Sunday Serendipity

I’ll keep it brief, another of those marvelous young women pianist that the world keeps developing surrounded by good musicians and of course playing Beethoven

Enjoy, Jack


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  1. thanks, jack.  

    love the selection. pianist marvelous indeed.  really like the gown, classily understated and lends itself to accommodating an active performer.

  2. I like a bit of Beethoven Sunday mornings. 
    Watching the beginning of today’s stage of the Tour de France makes me sad for what we are living as a country.  Although the crowds are a little thinner than previous years, the people are almost all wearing their masks.  They are not sheep or cult members, they are citizens of all countries, except for these United States, coming to cheer on a physically demanding race.  We are not allowed there due to a criminal in the White House and his cult.

  3. Lasheras is a great pianist and the “Emperor” has one of Beethoven’s best melody lines.  By the time it was written, he was completely deaf.  The magnificent music that must have lived in his head to be able to do that is amazing.  

    Thank you Jack.


  4. Nice, Jack. Nice music, but for you I’m pulling for the return of muscle tone to your anal sphincter. 

    Unfortunately Sergio Higuita, Columbia’s National Champion withdrawn from the Tour after two crashes today. He was ranked 16th and was a top climber for his team. Big loss going into mountain stages. 

  5. the guardian:

    The former New York mayor and candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination Mike Bloomberg will spend at least $100m to support Joe Biden in Florida, in an attempt to counter any infusion of personal cash by Donald Trump.
    “Voting starts on 24 September in Florida so the need to inject real capital in that state quickly is an urgent need,” Bloomberg adviser Kevin Sheekey told the Washington Post.
    “Mike believes that by investing in Florida it will allow campaign resources and other Democratic resources to be used in other states, in particular Pennsylvania.”
    Bloomberg aims to encourage early voting, to counter Trump’s unsubstantiated claims that such voting is vulnerable to fraud and fears that the president may use any uncertainty over the result on election day to attempt to hold on to power.
    Hawkfish, a technology firm funded by Bloomberg, caused a splash earlier this month when it detailed what it called a “red mirage”, meaning an apparent win for Trump on election day that would disappear when all votes were counted, after delays likely to be exacerbated by coronavirus precautions.
    “We are sounding an alarm and saying that this is a very real possibility, that the data is going to show on election night an incredible victory for Donald Trump,” Hawkfish chief executive Josh Mendelsohn told Axios on HBO.
    “When every legitimate vote is tallied and we get to that final day, which will be some day after election day, it will in fact show that what happened on election night was exactly that, a mirage. It looked like Donald Trump was in the lead and he fundamentally was not when every ballot gets counted.”
    Bloomberg adviser Howard Wolfson told the Post heavy early voting for Biden in Florida “would give lie to what we expect to be Trump’s election night messaging that Democrats are stealing the election, because unlike other battleground states, Florida counts its absentee ballots on or by election day. We think Florida is incredibly close but winnable.”

  6. My best friend is not bowling this year. They allowed bowling alleys in Michigan to open for league bowling. But, they are not allowed to have “open bowling”. One of his friends who is bowling in a Wednesday night league said that their league has 15 teams this year. 5 men on a team. The bowling alley has all 15 teams bowling just like normal. All together. No spacing of lanes between the teams. Plus, they are also allowing “open bowling” as well while the league bowling is going on. He said that maybe 10% of the guys in the bowling league are wearing masks.

  7. Bloomberg Florida plan shows he’s figured out Trump can’t win without Florida. Job number one is to get Cuban support up to at least what Hillary had, shake loose this ridiculous socialism tag which is hurting Biden, compare Trump to Latin American dictators. He’s the one more like Castro. 

  8. d trump = f castro

    Put him in a green suit & grow a beard on him. People kept in steel cages = people kept in steel drawers.

  9. Jack…  what an elegant woman…  thanks!
    It’s football Sunday!  No politics today (for me)….     YES!

  10. It’s good to have a rich uncle.  I like Mike!
    In addition to getting out the Cuban-American vote, make sure seniors know that it’s tRUMP’s crony, duhJoy, who is responsible for their RX meds not arriving in the mail, and, that Donny is hell-bent on killing Social Security.  
    Remind seniors, too, that tRUMP thinks veterans are suckers.  And, some of them who fought the Nazis are still around; SFB is turning America into 1930s Germany. Many of them remember the Cold War; tRUMP is a Russian asset.
    Many displaced citizens from Puerto Rico are still in Florida; get out that vote, too.
    Mike has a lot of angles to work.  
    I’m worried about all of the folks displaced by fires.  What’s being done to make sure they still have an address and can vote?

  11. NBC news:

    A Hispanic-led group of political and creative professionals on Tuesday launched a progressive super PAC to fund a campaign that envisions a 46th president who isn’t Trump and targets multicultural millennials and Generation Z youth.
    Named “It’s Time for 46,” their committee plans a digital and outdoor campaign that portrays the election as one that cancels out the 45th president — Trump — and looks forward to a new, different president with its theme, “It’s time for 46” or, in Spanish, “Es la hora del 46.” The next president will be the 46th president elected in the U.S.
    Proaño, a resident of Miami, said he has grown worried that in his own neighborhood, he sees Trump signs across the street and at other nearby homes, but no Joe Biden signs and that on a recent trip by car from Miami to Austin, Texas, he saw many Trump signs but few Biden signs.
    “We are not willing to sit aside and take for granted that they have it in the bag, that they’ve covered the bases,” said Proaño, referring to the Biden campaign.

