36 thoughts on “Dueling Town Halls: What Are You Watching?”

  1. At the moment Time Team on Amazon Prime.  In a few minutes I will try a bit of Grey’s Anatomy, followed by perhaps something else (that is if I am awake). 

  2. Dueling 2d five minutes: Trump endorses herd immunity without realizing it (“the cure is worse than the problem”),  barely denounces white supremacy but angry at the question, claims he doesn’t anything about Q-anon; Biden lays out masking, testing, tracing plans for beating the virus

  3. Dueling 2d five minutes: Trump pissed at being asked whether he denounces white supremacists, claims he knows nothing about Q-anon; Biden lays out plan for masks, testing, tracing to beat virus

  4. Poobah, WordPress as a platform?  I just went through an hour of Connection Error with Database. 
    Did not watch D’ump. Fuck him. 
    Read WaPo recap of dumbass’ “answers” to Savannah’s inquiries. There was in fact nothing different tonight. Lies upon lies upon lies. Stupid shithead. 

  5. “ Biden said Trump’s economy is F shaped” -mort
    Ha, that’s a good one.

    Oh, Twitter suspended the trump campaign’s official profile and perma-banned Kaleigh McEnany, so that explains why it’s down-ish

    it’s an avenging incel internet army!

  6. Trump looked as if he was going too explode over tax return questioning.  He really, really hates having a woman question him.  Joe was courteous to everyone and responded with cogent, involved answers.  Long winded, but let’s hear it for informed boredom.


  7. Pogo, not a WordPress issue. Our server company Network Solutions was fighting a denial of service attack. Apparently that’s going around today. They have to temporarily shut down sites when that happens to protect us. All good for now 

  8. I love President Joe Biden!  
    It concerns me that black people under 30  may not vote, according to the man at Biden’s town hall…but it’s not what I saw the morning I voted.  That’s exactly who I was in line with for the most part.  
    (Several things we’re down awhile ago.  Yep. Prepare for DOS in 19 days.)

  9. “Biden stayed and kept answering audience questions” -CC

    “let’s hear it for informed boredom.“ -Jamie

    …sign me UP!

  10. Thanks for the clarification Poobah. All I know is that I couldn’t get into trailmix while the town halls were on. Had to watch tv and yell about the GODDAM FUCKING LIES I saw from D’umbass when ABC cut to commercials (are you kidding me?  Commercials?  Idiots. 

  11. I started with trumpity, and left as he sweated and argued and was defensive and had the same old useless talking points.
    Went to Biden where it was nice, pleasant, respectful, and NOT full of arguing. Occasionally I checked back in with trumpity who was still yelling about what I left off with.
    Biden = 100%
    trumpity – 0%
    Biden had some plans, and a joy to hear.  trumpity has NO plans of any kind.

  12. Well I finally worked my way through  recordings of both Town Halls. Two words: President Biden. I’d go across the street if that other guy showed up in my neighborhood.

  13. I’m sooooooo glad that Sweetie and I watched a re-run of Kavanagh, QC instead. 
    nixon eventually got down to 24-25% approval.
    The orange-frosted fruitcake* is trying to match that.

     * Whoever wrote that, take a bow, please.

  14. Biden Beats trump in Ratings
    Biden won “the ratings battle” by an astonishing 7 – 2*, proving that Low Key is less boring than Boring Boar is. 
    A tiny victory for a man, a lopsided rout for Humankind !

    *You Tube’s Count

  15. (CNN)The Trump administration has rejected California’s request for a disaster declaration for six destructive wildfires that burned hundreds of thousands of acres across the state, including a massive central California wildfire that has become the single largest in state history.

    “The request for a Major Presidential Disaster Declaration for early September fires has been denied by the federal administration,” Brian Ferguson, a spokesperson for the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, confirmed to CNN. The state plans to appeal the decision.


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