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  1. My Statement on the Passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    Barack Obama

    Sixty years ago, Ruth Bader Ginsburg applied to be a Supreme Court clerk. She’d studied at two of our finest law schools and had ringing recommendations. But because she was a woman, she was rejected. Ten years later, she sent her first brief to the Supreme Court — which led it to strike down a state law based on gender discrimination for the first time. And then, for nearly three decades, as the second woman ever to sit on the highest court in the land, she was a warrior for gender equality — someone who believed that equal justice under law only had meaning if it applied to every single American.
    Over a long career on both sides of the bench — as a relentless litigator and an incisive jurist — Justice Ginsburg helped us see that discrimination on the basis of sex isn’t about an abstract ideal of equality; that it doesn’t only harm women; that it has real consequences for all of us. It’s about who we are — and who we can be.
    Justice Ginsburg inspired the generations who followed her, from the tiniest trick-or-treaters to law students burning the midnight oil to the most powerful leaders in the land. Michelle and I admired her greatly, we’re profoundly thankful for the legacy she left this country, and we offer our gratitude and our condolences to her children and grandchildren tonight.
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg fought to the end, through her cancer, with unwavering faith in our democracy and its ideals. That’s how we remember her. But she also left instructions for how she wanted her legacy to be honored.
    Four and a half years ago, when Republicans refused to hold a hearing or an up-or-down vote on Merrick Garland, they invented the principle that the Senate shouldn’t fill an open seat on the Supreme Court before a new president was sworn in.
    A basic principle of the law — and of everyday fairness — is that we apply rules with consistency, and not based on what’s convenient or advantageous in the moment. The rule of law, the legitimacy of our courts, the fundamental workings of our democracy all depend on that basic principle. As votes are already being cast in this election, Republican Senators are now called to apply that standard. The questions before the Court now and in the coming years — with decisions that will determine whether or not our economy is fair, our society is just, women are treated equally, our planet survives, and our democracy endures — are too consequential to future generations for courts to be filled through anything less than an unimpeachable process.

  2. If you haven’t seen “On The Basis if Sex.”, please do so.  
    Wouldn’t it be nice if anyone tRUMP has the poor taste to nominate refused to accept out of respect for RBG (and fairness, based on the 2016 McConnell rule)? They will forever be tainted if they accept.

  3. Mourners gathered outside the Supreme Court after news of the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday.

    Credit…Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA, via Shutterstock

  4. NYTimes:

    In 2016 and 2018, many analysts concluded that Supreme Court politics helped Republicans by helping to energize or consolidate conservative voters.
    True or not, it certainly wasn’t obvious ahead of time which side would benefit from a court vacancy, and the same can be said today, in the aftermath of the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. There’s no way to know exactly what will unfold, but a closer look at recent polls, including new New York Times/Siena College surveys, does provide reason to think that Joseph R. Biden Jr. might have as much — or more — upside on the issue than President Trump.
    What voters say on picking the next judge
    In Times/Siena polls of Maine, North Carolina and Arizona released Friday, voters preferred Mr. Biden to select the next Supreme Court justice by 12 percentage points, 53 percent to 41 percent. In each of the three states, Mr. Biden led by just a slightly wider margin on choosing the next justice than he did over all.
    Similarly, a Fox News poll last week found that voters nationwide trusted Mr. Biden over Mr. Trump — by seven points — to nominate the next Supreme Court justice. Here again, Mr. Biden led by a slightly wider margin on this issue than he led Mr. Trump.
    A closer look at the results suggests there might be some upside for Mr. Biden among persuadable and low-turnout voters. Voters who either weren’t backing a major-party candidate or who said they could still change their mind said they thought Mr. Biden would be better at choosing the next justice by an 18-point margin, 49 percent to 31 percent. And voters who said they weren’t “almost certain” or “very likely” to vote said they thought the same by an even larger 52-23 margin.
    Of course, there’s no guarantee that Mr. Biden will retain a lead on the issue. Perhaps Mr. Trump’s standing on the issue will benefit if he rolls out a popular nominee. But another divisive fight over the Supreme Court might also prove to be the kind of exhausting, partisan conflict that leaves many voters seeking a more bipartisan approach to politics. That might be good news for Mr. Biden, who enjoys a commanding lead on which candidate would do a better job of unifying America.


  5. isn’t it because there is currently a white president instead of a president of color the real REAL reason why mitch is taking a different stance on scotus nominations during this election year?


  6. Well, what has now become obvious is that while one side has been playing 3 dimensional chess, the others side is in a  checkers game. The religious right has been playing the long game and now they have won. 

  7. 	 Ginsburg's death is earth-shattering Trump will replace her. But don't despair. We have a fight on our hands, and no time for losing hope.

