“Something familiar, something peculiar, something for everyone: a comedy tonight!”

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

What do we expect from the rnc family reunion of trumps this week?  I expect that the grifters will continue the tradition started by SFB and his family of scamming the cult members.  Selling commercial time, or for a fee, doing live promos themselves. No matter what these will be the highlight of any convention night.

What can we expect?  More beans for sale?  Of course.  Sleepy time bags filled with lumps?  Why not?  Landscaping services?  Best done by the lady of the house for an extra donation.  Need a purse, that might be a copy of a copy?  Sure ‘nuf. Need some speeches?  Get them by the dozen (professionally performed).  Want to set up a “charity” for yourself?  Experts are on hand.  NDA’s are available in case you have someone who overheard your phone call. 

Learn ways to avoid having your taxes seen by attorneys, real or surreal versions.  Need a mob connection, special connections can be made. Need an attorney, a few can be on hand.  Learn a new language, Russian is like a second language around the condo and fake island.  Like to schedule a vacation away from it all?  Learn to write special love letters to dictators.  How about getting a few Chinese patents?  These can be had.

There are so many other ways they can get in your wallet, just sit back and enjoy.


Author: Blue Bronc

Born in Detroit when Truman was president, survived the rest of them. Early on I learned that FDR was the greatest president, which has withstood all attempts to change that image. Democratic Party, flaming liberal, Progressive, equality for all and a believer in we are all human and deserve respect and understanding. College educated, a couple of degrees, a lot of world experience and tons of fun. US Air Force (pre-MRE days). Oil and gas fields, computer rooms and stuff beyond anything I can talk about. It has been quite a life so far. The future is making my retirement boat my home. Dogs, cats and other critters fill my life with happiness. Work pays the bills.

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  1. BB, i keep hearing behind your thread title about the upcoming goper gaggle the cole porter lyrics from “kiss me kate” 

    Another op’nin’, another show
    In Philly, Boston or Baltimo’,
    A chance for stage folks to say hello,
    Another op’nin’ of another show.
    Another job that you hope, at last,
    Will make your future forget your past,
    Another pain where the ulcers grow,
    Another op’nin’ of another show.

  2. thoughts on kellyanne departure:

    another (aside from family) reason for that decision is her past work on 2016 campaign with bannon and any contact with him since then depending on  what she may know that’s valuable to his prosecution.

    and this from wapo:

    Her husband, George T. Conway III, a conservative lawyer and outspoken critic of the president, is also stepping back from his role on the Lincoln Project, an outside group of Republicans devoted to defeating Trump in November. He will also take a hiatus from Twitter, the venue he has often used to attack the president

  3. and how colbert covered D’ump’s goodyear goof

    It took only minutes for President Trump to go after Goodyear Tires on Twitter, after the company banned employees from wearing MAGA apparel at their Ohio facility. #Colbert #LateShowLIVE #ColdOpens

  4. The next question of life is now that there is no republican party, what replaces it?  rnc, greedy old perverts, have stated that it is the party of SFB now.  Democrats run against SFB, not repubs.  From dog catcher to Biden/Harris, all Dems run against the orange rind.  The name, republican, is now tainted and may never recover.
    What new name will replace rnc?

  5. LOL. Goodyear is the sole supplier of tires for NASCAR, is the most successful tire supplier for Formula 1 (it no longer build F1 tires) and is the only American tire manufacturer in the Top 4 global tire manufacturers. 92% of its operating income is from sales abroad. Right Donnie, attack Goodyear over a no tolerance for political attire training video that showed a MAGA cap. 

  6. The “establishment”gop will attack the Loons and wrest control and then back to biz as usual, but without the racism, misogyny, cruelty, and kkk. They’ll lose for a bit but—They’ll be bach. 

  7. Failing a re-takeover of the gop they will wander 40 years in the desert, while the Loons get goofier and loonier till they eventually and inevitably fade to black.  You can’t turn Americans into nazis.  Not ALL of them, anyway.

