Trump Bankrupt Again

Seems like Trump campaign in the red, no cash on hand. No significant ad buys in several battleground states, none in a few. Major donors must be demanding Trump chip in his own money. Doubt he has access to enough cash, his hotels are tanking. Maybe he can get some from Putin.

FEC reports show Trump campaign spent $60 million on legal fees. HALF MILLION to a former Trump bodyguard who doesn’t even work for the campaign. They’ve spent nearly a billion dollars so far for a losing campaign. No wonder big donors are running away.


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  1. that $60 million in legal fees may explain why the taxpayers (via DOJ) are now going to start footing some of those bills.  RNC’s contributors, trump donors (including whatever vlad throws his way) look to be running low on cash so now joe 6pack taxes will be paying for his days in court.


    The Justice Department moved on Tuesday to replace President Trump’s private legal team with government lawyers to defend him against a defamation lawsuit by the author E. Jean Carroll, who has accused him of raping her in a Manhattan department store in the 1990s.
    In a highly unusual legal move, lawyers for the Justice Department said in court papers that Mr. Trump was acting in his official capacity as president when he denied ever knowing Ms. Carroll and thus could be defended by government lawyers — in effect underwritten by taxpayer money.
    Though the law gives employees of the federal government immunity from most defamation lawsuits, legal experts said it has rarely, if ever, been used before to protect a president, especially for actions taken before he entered office.


  2. Lincoln Project:

    South Carolinians have voted for Lindsey before, but this is the first time they truly know who he is.

    DISCLAIMER: This video contains imagery not suitable for all viewers.

  3. michael copped my idea/prediction

    daily beast:

    President Donald Trump’s former attorney and fixer Michael Cohen tossed out a “theory” Tuesday night that the president will resign if he loses the presidential election this November in order to pave the way for Vice President Mike Pence to pardon him for any federal crimes he’s supposedly committed.
    Cohen—who is currently serving a three-year prison sentence under house arrest after pleading guilty to campaign finance violations, lying to Congress, and tax evasion—appeared on MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show to promote his memoir Disloyal: A Memoir: The True Story of the Former Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump.
    “You say at the very end of the book that the president and Attorney General William Barr ousted the U.S. Attorney of New York and tried to install, effectively, the president’s golfing buddy as the new U.S. Attorney there because the president, in your view, wanted to arrange for himself to be indicted while he’s still in office because that would give him the opportunity to pardon himself after he lost the election,” she said.
    “Well, my theory is that if he loses, there’s still the time between the election and the time that the next president would take office,” Cohen elaborated. “And during that time, my suspicion is that he will resign as president, he will allow Mike Pence to take over, and he will then go ahead and have Mike Pence pardon him.”
    “And it’s a very, let’s just say it’s a very Nixon-type of event and it was probably discussed between Roger Stone and President Trump at some point,” he continued. “That this is certainly one way to avoid any potential prison time.”
    Maddow, meanwhile, observed that this would be somewhat similar to the “prospective pardon” President Gerald Ford gave Richard Nixon following Nixon’s resignation as president, which prevented Nixon from Watergate-related indictments after he left office.
    In an earlier interview with NBC News, anchor Lester Holt asked Cohen what he would say to Trump if he could have another conversation with him, prompting the disbarred attorney to say he’d tell Trump to “resign now” and “let Mike Pence pardon you from any and all potential crimes.”

  4. I have been wondering if anyone is trolling the far right and their paranoia about non-far right groups getting together.  There have been at least two out West where the news went out that BLM people were going to show up in a town, so the far right terrorists gathered to meet the liberal people.  All went well except there was no BLM group. 
    Well, I just read that the group that put the Occupy Wall Street event are doing a Siege of the White House starting September 17.  The far right terrorist groups are going wild, they are going to protect their favorite impeached guy.  Shut down D.C. was suggested.  Protect the White House is the goal.  Fine and dandy.  Except probably is no siege.  No crowd permit pulled.  And, only a few people even know about this, other than the far right bullies.  Expect D.C. to be weird on the seventeenth.
    And, no.  I will not bring my trebuchet, it is in the shop for its twelve hundred year tune up.