    The big question on seating a new justice is, When will they do it? Do they move before the election as senators like Ted Cruz of Texas and Rick Scott of Florida are calling for? Or do they do it in the lame-duck session, even if Joe Biden wins the election? There’s indication McConnell might not have the votes to do it before the election. Several GOP senators have said publicly in the recent past — or told colleagues — that they wouldn’t want to confirm a Supreme Court justice this close to the election, or even before a new president is sworn in. Those include Mitt Romney of Utah, Susan Collins of Maine, Liza Murkowski of Alaska and even Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

  8. OK, mechanics.  In January, the dealership did a tube-up, but just cleaned the battery cables.  Now, after about in 1,000 miles, it starts heavy sometimes, but sometimes it feels like it has enough energy to power a rocket.  Corroded cables would mean a leaking battery, right?  Not sure about the extra energy.

  9. Hillary Clinton Mourns RBG’s Passing, Implores Dems to ‘Not Give an Inch’ as McConnell Tries to Replace Her: It Would Be the ‘Greatest Travesty’

    Hillary Clinton delivered a solemn tribute Friday night following the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and implored Democrats to do everything in their power to prevent Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) from pushing through her replacement.
    Appearing on The Rachel Maddow Show by phone, the former Secretary of State cited the late Justice as a massive influence on her as a female trailblazer in the legal world.
    “I’m devastated by this Rachel,” Clinton said. “Just losing her is such a massive hole in my young adulthood, my becoming a lawyer, both practicing and teaching law, looking up to her, and following her career. But much more than that, it is such a devastating loss for justice and equality.”

  10. BiD
    First go  down to your local autozone/Oreillys /or other Auto parts store. all of them anymore will test your battery for free. If it is a bad battery then many will not only sell you a new battery but install it for you.
    Yes corrosion is usually a sign of a leaky battery, as all modern batteries are sealed that usually means a bad cell is overheating and pushing out the acid. 
    But the auto parts store can tell you if it is a battery problem.

  11. Having the battery checked out right now.  It did the crazy, rocket thing this morning.  The hazard lights blinked. I turned it off and the alarm sounded.  Clicked the alarm button to turn it off and it restarted fine.  Wish I lived in a walkable/bikeable city. 

  12. O man…..John Dean agrees
     @JoeBiden must announce that if the GOP rushes to pack the Court, the Dems will expand the SCOTUS to 11 justices, and expand the lower federal courts by 70 to 100 new judgeships, which have long been needed. In short, he will depoliticize the federal judiciary!

  13. Oh, I always wanted to live in NYC.  Easy to get around.  I drive very little, and I used to take rideshare for longer distances.    Everything is so spread out here; six miles to get groceries and that’s the farthest distance I drive.   
    Getting a new battery now.  Apparently, when it’s low it can reset the alarm.

  14. Go ahead and hold a vote, Mitch- you either dampen conservative enthusiasm with a confirmation or compromise vulnerable incumbents by making them take a controversial vote right before people walk into the polls.  

  15. Or in full
    “If the law supposes that,” said Mr. Bumble, squeezing his hat emphatically in both hands, “the law is a ass — a idiot. If that’s the eye of the lawthe law is a bachelor; and the worst I wish the law is, that his eye may be opened by experience — by experience.”

  16. Ok, rest easy, Mitch is bluffing, they need that seat vacant to drive voter turnout because GOP never wins another election without Roe to try and overturn.

  17. Joe doesn’t actually need to make the threat to pack the courts, either.  Don’t give ‘em a sound bite to use with voters who don’t understand it. 
    The GOP knows and we know they know and they know we know they know…

  18. Great pic, Sturg.
    Hey Confucius…  the times are interesting enough….  please don’t wish for anything more!

  19. Several years ago I went to Amazon in search of statuettes of President Lincoln and Justice Ginsburg. I found exactly what I was looking for–Mr Lincoln as if he was striking a pose for Matthew Brady, and Ms Ginsburg poised to stride down the hall from her chambers.
    As soon as they arrived I gently removed them from their shipping container and placed them on their planned locations on either side atop the Cuisinart coffee maker. There they stand today. God Bless America

  20. Great pic Sturg.
    you captured her perfectly actually  both of them
    I think there are enough goopers to stop Moscow Mitch and Dotard Don.
    Grassley Markowski and Mittens. Rug buyer Graham is stupid with all the quotes on record. I guess he is tired of being in the senate

  21. picture this:  D’ump nominates an african-american woman who is also anti-abortion.  how will joe respond given his promise in march to appoint the first black woman to the court and given his faith?

  22. That’s a hypothetical not worth the time discussing.  Trump isn’t going to appoint a black woman. He’s already put out a list.  He’s going to try to put on TomCotton. A closet member of the K K K

  23. Cotton isn’t that far in; his white hood is visible to the world. 
    As tRUMP uses the SCOTUS fight to distract from his killing of Americans by mishandling/lying about COVID, legal cases against him and his family are being compiled.  
    Jan 20, 2021 is the day SFB is booted from office and arrested as the chopper lands.    

