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  1. In 17 hrs Trump has gone from no symptoms to mild symptoms to fever/fatigue to experimental drugs to admission to Walter Reed Medical Center for “several days.”

  2. No one believes a word anyone Trump related says….  He isn’t going to be working he’s a sicko

  3. He walked on and off, so was the chopper ride necessary?  Did it make a better show?  
    They wanted to keep it low-key when he went to Walter Reed last fall.  Now, they are playing it for attention (distraction) and sympathy.   
    JarJar was unmasked and with Hopey. Lots of virus was spread at Amy Culty’s coming-out party.  

  4. Sanjay Gupta agrees with you, Poobah. This isn’t just precautionary- it’s a result of progressing symptoms. 
    So now can we call it the Trump Virus ?

  5. So Bobble announced this afternoon that BLOTUS and FLOTUS were doing well and would convalesce at the WH. Really?

  6. Remember 4 days ago when none of these jerks except Melania wore masks at the debate?
    Now they want prayers🙄

  7. Biden campaign pulls down all negative ads against Trump. Ha, Trump won’t do the same. Piss on Trump. Show no kindness cause Republicans will never show any. 

  8. CNN just ran a clip of dumbass saying “We can see the end of the virus, and next year yada yada yada yada yada. “ He can see it from the inside now. Stupid shit.

  9. Good one, RR.
    tony, yep to the ads.  I doubt the repubes would do the same.
    Jon Meacham presidential historian just listed all the Presidents who lied to the people about their medical issues. Apparently it’s a tradition. 

  10. Chamber poll shows Joe Biden winning Florida by 5 points Voters split evenly on right track-wrong track numbers for the state.

    Joe Biden holds a solid lead among likely Florida voters, according to the latest poll from the Florida Chamber of Commerce.
    A survey by Cherry Communications for the Chamber shows if the election were held today, former Vice President Biden would beat President Donald Trump by 5 percentage points in Florida.
    The Chamber was guarded about the details, not even releasing the level of support for each candidate or the number of undecided voters still in play.
    Regardless of who wins, Chamber leadership said it’s important commerce in Florida has the ear of elected leaders.
    “The 2020 General Election results will impact Florida’s future as we work to become the 10th most diverse economy in the world by 2030,” said Mark Wilson, Florida Chamber president and CEO. “Our statewide poll helps give us a look at voters’ alignment to the competitiveness and pro-business agenda supported by the Florida Chamber.”


    The organization also noted that as Florida goes, so goes the nation. The winner of the state’s electoral votes won the Presidency in 11 of the last 12 elections, the exception being Bill Clinton’s 1992 victory without the help of Sunshine State voters.

  11. craig, you asked last thread why they waited so long to take him to hospital.  they wanted the stock market to close first.  i’m not the only one who thought that, some talking head said it around 5 pm.  i bet the docs wanted to whisk him off to walter reed much much earlier – like thursday night-  but were overruled probably by him.

    jack, i agree with you that he should  stay alive at least until he has to face up to our customary peaceful transition of office on jan 20th.   rather that he not show up at the ceremony, but the country needs assurance that our institutions are intact.   as you say after that, whatever.  

  12. The next few days should be interesting.  So often we read about a senior citizen going down with the virus and rapidly failing and within a week going room temperature.  Other elderly types do okay for a few days, go home, and then collapse.  These and many others stories are why I am hiding out in my various pods.

  13. if before the election D’ump does shuffle off this mortal coil, a lot of people will not make the effort to vote.  polls show big percentage are voting only to get rid of him and have no incentive otherwise. 

  14. KC, I’m guessing he couldn’t tolerate a 15 minute ride in a limo.

    Enough of this COVID shit. NBA time. 

  15. …the angle on Mike Lee (R-UT) spreading COVID around the senate and the implications of it on potential Comey hearings is interesting.🤔

    From twitter

    It’s so obvious screenwriters… The third act turn was foreshadowed by Herman Cain’s death. They always kill the Black friend first.

  17. Senator Tillis has the virus.  Feels fine but isolating.  Let’s hope this rolls through slowly and keeps them out of commission for a SCOTUS hearing.  Or, would some of the other Republicans have the balls to say no to a hearing if SFB isn’t around? 
    Dems will show up to vote for Biden/Harris.  Still gotta flip the Senate, too.   Republican dirty-tricks to stifle/steal the election are still in play. A lot of folks have already voted.  

  18. i thought she quit?
    Re: debate microphones-  The debate commission doesn’t have to give the moderator a “switch”, just put the mic on a timer.  When your two minutes (make it 5 minutes if needed) is up, your mic goes off.  Very simple stuff, no cause for accusations of moderator bias.

  19. With Kellyanne now also testing positive for covid-19, along with 2 Senators and a university president, that superspreader event that turned our White House into a petrie dish to celebrate stealing RGB’s seat is looking like one of the worst coronavirus vehicles this year. – – Joy Reid

  20. One more person at the Amy Barret kickoff event in the Rose garden Saturday, Kelly Anne Conway tests positive.
    Some super spreader was spreading the love that day.

  21. “…superspreader event that turned our White House into a petrie dish to celebrate stealing RGB’s seat is looking like one of the worst coronavirus vehicles this year.

    -Mr. Crawford

    …believe it or not, that fits on a T-Shirt.
    Print it! (i’ll take two)

    Oh, ok i see you are attributing that gem to Joy Reid

  22. That event is one of the best demonstrations of Repugnican stupidity yet. Infect bunches of your own folks as you show your absolute hypocrisy and potentially remove votes you need to steal the SCOTUS seat. Corona karma can be a bitch. 

  23. The article I posted earlier today said not all people infected with covid-19 spread the infection to anybody about 20%  of those infected account for most of the spread. People with large and active social networks. So it was just a matter of time with a room full of politicians.  They have pictures of Mike Lee running around hugging everybody.

  24. We’ve switched from “Law and Order” to “ER”.
    Someone on Twitter said it was the “Super Bowl of Karma”.

  25. Bob Gibson RIP
    If you were a Missouri boy growing up in in the 60’s  your baseball team was the Cardinals and their pitching Ace was Bob Gibson. 52 years ago I remember setting in our  family car listening to Game one of the World Series on the radio. Gibson set a record of 17 strike outs against the Detroit tigers. I remember the sound of the ball as it hit catcher Tim McCarvers mitt. A loud pop one after another. 
    There are very few player that cause the powers that be to change the game. But  Bob Gibson is one. The next year they lowered the pitching mound to give mere mortals a chance to hit his fast ball.

  26. Reckless behavior despite having access to the best medical minds in the world, and now an incapacitated executive branch.  Kinda scary.

    Was the super-spreader event OUTSIDE?? Even scarier!

    They turned the White House Rose Garden into the Wuhan Wet Market.

    Mike Pence can’t leave the house, now. Might end up with Pelosi making the SCOTUS nomination if he catches COVID.

    (edit: Pence plans on resuming campaigning, next week🤨)

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