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  1. Nice gator. Lay down. Good gator. Stay. Good boy.
    Thanks for the tip, Ms Pat. I first had shingles the natural way in ’78. I got them last year when my doc said I should get a shot as a sort of booster. I thought I was gonna die and didn’t care much. This second shot, on Monday, of the ‘new improved’ variety was the pharmacist’s suggestion, and I, unthinking, went along with it. I think I’m now almost back to my normal-ish state. Not my doc’s fault : mine alone. I’ll report, per your advice, and never make that mistake again.

    The wise Trail Hand will learn from my error and avoid a nasty outcome.

  2. XR, shingrix is a 2 shot product – spaced out 2-6 months. This sound about right? 

    The most common side effects are pain, redness, and swelling at the injection site, muscle pain, tiredness, headache, shivering, fever, and upset stomach

    That’s from the website. Glad you’ve largely recovered. 

  3. Renee from the previous thread.
    Tony…  I’d pick Biden as being better at all those questions too.  The only thing I’d give the upper hand to trump is if there were a question asking… who’s better at fucking porn stars… 

  4. A baby snake inside my front door this morning.   Time for Biden/Harris to drive the snakes out of the WH.

  5. Trump calls for Fox News journalist to be fired for report on war dead scandal Jennifer Griffin confirmed president called dead soldiers ‘losers’ Defensive Trump tweets ‘Fox News is gone!’

    In a tweet Trump said: “Jennifer Griffin should be fired for this kind of reporting. Never even called us for comment. Fox News is gone!”
    The White House has moved to deny the report unusually forcefully perhaps fearful of the scandal’s impact on military-supporting conservatives. Trump himself dismissed it as a politically motivated “hoax”.

  6. Trump’s Defenders: He Doesn’t Hate the Troops, He Just ‘Sounds Like an Asshole’

    Three people with direct knowledge of the president’s private remarks in the past three years about Robert Kelly, as well as other Americans who’ve died in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, said that Trump had made similar-sounding comments to them, too. This included the president mentioning that their service in these war zones was a “waste,” or that U.S. military personnel in these conflicts had “died for nothing,” or that the fallen “should have been doing something else.”

    Why are all these people so willing to let Trump off the hook? They’ll even risk their own reputations. Its all a fucked up mess! 

  7. Melania Trump's 'best friend's' book and email revelations should trouble U.S. watchdogs A new book about the first lady offers tantalizing bits of palace intrigue. But revelations about the email servers should be of interest to a much broader audience.

    For the American public, perhaps, the H-word still matters, too. I don’t mean “Hillary” and her emails, without which Trump would have lost one of his bigger campaign planks. No, I refer to “hypocrisy” — a concept that seems to be less of a character flaw and more of a job requirement in Trumpworld.


    Ignoring the Presidential Records Act, which requires occupants of the White House to preserve communications about government business for history, is nothing new for the Trump claque. In fact, it was likely the first law they flouted once inside the White House. Days after the inauguration in January 2017, I was tipped off by a computer expert that high-level staffers had email accounts on a private Republican National Committee email server. I published a story about it and almost immediately fielded a call from a member of the Trump White House, who shouted into the phone that I was “a little fool” and demanded that the article be taken down.

    It remains online to this day, of course.

  8. Just to be sure.  Is everyone in who wants to be in?

    Jamie – NY Traffic  & Necker Island 

    Renee / XR – Tiz The Law 

    Patd –  Money Moves 

    Sturgeone – NY Traffic 

    BiD – NY Traffic 

    Pogo – Storm The Court 

    KGC / BB – Authentic 

    David B/ Flatus  – Honor AP 

    Craig – Major Fed 

  9. Pick a horse all you lurkers.  It makes the race a lot more fun. Thanks Jaime for keeping this going

  10. another day, another book


    Former FBI agent Peter Strzok alleges in a new book that investigators came to believe it was “conceivable, if unlikely” that Russia was secretly controlling President Trump after he took office — a full-fledged “Manchurian candidate” installed as America’s commander in chief.
    In the book, “Compromised,” Strzok describes how the FBI had to consider “whether the man about to be inaugurated was willing to place his or Russia’s interests above those of American citizens,” and if and how agents could investigate that. Strzok opened the FBI’s 2016 investigation into whether Trump’s campaign had coordinated with the Kremlin to help his election and later was involved in investigating Trump personally. He was ultimately removed from the case over private text messages disparaging of the president.
    “We certainly had evidence that this was the case: that Trump, while gleefully wreaking havoc on America’s political institutions and norms, was pulling his punches when it came to our historic adversary, Russia,” Strzok writes. “Given what we knew or had cause to suspect about Trump’s compromising behavior in the weeks, months, and years leading up to the election, moreover, it also seemed conceivable, if unlikely, that Moscow had indeed pulled off the most stunning intelligence achievement in human history: secretly controlling the president of the United States — a Manchurian candidate elected.”
    Strzok seems to believe now that is not the case — though he told the Atlantic that Trump’s conduct is deeply problematic.
    “I don’t think that Trump, when he meets with Putin, receives a task list for the next quarter,” Strzok said, referencing the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. “But I do think the president is compromised, that he is unable to put the interests of our nation first, that he acts from hidden motives, because there is leverage over him, held specifically by the Russians but potentially others as well.”