  8. so this was the reason for the breaking news breakthrough D’ump breathlessly announced yesterday after goosing the FDA


    China is claiming the dubious honor of the first nation to roll out an experimental coronavirus vaccine for public use, saying it began inoculating high-risk groups in late July.
    For those keeping score, that would put Beijing’s civilian rollout three weeks earlier than Russia’s, with neither vaccine having yet passed standard clinical trials. Beijing health officials said Saturday they began dosing some medical workers and state-owned enterprise employees with an experimental covid-19 vaccine in late July under “urgent use” protocols.
    The Beijing announcement followed a diplomatic controversy last week, in which Papua New Guinea said it had turned back a group of Chinese miners who had received an experimental coronavirus vaccine.
    There were signs of impatience in the White House as Beijing trumpeted its vaccine rollout over the weekend. President Trump tweeted Saturday alleging that either the Food and Drug Administration or the “deep state” was delaying progress for a U.S. coronavirus vaccine, without providing substantiating detail. On Sunday, Trump touted the FDA’s emergency authorization of convalescent plasma as a treatment for covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

  9. sturge, in the meantime some of those goper nomads are pitching their tent in the biden oasis.

    from the hill this morning:

    Former Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), a frequent critic of President Trump, is endorsing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden along with several other former Republican lawmakers.
    The Biden campaign announced the endorsements, first reported by Fox News, Monday morning. The list includes other former members of Congress who had previously announced their support for Biden, including former Sens. John Warner (R-Va.) and Gordon Humphrey (R-N.H.), who is now an independent, and Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.).
    Other former lawmakers on the list include former Reps. Steve Bartlett (R-Texas), Tom Coleman (R-Mo.), Bob Inglis (R-S.C.), Chris Shays (R-Ct.), Alan Steelman (R-Texas) and Jim Walsh (R-Texas).

  10. daily beast:

    But the most moving testimony in #Unfitcomes courtesy ofGeorge Conway, the attorney, Lincoln Project co-founder, and husband of Trump counselorKellyanne Conway, whose footage was filmed prior to the Conways’ announcement Sunday night that she would beleaving the Trump White House and he would be departing the Lincoln Project to focus on their family. (Their 15-year-old daughter, Claudia, has also been a very vocal opponent of Trump on Twitter and TikTok, and on Saturday announced plans to emancipate from her parents.)
    “I voted for Donald Trump in 2016, and I almost took a job myself to run the civil division in the Department of Justice,” says Conway. “Donald Trump wasn’t my first choice among the Republican nominees, but I was hopeful that he would calm down and get better as time went on.”
    He adds, “The problem was, once he got into the supreme position of power, he lost some of his incentive to be disciplined. And I’m thinking at this point in time: What’s wrong with him? Donald Trump is like a practical joke that got out of hand.”
    Indeed, Conway was considered for the role of U.S. solicitor general before he was up for assistant attorney general in the Civil Division of the U.S. Department of Justice—only to withdraw from consideration owing to what he saw as Trump’s erratic behavior. He’s since become one of the more vocal anti-Trump Republicans—both on Twitter and via the Lincoln Project, a group of #NeverTrump GOPers who create viral content to both get under the president’s skin and urge voters to make the right choice in 2020.
    Later on in #Unfit, Conway—whose mother was a scientist from the Philippines and whose children with Conway are a quarter Filipino—told a personal story about why he feels Trump is unfit for the presidency.
    “My mother came from the Philippines… came to the United States in the 1950s,” says Conway. “I just think of myself as an American, and I just assume people aren’t racist. And I tend to forget, well, some people are. And that’s sort of the lesson with Trump, is I just gave him the benefit of the doubt.”
    “What he said about those members of Congress brought back that memory of, wow, there really are people like that here,” offers Conway. “I was with my mother when I was a teenager in a parking lot in Massachusetts, and somebody said to her, ‘Go back to your country,’” he continues, before wiping away tears. “Sorry. And I found that to be… it really came home to me: This man is a racist, he is evil.”