  24. If the Republicans want to save their party name (although the brand means racism, cronyism, false religiousness, so why would they?), they must stand against tRUMP on filling RBG’s place.   

  25. Sen Marco Rubio 2016: “I don’t think we should be moving forward on a nominee in the last year of this president’s term. I would say that if it were a Republican president.”

    Lindsey Graham in March 2016: “I want you to use my words against me. If there’s a Republican president in 2016 and a vacancy occurs in the last year of the first term, you can say, ‘Lindsey Graham said let’s let the next president, whoever it might be, make that nomination.'”

  26. “if the goops go forward they are proving again they lack integrity”, again.
    There KGC fixed that for you

  27. I told you Graham would slime on out.  He’s pure slime and not about to ever be anything but slime and bilge-sludge.
    Rotten little pustule.

  28. Dems will be able to impeach and remove the alcoholic gambling addict, who sexually assaulted a young woman while in high school.

    They might also be able to rescind the ratification of trump’s appointment. 

  29. TomTillis another loser gooper has decided he is going down with S F B.   Maybe they will get a tshirt.”  I ‘m with Putin”

  30. Rick Scott calls for Trump Supreme Court nominee to get Senate vote

    Florida Sen. Rick Scott said it would be “irresponsible” for the U.S. Senate to allow an “extended vacancy” on the Supreme Court so President Trump’s nominee to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg should get a vote, despite the looming election.

    Scott, a Republican, released his views in a tweet hours after Ginsburg died Friday night at age 87 of complications from pancreatic cancer.

    In another tweet, Scott wrote, “Ann and I send our thoughts and prayers to the family of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg during this time. She was a trailblazer with a distinguished record of service to her country.”

    Florida’s other Republican senator, Marco Rubio, did not reveal his position about holding a vote in a statement released at about the same time.

  31. Now poor frightened little Lindsay says he is entitle to be a flip flopper because Dems were so mean to the rapist  no not from Mexico 

  32. Anita Hill, at 64, is too old. We’ll want someone who is going to grace the court until gorsuch, 53, is dead.

    And, I still believe Anita Hill !

  33. You go, John Dean!!! Fight ignorance & greed with fire.
    “On The Basis of Sex” I just watched the trailer and remember well the credit card in your husband’s name thing. I balked at that at the time and used my own!
    I believe the woman in the hat was Bella Abzug. Women belong in the house…and the senate.

  34. The video shows the Pillsbury Doughboy Look-Alike sodomizing a baby, then eating it.
    It’d be okay with the ‘disgusting people’, who ‘believe that bullshit,*’ except that the baby was MALE and WHITE.
    *he meant people who believe The Bible, Acts, Epistles, The Nicaean Creed, etc.

  35. Brooklyn native Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery, the Supreme Court said Friday. The announcement said that the burial will be private. No details about a public funeral or memorial service have yet been announced.
    All over online.

  36. Jamie, I don’t have to look at that list of supreme court likelies to know that each one is more disgusting and despicable than the next.  

    BTW Roe is much more important than its choice holding. It’s about privacy. I may not be able to conceive but like everyone I do have parts of my life I’d rather D’ump not be able to look into without my consent. 

    Meanwhile, I’ll just sit on the back porch drink a beer and listen to Gregg Allman saying will the Circle be unbroken. And as the sun goes down I’m gonna smile.

  37. So, today, while wearing two stacked masks, i recklessly went into an enclosed space occupied by 25 other people, none of whom were wearing masks but were in close proximity to each other, for 90 seconds.
    So, maybe i’ll give RBG your regards😭

  38. I knew this day with RBG being gone was coming. We were warned in 2016 the court was on the line. To those who did not vote for HRC what a burden to carry. Hopefully, we can right the ship by electing Biden/Harris and a Democratic-controlled Senate. Ah, but the damage that has been done is irreversible.

  39. Rick and I just had Chinese food takeout…   haven’t had Chinese food since February.  The first thing I ate was a crab Rangoon…  it was the goddamn best Rangoon I’ve ever ate!

  40. Renee
    Good, you got to enjoy some normalcy! I’ve only had takeout pizza myself. Longing to go to The Garlic or Norwoods. Its been so long. I’m hanging for the good old days. :0)

  41. Joe does what he can by being Joe.  The same for Kamala.  The rest is up to surrogates to get out the vote.  
    There are two, polling places to early vote here; they’re within one block of each other.  