  5. BB, that “WH siege” might be a roger stone dirty tricks production to get more ad footage for D’ump’s fear & carnage campaign.   i would think the BLM trollers would be more likely to send the dumpster nutballs to harder to get places than d.c.   

  6. For those who caught our recent outage, our server company did some all-night unscheduled maintenance, said it would be back up by 6am but they obviously missed that target. All good for now.

  7. BlueB…   there was talk on a local FB page about a big antifa rally that was going to happen in a sleepy little town around here.  Of course it never happened.  These right wing bat shit crazies are…  well…  bat shit crazy.

  8. Following Ms Carroll’s statement about trump’s raping her, trumessiah stupidly called her a liar in public. The timely lawsuit is because he called her a liar. A rape charge would have failed to fall within the statute of limitations. A evidence of the rape (and therefore Ms Carroll’s truthfulness) the complainant produces the stained garment. Now, all she needs is trumpish DNA and a proof of damages.

  9. NEW: CNN has obtained Bob Woodward’s new book Rage, in which Trump admits he knew weeks before first US coronavirus death it was dangerous, airborne, highly contagious and “more deadly than even your strenuous flus,” and repeatedly played it down publicly

  10. What about charges for the entire tRUMP crime family after Joe is sworn into office?
     Even if  Donald resigns so the whitest man can pardon him,  what happens after he leaves office.  
    He won’t have money for lawyers and nobody’s gonna pony up cash for a LOSER like tRUMP. 

  11. “It goes through the air,” Trump said. “That’s always tougher than the touch. You don’t have to touch things. Right? But the air, you just breathe the air and that’s how it’s passed. And so that’s a very tricky one. That’s a very delicate one. It’s also more deadly than even your strenuous flus.”

    Woodward has trump saying all of this on tape?!

  12. Leading medical pros had to go rogue to alert the public that coronavirus was airborne, last month; “President Trump” knew it in February.

  13. Well, it’s interesting.  The Trump/Woodward book article isn’t on WaPo on my table. Hummm…So I’m listening to it on a desk top.

  14. XR, after I posted yesterday I went and read an article on the Carroll v. D’ump suit.  It’s just as you noted above.  Silly me, I didn’t realize the job description for the president included “Falsely denying rape claims for crimes 20 years before election.”  Oh, and did I miss that part of DOJ guidelines that include creating claims against the US that were not asserted against the US by a plaintiff in state court?  I thought DOJ’s mission is to defend against such claims.

  15. Ms 21,
    Prolly because I want a strong leader to destroy the ripuplycanthrope evildoers. Yuh can’t make an omelet, without the cook smash the yeggs.

  16. Thanks for the laugh, Mr Pogo.
    Who’da guessed it ? And, we’ll probably hafta shell out for the dry cleaning, too.

  17. Bink, that D’umbass quote about the virus has to be recorded – I don’t believe even Colbert could write that in such a dead on imitation of the D’umbass in chief. Oh, and by the way – cloth mask and social distancing is the answer – unmasked attendance at political rallies is not.

  18. X-R, think someone can glean the requisite DNA from that nasal projectile D’ump launched yesterday?  see it in slo-mo starting at 23 sec. in on jimmy fallon’s monologue

  19. x-r, unfortunately Trump is weak and not strong. On top of that he has disorganized thinking and is a threat to everyone.

  20. Good after noon all.
    I made my first venture out of the house post surgery and it went well. A grocery trip. So I am now rewarding myself with cup of hot tea and an ice cream sandwich.  Thanks Pat for covering for me, Good stuff and will sound better when I have the energy to hook my computer in with my good speakers.
    Thought on Barr misusing Federal funds to defend the President. Can’t we claw some of that money back, looks to me like there are a number of people involved in it. Be a civil thing so easier to get a judgement and hit their pocketbooks where it will hurt. 

