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  1. Although I did not watch the debacle on ABC last night, I have seen quite a few tweets, posts and newspaper articles to understand that SFB was presented with real people, and lost.  The episode fits into the problem of putting people with severe mental issues into places outside of their safe zone.  They can get lost.  In the case of the orange rind he just went deeper into his own, alternate, universe.
    Prediction: the campaign to keep SFB in the WH is going to use the Scientific American endorsement as “proof” of the mysterious effort to destroy him.  Of course it is not mysterious to normal thinking humans, we do not want him contaminating our real universe anymore.  Pack him into the special room with lots of cement walls, prison, for the rest of his life.

  2. best part of trevor last night is his bit on faux friends.  here’s an excerpt from NYTimes “best of late night” on it:

    President Trump called into “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday and said he planned to call into the program regularly in the final weeks of the campaign. Steve Doocy, a co-host, told the president that Fox News had not agreed to giving him a weekly platform on the morning show.
    “You may want to do it every week, but Fox is not committed to that,” Doocy said at the end of the 47-minute call. “We’ll take it on a case-by-case basis. And Joe Biden, as well, is always welcome to join us for 47 minutes, like we just did with the president.”

    Scientists discover signs of life on Venus, this year’s hurricanes blow through the alphabet, Trump finds a quick fix for climate change, and Steve Doocy Fox-and-Friend-zones the president on air.

  3. the guardian also has this and more on the scientific american announcement:

    In a piece published in October’s edition, the editorial board writes:

    The most devastating example is his dishonest and inept response to the Covid-19 pandemic, which cost more than 190,000 Americans their lives by the middle of September. He has also attacked environmental protections, medical care, and the researchers and public science agencies that help this country prepare for its greatest challenges.

    They criticise Trump, saying: “At every stage, Trump has rejected the unmistakable lesson that controlling the disease, not downplaying it, is the path to economic reopening and recovery,” and refer to the recent revelation from interview tapes published by the veteran journalist Bob Woodward that Trump was stating in public “this is like a flu​” while saying in private that it was “lethal and highly transmissible”.
    They go on to say the president “repeatedly lied to the public about the deadly threat of the disease”, and that while supporting the wearing of masks – a strategy they say would hurt no one – could have saved thousands of lives in the US. Instead “Trump and his vice-president flouted local mask rules, making it a point not to wear masks themselves in public appearances”.

  4. What is Scientific American getting all upset about?  It’s only the fate of the globe.  Venus isn’t that far away now that life has been found.  

  5. Life on Venus?
    Was discussing this with my niece yesterday and I came up with a swt( swinging wild ass theory)
    Could this be an attempt by Gaia to colonize Venus or any where else for that matter. Earth has been overcrowded with life for 4 billion years, over those years  Earth has to be shedding viruses and bacteria spores creating a cloud of potential colonizers. It just takes one to reach Venus. So Venus may be a hell hole now, in another billion years….

  6. Ya know Sally reminds me of a girlfriend I had back in my hard drinking days. Just couldn’t her to go home and let me suffer my morning in silence.  She was a hard partier.
    Sally just keeps hanging around, must like those gulf shores dive bars.

  7. https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/15/politics/turning-point-usa-twitter-facebook/index.html
    Whelp, it’s a start, I guess.  (Did this happen because of today’s social media blackout, which has been in the works for awhile?
    Maybe widespread, social media should be avoided until after the election by anyone on the fence.  Is anyone still on the fence?   You either want to live under the thumb of a fascist regime or you want to save American democracy.  
    When science has to pick a side so folks get the point, well, the public school system has failed in both science and civics.  

  8. Had a dream about SFB last night.  He didn’t want Ruffles, he wanted plain potato chips.  I told him we could get those, but instead I left a big, chunk of cheddar cheese for him on a TV stand.  

