Now We Know For Sure

Trump preferred to let Americans die to prop up an economy that reelects him. And he still does.

Former Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO)

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  1. Continuing the discussion about whether Woodward should have put out the big stuff from SFB as soon as he knew it.  I read his response in this mornings WashPo, which essentially was he did not know if what SFB said was true or not for months until he could verify them.  The other issue is if he put out anything in February through September it would be easily overwhelmed and denied by the WH.  I use the Way Back Machine, website archive, site to look at the news from any day in the last twenty plus years.  There is so much going, by design, to subsume and distract any and all information that you can see what each day has by going to WBM.  It is scary, very horrible, about what the cult members in the WH have done to our country. 
    Here is a link to February 26, 2020: 12:30.  You enter the website address, then you select the year, 2020 highligted in yellow, then in the calendar you select the day, then a list shows up with the times the website was saved, you pick the time you want.  It can take a while to retrieve all the data, sometimes it only brings back a list on the left hand side which you scroll up and down to pick your story to read.  I prefer to right click on one and then open in a new window which you can close and still have the original page to go through.  The top bar has the date so you can advance or retreat to focus on one date or another.

    Boillen messed up with his timing. I think he should have testified which would have helped the book sales. Sitting around like he did turned people off so they did not buy it.

  2. Dead people don’t panic. So I guess he thinks “Mission Accomplished!”  😞 sad. 
    BB, you referring to Bolton in that last paragraph?

  3. By  the middle of February the whole world knew how bad Covid-19 was. So, no, releasing it then had no compelling national interest. Was Woodwards propritarty stuff so it is his to decide.

  4. BB. Just saw the Sagan nudge from yesterday. Sorry to see that. The points penalty will be difficult to overcome. 

  5. as that old civil rights song says “keep your eyes on the prize,  hold on hold on” and don’t get distracted with blaming woodward or bolton or even cohen.  focus laser beamed on where the blame really lies, the target of their books, D’ump.   so let’s not kill the messengers… or at least put the pillorying of them off until after D’ump is dumped.  keep our eyes on that prize for now.

  6. Woodward:  Political hit job.
    The Other:  Political whack job.
    There’s an enemy here, but it isn’t Woodward.

  7. Pogo – that orginaly looked like Sagan was being blocked.  But, he was dodging a cell phone camera on a selfie stick that was shoved in front of him.  It was the second move that did him in.  Too bad.  Will he come back up?  Some, but not enough to wear green in Paris.  Yes, that is Bolton, my fingers do not work very well.
    I do not think that anything Woodward would have put out piecemeal would have been successful.  It would have been drowned by the tsunami.  But, put together now is a solid strike to save our country.  However, I expect it will be old news by Tuesday due to the massive flood of sewage from SFB every day.

  8. and then there’s the leaking of classified info which has it’s own potential for causing casualties

    Rachel Maddow reviews new reporting by Bob Woodward that Donald Trump talked with him about a secret new nuclear program that is unknown to Russia and China and apparently was meant to have stayed unknown to everyone. Aired on 09/09/2020.

  9. Of course the media is going into full blown hounds baying at their prey on the whole Covid-19 lying by the President.  Dropped by the wayside and seemingly to be ignored is the obvious treason about revealing the state of US nuclear weaponry.  Has some sort of decision been made to ignore the words, brush it under the table and maybe no other country in the world with nuclear capability will notice? 

    Assuming we don’t die of Corona, should we be digging bomb shelters?


  10. D’ump will probably accuse woodward of treason for leaking classified info.  as prez, he can un-classify & classify at will. 

    trump:  “now you can see it, now you can’t say it.  lock him up.  he didn’t say ‘simon says please'”

  11. Haha. Just imagine how much video and audio has been recorded in DC since Comey said, “Lordy, I hope there are tapes.”

  12. Jamie – we do not know all that he has given the Russians and Chinese, or even the North Koreans.  We do have snippets like his Russian visitors to the WH when he would  only allow the Russian media and he gave away an Israeli spy.

  13. Antiquity of the day:  
     Croesus is a rich king in ancient Lydia who is quite enamored with his own wealth. When the wise man Solon comes to visit his kingdom, Croesus asks Solon if he had ever seen greater opulence than his own. Solon replies that birds like peacocks are incomparable in their beauty. Croesus disagrees, and he tries to impress Solon with a list of vanquished foes and claimed territories. Solon still disagrees, telling Croesus that the happiest man he had ever met was a peasant in Athens. He explains that the peasant worked hard, raised a family, and was content with what he had. Croesus takes this as an insult and Solon leaves.

