31 thoughts on “Trump In COVID Quarantine”

  1. Pogo
    Did some research the other day on Samantha Fish Turns out she is a local Kansas City girl. Product of the local blues clubs. I gotta get out more often.

  2. Suppose this is a device to keep Trump out of the heat for a week or so. Maybe Hicks is fine. I don’t believe anything they say.

  3. I think I told you all my sister caught a very mild case of covid. Her and her husband wore masks and wore gloves when touching common areas like the bathroom. He never caught it. Which pisses me off. You can live in the same house and with the minimal precautions avoid it, means it isn’t very contagious, not on the flue or common cold level. But here we are with 200000 dead. 

  4. Tomorrow Trump will reveal he tests negative and no need to quarantine.  and so it goes. With his ocd, unless his wife gets it he is probably safe.
    Given that they have been social distancing for years……

  5. jack, there are many reports of a bunch of mutations, and they don’t know what they all mean yet in terms of contagion or severity.

  6. BiD, good point. LOL
    “It’s October 1st!  Could it be?  Could this be our October surprise?”

  7. Surprise, it’s fake news to take the heat off of SFB’s debate meltdown.  I’m betting on Mort’s take on this one.
    My cousins in California have it.  Early twenties. One got sent home from Stanford and gave it to her sister.  Their mom doesn’t have it…yet.   Despite being runners, the girls are both miserable.  

  8. SFB has been incapable of his responsibilities since day one, so why call up Pence just because he’s been given a test?  He’s had tests before and, dammit, they were negative.  

  9. i said i’d stay out, but the flaw in the whole “25th amendment” argument is that trump could just fire his whole cabinet.

  10. Weird

    On Hannity tonight Trump blamed members of military and law enforcement for approaching White House staff. “They want to hug you and they want to kiss you because we really have done a good job for them. You get close and things happen.”

  11. Wait a minute!  When is the next debate?  
    (cough-cough) I cant go to school today (cough-cough)
    Don’t you think Donny got out of a lot of tests that way?  You know, when daddy wasn’t paying someone to take tests for him. 

  12. Craig, is there time for the 25th Amendment?   Mabbe it’s a ploy for sympathy?  Mabbe it’s his way to leave the office and further throw the country into more chaos as Pence *gag* would be the pres. And then, what, Pence would do the debates?   LOLOLOL

  13. Pelosi would be like sorbet between tRUMP and Biden.  You know, to get the taste of lies and bile out of our mouths. 

  14. White House silence tonight really curious. Enough time has passed since first two tests to know results. If negative, you’d think they’d say so. Who knows. 

  15. “ You can live in the same house and with the minimal precautions avoid it, means it isn’t very contagious” -jack
    i’m tellin’ ya, that’s the genetic component at play. He doesn’t share the same genetics as the rest.  Maintain the protocol. (it’s incredibly contagious through poop and people smacking their lips while they eat).

  16. i read every article that has the word “covid” in it, and i’m screaming from the mountaintops:
    ”IT’S THE POOP!”

    (i nailed blankets on the outside of every bathroom door frame, months, ago. if you want such a procedure to look classy, get “upholstery tacks”)

  17. This lack of transparency from the White House about the president’s health is unacceptable. All we know is what he told Hannity on air, and his tweet that he’s in quarantine. The Vice President and the Cabinet must initiate protocols to ensure national security. A president at risk of getting a deadly virus is no joke.

  18. Some on Twitter are suggesting that this is a ploy for Trump to avoid the next debate.

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