  9. The press is desperate for a horse race Thumbs on the scale

    “MINNESOTA: Some See an Edge for Trump,” read one headline. The Times interviewed just two people for the article and both thought Biden was facing trouble in Minnesota. Trump “looks stronger politically in the state than he did in 2016,” and Biden was “hardly a lock to carry the state,” the Times reported, even though the daily just found Biden’s lead to be nine points, seven weeks from Election Day.
    Looking at Michigan, the Times marveled at how the crowds for Trump were so much larger than Biden’s, even though Biden has led in 29 of the last 30 Michigan polls taken this year. And in Florida, the Times stressed that Biden “has been slipping among Hispanic voters,” but made no mention of Biden’s historic advantage with seniors.

  10. Actually, the globe hasn’t been all that crowded for ages.  We only hit one billion about 1800 and stayed there for a long, long time and then human beings developed vaccines and the next billion came only 100 years later, in 1927. And after that, the rate of growth accelerated, 3 billion in 1959, 4 billion 1974, 5 billion 1987, 6 billion 1999, and now 7 billion on our way to 10 billion in 30 years.  

    Mother Nature is starting to fight back and it could get very, very ugly.  

  11. Favorite tweet of the morning.  This picture with

    Question:  “What Do You Call This?”

    Answer:  “So White and the Seven Dorks”



  12. Sturgeone

    Yes.  Wars and disease used to balance out birthrate.  Famine and death bumped off about 50% of the global population in the 1300s.  Helped to create the middle class as the Barons/Serfs balance started to favor the serfs who could now charge for their labor.  Now thanks to AI and robotics, there are fewer and fewer jobs with more and more people.



  13. tony, the bright side of that kind of horserace reporting is that dems, being told joe might have a problem rather than joe’s going to win (like was said about hillary in 2016), won’t just sit back and let someone else stand in long lines to vote at the polls.
     they’ll see it’s important for every vote to be cast.
    landslide necessary now with all the talk of D’ump inviting violence if he loses.

  14. Trump thinks Biden should have implemented a mask mandate -- though he's not president He also believes "herd mentality" will cure coronavirus.

    Donald Trump last night showed that he’s a disaster in the town hall format — especially when there’s social distancing and mask-wearing. Joe Biden, on the other hand, has shown during the primaries that this is a great format for him, and he’s doing one Thursday night on CNN.
    But the ABC Town Hall with Trump, moderated by George Stephanopoulos, was Trump’s worst nightmare: Sitting like a child in a high chair, speaking on a stage with like 10 people in the audience in masks. It’s his worst nightmare.
    But it’s what life is like outside the Fox News bubble.

  15. in case you haven’t seen enough political ads, here’s the latest that’s running in KY for amy

  16. Jack…  thanks for that article.  I’ll definitely show it to Rick.   Here in NH, we’re lucky…  we have a volunteerism mentality.  Consequently…  there’s many volunteer trail workers.  For the most part, our hiking trails are in very good condition.
    Good for Scientific American!

  17. Jamie
    How human centric of you.
    From Gaia’s point of view a self replicating molecule is a self replicating molecule, be that molecule human or a corona virus. 
    She just doesn’t care after all this globe will still be full of life long after we are extinct.

  18. Pogo – during the last few days the commentators on the ad-free channel have been talking about the new and young riders and how they differ from the current riders and the riders from the 80’s to 10’s.  They bring pro experience, different training and bodies. 

  19. How am i supposed to have any respect for someone who votes for trump in 2020?  They’re either brain-dead or evil.
    (this thought prompted by trump’s moronic answers in that ABC town-hall)

  20. Also, it bears repeating:
    Irresponsible (and/or outright selfish) behavior by right-wing “Pro-Life” Americans is fueling a pandemic that is killing good people by the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS.
    i’ll be employing emphatic fonts for the word “millions” by next March.

  21. People who can talk themselves into believing in a big hairy guy in the sky can talk themselves into worshipping trump as the immaculately conceived son of big hairy guy in the sky.

