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  1. speaking of music


    Julian Bream, the English musician who pushed the guitar beyond its Spanish roots and expanded its range by commissioning dozens of works from major composers, and who also played a crucial role in reviving the lute as a modern concert instrument, died on Friday at his home in Wiltshire, England. He was 87.
    His representatives at James Brown Management announced his death in a statement but did not give a cause.
    Mr. Bream was the most eloquent guitarist of the generation that came of age soon after Andrés Segovia carved out a place for the guitar in the mainstream concert world.
    It could be argued, in fact, that Mr. Bream, even more than Segovia, established the guitar’s credibility as a serious solo instrument. He updated the technical standard of classical guitar playing and replaced the Romantic, rubato-heavy phrasing that Segovia preferred with a more modern style. And he undertook a significant renovation of the repertory.
    Mr. Bream was fussy about sound, preferring to record late at night in an empty chapel near his home. He said, however, that modern recording techniques could not match the sound he heard on the old shellac discs of his childhood, played on a windup gramophone with a large horn and thorn needles.
    “What do I think of digital recording?’’ he once mused at a cocktail party in New York. “Well, it’s all right. But those old thorn needles, now, that was a sound.”

  2. found this description from taizeinfo about sturge’s thread pic:

    The name of a children’s hymn, with such delicious rhymes in it as “hold your nose and wash those toes” – all intended to engage children in the story and symbology of the Last Supper, where Jesus washed his disciples’ feet. Jesus’ intention was to show that neither he, nor anyone else, is above such lowly tasks and so the Christian church, around the world, conducts feet washing services on Maundy Thursday to remember. 


    and this from danielharperorg:

    Veronika sent a photo of hymn number 736 in Anglican Hymns Old and New, Revised and Enlarged (Great Britain: Kevin Mayhew, 2008). The hymn is titled “The Wolrd Is Full of Smelly Feet.” Of course I thought it was a faked photo, but a little bit of Web searching reveals that it is, in fact, a real hymn with text by by Michael Forster, and music by Christopher Tambling.

    I suppose if one is in a Christian church with a liturgical heritage, and one is looking for a contemporary praise-song-type hymn to sing during footwashing, one might consider having the congregation sing this; although it’s hard to imagine.

    But then my Web searching revealed that this hymn is included in a collection for junior choirs, and that boggled my mind. If the junior choir I was in sang this song — which we wouldn’t have, since it was a Unitarian Universalist church — but if we had been told to sing that song, my buddy Barry and I would have been laughing so hard we probably would have been unable to sing. Maybe some of the serious older girls would have sung it, but I can’t even imagine them getting through the lyrics with a straight face.

  3. Found her in my towels which were in the dryer with the door closed. She was released into the wilds of my yard.
    This weekend will be news free (for the most part).  I do not need much more of SFB and Putin’s destruction of these United States. 
    Wet days and nights.  I like sitting on the sun deck of my big boat and watch it rain. This is from two years ago, but it is good today too.

  4. the hill:

    “I don’t know of any evidence that voting by mail would increase voter fraud,” Romney responded. “My biggest concern, frankly, with regards to voting fraud has been that there would be some kind of hacking of our voting electronic systems, and that voting machines or tabulating equipment would be hacked.”
    Romney added it was “essential” that people who want to vote are able to vote.
    “That’s more important than even the outcome of the vote. We have got to preserve the principle of democracy or the trend we’re on is going to continue to get worse,” he said.
    “When politicians attack a judicial system, attack a voting system … attack a free press, these things threaten the foundation upon which not only our own democracy rests but democracies around the world rest,” he added.

  5. It sounds like Willard is single-handedly trying to save the Republican brand.   Unfortunately, Moscow Mitch and the rest have completely soiled it.  There is nothing left to save.   If Repugz wanted a chance in this election, they would dump tRUMPence for Romney/Hayley.   They are all too beholden to Poo-tin.  

  6. BB – I would just put a cot on the deck and sleep when it was raining.    We could use some rain here.  Several 100-degree days; the heat index was 111 yesterday.   Glad your little friend made it through the dryer.

  7. Some wise-acre signed my annual once:
    Way down yonder in the land of cotton
    My feet stink and yours are rotten

  8. Julian Bream – one of the only lite players I ever heard. The modern gap bridging musician. 
    Bink, I agree with you about Soulshine as one of the Allman’s better songs post 1980. Warren Haynes has written some good songs, and if Soulshine appeals to you go listen to some Government Mule recordings. Good stuff with Haynes as frontman. 

