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  1. Chris Wallace (Beck Bennett) moderates the first presidential debate between Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) and Joe Biden (Jim Carrey).

  2. AP looked at the meta data of the publicity shots of SFB in the hospital, “reading” and ten minutes later “signing”.  Meme was he was getting better and the pics were supposed to be during the day, turns out not hours apart, only minutes. Funny joker that clown is.  No need to link the lies.

  3. BB, so what that means is they filmed the latest video of him at the WH (not the hospital) just before the video of him walking to the helicopter on way to walter reid?

    other than the questionable videos, is his latest tweet about the stimulus bill actually from him at the hospital?

  4. patd – that is one of the thoughts that was circulating on the tubes.  One of the media types took the pic of him “signing” stuff, zoomed in to see the paper was blank except for some scribbles made by a three year old child.
    Here is a thought:  what if word is sent out from the WH that SFB died.  Then a couple days later he walks out having arisen from the “dead”.  I am sure that much of his cult would fall for it.

  5. Just saw a dirty ad from team tRUMPsky. No spoken words, just cue cards held by a woman who appears to be of Indian decent (I guess as a counter-point to Kamala?) and it was nothing but nonsense on those cards.   No facts, just inaccurate generalizations.  I hope SFB has a hard go if it, now.  No sympathy.
    As they said on SNL, if their places were reversed, tRUMPsky would’ve been at a rally making fun of Joe.
    Joe and Kamala can go high, but their surrogates need to go low and clip the mothers. 

  6. Well, he may appear later and yes, the evangelicals will kiss his feet.  Remember when folks wondered if Lil Kim had croaked?  
    Jason Sudeikis was missed as Joe.  I wasn’t sure what  Carrey was doing, but it wasn’t an impression of Joe.   Maya, on the other hand, she’s gonna have a full time job for the next four to twelve years.

  7. the ease the bear opened the pizza box means he/she’s well-experienced. didn’t even rip up the box or tear apart the inner paper to get last morsels like  a dog would do.   very tidy.

  8. New NBC/WSJ poll out
    All I can say is put on the party hats
    From the article:

    The Democratic nominee is now ahead of Trump by 14 points among registered voters, 53 percent to 39 percent — up from his 8-point lead in the previous poll before the debate.
    That 14-point advantage represents Biden’s largest lead in the NBC News/WSJ poll during the entirety of the 2020 presidential campaign; his previous high was 11 points in July.

  9. Rudy’s still out making the rounds, spreading bile about Dems, and fawning over trump like he’s Kim Jong Il.
    i’ll party when the vampire gang gets run out of town.

    …guy’s like a toothy Nosferatu

  10. A Utah boy was bullied by his teacher for having two dads. Here's his message for her.

    Daniel has lived with Louis and Josh for six months. But when he mentioned his pending adoption at his elementary school outside Salt Lake City, the teacher “insulted” his family, Daniel said. 
    “She first said, ‘Why would you BE happy to be adopted by them?’ And that’s when one of the three kids, ones in my class, they stuck up for me and said let’s stop. But she kept going. And she said, ‘Are you going to be gay?'” Daniel said.
    “What was it like to hear the teacher say that there’s something wrong with them?” Dokoupil asked.
    “Honestly, I went red. I didn’t like what she said,” Daniel said.
    “What does that mean, you went red?” Dokoupil asked.
    “I was very mad,” Daniel explained. “Because it isn’t — it’s not right — nice to insult other families, even if you don’t like them. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it.”
    Asked what he would say to the teacher now, Daniel said, “I would tell her, ‘You should have made better choices in life.'”

  11. He’s probably on his belly to help him breathe.  Did he have any compassion for others struggling with the virus, or, with BLM?  Nope.  He has time to think about now.  I’d like to see a much-changed heart  walk out of WR in a couple of weeks, but I don’t know if he has the capacity or the will to change.
    Rudy & the Repugz will do whatever they need to do to stay in power, because many pardons will need to be handed out.  
    If SFB/Barr/DeJoy and Repug governors hadn’t been so blatantly gleeful about shutting down/slowing down votes in as many ways as possible, the early voter turnout would be lower.  If not for SFB and Yertle pushing to replace RBG’s seat with Amy Culty, Dems wouldn’t feel as panicked about voting ASAP…and tRUMPsky and others might not be sick now, 

  12. Jack…  nice piece… thanks.
    Tony…  your 11:16 did it for me.  I was feeling a big guilty about not caring about trump, et all.
    But that tweet says it all…..  fuck ’em!

