Media Revolt

“Foremost among the flouters is Mr. Trump himself, who, despite recently contracting the virus and spending three nights in the hospital, has shown little willingness to change his habits,” the Times reported. “On Saturday, he said the virus would soon ‘disappear,’ and on the way to a rally in Florida on Monday, he boarded Air Force One — where reporters were seated in the cabin — without wearing a mask.”

Reporter Demands WH Chief of Staff Wear Mask, He Refuses And Leaves


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  1. from today’s NYTimes:

    The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post are among the major outlets that have declined to assign reporters to travel with Mr. Trump as he returns to the trail this week, saying they do not have assurance that basic precautions will be taken to protect reporters’ health.
    Foremost among the flouters is Mr. Trump himself, who, despite recently contracting the virus and spending three nights in the hospital, has shown little willingness to change his habits: On Saturday, he said the virus would soon “disappear,” and on the way to a rally in Florida on Monday, he boarded Air Force One — where reporters were seated in the cabin — without wearing a mask.
    At least three White House correspondents have tested positive for the coronavirus in the past two weeks, including a Times reporter who had traveled on Air Force One, Michael D. Shear.
    Safety concerns may also complicate Mr. Trump’s tentative NBC town hall on Thursday, one of his last remaining chances to make his case before a large national audience. NBC executives have asked the White House for proof that their employees will not face undue risks at the event, according to two people familiar with discussions.
    The White House Correspondents’ Association, which coordinates the so-called pool of reporters who travel with the president to chronicle his movements and utterances, is now scrambling to find journalists willing to staff the president’s events. It’s an unheard-of phenomenon for a tradition that dates back decades, veteran Washington correspondents say, and it comes with Election Day just three weeks away.
    Among the concerns raised by reporters: Many flight attendants and Secret Service agents on Air Force One have not worn masks; White House aides who tested positive for the coronavirus, or were potentially exposed, are returning to work before the end of a two-week quarantine; and the campaign has instituted few restrictions at the raucous rallies that Mr. Trump is now pledging to hold on a regular basis until Election Day.

  2. aside from the ego-massage D’ump gets out of the rallies, he also gets tons of free media coverage.  that’s the way his campaign that’s trailing right now in fund-raising can compete with all the pro biden ads hitting the airways nationally.

    it’s about time the media see they’re being used as well as abused with regard to the rallies.

    their health may help to waken them to their unwitting participation in electing him as they did in 2016 with 24-7 free publicity. 

  3. and, media, now that he’s answered, please get off joe’s back on this issue.  once again you’re playing into D’ump’s hand. 


    Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, who for weeks has avoided saying whether he supports expanding the Supreme Court, said Monday that he is “not a fan” of the idea that has gained steam in his party’s liberal wing.
    “I’ve already spoken on — I’m not a fan of court-packing. But I’m not — I don’t want to get off on that whole issue,” Biden said in an interview with WKRC TV in Cincinnati. “I want to keep focused.”
    Biden has faced growing questions from the news media about his position, and Republicans have criticized his refusal to take a public stance. His remarks went beyond what he has said in recent weeks, showing his skepticism, if not his clear opposition, to an idea that has divided the Democratic Party.
    Biden added that President Trump “would love nothing better than to fight about whether or not I would in fact pack the court or not pack the court.” He criticized Trump for trying to get Judge Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to the high court so close to an election.
    “That’s the court-packing the public should be focused on,” Biden said.
    “I think it’s a bad idea,” he said in August 2019 during a trip to Iowa. “It will come back to bite us. It should not be a political football.”

  4. Before D’umbass was infected he required the adulants behind him at rallies to wear masks. Now that he’s “immune” and feels powerful he doesn’t. He said he’d walk out into that crowd and kiss the men and the beautiful women. Of course he did no such thing. And the unmasked adulants, packed shoulder to should just lapped it up. 

