13 thoughts on “Trump To Suburbs: “Are You Crazy?””

  1. He tried to spew his lie of violent protestors coming to a  ‘burb near you, last night.  Nope. 

  2. My idea of cut the mics needs to change to having each of them in a sound proof booth! Biden will still be able to hear him screaming even if the mic’s cut. So it’s a sound proof booth like the old game shows. That’s appropriate since trumpity was a game show host.

  3. https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/30/politics/proud-boys-trump-debate-trnd/index.html
    I had never heard of the “proud” idiots until last night.   Definitely not a Christian group.  Just a hate group made up of a bunch of white wimps who are afraid of women.  Boys, not men.  Followers of a toddler tyrant.  It figures.  
    I’ve been waiting for Republicans in Congress to call out tRUMPsky for his support of white supremacists.  Nope.  Crickets.  The Republican Party is just a well-organized, hate group.   It’s time for them to go bye-bye. 

  4. Apparently the violent, far right Proud Boys and the like go to wherever they go looking to start trouble.  They take brass knuckles and truncheons with them in preparation for doing bodily damage.  They probably are heavily packing…heat…also.

  5. I remember being in Paris a long time ago with the kids’ father who went to a conference at Paris VI, the Sorbonne. I went a couple of days to see what was going on.  Outside there was very loud picketing. We were told that those are the left. They’re loud and make themselves known and not to worry about them.  It’s the right, they told us,  who were dangerous. Like the OKC bombing here, they quietly blow stuff up with the intent of bodily damage. Beware of them. Same thing here decades later.

  6. And finally tonight, there were 3 burned tiki torches in the dumpster here in a far north suburb of Dallas after Charlottesville. Do they live here or did they just drop them off?  In any case, creepy.

  7. speaking of crazies, wapo:

    The Trump campaign and Republican National Committee for months have promised to recruit as many as 50,000 poll watchers to monitor voting locations on Election Day. The campaign’s “Army for Trump” website has contributed to that effort, urging supporters to join the “army of supporters fighting to re-elect him in 2020.”
    But more-extremist supporters appeared to be joining that effort Wednesday, raising the prospect for confrontation and intimidation at polling locations.
    “I got shivers,” Andrew Anglin, the founder of the neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer, wrote in a post Wednesday. “I still have shivers. He is telling the people to stand by. As in: Get ready for war.”
    The Oath Keepers, a militia group that formed more than a decade ago that comprises current and former law enforcement and military members, also has pledged to have “volunteer security teams” at Trump rallies and out on Election Day. The group was recently banned from Twitter.
    The effort to recruit volunteers nationwide who are prepared to contest voting eligibility, oversee counting and challenge results has reverberated in extremist corners of the Internet, where support for the president goes hand-in-hand with faith in debunked ideas about the “deep state” and a globalist, Satan-worshipping cabal.
    Days before Trump used his debate platform to urge his supporters to stand watch at the polls, Albert Maimone, a 41-year-old devotee of the president in Westfield, Mass., posted a link to the “Army for Trump” website in a Facebook group for adherents of QAnon, the baseless conspiracy theory identified by the FBI as a potential domestic terrorism threat. Facebook said it was reviewing the QAnon content for violations of its policies.
    Maimone, a Massachusetts Republican, is preparing to answer the call to show up at the polls.
    “Yeah, we’re going to go to the polls,” the former chef said in an interview. “We’re going to go to the polls, and we’re going to be poll workers, and we’re not going to be scared of antifa or Black Lives Matter, and we’re going to represent our country. Me, personally, I’m not going to back down from any of this complete dishonesty.”
    Another user who posted the link in a QAnon Facebook group, who declined to give his location in an interview, pledged, “Patriots will be working in all areas as well as the post offices.”
    Michigan in particular could be a tinderbox, said researchers at the Alethea Group, an organization combating disinformation, because of residual tensions from protests over pandemic restrictions that caused the state to cancel a legislative session. Lisa Kaplan, Alethea’s founder, said she and her team identified 25 militia groups in Michigan, including several that operate well-organized bureaucracies, including features such as organizational hierarchies, local chapters, and fitness and training activities.
    Michael Lackomar, a communications officer and team leader for the Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia, said several of his members are acting as poll watchers in their own communities. The group as a whole has no plans for widespread action but is “ready to respond to any violence that may spring up, or if the need arises to get some of our members out in more hostile areas.”
    “No matter who wins in November, the other side is going to scream fraud,” Lackomar said. “I do not see a way for this to go quietly.”
    Earlier this year, Trump floated the idea of using law enforcement officers to patrol polling places, invoking tactics historically used to intimidate voters of color.
    “We’re going to have everything,” the president told Fox News host Sean Hannity in August. “We’re going to have sheriffs, and we’re going to have law enforcement, and we’re going to hopefully have U.S. attorneys and we’re going to have everybody, and attorney generals.”

  8. So let’s say that all the BLMers suddenly adopt imitation PB tops, or fake oath breakers’ uniforms – EXCEPT for the addition of a secret BLM ID sign, like a Yin/Yang (for the race equality folks) a pink triangle (for the LGBTQs) a green leaf (for the Greenies) a blue thor’s hammer (for the Maccabbees, hahaha) an upside down green M (for a distressed Muslim), etc. They could all get into trump rallies,  raise hell, and scare the excrement out of the orange shitbag on national tv ! 

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