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  1. renee, another book for your collection.

    review by denver post:

    If you love Kendrick Lamar or swoon to Cole Porter (or dig both; and why not?), you are surely a connoisseur of rhyme.
    John Lithgow gets it. The multi-award-winning actor has penned his second book of satirical poems, one that arrives fairly fast on the heels of last year’s bestseller “Dumpty,” about President Trump and his administration’s cast of characters.
    If the title doesn’t give it away, “Trumpty Dumpty Wanted a Crown: Verses for a Despotic Age” (Chronicle Books) is a barbed — but also playful — bit of business. It’s an often bravura exercise in twisted, doggerel verse with an unapologetic political bent. Foils include Mitch McConnell, William Barr and Kelly Loeffler but also players who’ve exited stage right and may require jostling to recall. Lithgow’s happy jostle. It’s sure to have its partisans and, just as predictable, rile its detractors.

  2. Sturgeone, The pic is definitely a “peaceful easy feeling”.


    Maher was mildly temperate compared to my thoughts on a third parties.  Anyone who understands the Electoral College, knows that third parties of any stripe are a disaster to the positions of the people voting that way.  They are stealing votes from the more moderate politicians who would have supported them.  It doesn’t matter if it is Libertarians taking from Republicans or the Green Party destroying Democratic hopes.

    To make them functional you need a popular vote and/or a Parliamentary system.  The far right wing knew you start with the school board and spend thirty years moving them up through the ranks until for the sake of greed and lust for power, you get Trump. 


  3. I’m becoming increasingly disamused at the word “should”.  It’s useless now.  I will for the times to come endeavor to severely restrict it’s use in my lexicon.  

    Flatrian…..not much Castilian heard in these parts. It’s what was taught me in la escuela, muchos años pasado, but here and now it’s all the Spanish of los Indios.

  4. Craig,

    I’m having a problem with getting to Trailmix.  It is fine using Firefox but on both Google and Edge I get an error message.  Do you know what is going on?


  5. There is one fellow, from Colombia, who seems to speak a higher grade, but he stands alone.  He’s in charge of a crew of painters, and his workers refer to him as Don Carlos.

  6. dredging up parodies, i came across this one from parody project gang (using one of my favorite songs “ne me quitte pas”) which may lift our spirits a bit

  7. Sturgeone –  I learned my lesson on who is from where back in the early 80’s.  I traveled a lot, almost all in the Western U.S.  Then my duties changed and I traveled to the East Coast U.S.  Some have compared the Spanish to how the U.S. and UK speak the same language, but different.  In a way it is like that, but sometimes I cannot understand it at all.

  8. Patd

    His own web page has a running Chiron of some memorable quotes from a host of movies and shows in which he has appeared.  I may write a note chiding him for omitting one of my favorites from All That Jazz

    Waitress : Could I have your autograph? I’m an actress, too. You’re my favorite director, after Joe Gideon. I’m so sorry your show was a flop.

  9. I use google translate for my neighborhood stuff then run it by a native speaker. I often get “yeah that is correct but nobody talks like that”

  10. Two more days to go on my Twitter banning.  They take hoping someone will choke on the vomitus bile of their own hypocrisy so seriously.  

  11. Jack….  that LP ad on Lindsey Graham was a scream!…  thanks for posting that last night.
    too many books… too little time.  I’m needing to get back to reading fiction…  escapism is saving my sanity.

  12. My thoughts on SCOTUS is that a firm conservative majority within it is unrepresentative of a population that is almost equally divided across the political spectrum, which in turn will influence policy in a similarly unrepresentative manner, possibly leading to, in my lifetime, the dissolution of the United States (likely into 5 different countries).
    So, maybe get that cross-country road trip in, now, while you can.

  13. If Red State America thinks the coastal states ate going to continue to subsidize their backwards economies while those Red States ram conservative policy down their throats, they got another thing coming.

  14. Amy Cult Barrett will take order from Trump and will happily use her vote to keep him inoffice.  After all he is her lord and master

  15. The northern interior states like the Dakotas and Idaho could disappear tomorrow and almost no one would notice or care.  Potatoes are easy to grow.