  5. “Now they say I’m immune . . . I feel so powerful.”

    so says the man with his finger hovering over the nuclear button.

    trump never jokes as michael cohen (who after 10 years with him should know) says according to


    “Donald Trump believes that he should be the ruler — the dictator of the United States of America. He actually is looking to change the Constitution. When Donald Trump jokes about 12 more years … he is not joking. Donald Trump does not have a sense of humor,” Cohen told CNN’s Don Lemon on “CNN Tonight.”
    “So I want you to understand that when he says 12 more years, if he wins he is going to automatically day number one start thinking how he can change the Constitution for a third term, and then a fourth term, like what he said to President XI and like what he said to so many other people. It’s why he admires the Kim Jong Uns of the world.”

    Cohen said. “He doesn’t laugh, he doesn’t tell jokes, he doesn’t have a sense of humor. He means it when he says it.”



  6. The U.S. has a confirmed twice infected person.  Are there more?  Most likely. 
    The best photo of yesterday was SFB entering Air Force One through the fore door, one that is about seven feet off the ground.  The other photos show a plaster on the back of his hand to cover where an IV would be plugged in and an obvious indentation on his snout of where an oxygen mask would sit, for a long time apparently.
    Put together the imbecile shows enough circumstantial evidence of being ill and without a lot of lung capacity.  Is it COVID-19?  I do not trust anything put out by this WH.  A major error being committed by the media is comparing this WH to previous U.S. presidential administrations.  A better equivalence would be the Soviet regime from years ago.  Those are more like what we have now in the WH. 

  7. I watched 11pm local TV news coverage of Orlando rally on youtube last night and seems to me these rallies will do him more harm than good because every story focused on the maskless crowds and the health risk, reinforcing voter opinions about the recklessness and incompetence of his virus handling — which is largely what’s driving down his numbers in the first place.

  8. But Poobah, he’s immune (he doesn’t know) and he feels so powerful. And he’s going to walk into the crowd and kiss men and beautiful women … when pigs fly. 

  9. One maskless guy interviewed on local TV had caught one of the masks Trump tossed out, but didn’t open the package and put it on “because it’s a souvenir”. Although he did say it might be contaminated by the president’s infection and he planned to get tested.

  10. I voted! Got there at 6:30 and there were about 50 ahead of me. When I left, the line was just as long.  Most were POC, so I hope that means tRUMP will get his ass handed to him, along with Cornyn.  

  11. Here’s a fun little vid of Ron Desantis high-fiving twenty or so trumpies and then immediately wiping his nose with that same hand, lol

  12. …best case scenario is a Biden presidency governing a society half-full of complete morons, hooray😭

  13. Who wasn’t sick?  trump?  He had a fever for NINE DAYS, that fat bastard could drop dead any minute, don’t be fooled by their propaganda

  14. How is govt-controller healthcare going to destroy Medicare?  Cornyn’s ad makes no sense.  He’s trying to fear-monger about MJ destroying the energy economy in TX. Nope.  Oil and gas are not the only forms of energy.  The video of those oil pumps (and they used a spooky filter, for some reason) does not tug on heartstrings.  Cornyn is a dinosaur.
    Mercury is in retrograde today until Election Day.  
    Shouldn’t they be pumping Regeneron into Hopey and everyone else, including members of the press, who have the cofeve?   

  15. Regeneron isn’t FDA-approved for treatment of COVID, even the CEO of the company that makes it is dubious about it’s efficacy with trump and against COVID, in general.
    Occam’s razor:  trump acted irresponsibly, got COVID.

    dipshit needs you to believe there’s a cure to mitigate the backlash to his incompetence. Regeneron, even if it works as dipshit claims, is outrageously expensive and years from mass-distribution, if that was desirable. Snap out of it.

  16. Snapped!  Thanks.
    Will any of the Republican Senators on the ballot in 2022 have any survivor instinct and not put through this abomination of a SCOTUS nominee?  

