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  1. about above video which was also in spanish produced by lincoln project:

    August 19, 2020 – As part of the ongoing mission to reach as many voters as possible who have been damaged by the Trump administration, today The Lincoln Project began its Hispanic outreach in Florida and Puerto Rico with a new ad targeting Puerto Ricans.

    An estimated 50,000 Puerto Ricans permanently relocated to Florida following Hurricane Maria. Puerto Ricans account for 1.1 million people living in Florida, or roughly 5.6 percent of Florida’s population.

    “Trump’s disregard and disrespect towards Puerto Rico and the over 3.5 million American citizens who live there has been heartbreaking and infuriating to watch,” said Mike Madrid, co-founder of The Lincoln Project. “It is unfathomable that after being hit by deadly category 4 Hurricane Maria, which resulted in more than 4,000 lives lost, and then being rocked by 10 killer earthquakes in 6 days, the president irreverently held a photo-op where he tossed paper towels to people who were battered, broken, and starving and then proceeded to block real and substantial aid to our own citizens. It’s time for Puerto Ricans to rise up and evict this monster from the White House.”

    The 30-second video that will begin running on FOX News in Florida and Puerto Rico today is the first of many The Lincoln Project will release in collaboration with renowned hispanic ad makers Lionel Sosa and Cesar Martinez-Gomariz, specifically targeting hispanic voters.


  2. also aired today

    lincoln project:

    August 19, 2020 – Despite months of civil unrest, an economic crisis, and the failed leadership of Donald Trump in a global pandemic, today The Lincoln Project released an ad with a message of hope. The ad reminds voters of the promise of America; a place where dreams come true and the caring that unites us is stronger than the hate that divides us. The ad comes on the third day of the Democratic National Convention and aligns with the day’s theme of “A More Perfect Union.”

    “America is not perfect, but even at our worst, we are still the land of hope, opportunity, and perseverance,” said Reed Galen, co-founder of The Lincoln Project. “We are a nation of people who rise to meet challenges. When we fail, we get up and try again. We didn’t let aggression deter us in World War II. We didn’t let Al-Qaeda crush our spirit after 911. This year, we are not going to let the most corrupt, divisive, morally weak president in the nation’s history continue to destroy our nation. We will unite against this enemy, too, and will defeat him in November.”

  3. fox news:

    Ex-Pennsylvania GOP Rep. Dent endorses Biden, calls Trump win in Keystone State ‘improbable’

    ‘I feel that we need to return some sense of normalcy to the function of government’

  4. craig, that was very nice of him; but if he makes one of his barn burner speeches with everyone virtually  cheering and clapping and standing in tearful ovation, how’s she gonna top it?

  5. They dismantled 2 machines at the Grand Rapids post office and they started on a 3rd one, before they stopped. The ones they dismantled had the wires removed from them, I think. They will no longer work. I went up north yesterday. I saw a few Biden signs, but mostly Trump signs up north, as expected. On Sunday, I saw a guy wearing a t-shirt with Trump’s picture on it. The t-shirt’s caption read: Does this ass make my t-shirt look fat? LOL!

  6. Bink – Just because I’m excited to hear Warren tonight?  Really?   I’m excited  to hear Kamala, too…and yes, it’s Kamala’s night, not Warrens.  

  7. KGC
    I was glad to see your post on the previous thread. I hope all will be good. Leave if you feel threatened.

  8. Corey – I heard a piece on NPR today in which it was reported that the plan to dismantle equipment and send it to the graveyard, not replacing it as a cost-cutting measure, has been months in the making and it is just coincidental that the long-planned event began at this moment when we have a new Post Master General and a raging debate on the benefits of voting by mail.  Yeah, right!!!  I wonder has any journalistic organization made a public records request for all communications between Mr. T, his office, staff, campaign and post office personnel? 

  9. They took the electrical components out of the machines , making them unusable. The head of the West Michigan postal workers union said these changes are not GOOD changes.

  10. Ping

    the young woman was 22 and has stated that C Linton was a “perfect gentleman”.  Clinton may have been a dog at times but it was with the adult and willing.  No the usual HOP paid and paraded don’t count.


  11. And what happened to the ME TOO?  How can they let such garage take the stage and now his wife follows that has supported and allowed this to happen.  NO CREDIBILITY With AMERICANS

  12. i was just brainstorming potential Trump campaign slogans, BiD, wasn’t directed at you in any way.

  13. Ping

    You have always been able to disagree but not to be offensive particularly with “whataboutism”.  Trump is a hazard to the nation.  GOP can go back to being same in opposition once he is gone.

  14. Craig
    You’re amazing. Ping has become a driveby troll. A total troll, you had no choice. He wasn’t stifled here. The guy never presented facts. 

  15. I am truly loving this virtual convention ….. so much smoother when you can go from one to another without the lull, or break, in action while people get on/off a stage.  There of course is something to be said for the in-person convention.  I will admit, of course, that it is awfully exciting to be in the convention hall while all this is happening.  But this is so much more “business-like” and enjoyable.  This may be the way of the future!!

  16. Nancy and Hillary – each has  more class  than all the women in the T family put together and multiplied by ten thousand. 

  17. President Pelosi, if we can rid ourselves of tRUMPence ASAP.  
    As for the mail, maybe a Go Fund Me to pay them to sort it by hand.   Deliver it by pony express, if that’s what it takes.   
    I think community organizers will figure out a way to get folks to the polls (got ALL DAY to stand in line with no jobs) or take them to ballot drop offs for mail-in. 

    I hope Billie Eyelash gets the kids to the polls for the first time.