  21. Yes, Ms 21 !  That’s why I want a strong man to seal him, naked and shackled, inside the Marion Supermax. 

  22. what’s up with this?  must be a joke.  early april fool. 

    the hill:

    A member of the Norwegian Parliament has nominated President Trump for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize for his role brokering relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
    Christian Tybring-Gjedde, a four-term member of Parliament and chairman of the Norwegian delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, submitted the nomination to the Nobel Committee. 
    “For his merit, I think he has done more trying to create peace between nations than most other Peace Prize nominees,” Tybring-Gjedde said of Trump during an interview with Fox News.

  23. D’ump must like at least one thing about woodward’s book: the breathless breaking news coverage is upstaging all those cohen interviews he did last night.

  24. I do not understand why the WH is surprised by Woodward’s book and the taped interview.  Every interview I did has been taped.  The reporters made sure I knew.  If I was at the top of the pyramid, in the WH and it was Woodward interviewing me I would expect to have tapes and backup tapes.  This was from February and March through to July.  Also, is SFB typically alone in interviews, especially with someone like Woodward?  Time to watch All The President’s Men again.   Woodward has been saying he has taped interviews with SFB for a very long time.  Send the smelling salts and fainting couch to the West Wing.

  25. Wow, A weather tidbit.
    Look at the  change in temperature Denver had  Labor day weekend, From a 101 to 31 and snow
    Denver: 9/5 (101°), 9/6 (97°), 9/7 (93°), 9/8 (Record low: 31°, 1″ of snow) The northwest corner of KS received a dusting-1″ of snow, some sleet. The earliest recorded snowfalls in most locations of western Kansas are during the 3rd and 4th weeks of September.

  26. And, no.  I will not bring my trebuchet, it is in the shop for its twelve hundred year tune up.

    During the last crusade against the Cathars , the King of France  placed a huge trebuchet  on a hill top next to the last Cathar stronghold. 
    They called it :
    Bad Neighbor 

  27. Biden leads in six 2020 swing states 

    Joe Biden leads Donald Trump in six key 2020 swing states, according to a new CNBC/Change Research poll. 
    Biden’s edge over Trump in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin is unchanged from two weeks ago, before the 2020 Republican National Convention. 
    Voters’ views of both Biden and Trump also have not budged over two weeks.

    as Trump sees no convention bounce, CNBC/Change Research poll finds


  28. Jack – when I lived in Colorado I always told people thinking about coming there that the weather was like that all year round.  Blizzards during July and August.  Roads closed with three feet of snow in May.  Everyone owns a snowmobile because you can’t count on driving during June or January.  There are a preponderance of four wheel drive vehicles in Colorado for a reason.

  29. It’s no joke, but it is an abomination.  The nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize is from a Norwegian, far-right, nut bag.  They’ve got ‘em there in the ~ non-sh/+hole ~ countries, too. 

  30. Ya know… when an incumbent candidate is constantly on the defensive… any competent political consultant would tell you that that candidate was in deep doo doo.

  31. Don’t want to be the tootsie roll in the punch bowl … but was it ethical for Woodward to withhold the information on SFB purposefully downplaying CVD19 when the pandemic was raging out of control? What’s Woodward’s culpability for keeping this information for his personal gain in the form of a book?

  32. Claire McCaskill for the kill..

    “He has killed people with his lies and for him to come out there with a straight face today and say he didn’t want to panic anyone, he is running a campaign based on fear and panic… The only reason he lied to the American people is that he wanted to protect the stock market..”

  33. I think everyone keeps missing a big point.
    It isn’t that a politician would lie in such a case, they usually do or express concern for the markets.  All the laying “oils on the troubled water” calming stuff is natural political behavior
    What he did was so much worse
    Not once in those months he knew the virus was erupting in China did he put a pandemic plan in act. People died because he wanted to cheer lead rather than lead.
    200 000 pe0ple so far.
    It one thing to slow down the stampede to the exits during a fire, it is another to forget to unlock the exit doors.

  34. Heddy = Woodward is a regular talking head on MSNBC and offered segments of his interviews all year long.  He hinted at big stuff too.  Would releasing the interviews earlier this year have changed anything?  I don’t think so, it might have caused them to sink.  Getting this out now is like a huge kick to the side of the old orange gas bag making sure to get the attention of anyone within shouting distance (except for faux snooze followers).