  16. I heard Amy Cult Barrett and saw her jerk one of her younger children around.
    She pledged eternal allegiance to SFB

  17. How about a social worker in every police squad car, to identify  and diffuse personal and mental-health crises and help distinguish them from genuine criminality?
    Instead of expecting law-enforcement personnel to develop social-work skill-sets, just hire social workers.
    It would cut down on the unemployment rate!  No cops fired, no police defunded.

  18. Old Man – The money spent to lie about COVID is shameful and it won’t work with any except those who are already drinking tRUMPsky’s Kool-Aid.  
    This week, there was a multi-company, Zoom call/webinar given by a 3rd-party financial entity.  They are NOT hopeful about COVID and therefore, they are not hopeful about the economy.
    Goldman Sachs is also polling economic feeling and it’s not good.   Stimulus money is gone; jobs are not back; we have no vaccine.    
    Thirty percent thought some sort of stability/normalcy would return in late 2021.  Forty percent said not until 2022, would we see things get better.  Seven percent said 2023 or later.  The optimistic group (now to spring 2021) was probably made up of Russian/Republicans trying to  tip the poll numbers.   
    Also, be prepared for massive inflation from 2023 onward.  

  19. Inflation has already started- groceries, cars, homes, all up in price, because of all the free money Congress is printing.

  20. They were talking globally (everyone is printing money)…and you ain’t see nothin’ yet, apparently.     Such a shame that tRUMPsky is wasting our money on his COVID lies. 

  21. Right, so whoever can stop printing money first, wins.
    Meanwhile, Florida opened up the bars!  Wooo!  Party!

  22. Trump and his Republican allies must be a dream to Marxists- the former are collapsing this nation faster than the latter could ever hope!

  23. I Feel Sorry for Americans:  A Baffled world Watches the U.S.

    From Myanmar to Canada, people are asking: How did a superpower allow itself to be felled by a virus? And why won’t the president commit to a peaceful transition of power?



  24. The Stepford Justice  (Can’t make a decision without asking her husband.  He should be the one getting vetted.)
    Early voting starts here in 17 days.   Straight Dem; it’s only takes a second to tap that oval.   Less exposure to others.
    Oh, more of the relatives in CA have the ‘rona now.  They’ll still probably vote for SFB, because they watch Faux Noise. 

  25. Very early on in this flight to Hell SFB wanted to print dollars to solve economic problems.  He is not normal, he has a very low IQ.  He has mental issues which are serious.  He cannot be treated as “normal”.  He is off his rocker.  The media is doing the job of the greedy old perverts by trying to make his actions seem “normal”. 

  26. Get out those coat hangers use hand sanitizers 
    people are going to need them  when Culty Barrett finishes Roe v wade 

  27. Culty needs to be shut down.   If Republican Senators don’t stop this atrocity, AMERICA IS DOOMED!   NEVER ANOTHER REPUBLICAN?  NEVER ANOTHER ELECTION.  YOU ARE IN POO—TIN’s POCKET IF YOU PROP UP tRUMPsky IN ANY WAY!

  28. Well.  I just saw and started to stream on Amazon Prime The Carol Burnett Show.  She was so young in 1967.  We were so young in 1967, she was in her mid thirties.  Other than a few of the Jesus Alou moments of what was happening in 1967 I had to dig deep to remember those years.  Although not as topical as the Smothers Brothers Hour or Laugh in, it does have some touches to the era.

  29. Ms Burnett hit her stride with that Eunice and Mama bit.  I’d heard it bandied about that she’d come up with that idea from what she saw around her as a young person.

