68 thoughts on “This Is Damage Control? Trump Ramps Up Military Insults”

  1. NBCnews quoting another ex-d’umpster:

    With Putin, it wasn’t just self-interest — Trump genuinely admires the Russian leader, Cohen says.
    Trump worships wealth and power, Cohen writes.
    “Everyone other than the ruling class on earth was like an ant, to his way of thinking, their lives meaningless and always subject to the whims of the true rulers of the world,” he writes.
    “The cosmic joke was that Trump convinced a vast swath of working-class white folks in the Midwest that he cared about their well-being. The truth was that he couldn’t care less.”

  2. newsday on D’ump dumping on the generals yesterday:

    “I’m not saying the military’s in love with me — the soldiers are. The top people in the Pentagon probably aren’t, because they want to do nothing but fight wars so that all of those wonderful companies that make the bombs and make the planes and make everything else stay happy.”

    It’s an odd statement from a president who has boasted of securing huge increases in military spending — “$2.5 trillion in all of the greatest equipment in the world,” he told workers at a Wisconsin shipyard in June. As for love from the ranks, a Military Times poll published Aug. 31 found 50% of the enlisted personnel and officers surveyed had an unfavorable view of Trump, while 38% regarded him favorably. The survey was conducted before The Atlantic published allegations that the commander in chief called America’s war dead “losers” and “suckers.”


  3. Eisenhower did warn of the “military/industrial” complex and Trump managed to totally misunderstand the speech.  Eisenhower always supported his men.  He knew their lives at home would be better with health, education and infrastructure which meant that money that was swallowed by the corporations, would not be spent on the people and that true wealth is built from the ground up.  The Marshall Plan had rebuilt Europe

    The Marshall Plan, it should be noted, benefited the American economy as well. The money would be used to buy goods from the United States, and they had to be shipped across the Atlantic on American merchant vessels.  By 1953 the United States had pumped in $13 billion, and Europe was standing on its feet again.

    End result, Eisenhower was ignored, Europe got universal healthcare and the US got the military industrial complex and endless war.  

    Thanks to Trump the defense budget has mushroomed, debt has skyrocketed thanks to corporate tax cuts, Social Security is endangered, our infrastructure is 60 years old and failing, billions are being wasted on a disastrous wall, and we have a totally mishandled pandemic without healthcare support.


  4. It is always necessary to remember the guy is off his rocker.  And, according to Steve Schmidt, his is an imbecile and an idiot.  Several of the tell all book writers state he does what the last person who talked to him tells him to do.  I would like to know how often he talks to Putin.  He is like a low intelligent animal that thinks it is being attacked.  Bare teeth, yowl, scream, and strike in all directions.  The problem is his cult are using him to destroy America.

  5. BB, yes, that’s him. D’ump pattern: (a) say something really offensive, (b) someone in his circle reports it to media, (c) media reports it, (d) trump denies it & denigrates person repotting it, (E) rind, (f) repeat. 

  6. help on getting ready for those fun family holiday gettogethers with maga-t relatives


    The Cult of Trump is written by one of the leading experts in cults and mind-control, Steven Hassan. He offers fresh insights about Trump and provides a roadmap on how we are going to heal as a country. According to Hassan:

    Cult leaders may seem crazy, but they are cunning masters of manipulation, employing an arsenal of these techniques to render their followers dependent and obedient.

    I have learned that mind control is not a vague, mystical process but, instead, is the result of a concrete and specific and systematic set of methods and techniques. Cult leaders may seem crazy, but they are cunning masters of manipulation, employing an arsenal of these techniques to render their followers dependent and obedient. It’s what I call the cult leader’s playbook.

    Hassan’s book The Cult of Trump: A Leading Cult Expert Explains How The President Uses Mind Control, gives excellent advice on how to talk to “Trump cult” family and friends about the election.

    • Before focusing on someone else, first learn how mind control works.
    • Establish rapport and trust with the other person.
    • Always act with respect, kindness, warmth and integrity.
    • Use good communication strategies and active listening to keep the dialogue open.
    • Be curious, ask open-ended questions.
    • Be patient and wait for them to think and answer.
    • Keep a collaborative, rather than competitive, frame of mind.
    • Find common ground, focusing on things you can agree upon.
    • Avoid talking about the cult at first. Tread lightly around this topic until the other person is comfortable with you.
    • Find outside topics that share characteristics with Trumpism to ease into the topic
    • Don’t get angry when they say offensive things.
    • Don’t “tell” them. Your goal is to help them make their OWN discoveries.

    Here is a download from Steven Hassan’s website on how to Free Your Loved Ones from The Cult of Trump.

  7. Trump Weighs Putting Up to $100 Million of His Cash Into Race
    I don’t believe this at all. Trump will never put his own money in his campaign. They raised a crazy amount already. Trump and his family are probably stealing it. I hope he losses so badly!

  8. Tony, I agree, do not  in least believe Trump would give his campaign $100m. Firstly, I don’t think he’s got that kind of cash on hand. His hotels are in the tank.

  9. Even if the Russians wanted to give him that kind of money, I doubt Deutsche Bank would launder it for him right now.  They are under pretty close inspection at the moment and probably don’t need the aggravation.  