  22. The U.S. can’t even deliver mail promptly, now.  i’m supposed to believe trumpco can distribute billions of doses of vaccines quickly and efficiently?  Yeah, right.

  23. Damn, sorry, xrep- here i am raging when we could have had a nice little back-and-forth, there.   Sorry.   
    Pardon me, am done; deep breaths…

  24. Jack

    I just think the original billion is fine.  Lots of room for all the other species we are currently killing off at an ever increasing rate while poisoning the ocean populations with pollution and over fishing to feed the current hoard.

    Of course when I was born it was about 2 billion and Jacque Cousteau could dive in pristine waters.  Nice pretty pictures that now don’t exist anywhere on earth thanks to the microplastics.  


  25. Interesting. Jared is cancelling TV interviews today that were supposed to focus on his middle east peace “victory”. Obviously doesn’t want to deal with predictable questions about last night’s Trump town hall fiasco. 

  26. Ha, all of a sudden she is shy about Joe Biden. 

    Q: Does the president have any evidence to back up his suggestions that Joe Biden is a pedophile or taking drugs without such evidence? 

    MCENANY: I have to refer you to the campaign. I’m not here to talk about Joe Biden.

  27. New Senate polls from Quinnipiac: 

    MAINE: Gideon (D) 54%, Collins (R) 42

    SOUTH CAROLINA: Graham (R) 48%, Harrison 48% (D)

    KENTUCKY: McConnell 53% (R) McGrath 41% (D)

  28. Trump projects his emotions onto others, so if he accuses someone of something, it’s because he himself is guilty of it.
    He doesn’t have the awareness for genuine, targeted criticism of anything of import.

  29. It looks like we are going to run out of hurricane names this year.  

    2005 was the last time the Atlantic ran out of named storms. “The 2005 Atlantic hurricane season was the most active on record,” according to the World Meteorological Organization. “Twenty-seven named tropical storms formed, breaking the old record of 21 set back in 1933.”

    If we run out of standard 26 letters it goes to Greek alphabet.  To break the old record we need to get to BETA.


  30. Bringing up the fact that Biden affectionately kissed a girl on the top of her head with her parents standing there could bring up that pesky 13 year old who accused Trump of rape, not to mention all his quotes about dating teenagers.  

  31. jared, cancelling interviews?

    after his imitation of a kellyanne hundred-words-a-minute nonanswers to judy woodward on PBS last night someone brought out the hook on any more of his poor performances.

    he looked downright stupid with that silly vapid smile aka sh*t eating grin.

    plus D’ump doesn’t like to share spotlight when it comes to “victory” laps.

  32. BB, yep, they’ve talked about that on NBCSports as well.  Younger riders have advantages in training development the older (what 26- 35 year olds?) didn’t have.  They are younger, fitter and seem to be better riders at their young ages than the big names were in their youth.  I can’t say for sure.  Still, fun days on the tour.  So today the top 3 GC riders were 2-1-3 at the finish?  Guess that tells us something. no?
    Funny peace in the middle east wouldn’t ya say?  I thought peace treaties were supposed to stop war.  Dumb as shit not to pursue Palestinian participation, but then again, that would be very hard and require concessions by Israel.


    The DC Soap Opera continues in another fashion.  Last year First Lady was in a fight at the end of a season and was driven off the nest in the Arboretum.  Since eagles mate for life, we had hopes she would return this year since there was no evidence of her being severely injured.  Mr. P has arrived and has started nestorations, but his lady love hasn’t put in an appearance.  If she delays too much longer, the younger girls will be putting in bids for his attention

  34. patD – JarJar  r-u-n-o-f-t at the mouth like his paw-paw-in-law.   That is a gruesome family.  
    As we devolve…Adams/Munsters/Mansons/tRUMPs

  35. Forced sterilizations and majority of Covid-19 are brown and black.  Handy dandy means to cut down on the populations Trump dislikes.

