Picture This

Assorted band pictures

Destin, Florida, ‘82

‘73 Myrtle Beach
‘80 Nashville
’94 Cavallaro Restaurant, Charleston
2001 at the Fish Camp

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  1. speaking of bill, this excerpt from today’s the guardian describing someone and what happened to him when he publicly admitted he made a mistake:


    As the weeks went by, Walker remained ambivalent about whether he had done the right thing. “I was unsure whether or not my intent came across, but Bill Maher ran a story on it and said, ‘The world needs more Republicans like this guy,’ and, when I heard that, I felt like my intentions were heard and that was the message I was going for.
    Walker, 35, did not own a Maga hat but ordered one when “a random, crazy” idea took hold in his mind. When the president came to town, he put the red cap on and took along his sign expressing repentance. He was “scared” what reaction he might get as thousands of Trump supporters poured into Nashville, he admits, and had two friends standing nearby as “bodyguards”.

    “I intended to stand there for like five minutes and get a photo that I could post as my own private protest, but within two minutes you [Guardian reporter] walked up to me and I didn’t even entirely know how to react to that. I thought if someone came up to me, I would probably need to start running for the exit.

    “Immediately after that, more people started coming up to me and I ended up staying for hours. I marched all around with the protesters and so many of them came up to me and gave me hugs and thanked me and said me taking a stand like that was inspiring. It really moved people.

    “People were crying and it just felt like a really healing moment which was not what I expected. It reinforced my hope that I could find a way to be an activist, even in my own kind of quirky way of standing there in a red hat and holding up a sign as a regretful Trump voter.”

    But when Walker approached people attending the Trump rally, the reception was rather less warm. “It felt like there was a lot of toxicity and I didn’t even feel safe over there.”

  2. wapo:

    The House is poised to vote Saturday on legislation to provide $25 billion to the U.S. Postal Service and explicitly prohibit any operational changes amid widespread Democratic fears that the Trump administration is trying to disenfranchise millions of Americans casting mail ballots this November.
    The House vote is expected to break along party lines as the White House has threatened to veto the bill and Republicans have dismissed reports of mail delays, accusing Democrats of “baseless conspiracy theories” about postal problems to undermine President Trump’s reelection bid.
    In bringing the House back to vote, Pelosi faces pressure from an increasing number of her Democrats to also consider legislation to restore unemployment benefits that expired last month. Congressional Democratic leaders and the White House failed to reach an agreement on a new aid package before lawmakers left Washington.
    “It has been 19 days since the weekly $600 enhanced unemployment benefits expired, leaving 30 million Americans in a lurch. We owe it to people waiting to get back to work across the country not only to extend unemployment benefits to help them pay their bills, but to tie these benefits to economic conditions so workers are not held hostage by another cliff like this one,” more than half the Democratic caucus wrote.

  3. but look what Rant says according to lexington herald-leader:


    Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul wants USPS to cut jobs, make fewer deliveries to rural homes

    Paul said the post office shouldn’t be allocated any additional money “unless it’s attached to reform.” He also said the post office should change its operations, and gave an example of reducing mail delivery down to twice a week for people who live “20 miles down a shell road.”

    The American Postal Workers Union quickly took to Twitter to criticize Paul’s position on the issue.
    Sen. Rand Paul takes the *brave* position of telling people who “live down dirt roads” they should get their mail two days a week. Rural Kentuckians will be angry to hear that! #SaveThePostOffice
    10:43 AM · Aug 21, 2020

  4. rural kentucks ain’t the only ones gonna be angry.  whole bunch of farmers nationwide will be too, specially these grange guys who i bet are mostly registered gopers. the following was published on youtube in 2016. can’t imagine they’ve changed their minds about it even if some of them are maga-ts

  5. Well, but Rand Paul is an idiot. But we knew that. 
    Hey old man, great musical selections last night. I remember hearing the Chambers Brothers and simply falling in love with their music at first listen. 

  6. Why would the Federal Govt pay back NC for broken contracts for a Repug convention that won’t  happen?  Shouldn’t that come out of campaign funds?   Watch this one!   
    Sturge – If I didn’t know better, I woulda thunk you had a picture of my dad and his one of his bands in the 60’s.    

  7. “Rand Paul is an idiot” is a redundant statement. If you look up the word “idiot” all you will see is a picture of Rand Paul.
    One of my favorite things about Kentucky is how they make my state look almost sane.

  8. In that last pic at the fish camp, on the right is Mike, The Mustang Sally bass player who has a rock in Peggy Chapman’s Garden. It’s Dr. Dave on far left at Cavallaro and fish camp.
    Confused my dates, the fish camp was more like 2012.

    That’s also Mike 3rd from left in the Cavallaro pic.

  9. Good series of pictures
    Going from, “back when we had hair” to ” who are these old guys?”

  10. BiD, bet D’ump will order fed gov’t to pay for this too


    A California Superior Court judge has ordered President Donald Trump to pay $44,100 to Stephanie Clifford, also known as Stormy Daniels, to reimburse her attorneys’ fees in the legal battle surrounding her nondisclosure agreement.
    The judge’s order was issued Monday but posted online Friday by Clifford’s attorneys.
    Monday’s decision was a response to Clifford’s efforts to be reimbursed for costs and attorney’s fees related to the case.
    In his decision this week, Judge Robert Broadbelt III ruled that Clifford was entitled to legal fees, finding her the “prevailing party” under California law, despite the case having been dismissed.
    Broadbelt also rejected an argument by Trump’s attorneys that the President was not liable for the fees because he had not signed the NDA.
    In his decision, Broadbelt wrote that since Trump had reimbursed Cohen for the $130,000 payment to Clifford, and since the Trump legal team had earlier argued that a defamation suit filed against the President by Clifford should be handled by an arbitrator per the NDA, the President was effectively a party to the agreement.