  13. Can’t believe it’s already been 5 years since our last visit to Florida.
    Today… Rick and I are celebrating our 45th Wedding Anniversary…

  14. Renee
    Congrats on 45 years! Amazing. I read Christie’s advice to Trump yesterday, these fucking people are cutthroat! I have no sympathy for any of the Republicans.  5 years it’s been since you were here, wow, so much has happened in that time. 

    Jack, the playground is so nice. That beautiful kid is so happy. It’s the simple things in life that are most rewarding. 

    Bink, yes, buffets dangerous. I’ve never been a fan of them and now, NEVER.

  15. If the discharge SFB from WR to finish treatment/convalesce at the WH, it sends the message to his base that the virus isn’t that bad.   He’ll never change.  
    Chris Christie is asthmatic.  If you interrupt the free flow of air from an asthmatic, they have a harder time recovering to normal breathing than non-asthmatics.  What a fat, evil bastard. 
    No mercy!   Flip the Senate and take back the WH!

  16. Gawd! Team tRUMPsky is now saying that Biden is wearing a mask as a “prop.”
    These effing, evil Repugz gotta go!  Gotta go down big!

  17. They can spin all they want, can tell you after reading countless obits and profiles of infected long-haulers the progression usually goes: infection, fever, bad shit, unexpectedly feeling better, bad shit again, death.

    Best case i can imagine for President Patient Zero is like 6 months or more of rehabilitative care, and without the capacity to execute the duties of the office.

  18. i want him alive, on the ballot, and thoroughly repudiated (as Jack said a few days back)
    ok blah blah blah, pardon me✌️

  19. The only thing I know is that I’ve never heard of anybody going from I’m having trouble breathing to I’m fine in just one day. If you are having trouble breathing then you are going to be knocked out for a while even if it is a “mild” case. BTW, if you have a mild case you don’t get admitted to the hospital even if you are Gods pet Chris Christy.

  20. Bink that was my thought, I wanted to get my little chubby 10 year old ass up there huffing and puffing trying to climb that thing.
    Some parents brought their two little girls to the park yesterday while I was there. It was obviously their first time at the play ground. They were running around excited and unable to decide what to do first.
    btw there are also musical instruments too. 

  21. Ok, they have Trump on steroids. When Mrs Jack was on them for pneumonia she was buzzing like she was on speed. She was taking codeine  too so it was a mellow buzz. 
    If Trump was as mild as they say he is then he would be tweeting up a storm and calling in to every fox show talking a mile a min.
    He is not so read the tea leaves as you will.

  22. Bid
    Metal xylophones , chimes and metal congo drums. They make some really cool stuff for out doors any more.

  23. Great Mozart, happy playground, and 45 years of marriage. Damn, it’s good to be alive today.

  24. I’m guessing that things will “take a turn for the worse,” that trump will die. Three days later, trump will “miraculously rise from the dead” while flying through the clouds to his funeral, and will proclaim himself to be “Jesus, returned to judge the quick and the dead.”
    You read it here first.
    What Jesus really wants of you is a “YUUUJ beyooty full WALL !”

    And, your vote. And, your money.

  25. Well,  first things first. 🎉🎊Happy Anniversary Renee & Rick. You’ve got 21 years on me & Mrs. P. Congratulations, and yes, party on. Give Rick my congratulations for not fucking up for such a long time. 

    Now, to D’umbass. I don’t care if he lives or dies. My preference leans toward the latter. He’s the number one lying mouthuhfuggrr in the republicon criminal enterprise so screw him. Whether he lives or dies I hope it’s a lengthy, painful process. (Was that too harsh and heartless? I don’t give a shit. Fuck him)

  26. Headlines from new NBC/WSJ poll (conducted after the debate, 9/30-10/1)

    Biden’s national lead among registered voters expands from 8pts to 14pts

    Biden 53%

    Trump 39%

    Was Biden 51%, Trump 43% in Sept poll before debate

  27. If he’d gotten COVID before his ludicrous debate performance, he might have gotten a bit of sympathy from someone other than those in his base.  

