‘Vote Him Out’

In other words, Lock Him Up!

Which Trump owned hotels are in countries where we don’t have an extradition treaty? Time he and his mob family think about going there before noon on Inauguration Day.


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  1. ahh yes, remember the reception he got at game 5 of the world series last year


    from vanity fair 0ct 29 2019 story:

    “It has been a long time since Donald Trump faced anything other than a crowd of handpicked supporters—and I have a feeling it’s going to be a while before he does that again,” Colbert said. “Because it did not go so well…. The president of the United States got booed while watching the national pastime. That is like getting kicked in the nuts by an apple pie. A great American moment. It made me proud.”

    Noted Trump critic and World Central Kitchen founder Chef José Andrés threw out the first pitch at Nationals Park, on the same night that the President faced chants of “lock him up” from the crowd.

  2. and then there were the boos a week after that as reported by NJ.com:

    It turns out that while President Donald Trump might be a big fan of mixed martial arts, many fight fans are not big fans of his: Trump was bathed in sustained boos, and some cheers, on Saturday night, when he attended an Ultimate Fighting Championship card at Madison Square Garden in New York.
    Trump, who is facing at an impeachment inquiry by House Democrats, was joined at MSG by House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy, North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows, New York Rep. Peter King, and sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump.
    A handful of signs reading “Remove Trump” and “Impeach Trump” dotted the crowd, according to several reports.

  3. “Draft dodger” is all in the present attitude of said dodger as regards the era.  There’s Clinton the DD, Bush the DD, and Chump the DD……and me as a DD how I see those folks reacting to the situation.
    (Nothing worse than a soldier wanna-be draft dodger warmonger.)

  4. Sturg, yep, I was a college deferment DD whose number never came up anyway. And yes, there’s nothing worse than a soldier wannabe…  
    Bink, what you said last night has valid points, particularly with respect to dumbass. Dumbass was among the worst of the bunch – a rich kid whose daddy bought off a doctor to invent a 4F condition he didn’t have. 

  5. He had to hide behind a pillar because he was afraid of a group of women.
    He’s also afraid of rain because of his hair.
    Ok, back to it✌️❤️🇺🇸

  6. Yes some friends were luck of the draft and some actually dropped out of school to enlist.  It was a very weird time, and those who went and those who dint were both adversely affected by the situation, albeit in vastly different ways.
      ie it sucked all around.

  7. back in 2016, i could understand as a matter of gender why most men favored D’ump in a fight against a woman; but now in a man o man o (so to speak) battle, why are more men supporting him?  what is it about the jerk?  wealth? physically bigger height & girth? brashness, bully boyness? what?

    mcclatchydc had this story the other day on the gender gap:

    As Democrats are nervous that Biden is faring poorly with Hispanic voters, especially among Cuban-Americans, veteran pollsters and Latino experts say the Democratic nominee’s problems are disproportionately concentrated among Hispanic men — a group of voters who don’t consider themselves to be strongly supportive of Trump, but are willing to overlook potential flaws for economic reasons.
    The gender gap is an often overlooked nuance they say should shape both campaigns’ understanding of the Hispanic vote entering the final weeks of the race, and one that could ultimately swing the outcome between Biden and Trump in Florida and other critical battleground states.
    “The gender gap has been one of the largest findings that we have uncovered in our polling over the last year,” said Stephanie Valencia, the co-founder of Equis Research, a firm that specializes in surveys of Latino voters.
    But the potential that a significant portion of Hispanic men could vote for Trump is real, Equis’ research shows. In a series of battleground state polls of Hispanic voters, it found a sizable gender gap, with majorities of male Hispanics supporting Biden overall but indicating far more openness to Trump.
    Over the last decade, the gender gap among white voters has received a considerable amount of attention from strategists and pundits, as men move toward the Republican Party and women shift toward the Democratic Party. That dynamic has only intensified in the Trump era.

  8. I LOVED seeing trump trashed like that….  he so richly deserves it!
    Rick got a college deferment for VN.  His draft number kept him there…  it was 2.  

  9. Has anyone here bought and read Woodward’s book Rage?  I haven’t…  too many books and I’m waiting for the big one after trump is gone that will connect all the dots at this point.  But seeing Woodward making the rounds on the political and talk shows has been sad.  He talks very slowly and rambles on and on and never seems to get to a point.  I’ve bought his books in the past and have always enjoyed them.  Here’s to hoping he writes better than he speaks now.

  10. RR – I am reading it now, but not too many pages at a time.  It was co-written so the issues with Woodward getting along in age are smoothed by the other writers.  I am only a few chapters in and he covers some background that might have been in other tomes, but I failed to grasp.  Would I skip this book?  Probably not.  He does get into issues that others cannot.