  18. This is a substance over form convention. I like it.   Aside from wishing the roll all had been more exciting (except for the cows and calamari), I do like this better.  PBS not doing a great job tonight, though.

  19. I respectfully disagree : 
    1. We’re all bright educated grownups, and can handle repub opining and questioning.
    2. Mr Ping going all Jonestown hilarious. Tonight, Mr P’s offensive, pushing right past the “pee report” without acknowledging it, was nothing short of breath-taking in its brass-faced ignore-ance.
    There. I’ve wrot my piece. So, shoot me.

  20. $9.25 for pack of 25 prepaid postcards.  Address them to DeJoy with one word:  RESIGN.  Money for USPS and you will feel treat doing it

  21. Never been to a political convention, but I can do the drunk part at home. 

    And I don’t give a flying shit what anyone says about Hillary, she’s smarter and has more class than Ivanka (daddy’s little girl), Melanoma (Lardius’ supermodel), Kimberly Guilfoil (Daddy’s little boy’s latest fling) and Lara (daddy’s other little boy’s balls) combined.  

  22. I am a member of the Joe Biden For Florida Facebook group.  Someone just posted that there are 640,000 registered Democrats in Broward county, compared to only 250,000 registered Repub’s. …… CRAIG, could that be true?
    Someone else posted “If you missed Michelle’s brilliant speech, don’t worry. You’ll be able to see Melania deliver it at the Republican National Convention.”   hahahah

  23. POGO:  I graduated from The University of Alabama (ROLL TIDE!!) in 1976.  I went to Alabama my 1st 2 years, did my junior year at Auburn (had a boyfriend there, lots of high school friends from my part of bama went there, it was a fun year) but wanted to graduate from Alabama so went back there for my sr year. 

  24. CRAIG:  I had the thought too that I am loving the focus being on women, and have wondered how this is being perceived by the men watching? 

  25. MJ, I was at Bama from ‘70-74 (BA) ‘74-76 (MA), 76-84 working for Student Services – Counseling, Advising and. Resources Center – and working (casually) toward a PhD in Counselor Ed (only got to the ABD). My sis was an Interior Design Ba ‘76. We should have an offline T-town chat. Ever go to Nick’s in the Sticks?  Ever go to University Cycle? 

  26. POGO:  I lived in Mary Burke Dorm 72-74; was an accounting major; was the official statistician for the baseball team in 74 and 76; and spent a LOT of time in the student union basement shooting pool.  I went to Nick’s a time or 2 … don’t remember University Cycle.

  27. Sad tweet.  Maine farmer went to pick up delayed shipment of chicks.  All 800 were dead.  USPS has been delivering chicks to rural residents since 1918.  Not this year.  Industry is being destroyed thanks to DeJoy.

  28. MJ. I played a bit of pool at Ferguson Center and I spent a shitload of time in the Ferguson Center cafeteria drinking coffee and racing my buds to finish newspaper crosswords. Ever take Econ from Pat Raines? (My only brush with the business college)

  29. MJ, Mary Burke East or West?  We lived a block apart in 74-76. I lived in an apartment on 11th Street and Hackberry Lane overlooking the football practice Field. Small world or what?  

  30. Kamala was my choice behind Biden for the nomination. I think I couldn’t have done better this cycle. 

  31. POGO:  I think my side was Mary Burke West.  The other side was the boys side, and occupied by the boys on sports scholarships who weren’t basketball or football …. tennis, gymnastics, swimmers, baseball players.  My sr year I lived in an apartment and for the life of me can’t remember where it was!! 

  32. Whoever was worried that she would have a hard job following Obama ….. well …… she has risen to the task.

  33. Kamala is showing that combo of legal training and practice before a jury and political rhetorical speaking that we’ve seen in those like Clinton and Obama. It don’ get much better than this. 

  34. Great closing argument. Bravo Kamala, BRAVO!!! And beautiful pivot to the Beau, Joe connection. Bringing threads together. 

  35. Poobah, shows incredible confidence in her, doesn’t it?  This would be a barn burner at a convention. Without that setting it is merely an exceptional speech. I think I’ll vote for Joe if just to get her as VP. 

  36. i skipped dinner tonight because i’m afraid of the grocery store.
    Four more years of that, please!  Sign me up!  Loving this!

  37. I’ll be honest, the first hour tonight I was having difficulty getting engaged. Of course I was coming home from a long day at the office and was trying to figure my way through a very difficult case that I have a hearing on tomorrow morning.  But after I settled down and had dinner and a glass of wine and relaxed, Hillary, Obama and Then Kamala grabbed me by the throat and pulled me in.  I really don’t need banners, Straw hats and drunk people screaming their brains out To bring home the gravity of the situation.

  38. Post office slow down is also hurting cash flow at businesses.   Much of ours is electronic (EFT), but some businesses still pay us by check.  I’ve started checking postmarks.   Nine days.  That’s not normal.     tRUMP’s boy, DeJoy, is hurting businesses during an economic disaster. 
    Someone needs to check tRUMP for a UTI, because that will cause delusions about conspiracies in the elderly.  Too many toxins.   

  39. Dolly Parton is the largest employer in Sevier County, TN. When the wildfires ravaged that area, she sent everyone displaced by the fires $1000 a month until they got back on their feet and a lump sum of $5000 when it was over.

  40. q-anon should warn people that Bill Gates and George Soros control the world through the brain waves emitted by eye glasses, hearing aids, dental fillings, bridges and dentures, and artificial hips and knees. 
    Show your patriotism : Take Out Your Teeth !

  41. 176,432 Americans have died of C19. We’ll reach 180,000 this weekend. 
    Pro-life, my ass ! 
    Lock Them ALL Up !

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