  9. It was much harder to find out about things like that back in those ancient times.
    You weren’t likely to find out about the name of Wilson’s guitarist by looking in the Compton’s Pictured Encyclopedia.

  10. It wasn’t that it was astoundingly great or anything, it just didn’t “fit”.  It was different. You knew it wasn’t Steve Cropper or Matt Guitar Murphy. 

  11. There seem to be no recordings of Hendrix’s  time with the Isley Bros.  Or from all his time on the Chitlin Circuit, living from The Green Book.

  12. When sitting outside, is it your objective to use a can of raid to eliminate all flies which enter the perimeter,  or do you prefer to burn a goofy candle and give them a sporting chance by wielding the flyswatter?
    I admit that there’s more of a Thrill factor with the swatter; you have to have a keen eye, and your aim must be true.
    En boca cerrado, no entran moscas.

  13. If I found a live bug in my dryer I’d head outside to check the one-way airflow door on the vent hose.

  14. There may be swatters on some of you yachters, but there ain’t no swatters on me.

    This is a No-Fly zone.

  15. https://lincolnproject.us/news/unprecedented/

    August 14th, 2020 – The Lincoln Project today released a new video, “Unprecedented,” taking aim at President Trump using the words of his own advisors and appointees.

    “The ad speaks for itself,” said Reed Galen, co-founder of The Lincoln Project. President Trump has cycled through numerous cabinet officials who have left the administration disappointed by his crushing ineptitude. From his cabinet to his campaign and even in the Trump Organization itself, one thing has rung true time and again: Donald Trump is utterly unfit and unable to lead.

  16. Sitting outside  ? Not this summer .
     2 new records  here yesterday,   Hottest  low  temp for 8-14 , and the hottest  high .
    80 F  and 107 F 

  17. Cloudy and cool this morning but it’s warming up now.  Don’t matter, if yer gonna cause smoke it has to be outside.

  18. In my search of people actually singing about Smelly Feet, I found this  hour long dissertation on Great Hymns We No Longer Sing.  The speaker is quite good and the history of the songs interesting if you have the time, but the humor and sing along begins around the 35 minute point with such ditties as 

    The Bells of Hell Go Ting A Ling A Ling

    Crap On The Door 

    He’s More Than Just a Swear Word

    Blest Is The Man Whose Bowels Move

    He finally gets around to Smelly Feet around minute 51 but still not sung and fortunately followed by “This Land Is Your Land”



  19. Count yer blessings  ……….

    Temperatures started climbing early Friday morning, with lows already in the 90s. By late afternoon, we hit the scorching high of 117.
    Friday marked Day 38 of temps of over 110 degrees (we broke that record this past weekend). And another record? The number of 115 (+) days for 2020 is now at 8. The old record was 7 set in 1974.


  20. One song mentioned buy not played or sung at the end of the above has definite echoes for right now.  We should probable sit some of the Evangelicals for a good talking too with the words:

    O God, We Grieve the Hatred
    AURELIA D (“The Church’s One Foundation”)

    O God, we grieve the hatred, the ugly, racist fear
    that hurts our common living and harms those you hold dear.
    For Muslims who were gathered to worship and to pray
    soon found their lives were shattered as violence filled their day.

    We pray for those now grieving for loved ones who are lost;
    we pray for people suffering because of hatred’s cost.
    For all of us, now frightened by what extremists do,
    we pray: O God of mercy! May we find strength in you!

    We grieve our lack of courage: we tolerate the wrong
    of people who are racist; we simply go along.
    We let the fear continue; we’re slow to challenge hate.
    We say, “It’s not our issue,” until it is too late.

    O God of love and mercy, you teach us how to be
    a loving, caring people, a kind community.
    May we reach out to neighbors and welcome others here
    for love is what is needed to cast out pride and fear.

  21. That’s why I’m going to higher ground where there ain’t no damn hurricanes; where there are fewer air conditioners and better heaters. Going where my clothes suit the weather and I can go down the road a piece and see Big Pink or Daryll’s House.

  22. Haha, I quit my job, ain’t got no money…..up until 88 or so, that sentence about summed it all up. Once I learned how to make a better box, it’s been the one job I could never seem to get shet of.

  23. Sturge, living in Bama when I got just old enough to drive In the late 60s my other rock loving buds and me would go to the oporto armory whenever this group called the Hour Glass, a little later the Allman Brothers Band, would play there. They stood out above the other regional bands – the Tams, Swinging Medallions, etc. – when it came to playing – especially Duane, then Duane and Dickey, and Gregg had that voice.  I think we only caught them as the Allmans once or twice, then Live at the Fillmore hit and no more armory gigs for the Brothers. Magic I tell ya. 

