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  1. Good evening Sturgeone.

    We have already had an early edition today of Trump as Oz the Terrible so it is time to look behind the curtain. 

  2. Ha KGC, tell the mister to just throw up in his mouth and swallow. We gotta all see this, this convention could be the best get out the vote for Democrats ever.

  3. ms petri:

    President Trump, as recently as a few days ago, was brimming with last-minute ideas for the Republican National Convention. Given the folks actually confirmed to be speaking (Charlie Kirk, Trump’s children, the St. Louis couple who waved guns at protesters), I could only imagine what prime-time additions he might have in mind. So I did!

    WWE-style rumble where a USPS mailbox is booed and struck with folding chairs
    Special screening of “Plandemic,” sponsored by Facebook
    Staged reading of “The Lion in Winter,” starring the adult Trump children
    Pageant whose winner just MIGHT become the new vice president! Dare Mike Pence risk not competing?Segment a la “The Apprentice” in which all the fired members of Trump’s Cabinet are assembled for a special “The Best of the Best People” all-stars event and must complete such challenges as Firing James Comey Without Asking Questions, Giving The Go-Ahead (But Not The Order) To Clear A Square of Protesters With Pepper Balls and Insulting Rex Tillerson
    Two-Minutes’ Hate
    Infomercial for a special pillow guaranteed to repel sex demons, possessing the properties of copper
    Hour-long phone call with Sean Hannity just to check in
    Special message from Russia, unclear what

  4. Can’t watch.  Will just read your comments.   The crackers have had a tough week; they are strong enough to take it.   
    If the  logo is tRUMP 2020, man, what dumb move.  Tying his name with the worst year in memory of most voters.  

  5. Wannabes.  So, the Texas hairdresser who demanded opening her salon oughta be there, looking for attention.   Melaniar better keep her eye on that one; she’s liable to climb under SFB. 

  6. Drove by a house today that had a flagpole off of the front porch.  The flag flying from it wasn’t an American flag, it was a “Trump” flag.
    Kind of says it all, to me.

  7. Romney says he empathizes?  Soothes people? Romney McDaniel is delusional.
    Well, the repubes always tell everyone just what they want to hear.

  8. ALL those people on the RNC survivor game show are miserable failures of the American educational system.

  9. Oh God!  A twanging voice says he recognized the virus early.  Lies, lies and more lies!!

  10. Looking at Colbert’s Late Show bingo board.  Has “Stephen Miller unhinged his jaw to swallow an immigrant and get the crowd fired up” yet?    

  11. I dunno, I’m switching between the RNC and LA-Portland. Sean Parnell is a fucking liar. Hope he loses in Nov. 
    BTW where is this being broadcast in DC?

  12. Funny how much GOP tried to make first hour about appealing to blacks but ended with gun-toting Missouri racists telling suburbs the blacks are coming to get them

  13. Poobah, I want the interruptions – that’s why I’m flipping between the two. LA up by 21 in the 2nd.

  14. i keep meaning to turn this garbage on and join in the fun, but then i find much more appealing things to do.

  15. “Seriously how do anti-communist square coddling Putin?”
    They’re racist and he’s “white”.

  16. The racists are gonna be so sad when they find out that their new Russian overlords have a lot of East Asian ancestry.

  17. …turned it on and the very first images i see are “riots”. 
    i see where they’re going with this…

  18. Listening to Don Jr. tonight you’d think he never met his father. You’d think he would have at least faked a “great family-man” Dad tribute. 

  19. GOP snoozefest: They so played it safe. Endless podium speeches, few videos (one played twice). No singers, a Lawrence Welk loop would have fit in well.

  20. Melanie just on Colbert – hilarious. Roses like her husband- they smell and have little pricks. 

  21. As I said, after having basically the week off last week, Glenn Kessler and associates had to go back to work today.

    The first night of the 2020 Republican National Convention was a fire hose of false or misleading claim, mostly drawn from President Trump’s arsenal of falsehoods. Here are 19 claims that caught our attention.

    (Continues to the 19 false claims that caught the WaPo fact checkers’ attention)

  22. Holy shit, the “New Yorker” straight up lifted my jokes from this forum.  Scumbags.

    Welk, it took four of you to do what i did in 5 mins, so enjoy that studio apt you hacks.

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