  12. I always wonder why ads like for Doug Jones don’t state or show the political party.
    I also wonder why they now say at the ends of ads, I’m_____and I approve this ad.  They didn’t used to do that.

  13. Is it just possible that anyone without a tRUMP sign will vote for Biden?  
    tRUMP’s base is crazy.  Crazy/violent/unstable imbeciles.    I wouldn’t want them know who I supported and where I lived.    

  14. I actually think that if anyone asked, I might just say that I don’t vote.  None of their business and probably a safer response. 

  15. The New York Film Festival starts later this week.   “All In: The Fight For Democracy,” features Stacey Abrams.
    This year, you can go to the “drive-in” to view the offerings outdoors in NYC; for everyone else, it’s online/pay-per-view.
    Here is the trailer.

  16. SFB awarded himself an award that does not exist – again.
    What imaginary awards have you awarded yourselves? 
    International Putter Swinging At Seagulls Award is mine.

  17. Isn’t it sad that in such an “educated” country we have   Crazy/violent/unstable imbeciles and then have to worry about them doing hard to us or others.
    This is not the country I’ve always known.
    That’s why I’m applying for a passport.

  18. BB

    Same here.  With a father born in Scotland, I can probably finagle a citizenship in Canada, UK, or Australia if absolutely necessary.  I would rather stay in the states, but under Trump it is turning into one of those “shithole” third world nations.




  19. I’m afraid I’m stuck here, unless I can get a job transfer and a work visa for one of our offices in Canada or Scotland.    Will they even let me out of TX, at this point?  Nope.
    BB – I win bad/sad art Sunday, almost every week.  

  20. BB, I was tied up trying to repair the lawn tractor and didn’t see the last 2 climbs – anything I missed?

  21. The weekend edition of today’s Journal is a wonderfully sophisticated newspaper with enjoyable, rewarding content suitable for an entire extended family. It is a far superior read than The Times that I’ve allowed to lapse. The WSJ masthead says it is $5.00. I have it home-delivered along with my local paper. I think it’s $20 a week–not bad for being brought down from Charlotte and arriving by 6-am every day without fail.

  22. BB – It was probably just a pulled pork sandwich.    
    Miami Cubans aren’t giving a wanna-be dictator jack this November. 

  23. “Donald Trump vs The United States”, Michael Schimdt. Chapter 15
    He goes into great detail to explain how the Kuchner’s got security clearance and some of the problems they had as to why they shouldn’t get it. Of course, they got it.
    Schmidt also goes into detail on how much, how viciously the giant, orange bucket of lard wanted both Comey & Hillary thrown in prison to the extent that he wanted to prosecute them himself (because he’s ignorant and doesn’t know the constitution).    Following that…
    I’d like to see a reporter ask lardo how many people he wanted murdered. And to indicate that they have some information about that.
    When lardo gets out of office, there will be revelations that we can’t even conjure up now.

  24. Pogo – The climbs were not exciting enough to get me to the edge of my chair.  The lack of a crowd was for me nice, I hate seeing idiots in the way of the riders; I remember accidents where handlebars were grabbed and once when a flag became entangled in the wheel of a rider.  There were the times riders like Armstrong had to punch the people to get them off his bike.  The peloton reclaimed the lead and then it was slightly spread apart on the final climb.  The stage was very fast, but you can tell the change in riders during the last twenty years, they are stronger now.  The winner lead broke free and made the finish line a few seconds a head of the chasers and then the peloton.  Peter came up in a group many minutes later, followed by S. Bennett a few minutes later.  All made the finish line before the cut off. 

  25. Check out “Still Game” on netflix, Jamie.  It’s a Scottish comedy about widowed Glasgow pensioners- very funny (imo).

  26. I was watching football this evening. We all know how Trump has disparaged the NFL for it’s kneeling , protesting etc….And his base has talked about how they won’t watch football anymore. Yet, during a commercial break in the game, an ad for Donald Trump airs. I mean, if he and his base don’t watch football anymore, who is this ad targeting?

  27. Thanks Bink

    I’ll check it out.  I’m almost finished binging 27 seasons of TAGGART, a mystery series set in Glasgow.  Also watching Wild Bill with Robb Lowe set in UK.  Both are on Britbox.


  28. craig, during your time at the WH?

    the hill:

    Former President Jimmy Carter reveals in a new documentary that his son James Earl “Chip” Carter sat on the roof of the White House and smoked marijuana with country music legend Willie Nelson.

    People magazine reports that Carter made the admission in a new documentary, “Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President.” Carter confirmed the anecdote described in Nelson’s autobiography, though Nelson had hid the identity of Carter’s son in the book in which he referred to his companion as a “servant” in the White House.


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