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  1. as fearless leader said last night:

    “Joe with Jill together at end of her talk so sweet. A real loving couple in the White House without a renegotiated prenup would be nice.”

  2. Loved the McCain piece last night, as well as Colin Powell.  Peel off moderate Republicans and the military.  tRUMP will only have die-hard racists show up for him.   

  3. also in NYTimes:

    Hillary Clinton, whose presidential candidacy in 2016 sent Joseph R. Biden Jr. to the sidelines, spent much of the 2020 primaries telling friends that her longtime ally and onetime rival was the only contender who could defeat President Trump, according to people close to both.
    But she also saw Kamala Harris as a possible successor of sorts, a next-generation leader with the toughness to build on Mrs. Clinton’s legacy.
    So Mrs. Clinton is, by all accounts, reassured by the Biden-Harris ticket. But her return to center stage at the convention on Wednesday night, four years after becoming the first woman to win the nomination of a major party, is bittersweet.
    She is trying not to be defined by her enemies — on the right or the left. Mrs. Clinton’s speech will be as focused on praising Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris as burying Mr. Trump, people close to her said; she is expected to include a forceful testimonial to Ms. Harris as the first woman of color on a major party’s presidential ticket.
    She will also discuss what she sees as a connective thread among Mr. Biden, Ms. Harris and herself — their strong mothers. Mrs. Clinton has never forgotten Mr. Biden’s attempts to console her over the death of her mother, Dorothy, in 2011 at the age of 92.
    Mrs. Clinton returned that favor and reached out to Mr. Biden after his son Beau learned he had terminal brain cancer in 2013.
    After considering a third presidential run in early 2019, Mrs. Clinton offered private support for Mr. Biden without endorsing him, calling the former vice president on several occasions to give advice and encouragement, two Democrats close to the situation said.
    “Hillary Clinton really likes Joe Biden, and always has,” said Thomas R. Nides, a Biden supporter who served as under secretary of state for Mrs. Clinton from 2011 to 2013. “This is a real thing, not politics. She really liked him as a human being, and the feeling is mutual.”


  4. We didn’t watch much of it last night….  just a few speeches and the roll call.  All the praise for Biden and the trashing of trump just sounds repetitive.  Don’t want to get burned out…  we will watch Thursday.
    KGC…  I am praying for you and yours.  So glad to know that you are safe.  And yes…  I’m sure it sucks!  Try to take care as best you can.

  5. Trump, Putin, and the emails — Hillary deserves media apology Helping Russia help Trump
    Eric Boehlert

    It’s not shocking because it’s Trump, it’s 2020, and so much of his anti-American behavior has been normalized. It’s been normalized by the Republican Party, which could not care less about Trump’s treacherous behavior. It’s also been normalized by the political press, whose woeful coverage of the Wikileaks email dump in 2016 helped elect Trump. That’s why the press owes Clinton an apology.
    Most in the media have never acknowledged, let alone apologized for, their shameful election performance. The new Senate report though, sheds additional light on that egregious failure. Now, after Trump threatened to defund the U.S. Postal Service so ballots cannot be counted, it’s important to examine the media’s 2016 shortcomings when covering Trump’s authoritarian behavior.
    At the time, journalists actively and irresponsibly hyped a Russia dark ops campaign. Despite revisionist claims that they had no idea Russia was behind the email scheme, journalists knew in the summer of 2016 the Kremlin was connected to the hack. Reporters and editors eagerly published and aired the stolen documents anyway, because the target was Hillary Clinton, whom most of them held in contempt. 

  6. Tony
    “My Pillow” is $1 worth of foam scraps  in a 50 cent sack sold for an ungodly price. He and Trump are fellow con artist. Look at his ads, he makes no pretense to be more than the huckster he is. He may have morals but I bet like Trump they are very situational.
    BTW I may have priced the cost of the pillow too high

  7. jack – He’s a recovered coke addict, turned pillow huckster.   Anyone associated with tRUMP has that stench on his business, too.    
    That also goes for Republican politicians like McConnell, Nunes, Cotton, etc., who continue to prop up a fascist, wanna-be dictator.   They are unpatriotic, un-American, and,  some are downright traitors.  

  8. Yep, Jack
    So many of my Republican clients bought them the minute Trump put him up on that podium. They are clumpy, yes like scraps of foam. A real con indeed.

