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  1. the hill:

    President Trump‘s niece, Mary Trump, on Friday revealed audio recordings that reportedly capture Trump’s sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, swiping at the president’s children, Ivanka and Eric Trump
    The audio, released by Mary Trump on MSNBC News late Friday evening, includes Trump Barry taking aim at Ivanka for an Instagram post around the start of the Trump administration’s policy separating families at the U.S. border. 
    The post in question featured Ivanka with her younger son and was criticized at the time by comedian Samantha Bee, who later apologized for using the c-word to blast the senior White House adviser.
    Trump Barry says in the audio she didn’t blame Bee for the comment.
    “That damn Ivanka puts this picture of the Madonna and Child on Instagram when the big news of the day was how kids are being ripped from their families. I couldn’t blame … I’d never heard of Samantha Bee before. I couldn’t blame what she said.”
    The audio goes on to a different recording that appears to show Trump Barry again swiping at Ivanka and also Eric Trump. 
    “Meanwhile, Eric’s become the moron publicly. Ivanka gives a s–t. She’s all about her,” Trump Barry says.
    Mary Trump is then heard in the audio saying: “Yeah, she’s a mini-Donald.”
    “She’s a mini-Donald but yet he’s besotted with her. He always has been,” Trump Barry responds. “She’s always been his favorite.”

  2. sturge, that looks like it was made from a screen door  spring with a flutophone mouthpiece attached.

  3. So, it’s like playing a saxophone and a tree saw.  Nine out of ten folks can play it, huh? I’d be that 10th one.  

  4. We know Donald has a creepy thing for Ivanker.  We know Ivanker wants to be prez.   We know we have to annihilate the entire tRUMP family in November, by voting out the crime boss, Donald, by such overwhelming numbers that he will have no choice but to pack up for MarA-Ego.   You know, until it’s time for all of them to go to prison.

  5. Gahoon must mean ‘stepped on a cat’ in some other language.  Is he one one of the nine who can play it, or, is he the tenth one?   I really can’t tell.  Ha!

  6. Ivanka has the same glib con quality as the great orange.  Tiffany is the one who gets a JD and is treated like the red headed step child.  Brains are not considered an asset in that family.  

  7. i know some of us on the trail are not maher fans, but this conversation last night with wynton marsalis was pertinent to arguments of the day and wynton is worth listening to even if bill isn’t.

  8. I usually catch Maher as a rerun but did see him last night for a change. Loved Wynton, hated Trey Gowdy – lying sackofshit. And I thought we were done with him. Bill, don’t give him a platform. 

  9. D’ump incitement to violence reaps havoc which benefits his campaign.  too bad more folks don’t see this because his use of riot photos will produce same reaction in vote booth as similar pics did in ’68. 

    excerpt from a wapo op ed by josh meyer:

    …Trump is ignoring — and at times himself inciting — a potentially much deadlier threat: heavily armed White militia members showing up at Black Lives Matter protests with the purported goal of protecting against property damage and injuries to civilians.
    That’s a big problem, whether Trump is doing it intentionally or not. And it will only get worse as one of the most polarized and divisive presidential campaigns in recent history goes into the home stretch.
    Local police aren’t ready or able to confront these militia members, who often show up at rallies carrying assault rifles and dressed in uniforms that make them virtually indistinguishable from law enforcement agents or the National Guard. In some cases, police have welcomed them.
    I warned of right-wing violence in 2009. Republicans objected. I was right.
    And it would be all but impossible for police to rein in these wannabe urban commandos even if they tried to. Thanks to lax gun control laws, virtually nothing they’re doing is illegal until they pull the trigger, at which point police intervention is usually too late. That’s especially the case in at least 45 open-carry states, where militia members can walk around in public armed and outfitted as if they’re going to war in Iraq or Afghanistan. Usually, little or no weapons training is required.
    Trump’s vow to surge more federal agents and the National Guard into American cities will make an already extremely volatile situation worse. The groups are massing on Facebook, Instagram and other social media. And conservative media commentators are adding fuel to the fire by saying armed civilians are the only thing protecting innocent citizens and their businesses from violence and destruction.

  10. What are tRUMP’s GOONS going to do near NBA arenas on November 3rd?   Obstruct the vote by any means necessary, no doubt.   

  11. Watching the LP’s “Decency” ad about Biden, I get the feeling that if Joe had met a young Donald and cared about him, then old Donald wouldn’t be such a giant turd.  But that didn’t happen and tRUMP is a giant turd. 
    I love Joe and Kamala!