  11. Sturg,
    Please explain the USCG’s legal ability to physically oust a recalcitrant public official from his office/throne, in this case, The President of the United States.

  12. the hill via msn:

    The Wall Street Journal editorial board issued a rebuke of President Trump on Friday, warning his unwillingness to commit to a peaceful transition of power should he lose the November election fuels his opponents fantasies of forcing him out fo the White House.
    The Journal’s editorial board slammed the president’s remarks, calling them “preposterous” and noting that, “on Jan. 20, his term legally ends.”

    “The media and intelligentsia have worked themselves into a frenzy over imaginary fears that Mr. Trump will somehow remain in office by force if he loses the 2020 election,” the editorial read.

    “Start with the obvious: The notion that Mr. Trump could stop a peaceful transition of power is preposterous. On Jan. 20 his term legally ends. If Congress hasn’t certified an Electoral College winner on that date-or settled a tie- Nancy Pelosi will be President if she is still House Speaker.”
    The paper went on to assert that if Trump tried to remain in office after Democratic nominee Joe Biden had been certified the winner, his actions would diminish his political support.
    “GOP House and Senate leaders have already repudiated Mr. Trump’s remarks. If he tried to remain after Joe Biden was certified as the winner, his political support would collapse.”
    The Journal said the president made a mistake in making the comments, arguing that his remarks have fueled Democrats’ “destructive ideas.”
    “The sad reality is that Democratic opinion leaders have been waiting for a Reichstag fire moment from the minute Mr. Trump took office,” the paper said.
    “Their thirst to be vindicated has grown more intense as his term draws to a close. Perhaps they want to save face after misunderstanding their country and its citizens so fundamentally for four years. Mr. Trump should stop fueling their destructive ideas, because the legitimacy of election results is the bedrock of American democracy.”

  13. BlueB… thanks for the response.  Think I’ll look for Woodward’s book in the used section of the local bookstore.  I feel bad for Woodward… saw him on Nicole Wallace’s show a few days ago…  he looked lost.  And at the end, he hung his head down as if he realized it.

  14. I know that everyone says to take trump seriously at his word…  but really…  what word (other than court appointments) has he kept.  He’s promised so much and delivered little.  He doesn’t have a healthcare plan….  he never made an attempt to have an infrastructure bill…  he hasn’t brought back any manufacturing….   and…  he never went after Hillary.  I think with all this talk about not accepting the results of the election and not counting ballots is just throwing stuff out there and hoping something will stick and hoping it will depress Democrats enough to not bother to vote.
    Yeah… the Democratic Party operatives need a plan…  but I’m not losing my mind.

  15. Voting began in MN on the 18th. Sweetie and I voted in person at the county service center. We immediately felt a relief, as though the burden of a broken world had slid from our backs.  
    Please vote early and in person, if at all possible. You’ll feel bouyed-up by the experience, and you feel grateful for the opportunity to join the hundred million people who will put the world back into its proper orbit.

  16. Perhaps they want to save face after misunderstanding their country and its citizens so fundamentally for four years. – wsj on the Dems’ “thirst to be vindicated”
    The wsj must mean 2012 – 2016, ‘cuz the Dems were certainly vindicated by the rout in 2018. Either that, or the wsj fundamentally misunderstands “their country and its citizens.”

  17. I might feel the same way RR except for the lawyers who have been hired to fight the results and all the lawsuits to allow as few people as possible to vote.   I think he will do what he can as long as he gets some Republican support.
    So the media coverage of Amy Cult Barrett does not mention her cult membership or her obedience to her husband.  In her cult until Atwood’s books gained popularity the women were known as handmaidens.  
    Seriously where is the reporting on this woman.   Pile of poop as usual.    How about comparing her positions to Bader Ginsberg?  Not interviewing anti abortion zealots who say winning is the only important thing it doesn’t matter how you get there   Some of the worst reporting ever  Nice going MSNBC especially KC whatever her last name is.

  18. Yeah, if it’s all the same to you, i’ll continue to perceive the guy encouraging his supporters to use violence against protesters and intimidate voters at the polls, sabotaging the Postal Service, and spreading deadly disease around the country as an existential threat.

  19. Watching the Lie in State service for Justice Ginsburg.  Not one single senior Republican House or Senate member.  I know they are terrified of Trump and/or their more insane voters, but that is pretty damn tacky.  Some Republican women attended but for the leadership:

    Republicans including the party’s top leaders, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, were notably absent from the proceedings, although Representative Steve Scalise of Louisiana, the second-ranking Republican, was on hand.


