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  1. bannon’s mentor & muse in re charity scamming & skimming

    NYTimes dec 10, 2019:

    President Trump has paid $2 million to eight charities as part of a settlement in which the president admitted he misused funds raised by the Donald J. Trump Foundation to promote his presidential bid and pay off business debts, the New York State attorney general said on Tuesday.
    The foundation’s giving patterns and management came under scrutiny during Mr. Trump’s run for office, and last year the New York attorney general filed a lawsuit accusing the president and his family of using the foundation as an extension of their businesses and the campaign.
    The payments were part of a settlement announced last month that capped a drawn-out legal battle. In the end, the president admitted in court documents that he had used the foundation to settle legal obligations of his businesses and even to purchase a portrait of himself.

  2. craig, did you mean to say “damn, Hillary” (note the comma) or “damn Hillary”?

    almost?  he would in a heart beat if it didn’t cost him too much. just ask his ex-enforcer cohen. 

  3. Now we are in sf.  We are watching the convention too.  Our house is still standing and not in danger but we can’t get there because so many roads are closef

  4. I wonder if the timing of the poisoning of Poo-tin’s opponent is to send a message to the Rushun assets in the Senate and the WH?

  5. crackers – Glad you guys are safe.
    As for tRUMP killing opponents, he’s already killed many, many voters (some undoubtedly his) and he has no conscience, so…

  6. Deer have been going to the Rio Grande forever.  Yesterday one died entangled in Trump’s wall on the hottest day of the year.

  7. KGC – I too am happy you’re OK.  There’s nothing that scatters your brain more than having to evacuate with the thought you’re going to lose your home.
    The Dems have done a very nice job with the convention.  If Joe gives a decent speech tonight Dems should be good to go.
    Trump is a wounded dangerous animal – piloting a burning ship.  Nothing less than an uninvolved, corrupt, ignorant grifter.  What he’s capable of over the next couple of months scares the hell out of me.  That’s typical of the Narcissist – they strike out when they feel threatened – and the world is about to come crashing down on him.

  8. Hi fellow Lovers of Craig.  I was watching on PBS when Julia started — soooo funny, just love her — and they went back to talking to other persons and didn’t show her full intro!!  I switched quickly to CNN.  Speaking of T being willing to kill, I have no dobut in my mind that he sent a message to the crown prince of Saudi Arabia that they needed to “do something about” Khashoggi.

  9. who’da thunk a national convention should become a regular TV series. they should just buy the air time and broadcast it weekly until election day. Slick!

  10. Craig – I am seeing only comments from me and you.  Is anyone else commenting and I am just not getting them for some reason?

  11. Craig

    Great idea and pay the entertainers.  Many of them have been out of work for months due to the live venues being closed.  The wealthier are keeping the behind the scenes alive right now.

  12. If you get a chance, watch this, again.  About half of it is still appropriate today, amazingly.  I realized that I like this year’s DNC better than the ole days with the funny hats and balloons. It feels more intimate now.Ann Richards at the 1988 Dem convention.

  13. I sent a birthday message to one of my rampant, Repug relatives in CA.   Told her I hoped the card wasn’t late, but the obstruction of mail delivery…

  14. Tonight is really moving out the Joe Biden story. I really want those kids he’s helped overcome stuttering. His best story of all. Surely they won’t leave that out.

  15. What with the nationalism, white nationalism, xenophobia, etc. the rnc is going to be DIFFERENT.  Different from  the DNC. Will conspiracy theories abound? How weird will it get?  One can only imagine! Fireworks will be the least of it. 

  16. Sorry, kitchen duty. Been watching for the full hour. Really good stuff. Isn’t dumbass supposed to be flim flamming near Scranton tonight? It will be his usual Small, mean spirited bullshit. 

  17. Bunker Boy  is trying  to draw attention away from the convention, but only the racists pay attention to him.  
    Biden is talking about real solutions that he can and will follow through on.   tRUMP’s got nothing for anyone but himself, his cronies, and, his Rushun overlords. 

  18. DECENT, that’s the right word. Gotta project strength as well. 
    Love this kid with the stutter. Very touching. 

  19. This is the kind of thing that makes this feel so much more personal.  “former Dem rivals on zoom is so cool. another example why this virtual format so much better than old school conventions”

  20. They still didn’t get to the whole story. There are hundreds of kids with his phone number who talk to him for help with their stuttering. it’s amazing stuff

  21. I actually feel better – watching the positive message and hope for the future.  I’ve had wayyyy to much of the orange haired bastard over the past couple of years.  Well done Democrats!

  22. It strikes me as genuine. I like it. After 3 years of insanity… Now he’s touching the points he needs to touch. 

  23. I’m sorry, Biden’s speech is a bust
    He needs to be speaking to the nation and he is only speaking to you people. 
    Why the continual laundry list of ethnic groups, that is for the primaries.
    Sigh, But thats Joe

  24. Yep Pogo. He had me spooked at first, sounded too much like a senator. But it’s interesting, as soon as he talked about his friendship with Obama he shifted to Real Joe mode. Much relieved.

  25. That was great!  Now if the talking heads would just stop keeping on about how different this convention is.  

  26. i only watched tonight, besides Obama and Harris, yesterday, but this was very creative and frankly amazing programming.
    Joe’s speech was good.  

  27. Well I’m glad he got better but the people he needed to reach had probably done what I did put him on mute and missed his come back.

  28. …demonstrations of responsible socializing- more leadership in one night than in 3+ years of trump presidency 

  29. Whadaya bet SFB wants a bigger fireworks display because he thinks that’s what sells?  All of the things that SFB warns will happen under Biden…are what have actually happened under SFB.   
    BIDEN will be the one to fix what’s broken, and, what’s been made worse under SFB.
    Biden/Harris 2020!

  30. “if you came here uncertain, i hope you’re resolved, and if you came here resolved, i hope you’re fired-up to help elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris” -Rep Bennie Thompson closing remark
    so, there you go

  31. jack – I didn’t know what to expect, good or bad, but I really LOVED the speech.  Like, I’m not even sad that Warren isn’t the nominee right now.    
    It was hopeful, but not full of empty promises.  It was truthful, like a tough-love parent would be truthful.   
    Orange Julius will just continue to be a fear-monger, whipping up racism while denying his responsibility for deaths and a worsening economy due to his mishandling of the the pandemic.  That’s what you can expect from the Republican/Russian klan meeting, next week.
    Joe Jedi (the light side) vs Donny-the-Sith (the dark side).

  32. Yeah, “Pitbull”, aka “Mr. Worldwide” has a very positive outlook and message, which i something i am up for, these days.

    (that song i posted, above, played during the post-acceptance speech fireworks, for those that missed it.)

    OK, thx for the chat, ✌️❤️🇺🇸

  33. Good thread topic.  Who will President Biden pick?    
    I don’t remember who said it, but whatever Joe decides becomes the reasonable choice.  Kamala was a great, first pick.  
    Yang for HUD? I no longer like the word tsar, but Yang could be a special pick to head up the tech sector. 
    Leave the sitting Senators be, but Bloomberg, Steyer, Beto, Castro…

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