  17. Just heard Sheldon Whitehouse on the SCOTUS hearings.  Good. That ugly spud, Cruz is on now. I turned the sound off.  Hate his voice, even!
    The 5th circuit court upheld the ugly spud, Gregg Abbott, and there’s only 1 drop box per county in Tejas to drop off mail in ballots.  Voter Suppression!  He says it’s for safety. Lies like all the repubes.

  18. Usually I’m the only one at the polling place today, the first day of early voting in Tejas.  The line went along the side of  the building and across the back. It would have taken hour & hours. So I drove to another place.  The line was less long but still hours worth of waiting. I have a Zoom meeting this afternoon and come home.  What I’ll do is start out before dawn tomorrow. 
    I think there are SO many people voting now because they’re unemployed.

  19. Barrett has a horrible voice to listen to.  She looks and sounds like she could be a real bitch.

  20. Besides one vote drop box per county, Abbott has fixed it so there’s no straight ticket voting which is adding to the long longs!  Voter supression!

  21. Maybe the Dems should be robo-calling all the swing state rippers, telling them to go attend those trump spreaders, and leave their masks at home. 

  22. Asked by Klobuchar if it is illegal to intimidate voters at the polls, Barrett refused to answer. She said cannot characterize the facts in a hypothetical situation. In response, Klobuchar cites U.S. law barring voter intimidation.

  23. TT – Polling places open at 7 am.  First day is always busy with those most motivated to vote.  There is an interactive map if you go to WFAA website (it’s a link to the county website) that shows estimated wait times.    American Airlines downtown was a short time because who can get there?  Did they (Mark Cuban, etc.) set up rides or special public transportation?   Some places had two-hour wait times.    
    Again, could there be any Republican  Senators up for re-election in two years who have any survivor instinct? ???  This is their chance to do the right thing.

  24. Thanks, BiD.  I’ve been checking the Colin County interactive map since this morning, and it’s WAY off.  It shows green for the 2 places I mentioned.  So, useless.

  25. A SCOTUS nominee doesn’t know that voter intimidation is illegal?!
    Where did she go to school, again?

  26. Nothing in the Constitution gives a woman the right to disobey her husband. Right Judge barret ?
    Nothing in the Constitution gives corporations standing in courts, right Judge ?
    It’s only unConstitutional old laws and stare decisis, that is the habit of following precedent, that weakens the husband’s power to make his wife obey, and that gives fictional personality to Goldamn Sacks and Exxon. Am I right, Judge barret ?

  27. Barrett is bright, is talking without notes, has memory, and probably has a good academic vitae as do MANY other judges in the U.S. like 
    Merrick Garland/

  28. How you know Lindsey Graham is starting to panic

    (CNN)As chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham had a unique opportunity: He got to kick off the questioning Tuesday of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

    How did he mark this historic moment? By giving a purely political speech about the Affordable Care Act in a transparent attempt to bolster his flagging reelection campaign in his home state.
    “From my point of view, Obamacare has been a disaster for the state of South Carolina.” Graham began. “All of you over there want to impose Obamacare on South Carolina. We don’t want it. We want something better. We want something different. You know, what we want in South Carolina? South Carolina-care, not Obamacare.”

  29. The wing nuts have been promising a health bill for 20 years.  Time to hack that fur ball up. 

  30. Just wondering. Should corporations be considered 3/5 of a person ? Or should they be considered mere inanimate tools, like deeds, trusts and bank accounts ?

  31. The 18th century was so great, don’t you want to live in it forever?
    C’mon xrep, we can dye our clothes with urine and pray we make it through winter, every year- it’ll be great!

    Oh, gay rights are defensible within a US legal context if framed as a religious liberty issue. i understand the reticence but time to play hardball.