  10. Hey, that guy in Jamie’s vid is wearing the Canadian variant of my sign-off!
    As in, have a good day

  11. TT – Just talked too someone about a boat sinking over in Lake Lewisville this weekend.  There was a floatila of MAGAts there, too.   Apparently, just crazies with flags on their boats, not following safe boating rules.  The wake took a smaller boat down.
    No tRUMP coup.  There would be a not-so-soft counter to take him out…one way or the other.  Remember the Romanovs?  That’s too good for this crime family. Lock ‘em all up.

  12. Pogo – it is now obvious Sagan has lost a step.  Sigh.  He has a personality which I find refreshing in cycling.
    SFB will never spend on himself, but I think the statement was some type of coded message to his leader in Moscow.

  13. bolshies made the mistake of not turning the romanovs into zoo exhibits.

    They could have demanded and gotten ransom money from Britain and Germany just to keep those parasites alive.

  14. BB, didn’t catch any of today’s stage – our internet at work was down this morning. I’ll have to check it out this evening.  Sagan’s still 2nd in the points race – 3 points behind Trentin and 2 ahead of Bennett and 3rd in the GC – 4 seconds behind Bennett.  Not sure how the 2 stack up in time trials, but stage 20 might be the deciding stage depending on what happens in the Alps.

  15. BB – Coded message to Moscow.  SOS, tRUMP is drowning.  
    He doesn’t have that kind of cash.  Where did he get the $66 million the last time?  Show us his tax records and open the financial books.

  16. BB, you are spot on about the SOS.  has D’ump ever ever used his own money?  for that matter has he ever had any money that wasn’t someone else’s to begin with –  like the $60.7 milllion daddy loaned him for starters. 

  17. gov cuomo:

    “Donald Trump caused the COVID outbreak in New York. That is a fact. It’s a fact that he admitted, and the CDC admitted, and Fauci admitted.”

  18. Have you noticed that there’s no talk of Contact Tracing now?  NO need. The easy for him herd immunity.  We’ll all get it? He does nothing, as usual.
    The laziest, most ignorant president in history.

  19. Wow, all trump does all day is sit on his phone with twitter.  Any other job would have fired him for wasting so much time.

  20. That Tolkien feller?   I’d give you big odds he was eating mushrooms.

    You know, you just don’t get elves, and dragons, and magic rings, and dwarves, and wizards from eating sweet corn and wandering around the old shire.

  21. Sad to say, but LoTR is on the cancel bubble, being the originator of many racial-esque tropes in the high-fantasy genre, so i hope you enjoyed my LoTR metaphors while they weren’t offensive.🤷‍♂️

  22. Being a total fan, large sizes, I welcome any and all tolkien references…..as if they were prodigal sons come home to roost.
    It be’s what it be’s.

  23. The road goes ever on and on
    Out from the door where it began 
    Now far ahead the road has gone
    And I must follow, if I can.

    Pursuing it with eager feet
    Until it meets some larger way
    Where many paths and errands meet
    And whither then? I cannot say.

  24. What they did to “Gone With the Wind” shoulda been illegal.
    Margaret Mitchell was a nice lady, til I hear different.

  25. And I wonder, Dateline style:   Yes, a drunken off-duty Cabbie mowed her down at 48 yrs old in front of her very husband on Peachtree St.    But…..is there MORE to the STORY?

  26. The Hobbit trilogy is rather amazing, imo.        i didn’t use quotes for that title because it takes a lot of non-canonical liberties, but the elf-general rides an armored war-moose, so i’m cool with it.
    Ok, i’ll leave that topic there✌️

  27. WTF!!!

    the hill:

    The Department of Justice (DOJ) argued Tuesday that it should defend President Trump instead of his personal attorneys in a defamation suit brought by author E. Jean Carroll, who has accused the president of raping her.
    The DOJ, in a filing submitted to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, cited the Federal Tort Claims Act in its request to take the case from Trump’s lawyers and move the suit from a state court to federal court, arguing that Trump was acting in his official presidential capacity when he denied knowing Carroll.
    The act the DOJ cited provides for suits against the government.
    “Because President Trump was acting within the scope of his office or employment at the time of the incident out of which the plaintiff’s claim arose, the United States will file a motion to substitute itself for President Trump in this action” for claims falling under the Federal Tort Claims Act, acting Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Bossert Clark argued in the filing.
    The request comes shortly after a New York state judge allowed Carroll to proceed with her suit, raising the prospect that Trump could be deposed in the case before Election Day in November.

  28. OK, I’m just a lawyer in East Bumfuck. And I’m not one of those lawyers who’s had the aspiration or belief that I should be a department of justice lawyer or anything like that. That said, I am pretty sure that the actions which E. Jean Carroll complains of is the rape she claimed to have happened, not the denial of knowing her.  Maybe I’m wrong, I haven’t read Her complain after all, and maybe her complaint is that it was his denial of knowing her that gave rise to the damages she seeks. If that ain’t it, that case wouldn’t even have legs in state court in East Bumfuck.

  29. And goddammit, Tour de France coverage of stage 10 doesn’t start until 12:30, and that’s about when I go to sleep after Seth’s monologue. Staying up 2 hours after that ain’t happening. 

  30. BiD,  a DNA sample ain’t relevant in a defamation case; it’s relevant in a sexual assault case. DoJ is full of shit – unless he raped her while he was “president “. 

  31. Well, SFB said he “never met this person in my life.”   WE ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS.   
    She has the dress she says was wearing when she said he raped her.  She wanted a DNA sample.  
    I guess saying he never even met her made a liar out of her?   That’s her case now?  I don’t understand why he still hasn’t had to give a DNA sample.  I don’t understand why the DOJ is involved.   

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