  20. Probably afraid of being booed

    Democrats should not attend any of the hearings or votes on the supreme court they should simply remain silent


  21. Jewish and Moslem traditions urge burial as soon as possible. For the sake of tradition, I hope that her kids had the body of RBG buried quickly and secretly, and that the casket on display is merely an empty floor model.  

  22. crackers – Exactly.  If she’s required to defer to her hubby, she is an invalid candidate; she can not be vetted.  She can not do the job.  
    If there are any Republican Senators who understand what will happen to THEM if they continue to prop up tRUMPsky…  Just remember, tRUMP destroys what/whom he touches.  He’s not the one who comes out smelling like sh\+ (although the day is coming; karma will annihilate him and his kiddos). 
    Poo-tin will have no use for tRUMPsky.  Menagerie in Moscow? Nah.  Garbage dump.

  23. Call it my suspicious nature, but I do believe those “found” Trump ballots we probably put there by some Trump operative.  Seven is an odd number and they make no claim as to the “military” person identified as the owner of the ballot and the two that were still sealed (or opened and resealed) apparently didn’t vote for anyone.

    This is just too ham handed not to be Trump shenanigans. 


  24. XR

    I don’t know whether Ginsburg was Conservative or Reform but either way it is traditional for the funeral to be within 24 hours of death if at all possible.  Neither of the two major branches are as strict about this as other considerations such as the honors given to her would be allowable.  In Orthodox which he certainly wasn’t the rules are much more rigid.

    What I found more questionable was the fancy casket, so you could well be right that her family has made other possible arrangements.

    Jewish Funeral Traditions


  25. Agreed Jamie   — evidence for the big fat liar  –lot of fat ass goopers in PA who should be living in the south

  26. Florida FL Gov says all restaurants and bars can fully open– 100% capacity– with no limitations from the state.

    That’s one way to suppress the vote:  Kill all the brown and black people before election day.


  27. Jamie…  but… but…  what about all those older white trump supporters in Florida.  Do you honestly think they are going to avoid going to restaurants and bars…  cuz I don’t.
    Tony….  watch yourself down there.

    KGC…. interesting movie trailer…

  28. priorities usa:

    Priorities USA ActionLatino Victory Fund, the American Federation of Teachers, and Mike Bloomberg are releasing a new ad in Florida with a focus on reaching the Hispanic community.

    The ad, “Los Olvidados” (The Forgotten), will run in Florida TV markets with multiple Spanish language versions as part of a culturally competent outreach effort that reflects the diversity of the Florida Hispanic community. The ad contrasts Donald Trump’s failure to grasp the severity of the coronavirus crisis — causing the deaths of over 200,000 Americans — with Joe Biden’s steady, strong leadership.

    In Miami, the ad will run on Spanish language TV as part of a partnership between Priorities and the American Federation of Teachers. Additional versions of “Los Olvidados” will also run on TV in Miami and Tampa as part of Priorities’ partnership with Latino Victory Fund, funded by Mike Bloomberg.

    The ad is running as part of two previously-announced partnerships. Priorities USA Action and the American Federation of Teachers previously announced a $1.9 million ad buy in Miami. Priorities and Latino Victory Fund announced $6 million in Spanish language TV and radio, funded by Mike Bloomberg.


  29. Biden has a message for Putin: “If I’m elected I’m coming…. I promise you there will be consequences, if I win, for this involvement in our sovereignty”. (MSNBC)

  30. I’m guessing the ballot find was a result of Dumbass’s poll workers getting in a little practice before the game.

  31. ~How fortuitous to happen upon those ballots in that dumpster on that day at that time~   SMELLS LIKE tRUMP’s GARBAGE DUMP!

  32. Maybe everyone should stop mailing stuff from October 20th until Election Day…except ballots.   Slow it down so as not to cause a glut in the postal system.   

  33. As I understand it, PA ballots were from the primary. Mail in/absentee ballots haven’t even been sent out yet. Ballot was only finalized last week or so after court ruled on Green Party candidate not being included. Primary was first time we had no reason absentee voting in PA plus primary was postponed to May rather than March. Whole thing is Barr BS. Slime.

  34. One of the sad things I had to face this week was shopping at BB&B, I stopped in to restock my martini glasses because I was down to two (I try to keep a minimum of eight on the shelf or in stock).  They were out of the every day (cheap) glasses.  So I bought a box of the thirty-nine dollar types.  Nine dollars each is okay, but there is a reason I use everyday types. 
    Just like other stores I stop in to pick something up that I need, what I want is not in stock.  At least things are improving, but there are weird voids.  Why martini glasses?  Are there that many people who started drinking?  Out of glasses which at best are sketchy to drink out of when mowing the lawn.  Old Bay Seasoning?  Even in commercial sizes it is shy.