  35. The NSA knew about the pandemic in China back in Nov of 2019, which is why we call it Covid Virus 19. The NSA informed the messiah in Nov 2019. 
    This stuff about Jan or Feb is just flaming hog turds.

  36. I had the same “attack the messenger” thought about Woodward withholding information.    (And, that will be the next track the WH takes.   If it was so important, Woodward should’ve spilled sooner.)   However, it’s not news.  Most folks know how viruses are transmitted.  The only folks it would possibly have influenced are tRUMP’s base…and would they have believed an audio tape?   Will they believe it now?  
    If tRUMP is the nation’s cheerleader, 2020 has been the saddest pep rally in history.  “Bring out your dead”! 
    And, the “panic” he was worried about, was economic panic.  He was worried about Wall Street.   He doesn’t give a flip for human beings. 
    tRUMP is a monster. 

  37. Oops, Claire beat me to it.  Well, everyone knows tRUMP only cares about money and power.  That’s not any bigger secret than viruses spreading in the air, as well as by other means.  

  38. I respectfully concur with my distinguished colleagues Ms Dallas and Ms Cariad. This is not the first time that woodward, the loathsome duff, has pulled his punch until after the disaster. 

  39. waiting ’til there are 195,000 dead is a pretty old and crippled up gift horse. But, I suppose that if life gives you Bob Woodward’s gift horse, you make glue with it.

  40. This is day 1 of drops from the Woodward book, you may end up being glad he played the long game.
    Not Woodward’s fault Americans acted and continue to act selfishly despite the best science available🤷‍♂️

  41. You’re the one using the daily running tally as a political argument so the sanctimony is silly from my perspective, respectfully, of course. 🎩 🤏

  42. Actually, it’s 7:20 in the PM, 72 degrees and partly cloudy skies hiding that moon, baby…

    An old hand returned to the trail,

    trump’s sabotaging the mail,

    Woodward withholding the deets, 

    and armed militias in the streets,

    and even though it all seems whack,

    it’s the Beatles with “Get Back”, Jack, on TMCC!

  43. heddy, the same people who railed against john bolton for immorally holding back info until book publication should at least acknowledge that either woodward is guilty of the same thing (in this case not saving lives at risk vs not insuring impeachment of a tyrant) or that neither of the authors intentionally put money before morals.

  44. bink, kudos for your poetic welcome back to our friend jack.

    and as long as we’re into songs about “jacks”, can’t forget this one done to a turn real fine by ray charles

  45. I put Bolton in the same basket. This is what fuels cynicism when it come to journalism. Their purported goal is to hold people accountable. But aren’t there situations in which the circumstances demand more timely action? Agree that trumpers would not have been influenced by knowing early on what we would/are facing but don’t you think that the rest of us raising holy hell as to the plan for testing, PPE could have made a difference? I’m just so pissed that I can’t even see straight. So many people have lost so effing much. For God’s sake, we can’t even got to Canada or Europe! We’re the pariahs of the world. Where’s the goddamn outrage! I’m the end of my branch of the family tree so I’d be entitled to say I don’t give a shit about the future but I’m still a sentient being.

  46. Jack
    Good to see you! Yes, “what he did was so much worse” Godamned monster. 

    Bink, yes ” don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”. Great choice. The Beatles, excellent!

    Renee, yes bat shit crazy is bat shit crazy! 🤣 

  47. i’m as outraged as you, heddy, it’s just that i’m used to being outraged after 3.5 years of outright trumpco corruption in plain sight🤷‍♂️
    …takes me a good 2 hours after i wake up, every day, to accept our political reality.
    Two hours, later, i think “yup, this nightmare is, indeed, objective reality”, EVERY DAY.
    Hang in there.💪❤️🇺🇸

  48. Trump Was ‘Ecstatic’ About Talking to Woodward—Until He Wasn’t

    Ultimately, Trump spoke with Woodward 18 times for the book. And at some point along the way, he had a change of heart, becoming convinced that Woodward was using him. Trump then began rage-tweeting the very reporter with whom he was so psyched to go on the record.
    “The Bob Woodward book will be a FAKE, as always, just as many of the others have been,” the president tweeted, seemingly out of the blue, last month. Later that month, Trump logged back on to blast the veteran reporter as a “social pretender” who “never has anything good to say.”