    And the Moral of the Story Is . . .
    A skilled storyteller, Herodotus weaves together elements both human and divine. In the tale of Croesus, the mortal king encountered the divine in the form of meddling gods, a premonitory dream, and those darn ambiguous oracles. Croesus responded to each of these encounters with his flawed, limited, and, ultimately, human understanding. Due to his pride, he incited the wrath of the gods, attempted to foil the unstoppable force of fate, and interpreted oracles as telling the future as he wished it to be.

  15. Okay, the problem with being older than thirty is being old enough that people younger than me are dying of old age and people older than me are dying of old age.  Dianna Rigg has passed.  No link because that is all there is, the rest is soon to follow.

  16. ….tapes.  How quaint.  But then again that’s from a guy who started the sentence with the word “Lordy”.  
    Sturg, you nailed it – something to this “on the record” stuff – in legaleze it’s called waiver.
    So D’ump is rage tweeting today – anything to get the sheep’s minds off his lies and stupidity – by throwing out more lies and stupidity.

  17. For those who want to question Woodwards  method.  Just think, he’s probably the only one in the world that could get  the Orange Frisbee to rattle on for  9 hours over 18 sessions.  His reputation appealed to  that giant steaming pile of vanity. 

  18. I will say there is one big difference between Bolton writing a book and Woodward writing a book.  Woodward writes for a living…  Bolton does not.
    IMO, I don’t think if either had released information sooner it would have saved lives.  Dumb people would still have done dumb things.  Cultists would still be cultists.  And without leadership, personal protection stuff would still be hard to come by.

  19. Democratic nominee Joe Biden has widened his lead against President Donald Trump in their fight to win the November election, a recent national election poll shows.
    The Reuters/Ipsos poll, released Wednesday and conducted September 3 through 8, found that 52 percent of likely voters said they would support Biden in the election, compared to the 40 percent who chose Trump. Out of the remaining voters, 3 percent said they would vote for another candidate and 5 percent remained undecided.
    Results from this week show a five-point increase in Biden’s lead over Trump. In the last Reuters/Ipsos poll, conducted August 28 through September 1 among registered voters, 47 percent of respondents said they would vote for Biden if the presidential election were held today. Trump’s amount of support did not change, with 40 percent of registered voters backing him.

  20. That Charleston suit should be interesting to watch – if nothing else to see if it gets past a motion for summary judgment.  

  21. Well, I guess it’s more or less official – D’ump got no bounce from the RNC, fireworks and damage to the WH lawn notwithstanding.  Biden has picked up .4% in his margin nationally (RCP average) since the last day of the RNC.  Biden was at 49.6 on 8/27, is at 50.5 today and his margin went from 7.1 on 8/27 to 50.5 today.  D’ump went from 42.5 to 43 over the same period.  So a convention and two weeks of typical D’umpian bullshit isn’t inuring to his benefit, but rather is helping Joe more than him. Strikes me as a difference in the percent of previously undecided voters starting to take sides.

  22. Renee, damn Skippy.  Ginsberg was an utter prick in the 2000 election and was the leading Republican lawyer in the Florida recount.  Ginsberg’s article and CNN interview were something much more than simply damaging to D’ump’s mail voter fraud accusations – I’m betting that the judges who are presiding over suits related to that are taking heed of his words and opinions. 

  23. unusual dedication in michael cohen’s book

    I dedicate this book to the love of my life, my wife Laura, and to my wonderful children, Samantha and Jake.  The three of you endured so much during my years with Donald Trump and in the years since then.  You have been subjected to harassment, insults and threats; you have seen me get arrested and charged and put in prison (twice).  But the deepest suffering must have come as you watched me play an active role in the despicable acts of Mr. Trump.  For this, I am deeply sorry.  I feel unimaginably grateful that the three of you stuck by me through it all.  My greatest desire in life is to do whatever I can to make up for the pain I have caused you and to bring happiness, pride, and a feeling of safety to the rest of your lives.

  24. Breaking: Trump bragged to Bob Woodward that he protected Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman from congressional scrutiny after the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi.


    “I saved his ass,” Trump said in 2018. “I was able to get Congress to leave him alone.”

  25. on another note from wapo:


    Starting on Thursday night in Kansas City, the National Football Leagueplans to feature live performances of “Lift Every Voice” before its season-opening games, a move prompted by thepolice brutality and racial justice proteststhat have swept the country after the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. The league’s decision to play “Lift Every Voice” could expose millions of Americans to the song for the first time.

    The song, known as the Black national anthem, will be played before “The Star-Spangled Banner,” which was written by slaveholder Francis Scott Key and includes lyrics about the capture of escaped slaves who fought for the British during the War of 1812. Many NFL players plan to kneel during “The Star Spangled Banner” to protest racism and police violence — a move repeatedly denounced by President Trump.