  24. CBob…   I’m leaving in a few minutes to go to the local bookstore.  They emailed me this morning to say that that book I ordered by Stuart Stevens is in.  Won’t get to read it until next week…  but he was very interesting on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show this past week.

  25. There is more to the world than Trump and his latest tweet. 
    Belarus held an election soviet style and the people are pissed, Thousands being jailed, protestors being killed, guess the Belarus security people never heard of rubber bullets.
    For a good article explaining  the USA, Belarus , Russian triangle dance  aka the Eurasian shuffle.

    The “Eurasian shuffle”—whose most adept practitioner was the late President of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov—is the ongoing dance by post-Soviet leaders “between Moscow and Washington to secure maximum advantage.”
    Traditionaly, leaders “shuffle West” in search of economic aid and political support by stressing their independence from Russia but stagger back east in order to avoid Western pressure for genuine democratization and reform. The most adept practitioners of the shuffle are those authoritarian rulers who can admit certain transgressions to their Western (particularly American) interlocutors, offer a few concessions, but then hint strongly that they can act as a bulwark against Russian aggression and expansion—while seeking to extract benefits from a Moscow anxious to purchase their loyalty, if not neutrality. And whenever the exploratory romance with Europe or the United States cooled, Moscow could always be counted on to receive the prodigal back into the common Eurasian home.


  26. No, never played in B’ham, I backed them when they came to the pavilion where we had the house gig.  They were regulars. The mountains had to come to Mohammad.
    Joe Pope was a mighty man. 

  27. European Renewables Just Crushed Fossil Fuels. Here’s How It Happened

    It’s official: in the first half of 2020, and for the first time, Europe generated more electricity from renewable sources than from fossil fuels. Not only that, but electricity is proving cheaper in countries that have more renewables.
    From January to June, wind, solar, hydro and bioenergy generated 40% of the electricity across the EU’s 27 member states, while fossil fuels generated 34%.


  28. WJack –
    Another  item about Belarus / Russia .
    They are at the mercy of Russia’s energy  supply .  That’s a pretty big carbon pistol pointed at their head.

  29. More coal has retired under Trump than in Obama’s 2nd term

    President Trump says he ended the “war on coal.” But industry casualties have accelerated under his turbulent leadership, with coal plant retirements eclipsing those that occurred during the last four years of Barack Obama’s presidency.
    Electricity output from coal slumped to a 42-year low in 2019 and plummeted even deeper as the coronavirus pandemic swept across the country. Renewable sources like wind and solar now generate more power than Trump’s favored fossil fuel. And utilities are planning to green their power plants instead of returning to the black rock.

    President Trump says he ended the “war on coal.” 
    True, and coal  is as dead as  Jimmy Hoffa. 

  30. Coal mines, where employment was largely stagnant over Trump’s first three years, have shed4,500 jobs since January.

    Hello Kentucky !

  31. It bugs me that people still have to crawl down into those dangerous holes and dig that crap out just to get enough to eat. 

  32. Trump announces  new  programs  to put American’s back to work –
    Bring back the telegraph , and steam powered  locomotives. 
    Restart Kodachrome  film production 
    Issue a broom to everyone on the coasts  , to sweep back  the higher tides  due to sea level rise. 

  33. “Crap on the Door“
    That must be a tune about that time Martin Luther nailed his 99 Feces up on the church door.

  34. So, a tRUMP surrogate makes fun of another woman’s voice, because Harris is intelligent and truthful; there’s no way to go after the content of Harris’ words.  Meanwhile, tRUMP seems to be illiterate, misreading and mispronouncing words.  Then there is the matter of the slurred words (not the veiled, racial slurs) which seem to point to a neurological problem.  Donald J. tRUMP is not fit for office, ethically, intellectually, nor physiologically.  His views are anti-democracy and anti-American. He should be removed from office.  
    Since the Republicans seem to be controlled by tRUMPoo-Tin,  we will have to do it at the ballot box.   If it’s not close, they can’t cheat.  
    Fifty-nine days until early voting starts in Texas.  Old Man, are you ready? 

  35. As Trump struggles in Georgia, Democrats press to go on offense

    As President Donald Trump’s poll numbers slide, Georgia Democrats sense a chance to land a devastating blow to his fortunes in a state long considered a GOP lock. And they want to use the Democratic National Convention this week to press their case.

    Over the next week, Georgia Democrats will pressure Biden’s campaign to live up to running mate Kamala Harris’ challenge to deliver “more than a victory” in November by competing in a state that Republicans have carried in every White House vote since 1996.