  49. Julia said that the sky in SF and San Jose is so orange that Trump would disappear if he were there. I said, “Maybe he should go there?”

  50. In the midst of all Trump did not do about the virus, Maddow heightened that apparently he also committed treason.  Trump told Woodward we have a new nuclear weapon.  Top secret of course so he never should have said anything.  Welcome to the new arms race.  

  51. Figure that JarJar thought Woodward interviews were good for SFB. Master of the universe my ass. 
    Bink, I’m trying to hang in there but today was my day at the food pantry. What I’m seeing is scaring  the shit out of me. Our census of eligible patrons is up nearly 15 fold since March. I’m in the wealthiest county of PA and certainly one of the wealthiest counties in the country. People are hurting and feeling desperate. Unfortunately, they don’t make the connection between  their plight and SFB as well as post-Reagan years in which the social contract has been shredded in favor or corporate execs, shareholders,  and Wall Street. Frankly, they’re too busy just trying to survive to pay too much attention to what is going on around them. Woodward’s confirmation of what we suspected/knew about SFB, with audio receipts, just adds to the day’s outrages.

  52. I appreciate you, heddy💪
    Everything is so negative, these days, i try to keep it positive, on here.
    “Someone else is already saying whatever negative thing i could say”, is the way i see it.
    My eyes are open, though.  So eager to vote.  Ok, goodnight for real.

  53. TALLAHASSEE — A new book by veteran journalist Bob Woodward contends that Russian hackers successfully penetrated the voter files of St. Lucie County in 2016, a claim election officials in the county previously denied in interviews with POLITICO.
    The identity of two counties accessed by Russians during the last presidential election has been a mystery since special counsel Robert Mueller disclosed in 2019 that Russian hackers had penetrated voting registration systems in the battleground state.

  54. SFB tried to present himself as an environmentalist.   The climate change denier environmentalist

  55. Heddy, good to see you back on the trail. Should Woodward’s failure to disclose D’ump’s failure to disclose the gravity of the COVID-19 threat be criticized? Hell yes. Now that that’s out of the way, the questions are “What is D’ump’s culpability for misleading the US?” and “What do we do about it?”  One answer to #2 is SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS NONSTOP THROUGH NOVEMBER 3. Another is for the press to stop giving him and McEninny a fucking pass when they deflect and pivot. 


    … there were at least two problems with what he heard from Trump in February that kept him from putting it in the newspaper at the time:
    First, he didn’t know what the source of Trump’s information was. It wasn’t until months later — in May — that Woodward learned it came from a high-level intelligence briefing in January that was also described in Wednesday’s reporting about the book.
    In February, what Trump told Woodward seemed hard to make sense of, the author told me — back then, Woodward said, there was no panic over the virus; even toward the final days of that month, Anthony S. Fauci was publicly assuring Americans there was no need to change their daily habits.
    Second, Woodward said, “the biggest problem I had, which is always a problem with Trump, is I didn’t know if it was true.”
    Trump spoke with Woodward on more than a dozen occasions, and in some cases, “he started calling me at night.” It took months, Woodward told me, to do the reporting that put it all in context, which is what he believes his mission as an author is: “My job is to understand it, and to hold him accountable, and to hold myself accountable.” He added: “I did the best I could” toward those ends.
    But why not then write such a story later in the spring, once it was clear that the virus was extraordinarily destructive and that Trump’s early downplaying had almost certainly cost lives?
    Again, Woodward said he believes his highest purpose isn’t to write daily stories but to give his readers the big picture — one that may have a greater effect, especially with a consequential election looming.
    Woodward’s effort, he said, was to deliver in book form “the best obtainable version of the truth,” not to rush individual revelations into publication.
    And always with a particular deadline in mind, so that people could read, absorb and make their judgments well before Nov. 3. “The demarcation is the election.”

  57. don’t forget, as X-R reminded us, NSA knew about it in November 2019.  why weren’t there bans on travel from china put in place then and by January (with more knowledge of spread thruoghout europe) why not travel bans from europe ?     

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