  35. The media if failing us …again.   No one is talking about Coney Barrett being a Charismatic  Catholic  a cult member of People of Praise.   I think this is a big part of her personality.  I do not want her on the bench of the Supreme Court.   I don’t want her on the federal bench at all.

  36. Hey Senator (that’s a joke) Ron Johnson   you sure are a loser. How much did you spend on this empty bucket?

  37. The NYtimes is saying the pick is Amy Cult Barrett.  A woman willing to totally submit to any man. Oy

  38. I think people should stop letting SFB drive the narrative.  It’s not a surprise thAt half the things the trump thugs plan to do. They can’t 
    And the ballots in Pa a total bullshit story. How about some fact checking before you run a story.   

  39. if D’ump fiddles with the mail-in ballots, as he seems to be threatening to do, won’t that have an impact on the downstream candidates?  GOPers are big on absentee balloting and throwing out such votes (unless they know which are R and which are D) may complicate matters for down ballot folks like state legislators and other officials.

    here’s an excerpt from atlantic story from june:

    Take Arizona, where polls show Trump trailing former Vice President Joe Biden after he carried the state narrowly in 2016. Republicans pioneered Arizona’s mail-in balloting system, which now accounts for about 80 percent of the state’s vote. “It’s been remarkably successful,” Chuck Coughlin, a longtime GOP operative and a onetime aide to the late Senator John McCain, told me. “There’s been minimal to no fraud for a long period of time.”

    Republicans say the same in Florida, the quadrennial swing state where voting by mail has become more and more popular in recent years, especially with older GOP voters. (One of the older GOP voters who uses the system is Trump himself.) “Yes, Florida Republicans over the last two decades have dominated absentees,” Joe Gruters, the state’s party chairman, told me.

  40. wapo:

    Ryan Godfrey, an elections official in Pennsylvania, notedthat the state’s process for issuing military ballots is different from that for other voters. Pennsylvania sends outwrite-in ballotswhich can be sent and returned before the slate of candidates is finalized. Given that the state’s presidential candidate slate wasn’tfinalized until the past weekand the ballots were received in Luzerne County on Monday, it’s probable that these write-in ballots were what was at issue.

    Here’s where things may get a bit ironic.

    Because these ballots were returned in envelopes similar to absentee ballot requests, elections officials opened them. If the ballots weren’t then enclosed in another envelope which shielded the actual vote being cast, they may have been considered “naked ballots,” a term used to describe mail ballots returned without the voter’s intent being protected.

    If that’s the case, which again isn’t clear, that meant that elections officials who were opening the envelopes to see what they contained may have had to discard the votes, given a recent ruling by the state’s Supreme Court.

    The Associated Press reported on that decision, writing that the court’s extension of the period in which ballots could be returned was a win for Democrats.

    “[I]n wins for Republicans,” the report continued, the court “rejected requests to let voters who aren’t disabled give their mail-in ballot to someone else to deliver; to require counties to let voters fix disqualifying problems with their mail-in ballots, such as not signing their return envelope; and to require counties to count mailed-in ballots that arrive without a secrecy envelope.”

    Emphasis added: Those are the naked ballots.


    What we have learned, in fact, isn’t that Democrats are trying to rig the election. It’s that the Trump administration — including the Justice Department — and the Trump campaign are willing to use sketchy allegations in an effort to undermine confidence in mail-in voting. That effort is itself part of an obvious move by the Trump campaign to delegitimize valid ballots out of concern that those ballots will tend to favor Trump’s opponent. That’s why rejecting “naked ballots” was a win for Trump’s team in the first place: it would probably lead to more votes for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden being thrown out in a pivotal swing state, precisely the outcome Trump’s party wanted.

    That effort may have yielded the party the additional benefit of 24 hours spent in the now-familiar pattern of slathering a murky incident involving mail-in ballots with insinuations about wrongdoing — insinuations which later prove to be unfounded.

  41. in the meantime a lot of folks around the country are now worrying about whether or not to vote by mail.

    more unrest and turmoil courtesy of putin’s puppet

  42. The ballot bruhaha in Penn. shows just how hard it is to commit voter fraud now a days. Unlike the pre civil rights south where Lyndon Johnson lost his first run for the Senate and then later won on his second attempt. Both elections turned on voter fraud
    Or up north with the political machines, Daily’s Chicago being one of the last. 
    Now it more the exception than it is the rule. 

  43. Besides his malignant positivity on his screwball ideas, trumpity is extremely negative! We have never heard him say anything positive or uplifting.

  44. tip, check to see if the forms are legit.   wouldn’t put it past D’umpsterville to be playing dirty tricks.  also check if postage stamp looks like this:

       Image result for russian postage putin on stamp

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