  11. Once upon a time, the San Fernando Valley wasn’t a bunch of cement paving over some of the best agricultural land on the globe, there was even a song about Bing Crosby’s address.


  12. 2020

    175,000 deaths


    Killer Hornets

    Massive fires

    Already up to the letter M for hurricanes.

    and now the day before the election:  NASA predicts an asteroid will pass close to Earth the day before the election


  13.  All Dylan ever wanted was to play in a band, like Jerry lee, Little Richard, Ricky Nelson, Roy Orbison, buddy holly, Chuck Berry,  and them….he got sidetracked in that folk shit, but the Beatles set him free
    He used his folk time to learn how to write his own stuff, though, after he’d stole “House of the Rising Sun” from Dave van Ronk, but then the Animals stole it from HIM. Ronk always had a good laugh over that.

  14. There’s YouTube’s of Robbie Robertson talking about Dylan hiring the band (Levon and the Hawks  back then) and took em on tour..  Robbie said they sounded GOD AWFUL—got booed on many stages—and then at the end of the tour, Dylan booked another tour and just kept doing it until they finally started to sound good and The Hawks became The Band.  

  15. Dylan wasn’t all that great a player or singer so he pretty much HAD to write his own material if he was ever gonna get anywhere at all.  I love that squirrelly little feller.

  16. If it wasn’t HIS song, they’d a run him outa town for playing like that.   And he knows it. lol

  17. The forecast is for  TWO hurricanes to enter the Gulf of Mexico together; their cones are predicted to overlap on some models.  
    Hope they stir up the cool water below and die before they reach land.   We don’t need folks in shelters, especially during a pandemic.

  18. If folks liked getting that $600/week, that’s what $15/hour feels like.     The Republicans are responsible for getting that cut to $300/week or $7.50/hour…and they didn’t even want to do that.     Considering some states (like Florida) pay very little in state funds, it should be apparent that the only folks voting Republican will be very, wealth assholes and racists assholes. (Those groups are not mutually exclusive.)
    ps – The Texas Republican Party has been poisoned by Russia’s  q  garbage.   They’re  not the “storm,”  they’re a bunch of dangerous, deluded morons.   It’s too bad that elected officials are afraid to speak out against them (just like they’re afraid of tRUMPsky) to take back their party.  

  19. How much does Uncle Tim get to leave his cabin and play the part of trump’s happy negro ?
    Apparently, Moscow mitch figures he and his campaign would do better if he keeps some distance from the Perp in Chief, but where’s putin ? Unlike mitch, vlad doesn’t face an election, so he has no excuse for skipping the keynote night !
    And, where are roger stonesky, yulian assangeff, moscow mike flynn, moscow manafort and steve bannonov ? Promises Made, Promises Kept !

  20. I’m sure Moscow Mitch, Lindsay Graham, Tom cotton, and Jim Jordan will be right in there talking, no? They’re his most vocal supporters.  And I think 

  21. I forgot someone. Sorry. Let’s hear it for the ‘pick me, boss !’ super brown noser, Petrograd papa dope oulos. 

  22. What a group ! She’s backed by a soprano section.
    joni ernst & the nuts singing, Tender Carya Glabra and Harvest Ball ! 

  23. The New Michael Cohen book, Disloyal, is not on Audible but is on Amazon with a Kindle edition.  I wonder why.

  24. 180,166 Americans dead of the trump plague.
    I think 400,000 by Thanksgiving is do-able, if we all pitch in. 

  25. No Macy’s parade. No tree lighting with concerts and crowds in the streets or NY Eve ball drop (speaking of Joni Earnest), both of which are wall-to-wall humans. 

    Nikki Hayley just lost whatever credibility/decency she had left.  Roll around in that steaming pile of crap, Nikki.  That smell isn’t ever coming off of you now.  (They must’ve paid her big or promised her something in order to have a woman with Indian heritage to counter Harris.   Haley is no Harris.)

    Listening to John Lee Hooker and Stevie Ray Vaughn this evening, plus a little Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings.  

  26. So, the entire tRUMP klan is speaking at the klan meeting.  Puke. Trying to cement their dynasty. Maybe they can get a cell together on Rikers.

  27. Ordered some BIDEN/HARRIS merch.  I won’t be able to wear the mask to my polling place, though.   

  28. Long warm day today. All morning and an hour into the afternoon getting the lawn tractor back in the game and cutting and weed whacking the yard. Then ribs, corn and baked beans for dinner. Done a bit differently- dry rubbed and cooked in the pressure cooker With homemade BBQ sauce then smoked for a while in the grill. Fall off the bone tender and delicious. Now watching LA and Portland. Passed on going to the lake to get the boat in the water because of an iffy forecast. Turned out to be a perfect day for it. Rats. 

  29. pogo, an alternate easy ribs recipe is boil them in big pot of water & 1 or 2 bottles of guiness stout for an hour, smear on some favorite BBQ (KC Masterpiece mine). and grill them for color.   they keep well over night between boil and grill steps if you need to do a day ahead.

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