  32. This is where the Boogaloo Boys, Proud Boys, and other hoax and conspiracy loving folks ought to look into for ‘THE DEEP STATE” they so love to rail about. I suspect they’re collectively night bright nor educated enough to understand this.  
    From Wiki.  As of 2013, Donors Trust had 193 contributors, mostly individuals, and some foundations.[7]
    The Charles G. Koch Foundation and the Knowledge and Progress Fund, another of the Koch family foundations, contributed $3.3 million to Donors Trust between 2007 and 2011.[19][22] The Knowledge and Progress Fund contributed $4.5 million to Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund between 2006 and 2012″

  33. Tiptoe

    If Leader McConnell wasn’t a greedy, power mad SOB who blocked Obama’s court appointments leaving massive vacancies for Trump to fill, I might consider Barrett as a worthy if super far right appointment.

    Because Moscow Mitch blocked Garland, I think she should be prevented from reaching the high court by any possible means.  

  34. Democrat Cal Cunningham continues to hold a lead in the North Carolina Senate race this week and has not dropped in public polling after recent revelations of an extramaritalaffair.
    Cunningham led GOP Sen. Thom Tillis, 48 percent to 44 percent, among registered voters, according to a new survey from Monmouth University released Tuesday, maintaining an edge despite high awareness of his affair, with few voters viewing his indiscretion as disqualifying for him to serve.

  35. Pre-existing conditions!  That’s a big one. Also, tRUMP has no plan to replace ACA.  Pence brought up “replace” during the debate, but NOTHING has been done because THEY HAVE NO PLAN. 
    Twenty-two, Republican Senators will be up for re-election in 2022.   DO THE RIGHT THING!  Stop this abomination and SAVE YOURSELVES.   Voters won’t forget who screwed them over.

  36. The Democrat’s lead was larger among likely voters in a high turnout scenario, showing him ahead, 49 percent to 44 percent; in a low turnout scenario, he led narrowly, 48 percent to 47 percent. All results were statistically unchanged from Monmouth’s previous poll released last month, before the Cunningham scandal was revealed.

  37. Oh come on, Mr Bink ! Urine is for washing clothes, not for dying them. In the 18th Century indigo came from SC, where it was grown by short-lived slaves.
    You might pray to get through an 18th C winter, as you might in 2020, but the spring and autumn bred flu and pneumonia. Dry autumns and winters brought small pox. Winter and spring brought chicken pox and measles. The summer bred plague, if cold, or food poisoning, malaria and yellow fever, if hot. Great pox came with all seasons, as we homo sapiens do not experience breeding seasons.
    If you got past your 6th birthday you were generally good for 18 years if you were a woman. The bearing years killed half of all women. If you were a six year old male, you would likely live a long life, but only if you stayed out of the army and navy, both of which led to scurvy and infected wounds. 

  38. The Senate playing field is collapsing on Republicans

    If past is prologue, these things have a tendency to snowball. Seats rated as “toss ups” very rarely split between the two parties. Usually they all fall in a single direction — influenced by the broader political dynamic at work in the country. Should that happen this November, we could be talking about Democrats with a considerable Senate majority come 2021 — andRepublicans facing an extended period in the minority.

  39. And of course, Mr Bink, i agree with your call to ‘play hardball’ !  
    My ‘trump, the baby eater’ post might be considered hardball in some circles.
    How bout : 1,269 Kentuckians died of Covid 19. Moscow mitch laughed 

  40. Solar-plus-storage replaces coal plant in New Mexico, makes carbon-capture retrofit moot

    The utility is planning on replacing the San Juan coal-fired station’s 847 MW of capacity with 650 MW of solar generation and 300 MW/1,200 MWh of accompanying energy storage. The new plan all but kills a proposal from San Juan’s owner and the City of Farmington to add a carbon-capture retrofit to the station.

    Solar-plus-storage replaces coal plant in New Mexico, makes carbon-capture retrofit moot

  41. Ms Jamie,
    Sorry, I don’t know. But if they are, I’ll bet that deutschebank and aramco aren’t asked if they’re foreigners.

  42. Well, if you’re not interested in an 18th-century living standard, Mr. X, you’re going to have to settle for an 18th-century legal standard.