    “He’s a racist. Beyond any question.”

  11. patd – She will speak.  Also, this quit and spend time with family story stinks like a backed up sewer.  She will show up in the campaign too.  What is interesting is the parents come back to take care of family. I do not believe it.  It was not the children, those two are too deep into politics for that.  There had to be something else that has not bubbled to the surface yet.

  12. BB, i agree and think some of the withdrawal has to do with her days working with steve bannon.

  13. Idk but little Claudia really blew the roof off.  She mentioned years of abuse implying that it went back beyond 2016. And it’s true that the con jobs are taking advantage of their family plight in order to extricate themselves from the looming.

  14. Sturgeone – the mother could not have been home with the children, she has spent over four years with SFB and working at the WH is not an eight hour day.  George also had long days.  The children must have been raised by nannies.  I know by time I was sixteen I was ready to split from home, I usually did not spend that much time there.  So Claudia has already done the homework to be on her own, probably  living with a nanny or friend.  The parents coming back together, under one roof, and making nice is not the full story.  There is more. 
    The Bannon thing might be possible if the investigation shows her fingerprints on it.  Or, she and one of the SFB fruit of the loins decided to spend time together, off the clock so to speak, and were outted?  With her heading back to the homestead and whomever told to keep quiet (NDA’s legal or not).  With that bunch anything that is wild and stomach churning is possible.

  15. How bout that. Stephan King got rich by writing about being really creepy.  And actually he’s just a kind hearted bass player.

    Famous bass players Dept.: Hulk Hogan

  16. BlueB…  love the photo of the RNC keynote speakers!
    KGC…  so glad to know that you are safe…   Happy, happy birthday Mr. Cracker!
    Gave up watching the people living in the Alaska Wildlife Refuge last Monday to watch the first night of the Democratic convention.  Won’t do it for the republican one.

  17. KGC – it is a favorite of mine too.  I have the movie DVD, which I like to show every now and then on movie night on the boat. 
    Considering how leaky the WH is I am sure that the “more time with the family” was created and implemented fast, as most such announcements are.  Something happened.  I cannot wait for the tell all books.

  18. Possibility exists that the Conways et al fabricated, scripted, and orchestrated this whole play.
    The book will be a sensafantastically stupendously blockbusteral bombshell.

  19. It begins to look like Every time the protests die down you look for someone else to be murdered in the streets.

  20. So here I am stuck in my car driving around East bum fuck in the immediate environment and what’s on TV what’s on the radio yeah dumb fuck at the RNC.He sounds even more stupid and dishonest and he usually does if you can believe that.

  21. Well Glenn Kessler may have had the week off for the most part last week trying to fact check the statemeets at the democratic convention, but he’ll have to get back to work quickly.

  22. bbob, usatoday had a story about joe & his car earlier this month:

    If presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden wins in November, he will have to hand over the keys to the only car he’s ever loved: a 1967 Chevy Corvette convertible Stingray.

    The Secret Service forbids the commander in chief to drive. Even once his term ends, a former president can never drive a car on an open road again, according to CNBC and various reports.

    For Biden, who has said he loves to drive, that will be tough. The car Biden loves to drive the most is built for the open road: 327 cubic inch, L79 V8 engine rated at 350 horsepower with a 4-speed manual transmission, according to Hagerty, a Michigan company that specializes in collector car insurance and valuations. 


  23. BB – Spot on!
    Will they mention COVID?  If so, will it be in relation to the ~really great~ numbers or one of their non-cures?
    I started a painting yesterday.  I will turn on some  music at 7pm and focus on that.  I look forward to reading the comments here tomorrow.   

  24. If Orange Julius is so worried about getting a vaccine to Americans, line up you fat f**k.   You first,  then Ivanker, Tiff, the three boys, JarJar, and, ALL of the grandkids.  