  11. I picked Necker Island because it is the island owned by Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines.  I wonder if he is an investor/owner of the horse.  Necker was destroyed by hurricane and needed to be completely rebuilt.  

  12. derby day tradition for bars to be packed statewide.  prolly see an uptick in covid cases come middle of month and more deaths than usual around holidays due to the lack of mask wearing in said establishments today.

    fitting scripture for the day

    When the Lamb broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come.” I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth.

    — Revelation 6:7–8

  13. Considering we have about four billion excess humans on the planet, there are plenty to spare for Mother Nature to take revenge for their destruction.  Unfortunately, however they go, it makes the friends and relatives very unhappy.  

  14. Jamie – Two of Necker Island’s owners are black; Harbut’s family goes back to training Man O’ War.  It was an interesting article.  
    This year, I’m just sticking with Psalm 120. “Deliver me, O Lord, from lying lips, from a deceitful tongue.”
    Had the TV on in the background while I prepped vegetables.  A decades marathon of “Get Smart, and wow, it was so misogynistic and racist. First, it was Asians,  then it was Native Americans (complete with brown face), and, women were just window dressing. 
    Turned it off.  Gonna listen to music and paint now.   I spent some of my stimulus money on art supplies.  Couldn’t think of a thing during lockdown, but the brain started conjuring ideas once I went back to the office.  It won’t look like what’s in my head, but I’ll have fun until I have to clean up the mess.  

  15. Bid

    The article was interesting particularly considering how long the family has been part of raciing.  I was familiar with the earliest jockeys of the Derby.  The black jockey horse ties that you never see anymore were sourced from those early groomsmen and jockeys from the mid to late 1800s,  It is only recently that you are starting to see black jockeys again.  


  16. newsweek:

    Like Yevgeny Vindman, several high-profile service members have spoken out about Trump’s belittling remarks in The Atlantic report. Pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger III, the Air Force veteran responsible for “The Miracle on the Hudson,” took aim at Trump in a series of tweets on Friday, calling out the president’s “egregious behavior.”
    “It is time to call out egregious behavior for what it is,” Sullenberger wrote. “For the first time in American history, a president has repeatedly shown utter and vulgar contempt and disrespect for those who have served and died serving our country.
    He added: “We owe it not only to those who have served and sacrificed for our nation, but to ourselves and to succeeding generations to vote him out.”
    U.S. Senator and Purple Heart recipient Tammy Duckworth also wrote on her Twitter page: “When our Black Hawk went down in Iraq, my buddies risked their lives to carry my body to safety—even though they thought I was dead. Because in the US military, NO ONE is left behind. This Coward in Chief doesn’t deserve to be the commander of the world’s greatest military.”

  17. in re D’ump

    Lyrics: Courtesy of Patrick Pence
    He’s a loser, pay no mind to what he says.
    He’s a loser, he got rocks in both his hands.
    He’s a loser, he can’t win can’t place or show.
    He’s a loser, and you know how much I hate to say I told you so.
    I love you so. I love you so.
    Troubles follows in his tracks, man that dude’s bad news.
    Let it go, don’t call him back, his bad news follows you.
    He’s a loser, call him anything you choose.
    He’s a loser, and if he makes himself the blues.
    He’s a loser, always stops when he says go.
    He’s a loser, and you know how much I hate to say I told you so.
    I told you so.
    I told you so.
    I told you sooo.

  18. Well, made lp help clean up the yard at the office. Yard guys are MIA.  Decided to collect the clippings since yard guys just cut it with string trimmers. Now this yard is mostly covered with our office. It’s maybe 60 feet deep with strips of grass a total of maybe 11 feet Wide plus about 800 square feet of lawn in front/back yards combined. I estimate we got 50 pounds of grass clippings. Insane, but man it looks better. My left pinky tip is 9 stitches heavier after I made a boneheaded mistake with my old electric hedge trimmers.  Bled like the proverbial stick pig, but the stitches are holding it together nicely. But really it is fine, or will be in a week. Caught surprisingly little hell from Mrs. P. 

  19. It is illegal to drink and drive on the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland lakes and rivers.  I don’t know about Texas, but I would guess the friendly police are not doing drunk driver tests on the swimmers they pulled out of the water.  Also, someone has to pay for the pollution of the waters caused by idiots.

  20. i might be fating this horse to certain and immediate doom, but in honor of Cardi B, let’s go “Money Moves”

  21. Authentic won?!  I think I need to take my pulse.  I never win anything.  What is my temperature?  It has to be above seventy-five, it does really.  OMG.  Where is my blood pressure machine?

  22. The question remains…will his maga military people stick with him in spite of everything including wanting to end Stars & Stripes 9/30/2020 which he now changed.

  23. KGC/Blue Bronc – congrats on your impressive prognosticating.

    PatD – Thx for the gift idea for Craig. Will have to find out how squeamish he is about snakes – there are some things I still don’t know about him!

  24. It looks like all the rats will go down in s.s. trump. kellyanne conway will be the sole survivor. 
    We’re gonna need more prison space.

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