    [continues with background history]

    Beyoncé singing the Black National Anthem during Beychella

  26. Did someone say football….     Hallelujah!  football returns tonight…  baby!

    ps… this is especially for you Bink…

  27. So far no riders tested positive.  The tour director (who needs him anyway?) and four team staffers across four different teams have tested positive. According to The Guardian:

    Prudhomme’s positive test has now sparked concerns for the health of the French prime minister, Jean Castex, who was a VIP guest in Prudhomme’s car during Saturday’s stage to Loudenvielle in the Pyrenees. “They were both wearing masks and respecting social distancing,” a spokesman for Castex said. “The prime minister is to undergo a new test, just in case.”

    Although no riders tested positive, four teams now risk being excluded from the Tour, under the “two strikes and you’re out” protocol if they have another positive test within seven days, after backroom staff from Ineos Grenadiers, Mitchelton-Scott, Cofidis and AG2R tested positive.

    I’d guess if one staffer on a team tests positive the likelihood that he or she doesn’t spread it to someone else on that team is pretty slim, which would trigger the ejection of the team.  Each of those teams has a rider in the top 10.

    Side note – French PM and Prudhomme in the same car on the Race Route Sunday – practicing masks and social distancing? Who are they kidding?

  28. Watched a little of the five pm WH follies.  There is something seriously wrong with that guy.  I watch without audio to help me from destroying things.  His physical movements are weird.  From the mounting of the stage to the drifting around the podium.  I wonder if he will make it to November 1, let alone January 22, 2021.
    The weekend funnies were of little white chunks flying from his orifices.  Definitely not sinus infection escaping.

  29. Just saw MJ Hegar’s first ad!   She’s gonna beat the pants off of Cornyn.  (She’s  a “sucker” with a Purple Heart, in addition to be smart, capable and on the side of the people.) Go, MJ, go! 

  30. BB – You have to mute him, too.   I have a feeling there’s a huge membership in that club.   
    He definitely has something neurological going on, based on his movements.

  31. Trumpy is holding a rally at an airport hangar in Saginaw, Mi. tonight. The Detroit Free Press interviewed 2 women who are attending tonight’s rally. Among the highlights of their interview:
    They believe the President is sincere and looking out for their best interests.
    “I just felt more secure than I’ve ever felt in my life with Trump.”
    “He puts people first, not himself.”

  32. Corey – They are either on the campaign payroll, on the Russian payroll, or, they are racists with daddy issues.  

  33. Just had to go into a retail environment- no white male customers were wearing masks (except me), in flagrant violation of state mandate and store requirements.  Disgusting, selfish assholes.

  34. Corey, honest to god…. Fucking IDIOTS.  Where do they find people with nothing but air between their ears? 

  35. bink, amending your 4:10 observation: didn’t you mean serial-killer ? 

    by the end of his term, wapo reports he will have told only 20,000 lies.  Heck, by election time 200,000 people will have died due to his faulty leadership. who knows how many more by jan. 20th

  36. RR, are you ready for some … ?  Good to see it back. I’m flipping between NBA and NFL  As McDonald’s would say, I’m loving it. 

  37. Tonight, Trump compared his downplaying of Covid-19 to Britain’s “Keep Calm and Carry On” mantra during WWII.

  38. Nope.  The Brits were warned that they would be bombed by the Nazis and they built backyard shelters and they had blackout drills and…  

  39. He can’t spin this f-up because he still doesn’t have a plan to handle anything.  Why should he?  He said he takes no responsibility.   

  40. Truly “Through the Looking Glass”.  That SOB attributed to Biden ALL the crap about himself today from his QUOTES to Woodward.  I watched him say it at his press conference. WTF was Woodward supposed to go to to complain to? The police?  
    Can the families of the people he’s murdered sue him in a class action?
    Where are the repubes, his political party? Moscow Mitch, Lindsay, Tom Cotton, Jim Jordan? 
    Exchange the name Obama for Trump and where would those repubes be?  They’d be howling at the moon like Bengazi, Bengazi, Bengazi!  Or Lock HIM up! Or they’d want to impeach him everyday.
    He’s the most vile man (man ?), in the world! He gives men a bad name.

  41. trevor noah:

    “Now, the one upside of being stuck in this psychotic relationship with Trump for the last four years is by now we’ve pretty much learned every pattern every Trump scandal takes. Trump steps into shit and Trump comes out and explains he didn’t actually step in shit or it wasn’t shit or if the coastal elites got out of their bubble, they’d recognize stepping in shit is the most American thing you can do.”

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