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  1. the guardian story accompanying their video:

    Political events aren’t often the venues for profoundly emotional moments, but during the last night of the Democratic national convention on Thursday, a young boy with a stutter managed to deliver one in two minutes.
    Thirteen-year-old Brayden Harrington was invited to speak at the event after he met Joe Biden at a rally in New Hampshire in February.

    When Biden, a fellow stutterer, learned about Harrington’s speech difficulties at the rally, he invited him backstage. There, Biden showed him the speech he had just delivered and the annotations he used to signal when to breathe, and gave him advice and exercises for overcoming his stutter.

    “He put his focus on Brayden and made time for him, talked to him, explained that it doesn’t define him, he’s stronger, that he’s a good person,” Brayden’s father, Owen, told CNN at the time. “It was really overwhelming for [him]. He started breaking down a little bit.”
    Six months later, Harrington was beamed into the homes of millions of Americans and ended up delivering one of the most widely praised speeches of the four-night convention.
    It was one of many stories highlighted by the all-virtual Democratic convention this week, which foregrounded a number of speeches by non-politicians such as Kristin Urquiza, whose father died of coronavirus, and the healthcare activist Ady Barkan.
    In Harrington’s address, the teenager said that “without Joe Biden I wouldn’t be talking to you today,” and that during their first meeting, Biden had told him they were “members of the same club”.
    “It was really amazing to hear that someone like me became vice-president. He told me about a book of poems by Yeats he would read out loud to practice,” he said. “He showed me how he marks his addresses to make them easier to say out loud. So I did the same thing today. And now I’m here talking to you today about the future, about our future.”
    The official video of Harrington’s speech uploaded by the DNC Twitter account has been viewed more than 2m times, although the real figure across all uploads is likely to be much higher.

  2. And for your entertainment, Scott Baio is the headliner for SFB.  I am sure he can out joke Julia because, like you know, he is a guy. Just thinking of this has me chuckling.

  3. i appreciated how emotionally-invested Julia Louis-Dreyfus was, holding back tears frequently, as i was during that segment with the boy, posted above.

  4. jamie, you asked: “will we do this again for the GOP? “

    only the parts where they throw pies at each other

    Image result for throw pies scenes

    and especially at the finale when they pie him

    Image result for throw pies scenes


  5. I love the new LP video – Joe riffed on it this morning on MoJo and after he recited each of the convictions and arrests said “Sounds like a criminal enterprise to me.”  I love that.

  6. Jamie – it will be worth watching reading the reviews of SFB nightly performance art of “speaking” to a national audience.  His entire staff must be guzzling Maalox getting ready for him to be coherent for hours.

  7. Pepperoni shortage
    Will the suffering never end, not only are we locked in our houses now we can’t have our pepperoni pizza.
    Wait a min. I don’t do pepperoni, I’m a jumbo combo man sure it has pepperoni but it has all kinds of other good stuff so if they short me on the pepperoni I won’t notice but  short my black olives…..

  8. BB
    Trump may not be an alcoholic but I bet his staff each have their bottle setting on their desks. It is the only thing that explains their responses to the democratic convention. Drunken ramblings

  9. I will find out about the gop convention here.  I know that Craig will suffer through it for our benefit.
    No way am I watching that thing…  it’ll just make me mad.  Besides…  the Bruins and the Celtics are now in playoff games.

  10. Jack…  I bought some pepperoni the other day at a local market.  Took a whole grain cracker… spread some honey goat cheese on it… then topped it with a slice of pepperoni…    YUM!
    ps…  added some wonderful kalamata olives on the side….  heaven!

  11. The gooper version will be to have a child who started stuttering because of an interaction with SFB

  12. There was some predictable criticism of Biden’s speech, last night, but i liked his delivery more than Obama’s.  A transcript of Obama’s speech reads well, but i’m personally tired of his oratory style; Biden’s had an earnestness that little slips didn’t diminish.

  13. Expect bullshit charts and graphs next week – with the one showing the V-shaped recovery of the stock market featured prominently.  Dumbass will conflate the stock market with the economy.  

  14. There are days when it is best to turn the television off and do something special, take out the garbage, clean the toilet, change the kitty litter, you know, fun things.
    SFB is holding a funeral for his brother in the East Wing today.  The orange rind is too scared of the out of doors to leave the compound even for his brother.  But, he did honor his death by golfing.
    The most difficult activity next year will be trying to read half of the tell all books that will be published by those not in prison.  Then there are the tell all books by the prisoners.  Maybe a coloring book by the head cheese will be out too.

  15. David Ignatious – WaPo

    As Democrats accelerate their drive to defeat President Trump in November, they have a potent new weapon in a reportby a Republican-led Senate committee that chronicles the “grave counterintelligence threat” posed by the extensive contacts between Trump’s former campaign chairman and a Russian intelligence operative.

    The final volume of the report by the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Russia investigation arrives late in the game. Still, it offers the detailed accounting of how Russian spies worked with the Trump team that former special counsel Robert S. Mueller III should have given the country last year. It offers raw material for the wide-ranging impeachment inquiry that the House of Representatives should have conducted.

    Here at last is hard evidence — certified by GOP committee leaders and publishedthis week — that shreds Trump’s false claims of a Russia “hoax” or “witch hunt.” Let us never hear that glib dismissal of fact again. From now on, the simple answer to Trump is: “That’s not what Senate Republicans found.”

    Just in time for D’ump’s RNC lie fest.