  12. patd….  IMO, Bill Maher isn’t worth listening to if you can’t handle people having different opinions than yours.  It was nice to see him back in the studio last night even though he was alone.  And yes, Wynton was worth every word.
    BTW…  Carol surfaced on FaceBook this morning.  She didn’t say a word about the hurricane…  but at least we know she’s alive.  I did leave a comment.  If she talks to me, I’ll let you know.

  13. So, Maher is a completely different guy and much more like-able off of that show of his, but as Pogo says, he’ll give any POS a platform with it as long as they setup his awful jokes.  
    Plus, i resent that he is ascribed to be some liberal spokesperson when he isn’t very progressive, at all.  
    My opinions on the topic aren’t that strong, though.  It’s a message board, gotta post something🤷‍♂️

    (i actually enjoyed his “Religiosity” comedy special)

  14. Let’s just something happened to the poodle’s handler soon.  Does SFB go quietly when voted out?   Maybe Chiner could run defense against interference from  Russher and Eyeran, then, it would be up to AMERICAN voters.

  15. As for Samantha Bee she should NOT have apologized.  She should take NO responsibility.  In fact, she should have NO knowledge of what they’re talking about vis-a-vis Ivanker.  That’s the difference between the Dems & repubes. The Dems just aren’t bastardly enough. And Al Franken should NOT have resigned.
    Moscow Mitch can hardly get the hamburger words out without laughing.

  16. Sturg, Return that magazine, complete with the neat ad, to the barber shop from which you ‘borrowed’ it-=-Now!!

  17. Interesting old ball thing happened this morning.  Back a while the remnants of Hurricane Isaias hit us on the Potomac River.  This morning what was left of Hurricane Laura came over.  Not odd as those were big and covered a lot of territory.  The fun thing is the centers came right over us.  They are identifiable and have some structure.  Lots of rain, wind, and lightning.  But very different from when they were hurricanes.

  18. Jamie, good cartoon.
    Who is the pres NOW? TRUMP!  THIS is trumpity’s Amerika! High unemployment, deadly virus not contained, street violence caused by white separatists, KKK, boogaloo boys, and Q-anon.
    Another 4 years of this + a full blown dictator? NO!
    “Day after RNC mention, Boogaloo-linked ex-Air Force Sgt accused of killing cops stands in court with mask referencing police shootings”

  19. trumpity is to vacuous that all the basket of deplorabables have to do is kiss his…whatever, and he likes them!

  20. TT – The clip of Melaniar losing her smile when Ivanker got on stage. Ha!   She hates her step-daughter as much as the rest of us.

  21. hands stiff to the side by kellyanne reminded me of rob rosenstein’s robotic/drugged appearance with barr rept of mueller rept.  they both looked like they were hostages and uncomfortable with being there.  it was indeed an unusual behavior for her as the body language pointed out.

  22. Flate……I have a great fondness for those barbershop magazines…..at one time I had a great collection of them, but since they got conflagrated all I have is the great fondness.
    On the brighter side, you got any idea how heavy a footlocker full of old magazines is?

  23. I just pre-ordered Michael Cohen’s book at my local independent bookstore.
    Should be a good read.

  24. I think Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both need to play it safe with regard to public events.    Nobody should let Orange Julius goad them into doing anything.

  25. Investigations Provide a Window Into How Trump Does Business

    Ocasio-Cortez mentioned a Trump-branded golf course, Trump Golf Links, that is located in her district in the Bronx, noting that it was built using a hundred and twenty-seven million dollars in taxpayer funds but that Trump’s company has received all the profits. She then quoted a news article that reported that Trump had said in financial-disclosure forms that his golf course in Jupiter, Florida, was worth more than fifty million dollars, but reported to local tax authorities that it was worth no more than five million dollars. Did the President ever tinker with the numbers to reduce his tax bills, Ocasio-Cortez asked Cohen. Cohen answered that he believed he did. At another point during his testimony, Cohen elaborated. “It was my experience that Mr. Trump inflated his total assets when it served his purposes, such as trying to be listed amongst the wealthiest people in Forbes,” he said. “And deflated his assets to reduce his real-estate taxes.”

  26. Well, i asked a few days, ago, “when will the idiots in this country realize they can’t open the schools”, and this week’s “This American Life” addresses that very question.

  27. ‘Sea monkeys’ are small crustaceans, often called brine shrimp. The eggs hatch in briny water and the little shrimps swim around. I used to get the eggs from the pet store to hatch. When I had shrimp, I’d strain them out of the brine and feed them to my tropical fish. 
    The funny humpbacked tropical catfish can’t take salt, so I wouldn’t use the brine shrimp in a tank that had catfish. 

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