  28. Oh God, he’s escaped Walter Reed! Hopefully he’ll go back for a long time. Two people told me they hope he dies. My son, the doc, and I are just happy to have him NOT talking!

  29. Today’s Trump fog machine suggests probable pneumonia. Lung scan questions dodged, steroids prescribed, oxygen levels unstable, oxygen supplements administered. My years of  intimate experience with Dad’s several pneumonia bouts eerily similar. Difference is Dad’s could be cured with antibiotics. No cure for Covid induced pneumonia. 

  30. I’m happy to say that I sent a few bucks to Jaime Harrison.
    I hope he beats Lindsay back to the Dark Ages where he belongs!

  31. trumpity costs us a fortune ALL the time! He was in a caravan lapping Walter Reed! Always has to be the center of any show. Disgusting!

  32. Walter Reed attending physician Dr. James Phillips:

  33. I feel for other patients at Walter Reed who have to hear his moron supporters making noise outside! Every year I drop off my mail ballot at the Salem Courthouse drive-by on Election Day. This year I am turning it in early!🇺🇸

  34. By the way old dude, now that you’ve done beat up on the covids, what about those white supremacists?

  35. When they started marketing amphetamines as “Diet Pills”  they really hit pay dirt.  That was one kinda pill that actually did what they said it would, cause you could damn sure lose some weight mighty quick with a pocket full of black beauties, speckled birds, or green amps.   

  36. Sweet Lord, he’s a rabid dog, spreading deadly disease for his own vanity.
    Any genuine rumblings about invocation of the 25th, Mr. C?  in full agreement with you.

  37. Our President voluntarily turned HIMSELF into a biological weapon he is using against his own people!

  38. i felt guilty about the whole schadenfreude situation but not now.
    We need Moth-Ra to come save us

  39. deja vu

    lol that’s a joke clip, they got me

    Here’s the actual, and bizarrely similar to the current situation, clip:

  40. So SFB is doing his last bit.  I suppose the typical office pool would be put up for day, hour and minute with second for the tie breaker.  Not making it November 3 would be the ultimate poke in the eye to everyone.
    Funny thing going on over on Twitter.  ProudBoys is being taken over by Gay guys.  Not much the far right terrorist guys can do about it.

  41. Hey people, we have literal homicidal maniacs running the federal government that are willfully endangering innocent American lives, so that’s neat!
    They’re all right down the street from Mr. Crawford!

    i think they were willfully trying to infect Biden at the debate.

    …and if trump tested positive before the Bedminster fundraiser and just one of those attendees dies of COVID, is that not negligent homicide?

    At least one of those Bedminster donors has to be pissed that the President exposed them in exchange for a donation.

    Ok, pardon me, once again. It’s just so bizarre.

  42. Sturgeone

    The Dodgers were my favorite team when they were in Brooklyn and I was in Los Angeles.  I thought the move was my birthday present.  They are still my Dodgers.


  43. I want to see the State of New York haul his ass into court next Spring.  – Mr Man
    Why the long wait ? How about issuing the warrant for his arrest on Wednesday, Nov 4th, just late enough that it doesn’t affect the election ? If he doesn’t heave to and present himself in 90 days, freeze his properties and banking privileges, and begin extradition proceedings in FL, NJ, MD, or wherever he might be holed up. 

  44. I see that trump’s double has been cruising around Walter Reed Hospital, showing the colors. 
    This is the perfect time for trump to flee to russia, saudi Arabia, Dubai, Israel, India, Philippines or anywhere else that might still host a gold ‘t’ or welcome a badly tarnished messiah. Maybe he’d still have enough money/credit to golf in Dubai in the winter, Israel in the spring and summer and russia in the winter.

  45. The Actual War On Christmas
    The first lady has been caught on tape asking: “Who gives a fuck about Christmas?”
    The first stripper also complained about being criticized for her husband’s child separation policies. I thought she didn’t really care, didn’t u?
    – The Guardian

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