  43. I don’t have the links for this.  SFB released the Puerto Rico FEMA funds and other funds (IIRC) last week.  Yesterday he demanded the good citizens of PR vote for him.  The unelected governor is a SFB toadie, but her citizens are not of the same persuasion.  The imbecile does not know that citizens of territories cannot vote for president!

    He probably released the funds to “buy” the votes, but he has no clue they cannot vote for him. I like it when a plan goes bad.

  44. The ones who flooded to Florida can vote for him.  It is a matter of that would be enough to put Florida in his column unless they do the sensible thing and vote for Biden.  

  45.  The San Juan coal-fired station
    When this and other  big coal plants were built   in the Southwest back in the 70’s , these bozos tried to high jack West Slope water in  Colorado . They wanted to mix the water  with ground up  coal  to form a slurry , That could be pumped in a pipe line West .
    All these  big coal stations  were originally  supposed be sited  closer to Vegas , and SoCal.  
    Needless  to say  they were a day late , a dollar short on buying water rights, the Front Range cities were well underway  in their efforts to tilt The Rockies  to the East , and make West Slope water flow East. 
    A factoid  about how big a deal this fight was. 
    In Colorado,   you can’t catch the rain water off your roof  in a rain barrel, 
    That rain drop on your roof  belongs to somebody else the second it wets your shingles. 

  46. Joe cunningham in sc holding strong against Nancy mace, first woman grad of the citadel, but a self-professed trumper.

  47. Generals endorsing  politicians  , ( See that CNN clip upstream ) 
    That Airforce 4 Star  was in the Hanoi Hilton for 7 years.  He wasn’t moved to speak when Trump attacked  McCain,  as not being a hero. But  when he read the Atlantic article about “Losers, and Suckers” …………..  That  got his blood  up. 
    This yet another wall that has been breached  by Trump . 
    These guys understand  that this tradition by American Military  goes way back , That’s why the founders made Trump “Commander and Chief” .  
    The Praetorian Guard developed this nasty habit of slitting . emperor’s throats after Caesar .  And as time dragged on the rate to slit to the throat , dropped in price.

  48. If geography made people smart, South Carolinians would all be bloody geniuses, book the numbers don’t use paper OR pencil.

  49. Voting is way more fun that , than stabbing  The Emperor’s  chest  to pick a new leader. 

  50. There is a  reason why  Alabama  leads in football.  And MIT is leads in making hydrogen from sea water,
    It’s called “Values”  .

  51. You don’t know how many stars I have thanked that I’m not in Oklahoma…….and Alabama, missississippi, LousyAnna, Arkysaw, Tennessee, Either Virginia, Florida, Kaintucky, and several other contenders for Palookaville States of America.

  52. I escaped being an Alabamian by the skin of my teeth.   It was touch and go but for a simple twist of fate.

    You see, it all started when Hitler invaded Poland. No, it was before that, in ‘33.

    That was the year my dad and my uncles left the farm and moved to Birmingham so their dad could die in the hospital there in 35, then was the Spanish civil war and THEN Hitler invaded Poland. All just to get me the hell out of Alabama.

    I felt bad about all that world upheaval and all, but hey, it is what it is.

  53. tRUMP sounded a lot like Drunk Uncle at the last rally.    Steroids and Adoral?  Coke?

  54. My fave Biden quote at Broward County seniors event today: Trump “throws super spreader parties at the White House. Republicans hug each other without consequences. How many of you have been unable to hug your grandkids?”

  55. “tRump…Steroids and Adoral?  Coke?“
    Uh, COVID-induced blood clots in his brain, more likely.

  56. As the right  when on this  40 year binge to kiss Rush’s butt.  They did what  they have done through out history , they purged to party  of “nonbelievers”.  Now I know Stalin did the same thing , but he would be right at home at the elbow of Trump.  And the French , and Hitler ,  this relentless  drive to purify  the party  is an evolutionary process   as these movements  roll along. 
    So what does that do ? It boils off  all the bright people , like the cracking process to refine oil. 
    At that bottom of the cracker,  one is left with tar .