  30. Bill Maher should be tough on all the people who said. Trump won’t be that bad. You know who you are

  31. I happened to listen to the nominee announcement for SCOTUS on Sky News. Good to hear what the rest of the world has to say.  They know trumpity.  They know who and what he is.
    OK, here I go…questions for the SCOTUS nominee…what will she do with all those kids that she so highly prizes?  She didn’t just have them to leave them by returning to work, did she? And Supreme Court works long hours.  And what about her son with Down’s syndrome?  Doesn’t he need his mother even more? And if she’s so very pro life, why only 5 kids?  I have a non-religious uncle who had 11 kids with his wife.  Short of her having a hysterectomy or her husband having some physical thing, they would have many more babies, no? Surely she didn’t stop having kids because of her age and having a Down’s child? And most certainly they’re not using birth control of any kind, are they? that’s a mortal sin.
    If she’s so pro life and going to enter all the uteri of the women of the US, we need to know the answers. 

  32. Amy Coney Barrett Is Even More Extreme Than Antonin Scalia

    Barrett, President Donald Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, once worked as law clerk for Scalia. Whereas the late Supreme Court justice referred to himself as a “faint-hearted originalist,” who was willing to allow case precedent to influence what he believed to be the original intent of the framers of the Constitution, Barrett makes no such concession. She wrote in a 2013 law review article that stare decisis, the principle that courts should follow prior case decisions, is a “soft rule,” not an “inexorable command,” with “constitutional cases the easiest to overrule.” In that same article, Barrett went on to say words that should shake fear into the two-thirds of Americans who support the Court’s 1973 decision to protect abortion rights in Roe v. Wade: “I tend to agree with those who say that a justice’s duty is to the Constitution and that it is thus more legitimate for her to enforce her best understanding of the Constitution than a precedent that she thinks clearly in conflict with it.”

  33. Amy Culty, the charis-maniac, can’t take the SCOTUS oath, if she already took the People of Praise oath.   

  34. No fucking way the “Founding Fathers” could have predicted or anticipated the contemporary internet:
    Ergo, “originalist interpretation” invalid.

  35. Also, the”Founding Fathers” viewed people of color and women as inferior to white men, explicitly.

  36. We could flip-flop the supremacy of the House vs. Senate and make the federal government more representative, not for nothing.🤷‍♂️


  37. Thanks!
    Like, an “originalist” would necessarily have to believe that black Americans are 3/5 a human or their entire philosophy is invalid, right?
    ok, sorry✌️❤️🇺🇸4real

  38. KGC, I don’t think the majority of people, men & women, want a religious zealot on the court. Only the loud, minority of religious zealots do.

  39. https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/26/politics/massachusetts-federal-prosecutor-slams-bill-barr/index.html
    Yep, pro-white males/pro-gun/pro-beer even while sitting in a deer blind and possibly mistaking a fellow MAGAt for buck/pro-loudmouth/no idea what Christ actually stood for, but they like to hide behind the title, Christian, and there’s as much chance that they’ve read any of the Bible as tRUMPsky.    Meanwhile, back in Moscow, Vlad is laughing off his ugly, aging ass.  Aging.    That’s one thing that makes me feel better.  Time marches on and everyone’s time here comes to an end.  Mother Nature will kill off every one of us, eventually…and they will all die off, as well.    The great equalizer.   Tonight, I feel like rooting for the virus.   Need a news break.

  40. scalia made up originalism as he went along. It’s law as strained through ouija boards. 
    If there is a constitutional big government right to grab, inspect and manage pussies, then there is a constitutional big government right to make men wear masks (and condoms !).

  41. Mr Man, 
    Corporations became persons in 1881.  Back in those days ‘originalism’ was just plain corruption. We need fancier names in this fancier age of ours.

  42. Not only did the Founding Fathers not contemplate women voting or serving on courts, they didn’t contemplate women teaching in law schools. They didn’t even contemplate law schools !
    The first justice to have attended (he didn’t graduate) law school was Levi Woodbury, who rose to the high bench in 1846, when the SCOTUS had been around for 57 years. Justice Benjamin Curtis, the first law school graduate on the high bench, didn’t take his seat until 1851. 

  43. East Asian Americans got the right to vote in California in 1961, the year a Catholic could be president.

  44. If corporations are people and can vote through their pet politicians, trees and fish should be able to vote, too.

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