  16. I won’t watch Lie-A-Pa-Loser next week.  I’d have nightmares.  I’ll catch the highlight reel on the news and read TMx the next morning. Plus, fewer viewers = lower ratings.
    The stock market only matters to those who have come out of the slide without losing their retirement savings.  
    So many of us show losses in our 401(k)s this year…and WE BLAME tRUMP’s INABILITY TO ACKNOWLEDGE AND HANDLE the virus’ arrival on our shores.
    Plus, what is a stock market recovery to those still without jobs? Nothing.  It’s less than nothing to them.   And, many of us feel our jobs are on shaky ground because tRUMP still HAS NOT HANDLED THE PANDEMIC.   
    The only folks left to vote for him are any ultra-wealthy without a conscience and racists.  Strange bedfellows, but that’s all Orange Julius has left.
    I will NOT give the evil asshat any attention at his Republican/Russian/ klan meeting next week.  If he does something despicable enough and/or illegal, it will be in the news.

  17. Think trump will take time off from golf to ‘attend’ a convention ?
    Expect videos of speeches from former crowd events, laff trax and cheer trax. 

  18. Corey, LOL.  There’s a frequent commenter over at WaPo with the pseudonym of Why-can’t-Scott-Baio-have-nuclear-weapons?

  19. Well, Poobah’s right – there will have to be comic moments at a minimum in the RNC coverage.  The questionis how to get your eyes to unroll after watching it.

  20. You people know i love my jokes, but i ain’t laughing at these Republicans- they scare the shit outta me.  
    They will do what they feel they must to retain power.  Lie, cheat, steal, intimidate, suppress, sabotage…
    (^ominous ellipsis)

  21. what they say about the above:

    August 21, 2020 – The Lincoln Project and Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT) are today releasing a new video, “Goodyear”, as a part of their ongoing partnership in Ohio: Operation Grant. The spot will target key media markets in Cleveland, Akron, and Youngstown. It will air digitally and via broadcast in select locations.

    “This week we’ve seen a parade of well-respected Republicans, including former Ohio Governor John Kasich, voice their support for Joe Biden,” said Tim Miller, political director of Republican Voters Against Trump. “Meanwhile, the President’s attacking an American company that provides well-paying jobs. Operation Grant couldn’t be more needed.”

    Reed Galen, a co-founder of The Lincoln Project, put the attack in perspective, “Ohioans are already dealing with the rising unemployment caused by Trump’s failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The last thing they need is to suffer the economic aftershocks of a presidential temper tantrum.”

    The Lincoln Project plans to spend $425,000 airing “Goodyear” today through next week.

    As the general election approaches, Americans everywhere will now have to ask themselves what happens if the president’s ire falls on their city, state, or employer next.

  22. As you all know, I spent time in OH – a good deal of it – until last year when Mrs. P’s Mom vacated to go live in the Seattle area.  At least half of her friends were dyed in the wool SFB supporters, and they were totally deaf to anything that might suggest he was anyone other than the second coming of Christ.The insanity was just unbelievable. Short of losing their home after losing their job I don’t know of anything that would sway their opinion from D’ump to Joe, and I’m not certain that would get all of them. Of course one is an elderly woman with asthma and borderline COPD who goes to the casinos and gambles away her retirement while compromising her lungs and exposing herself to people who may indeed be COVID infected.  Now THERE’S ya a tRump supporter.

  23. I won’t be able to get Sweetie to watch the ripper conjob. She’s an anti-abortion Dem, who won’t vote for repugs. Even the noise of trump’s voice makes her a little sick to her stomach. So, for Sweetie’s sake, I’ll just watch the illiberals’ clownvention through the eyes and posts of all you word wranglers along this Trail. 
    Having Mr Pong around to translate the abstruse name-calling into his telegraphic slogans could be helpful.

  24. Well, here in SC it’s 1720, I’ve had my normal lite supper, and now I’m going to have my brandy with my toast for tonite being, F!!# Trump!  Peace.

  25. Re: Next weeks’s Republican/Russian Convention
    Has a Klan meeting ever been televised before? 

  26. I hope the republican convention has speeches by bannon, stone, the navy war crime guy, manafort, chauvin, flynn, putin and the wife-beater, plus melanoma with her family to talk about how horrible ‘chain immigration’ is. Maybe betsy devos can speak on Ignorance is Strength.

  27. D’ump’s taxes are one step closer to going to the grand jury. The federal 2d circuit court of appeals he appealed to denied the appeal- on the day it was filed. That’s like warp speed time five.

  28. All members of the tRUMP crime family are scheduled to lie at next week’s Klan meeting.  

  29. pogo, how long do you think the supremes will take to finally shut the door on him?

    p.s. love that new nickname.   D’ump says it all. 

  30. foxbusiness:

    The White House threatened to veto emergency legislation the House is slated to pass Saturday that would infuse the United States Postal Service with $25 billion and reverse cost-cutting measures that have slowed down mail delivery.
    The bill aims to undo the service changes Postmaster General Louis DeJoy implemented that Pelosi and Democrats contend have slowed down mail service in an effort to “sabotage” the 2020 election, which will rely more than ever on mail-in ballots because of the coronavirus pandemic.
    The House legislation would prohibit reducing service hours at postal facilities, decommissioning mail sorting machines and removing community mailboxes. The bill would also bar any limits on overtime pay, hiring freezes, delaying mail service and treating election mail as anything less than first-class mail.

  31. patd, the 2d Circuit said something akin to “not now”, which doesn’t sound appealable to SCOTUS to me. Don’t expect SCOTUS to jump on it. 

  32. Let’s see if we can fix this.

    “They spent four straight days attacking America our administration as racist and a horrible country government that must be redeemed, replaced” he added. “Joe Biden grimly declared our first term a season of American darkness, and yet look at what we’ve accomplished… wait, strike that.”

    That’s better. 

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