  57. Sturg –
    You should have been a stand-up comic.  You can pop a balloon with a with a dull  needle.
    Remember , this if you forget everything I ever taught you , we all here Love you . And we always will. 

  58. My last orgasm was back in the 20th Century .  Voting today reminded what I’ve been missing. 
    I still have a warm glow. 

  59. Well the crawling across glass theory is panning out.   Tomorrow I will call the Lubbock County Dems.  and volunteer to drive  voters . 

  60. This Abbott  stunt , it’s just going to make people .  Really mad. 
    I hope that guy gets a badder infection  and lands in the ICU , and burnt out doctors  try to save his life. 

  61. Everytime  I see Greg Abbott , I thick of Peter Sellers.  Deciding  which blondes to sent into the bunkers to service  the “the leaders’. 

  62. And so, somehow, the repubes figure that justices don’t bring their opinions into their decisions & decision making and rulings.
    How the hell is that possible?????
    It’s not!

  63. Waylon Jennings  had a ‘shoe’ on his Telecasters  most of his life.
      Elvis , Buddy Holly ,  the early rockers  all had a shoe  ,  Eddie Cochran had a shoe .
    Holy Cow !
     Guitar Shoes what  line,  some folks are really making shoes. 
    I think that is a great title, for a book. 

  64. I still say if they’re looking back to 1791, and they’re an “originalist”  then I want to hear about.

    In 1791, common guns included muskets and flintlock pistols. According to the Washington Post, a “Typical Revolutionary-era musket” had a one-round magazine capacity, and it could fire around three effective rounds per minute – in the hands of the most skilled wielder.

  65. I love this idea –
    If we are  all  “originalist” , then you can own a flintlock  pistol  And no more ,  Because in the eyes  of the  “originalist”  nothing has changed since the 18th century. 

  66. This entire idea of originalist is a canard, 
    The courts  are packed  with  these weasels, see Abbott’s stunt being upheld. 
    One drop box  in Harris County  ?  To severe 4 million  people . 

  67. Before Lincoln  was shot  by a Turnip  supporter . 
    He said this  , “Let them up easy”. 
    We did not shoot one   rebel for treason.  Then they came back .  In 1920’s hanging black people  from all manor of  things was a  fashion, 

  68. Old Man – That’s great, driving voters to the polls or to your county’s drop box.  What we need for the enormous counties are for Mark Cuban and his counterparts in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, set up transportation, too.  
    Amy Culty/Phony didn’t know voter intimidation was illegal…or just wouldn’t say it.  Either way, she is disqualified.   Any Republican Senator up for re-election in two years should think long and hard before siding with tRUMPsky on this joke of a nominee.  
    Taking away healthcare from folks and not protecting folks with  pre-existing conditions (which almost everyone has by age 25, in this country) … tRUMP has done a better job of destroying the Republican Party than any Dem.  

  69. And, we will still talk about his taxes, his mental and physical health, and, the rest of the crime spree SFB, his family, and, his cohorts continue to carry out.  

  70. I just don’t understand people’s need to decide & control other people’s birth control, IVF, or abortion.  And still never men & their role in SEX.

  71. Now that journalists aren’t going to cover tRUMPsky up-close, to protect their health, what are they doing?  It seems like an opportune moment to do some investigative journalism.
    Also, what is The Lincoln Project doing to reach Republicans who are fixated on Fox Noise?  How would they, for instance, get to my relatives in California who believe absolute BS like Harris taking over and making Pelosi VP?   

  72. Tar 
    Tar Heels ?
    In the 18th  century  there was one  place to get this  (NC)  , and a lot of it  from pine trees .  British sea men were called “Tars” . 
    That is why we have a football team  called Tar Heels. 
    Meanwhile  in Maine  the British  were backing “mast ships” into the coast. 
    This is really amazing ,   They designed  Mast Ships  where the back of the ship  opened up , and logs over 100 feet long sailed of to England,. 
    The fleet that  stopped Napoleon, had main masts  from Manine. 