  25. Old Man

    Rachel Maddow laid it all out in detail in her book Blowout

    Blowout: Corrupted Democracy, Rogue State Russia, and the Richest, Most Destructive Industry on Earth 

  26. lincoln project about the above:

    August 24, 2020 – As the Republican National Convention begins in the midst of the worst pandemic of our lifetime, The Lincoln Project today released a new ad reminding Americans who is actually responsible for the failed response to COVID. The ad, “Evil,” shows that Jared Kushner prioritized the President’s reelection above public health, ignoring testing from states with Democratic leadership, resulting in the loss of nearly 200,000 lives and counting.


    “The failed leadership of this administration is staggering from the top down,” said Reed Galen, co-founder of The Lincoln Project. “Playing politics with public health is disgusting enough, but ignoring early warning signs coming from testing in the most populous states in the nation simply because the states are run by Democrats is a level of evil that has, unfortunately, become commonplace in Trump’s America. More Americans have been killed due to the President’s lack of response in COVID than were killed in World War I, Pearl Harbor, Vietnam, or 9 / 11.”

  27. Postmaster General in House hearing can’t say how much it costs to mail a post card or anything else, says “I’ll submit I know very little about postage stamps” 

  28. https://www.texastribune.org/2020/08/21/texas-gop-slogan-storm/
    Just got an invite to a church where this q-razy, dumbass (Allen West) will be speaking on Sunday.   Kingdom of Life Church in Frisco should lose its tax-exempt status. I don’t go to that church.  I don’t go to any church during a pandemic.  I wouldn’t go anywhere to listen to this moron.   I got your storm right here (crotch  grab), you disgrace to the military. 

  29. Trump’s use of overtly racist tropes is best understood as the inevitable end of “the Southern Strategy” road, paved brick by brick through 13 presidential election cycles since 1968, and blessed by cons white Xns. I unpack this history in #WhiteTooLong:
    Robert P Jones

  30. GOP convention thread coming at 8pm ET. C’mon folks, gotta know thy enemy, grab a stress toy and watch. See the humor, gonna be like Nazis producing Hee Haw.

  31. Falwell Jr insists he hasn’t stepped down…yet.  He’s trying to hang in there until the Republican/Russian klan meeting has concluded.  So far, the details are grosser than I had anticipated.  I can barely watch tRUMPsky on the news, lying about COVID, lying about Joe, lying every time he opens his mouth.

    Know the enemy better?
    I want dirt on tRUMP’s drug habit.  I want to see his medical records. I want to see his taxes.  And, most of all, I want to see him get struck by lightning on the golf course. 

  32. All religious folks are sex fiends.  Broad enough brush?   Jerry Falwell, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Baker, et. al. 

  33. Just noticed the mayo picture and took a look at the rest of this week’s police line-up.

  34. tt21 – of course they are.  The forbidden fruit.  The denied good feeling of sex.  The denial of earthly pleasure which actually is not very deniable.  Wasn’t there a move titled I want to watch?  Can I make a case of burn in hell for Fallflat jr?  Sure.  But, he has a kink in his pleasure world.  So what.  At least he was not hurting anyone.
    His politics are another matter!  He needs to rot in hell for being such a ass.

  35. https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/24/politics/michael-cohen-trump-ads/index.html
    Speaking of Mickey C, I don’t know if this helps or not.   Is anyone really still on the fence about tRUMP?  It seems that the only ones left in his camp are racists and evangelical racists who are hiding behind the Bible.   Suppressing the vote is the only chance Orange Julius has to retain power.   Heads up to Moscow Mitch, Devil Nunes, and, the rest who continue to prop up Donny’s fat, white backside.  You’re going down hard and history will not remember you kindly.  Also,  you’re not getting any younger, either, so that blood money will be worthless.  

  36. Don’t you just love these fakes! The pool boy meets the President. His sex partners in tow!

  37. Vernon Jones – become a Republican if you think ASSHOLE is a better option than the Democratic Party. 

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