  42. Many suburban women in Michigan have message for Trump: We want security, not chaos

    Aditi Bagchi is a dentist, lives in the Detroit suburbs and is worried about her children’s safety. 
    No, she’s not afraid of low-income housing in her Northville neighborhood. Or protesters breaking windows and clashing with police down the street. 
    The Michigan native and daughter of Indian immigrants is scared about the underlying message inherent in these themes — championed by President Donald Trump and his supporters — and their real impact on the safety of her family. 
    “I feel that in the last four years, the current administration’s rhetoric has begun to normalize racism in a way that hadn’t felt so mainstream in my…life before he became president,” said Bagchi, 41.  
    “It’s worrisome for me. I have a 13-year-old son. I worry about his safety, and it wasn’t necessarily something that I worried about too much before then. We’re not Black, so obviously I know that we’re not targeted in that way. But still, having a son who is a brown child, I worry for him.”

  43. Well Biden missed a great opportunity to go high and beat the Republicans over the head with it.
    When ask about the supreme court he should have said “now is not the time, today is a day to mourn and share memories of the wonderful person we have lost. There will be plenty of time later to join battle and we will, just not today.”
    Given Mitch and the mitchett’s ham handed methods and now what Trump is doing at his rally….

  44. Ah yes, we also did Chinese takeout last night. After 6 or so months it tasted wonderful.  
    So I spent a couple hours on the new lawn tractor (old one has a cracked frame that someone who REALLY knows how to weld will have to address).  New one is a zero turn, and compared to a traditional tractor, there’s a steep learning curve – for the first half hour I looked a bit like the proverbial drunken sailor, on a lawn tractor.  After that, I looked like just a rank amateur.

  45. POGO
    LOl, I tried last weekend at Ashley’s to mow her lawn with a rider. No fucking way. I went and bought her a self-propelled Mower. I finished the job. Now she can return that not so lovely rider to the friend who lent it to her :0)

  46. pogo, hope you don’t have a hilly lawn cause  those zero turns are dangerous when it comes to slopes.  please take care and re-read the directions before every use. 

  47. There are three Republicans with moral courage.  who will be the 4th?
    Grassley Markowski and Mittens

  48. Pogo
    Much the same when I first used a zero turn.   but you will be whipping and turning with the best of them. What brand and how big?

  49. Jack, Husqvarna.  23 HP Kawasaki, 54” cut.  It’s got a fabricated deck, which is a Quantum leap above the stamped deck on the tractor.  After a couple hours I was much better, had graduated from drunken sailor to buzzed incompetent.

    Pats, no, not hilly – one small slope – (30’ x 5’) – and this one handles it very comfortably.

  50. Ms 21,
    The dough boy reference is to snotter linseed graham. I think the doughboy & linseed were twins separated at birth, not even half-baked wads of white flour and tasteless water. I can’t figure out what any self-respecting guy could possibly see in either of them. 

  51. If we all vote, we can hold trump to 217 Electoral College ballots.
    If we give contributions, staff phone banks, do lit drops, tell the grand kids that there’ll be no Christmas presents unless trump is elected, and vote ourselves, we might even hold trump to 124 Electoral College ballots. 

  52. xr, main activity is getting everyone to the polls to vote. rides, buses, helpful escorts and interpreters,  directions to revamped precincts/polling places because of COVID.   wish biden campaign would shift some of the money being spent on duplicate mailings to me would go to setting up needed transportation and actually getting souls to the polls.

  53. in other news that’s apt to help in the climate change effort.

    the guardian:

    This week’s event will be livestreamed around the world, with investor hype over what the company is teasing as its “battery day” reaching Steve Jobs/iPhone levels of fever pitch.

    Tesla has already achieved astonishing things, almost singlehandedly spurring the car industry towards its electric future while growing its own revenues from $100m in 2010 to $24.6bn in 2019. Now investors hope that chief executive Elon Musk will be revealing a technological leap relating to battery power on Tuesday to put it further ahead of its rivals.

    The lead Tesla has is significant already. Analysts at Moody’s, the influential credit rating agency, judge that Tesla and China’s Beijing Automotive will be ahead of other major carmakers in zero-emissions car production until at least 2023.

    Patrick Hummel, an analyst at investment bank UBS, said he was expecting news of a battery containing so-called dry electrodes. These would be produced with a simplified manufacturing process that does not require energy-intensive drying before the electrodes are fitted in batteries. The rewards for developing that technology are potentially enormous for an electric carmarker, removing some of the obstacles to breaking the stranglehold of fossil fuels. Dry electrodes are expected to deliver gains in energy density of as much as 50%, and they could be cheaper to make too. They could also allow Musk to achieve his professed aim of eradicating ethically questionable cobalt from Tesla’s batteries.

  54. Ms Pat,
    Our co-op (130 or so old geezers) owns a bus. Our polling place (for Nov 3) is in a church about a block away. The business community also pays for a ‘circulator’ bus that takes citizens from all our many apartment buildings, condos, co-ops, houses to the stores and churches. Problems solved. GOTV phoning is the big job in this town.

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