  9. Schools Touted by DeSantis Now in a Quarantine Nightmare WAR GAMES A week after he joined a superintendent in comparing school reopening to a Navy SEAL mission, Florida’s governor has a disaster on his hands.
    Now Resciniti is among three teachers and 95 students from South Fork who have been placed into quarantine based on the strong probability they had close interactions with the teen in question. (Blavett did not immediately respond to an email requesting comment.) 
    Looking to contain possible outbreaks at Resciniti’s school, another high school, and three elementary schools, Martin County Public Schools officials have quarantined 292 students and 16 employees since brick-and-mortar schooling resumed last Tuesday, according to district spokeswoman Jennifer DeShazo. Two other school districts in north Florida had also quarantined a total of 10 students and teachers.




    Ohio voters, you see this? Trump is illegally threatening a large company headquartered in your state. When friends and family begin to lose their jobs, you know who to blame. Vote accordingly.

    Quote Tweet



    Donald J. Trump


    · 4h

    Don’t buy GOODYEAR TIRES – They announced a BAN ON MAGA HATS. Get better tires for far less! (This is what the Radical Left Democrats do. Two can play the same game, and we have to start playing it now!).

  11. am worried about our trail friend KGC.  hope they are by now safely in san fran.

    NYTimes today on CA fire:

    Raging wildfires are forcing evacuations in Northern California.

    Wildfires tore through Northern California on Wednesday, spreading rapidly and engulfing dozens of homes as firefighters battled to stop the blazes, which have forced a growing number of evacuations and were caused by an extraordinary number of lightning strikes in recent days.

    There have been about 10,849 lightning strikes in California over the last 72 hours, a “historic lightning siege” that has caused more than 367 new fires, Jeremy Rahn, a spokesman for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, or Cal Fire, said at a news conference.

    People have been ordered to flee neighborhoods in Vacaville, a city of about 100,000 residents near Sacramento, as a combination of uncontrolled fires northwest of the city began to overtake homes. That group of fires, known together as the LNU Lightning Complex, has destroyed more than 50 homes and is threatening nearly 2,000 more, the authorities said.

    It grew more than 14,000 acres overnight and now covers 46,225 acres in Napa, Sonoma and Solano Counties — larger than the size of Washington, D.C. — and is completely uncontained, the authorities said. At least four people have been injured in the fire, which has blanketed much of the region in smoke.

    Videos from Vacaville showed flames leaping through one neighborhood, from trees to homes to picket fences.

  12. Big fire in color-raydo also

    Feels like the deck is on fire out here too, but it’s just S.C. in August

    I surely hope the fire doesn’t get the Cracker house, that’d be terrible

  13. Hoping all are safe in Colorado and California.  Trying to think of anything good is that the pine beetles are not happy.
    Today went well until the media computer went sick.  Not good as it needs to be replaced. For a temporary I put a laptop into use.  Oh the difference between a laptop and a custom built computer!  The graphics is number one.  A very good graphics card vs laptop graphics chip set is very noticeable.  The number one reason for a media computer is for great graphics.  The second is the sound.  Although it feeds from the computer to the A/V media receiver for conditioning, it still sounds a bit off.  And there is a slight delay on starting videos while the HDMI syncs the video and the television.  Yeah, I know – “tough toe nails – I use a tablet for everything”.  I do like my little luxuries.

  14. Are they really dismantling sorting machines at the downtown post office in Grand Rapids?    

  15. DeJoy told Pelosi he wasn’t puttin’’ ‘em back.   

    They are being filmed dismantling machines in the parking lot.

    Pennsylvania is suing all of them for tampering with the US Mail.

  16. Boy, Michigan doesn’t make it easy to vote, except early (45 days) by mail in ballot.   Can community organizers help get folks to drop off ballots?   Voting in person on Election Day looks to be a nightmare.    
    Corey, What say you on this matter?

  17. Mr Cracker built the house by hand.  The in 1978 there was a fire on the ranch and Mr.  Cracker saved his house by himself.  It’s become a local legend.  He has his passport and a bottle of Jack Daniels and a hose.  When they found him the smoke had been so bad his eyes were swollen shut.   He was a lot younger.
    Our neighborhood is a voluntary evacuation but I like to go out before the rush. And I don’t really care for Jack Daniels.   And Mr C is to old fighting fires. 

  18. KGC
    Good thoughts your way, I’ve got some of mrs jacks hard earned Hilton points laying around if you need them. I’m not going anywhere for a while,

  19. Covid and the California fires. Seems California is reliant on prison labor to fight fires covid-19  out breaks have reduced this help

    As California enters another dangerous fire season, the COVID-19 pandemic has depleted the ranks of inmate fire crews that are a key component of the state’s efforts to battle out-of-control wildfires
    This week, state prison officials announced they had placed 12 of the state’s 43 inmate fire camps on lockdown due to a massive outbreak at a Northern California prison in Lassen County that serves as the training center for fire crews.
    Until the lockdown lifts, only 30 of the state’s 77 inmate crews are available to fight a wildfire in the north state, prison officials said.

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