  73. And, my relatives have said that they don’t like tRUMP.  These are folks who are shocked and appalled that another relative who is almost 30, has moved in with his girlfriend.  These are folks who think it’s still 1950 and some of them are younger than I am…but they’re very churchy, as we say.   The don’t like tRUMP, be Fix Noise has made them fearful of a socialist take-over and they don’t even know what they mean when they parrot it.   How do real Republicans get to those folks and peel them off?
    Speaking of peeling off, I can’t wait to see what happens to Orange Julius when he stops taking steroids…if he ever does, now that he knows how powerful they make him feel, even though he’s the same loser he was before.

  74. Yep.  I hadn’t heard that one before and said it wasn’t true and asked them to stop watching Fox and read an actual newspaper. 

  75. I am really really sick  of folks wearing  peddle pushers , telling me what America is. 

  76. 1789 law was pretty simple and bad. It was so simple that any dumbo could set HIMself up as a lawyer. The country was crawling with Judge roy beans. 
    If these stripped contraptionists are really sticking to their little god’s ways, it should be legal to whip bankers at church and kick the bank assets into the sewer. Maybe it should even be mandatory.

  77. Judge roy beans
    I have been there ! 
    It’s Bean  there is no S . 
    It was not fun,
    It is a state  site.   The little old at the counter asked  what I did  ? 
    I said , I drive an 18 wheeler. 
    She said –
    Oh you kill people on the highway,
    I said , “Lady all  all your tampons , and toil paper came in a Big Truck”. 
    I turned on my heel and left. 
    And that is all there is  to say about  “The Law West  of the Fucking Pecos”. 

  78. Tampons,  and toilet paper, 
    Everyone  roll this  marble …………
    I hauled  countless loads out of Lewiston, Ida,  to North Las Vegas , so people  could wipe their ass in Vegas. 
    Kitty Litter,   there is one mine in America , that supplies  all these Brands.  That clay in Wyo. . is  perfect. We are Not About  to run out of kitty litter. 
    Paper towels
    Next time you step out , on the “Big Rode”  and run with the “Big Dogs” , that 53 foot trailer  out your window is filled with paper towels, toilet paper , or kitty litter. 

  79. Next time  you all sit on the throne , think about that roll  , It came from a mill , and it traveled  hundreds of miles to save your ass. 
    This was living trees  2 weeks ago. 
    So , if the world falls down  what next ?
    Why do people  shake hands  with the right?  Because people for thousands  of years  wiped their ass  with that long left finger.  Then they cleaned that finger, as best as they could. 

  80. If there was way to make toilet paper   locally  that would over turn   the world as we know it. 

  81. Do not surrender to darkness, 
    Tell the guy cleaning carts  at your store  he is most important  man in the wheel. 
     Above all be kind.  Mean is such an easy thing. 

  82. Mad Dogs and Englishmen. 
    Fueled by 10 kilos of Coke.
    I thought they would all die before the end of tour.

  83. That s on the name bean was meant to express the plural. In the early years of this nation, we had an abundance of MEN in the field of law, who were every bit as crazy and ignorant as Judge roy. On a couple of occasions one such would become a supreme court injustice. The name mcreynolds comes to mind.

    But, not the scheming scaly ant. He wasn’t iginent, he was just corrupt.

  84. what is The Lincoln Project doing to reach Republicans who are fixated on Fox Noise?”

    BiD, Lincoln Project guy on 60 minutes said they were running their ads mainly on fox in order to reach the faux faithful.  you’ll also  see their ads on twitter & facebook (or at least you did until some social media banned campaign type stuff in the last days before the election).  their other goal is their audience of one – D’ump – to gig him into saying more stupid things so they can make more ads.

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