tube that the California Republicans are refusing to take out their ballot boxes even though they were ordered to do so.  Bink has a point about how can any laws be valid if one side won’t abide by them.

  15. lol, yup
    internet + trump + pandemic + election year = complete lunacy
    It’s a good day for mask participation, around here, for some reason.  Still don’t understand the variance of participation from one day to the next.  It’s as if scofflaws get email alerts, maybe?

  16. KGC,  how have the fires there impacted the ability to vote for the folks in the regions where everything (official records, voting equipment, available personnel and locations) has gone?  what kind of accommodations is the state making for those areas?

    same questions for the folks in louisiana due to widespread hurricane destruction.

  17. what is mitch angling for?  he’s holding out for something.  that’s the way he does things – what is it he wants in exchange for allowing a stimulus vote near to what d’ump, mnuchin & pelosi figures are and financial world really really want?

    he’s got enough gopers & dems to pass it so he doesn’t need and can disregard rand & co

    the hill:

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Thursday shot down the prospect of a coronavirus deal totaling between $1.8 trillion and $2.2 trillion — the goalposts of the current talks between Democrats and the White House.
    McConnell’s comments, made to reporters in Kentucky, underscore the divisions between President Trump and Senate Republicans on a fifth coronavirus package, with the GOP leader preparing to force a vote on a $500 billion bill next week.
    “I don’t think so. That’s where the administration is willing to go. My members think half a trillion dollars, highly targeted, is the best way to go,” McConnell said, asked about the prospect of a deal totally between $1.8 trillion and $2.2 trillion.


  18. Loved some of the closing remarks from the latest hearing informing Republicans who go the “We can because we can” argument should expect turn about next year.  The gloves are coming off.  There are laws and then there is what is fair.  Fair just went out the window.


  19. TeeVee memories – Soap.  Just found the DVDs.  I have something to watch on movie night (almost every night).
    I guess it is getting a little too late to put away the winter gear.  Maybe next spring.

  20. Our bloated führer is really caking on that make-up since his COVID diagnosis, i can only imagine how bad his skin looks if spray paint is more preferable to him.
    Oh, he implied his own son was stupid at one of his rallies, yesterday.  No wonder the poor kid always looks miserable.

    “Barron Trump would do great on that show. Because he’s a young child. They asked him questions that a child could answer, any child. A smart child, not such a smart child,” the president said to laughter, calling last week’s town hall a “joke.”

  21. The new Marist / NPR / PBS poll –
    Been running it since Feb.
    Biden 54 %
    Trump 43 %
    The biggest lead to date in this poll.

  22. “I heard a rumor that trump jr is in ICU w/C19. Any word on that ?“
    At least he won’t have to worry about blood clots in his brain!🥁

  23. ABC all the way!  Hope they win the ratings war and that sends SFB over the edge.   Anything monumental will make the highlight reel for tomorrow.

  24. SFB would let junior croak just to make himself look sympathetic.  You know he would. 

  25. Well, i am glad to have been able to summon ye, Mr. F., i was wondering how you were doing👍

  26. $20 says coordinated DDOS attack on twitter by right-wingers as retribution for it finally moderating its service.

  27. McConnel knows Trump is going to lose. No money for Covid relief. I hope we win the Senate. Look of course for Republicans to switch to Debt/Deficits. No money for anything. 

  28. I’m going to try having Biden on TV and Trump on computer.  I’ll see if my two ears and ten fingers can make sense of it all.


  29. I gave up half way through Trump’s second answer. Have him on mute just to watch to see if he explodes about something.   Biden is doing very very well.  

    Twitter still limiting tweets, responses, lists etc.  apologizes for the inconvenience while they work through it.


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