    Suppress the Vote:  Kill the voters


  36. I got a call from my buddy in Fairhope, AL this afternoon.  He and his wife had a couple of ancient oak trees break off pretty far up the trunk but their house was unscathed.  They have no power and don’t know when that will return, but he’s got a generator (but no gas).  He found out that you really can’t siphon gas from modern cars, and there’s no gas to be had locally.  I’m betting that if the power doesn’t come back quickly he and his wife and dog will toodle up to Birmingham where his kids live – you know, to visit the grand kids. 

  37. The hardest thing to accept in these dark times is that the greedy old perverts will do anything to make sure they stay in power.  Cheat, every single day.  Lie, every single second of every single day. Destroy America, absolutely.  There is nothing they will not do to create a dictatorship, even if the dictator is howling at the moon mad.  It is the other part which bothers me, the Dems try to play legal along with a media trying to make the Dems losers compared to the rnc.
    It has been a long and headache type day.

  38. Pogo – i know it is difficult for the older generations to think that the young whippersnappers might be better.  My thinking is this is good.  Racing will be better for it.  I have this odd thought that their morals are different too. Unless a doping scandel happens soon, I think the new riders are cleaner and look at the drug era the way baseball players see the MLB eighties and nineties as old school. 
    If Armstrong took drugs, so did his competition so it became zero sum. There is nothing to suggest that Armstrong took speed, so his work on the  mountains was probably almost real.  I do wish he had not done the dope because whatever athletic works he did are not recognized.

  39. Plates continue to spin.  WH says Town Hall was a set up. Box of rocks says Redfield in the hearing today doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
    Craig, good news from Carville.

  40. Spectrum keeps going OUT.  Takes out internet and WiFi.  And they want to be my mobile carrier, too?  I don’t think so.  Can you imagine?  Then I’d have NO connectivity. They’re nutz. NO!
    Dallas is carved up by the big monopolies so there’s just no choice.

  41. “Forced sterilizations and majority of Covid-19 are brown and black.  Handy dandy means to cut down on the populations Trump dislikes.  Suppress the Vote:  Kill the voters”

    jamie, exactly.  bet there’s been discussion at the family table along those lines.  pro-life, hell, it’s pro-death.

    and it’s beginning to look less like negligent homicide and more like 2nd degree and even pre-meditated murder.  

  42. Everyone needs to speak out, not just Redfield…about anything and everything.
    Swamp tRUMP’s dingy like the doomed flotillas on Texas lakes last week.  

  43. Good on Dr. Redfield! 
    I agree with you earlier. We don’t want a repeat of Hillary and 2016 where it was just assumed she would win. Many stayed home. We need to look at this election like were 20 points behind. 

  44. BiD – when the infection rate is at about 1%. While COVID-19 may be special to us, it’s just a virus, deadly, but a virus. Fauci has given us that answer. Do it too quickly and you get another set of infections and dead Dead 💀 people. Masks are easy. They work. Get a widely distributed effective vaccine and masks will be gone. 

  45. pogo – I’m just feeling like we’ll never get there, tonight.   And then, something else will pop up and there we go, again.   

  46. BiD. If you wake up January 20, 2021 and the orange asshat is on his way to be sworn in for a second term you could be right. If you wake up and he’s watching joe Biden take the oath, there’s hope. It’s that simple. 

  47. trump said that getting more people sick with corona virus is the key to getting past this. Of course, that also means getting more people killed by the corona virus. 
    So, the trump policy is to kill as many Americans as possible before a C19 vaccine becomes available.
    This is what passes for ‘pro-life’ in the republican party.

  48. i’ll be sad when i run out of episodes of this show- here’s the entire series if you didnae have NF, shhhh

  49. 201, 348.  If enough of you die fast enough, his plague will miraculously disappear.
    “Like Magic,” to quote the Grand Imperial Wizard, himself.

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