  36. More news that’s not about Trump
    If I wasn’t following Iowa news service on twitter I would realize how bad it was
    5 days later and the roads still aren’t passable. But no big deal, not like it happen in an important part of the country. Iowa must be feeling rather lonely.

  37. Iowa on March 29, 2019 –

    There’s nothing the government can do about the millions of bushels of damaged cn Iowa and other flooded states, since the Department of Agriculture has no program tharops it covers the catastrophic and largely uninsured stored-crop losses from the widespread flooding that was triggered by the “bomb cyclone” that hit the region in mid-March.


  38. Latest Fox News poll spells bad news for Republicans
    A new Fox News poll suggests Mitch McConnell’s Senate recess without passing a coronavirus bill may be ill-timed

    “The poll asks voters to choose one of two messages to send to the federal government right now — ‘lend me a hand’ or ‘leave me alone.’ A majority of 57 percent says they would ask Washington to ‘lend me a hand.’ Last year, just 34 percent asked for a hand-up (February 2019). The previous high was 44 percent in 2011, after the financial crisis,” Fox News reported.
    “At the same time, the number saying they would tell the government to ‘leave me alone’ dropped 19 points, from 55 percent to 36 percent,” Fox noted.



  39. Harris ‘electrifies’ West Indian voters — and gives Biden a new edge in Florida
    The Black West Indian diaspora community is a little-discussed but increasingly influential slice of the electorate of the nation’s biggest swing state.

    “It was all Black women out there working under the tents,” she said. “It was 98 degrees in August in South Florida, so it was too hot to cheer. But you could feel it, this sense.”


  40. Chickens flying home to roost  –

    Mardy, like many Haitian-Americans, said he’s struggling to support Trump after he called the island a “shithole.” Democrats are determined not to let the community forget about it or Trump’s hardline immigration policies that have particular salience in South Florida. Mardy said his three adult daughters are all excited about voting for Biden with Harris on the ticket.

  41. Federal criminal law (18 USC 1701):

    Whoever knowingly and willfully obstructs or retards the passage of the mail, or any carrier or conveyance carrying the mail, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.

  42. Mitch going home for 26 days , and the   attack  on the USPS  is a bit like opening a cigar  lounge   in a powder magazine. 

  43. Yep, mail tampering is a no-no.   tRUMP and his Republican/Russian backers continue to take a crap on the US Constitution (see Article 1) to keep Poo-tin in power in America.   Traitors!

  44. ABC15:

    PHOENIX — Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is asking Mark Brnovich to investigate whether President Trump’s words or the U.S. Postal Service’s actions are attempts to tamper with Arizona’s voting by mail. In an email to Brnovich, Hobbs wrote, “I write today to ask that the Election Integrity Unit investigate whether President Trump, and others at his direction, has conspired to violate ARS 16-1003.”


    “I think the President has been for a while directly attacking the Postal Service. I don’t think that’s been a coincidence and at the same time he is attacking vote by mail, he made it real clear yesterday that if the Postal Service doesn’t have funding the people can’t have vote by mail and that’s problematic.”

  45. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ut5tHfbaJA“Blind”   What Justice is supposed to be, but what humans are on an as-needed basis.  We try to legislate it (fair housing, etc.) with varying degrees of success, depending who you are and who wrote the law.  
    Deceit is probably an inherent, human survival skill; let me hide my food and take yours if I’m starving.   Of course, it’s much more complicated than day-to-day survival.   We always have what we think are our best interests at heart.   We continue to try to legislate our way out of it (transparent banking, truth in advertising, etc.).  Occasionally, after a generation or two, some things “just aren’t done” anymore.   Occasionally.  If the risk of getting caught, and, if there being consequences are high enough. 
    Ah, but  then we get a socio-evolutionary throwback named tRUMP.  An entitled, willfully blind (to anything but his own self-interest) and fork-tongued (say anything). snake.  Apologies to snakes, everywhere.

  46. patD – That’s a great ad!  That is what my friend, Gloria, always said to her kids.   Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are. 

  47. I have noticed that a lot of the  online  ads for Trump are polls , what are they up to with  all these polls ?
    Let’s see,  I have a choice between  reading about  the PEEING STRIPPER ,   
    or  Take the Socialist Approval Poll  
    We’re gonna run out of popcorn  long before Nov. 3rd. 

  48. wapo:

    Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. (D-N.J.) sent a criminal referral to the New Jersey attorney general on Friday night asking him to convene a grand jury to investigate the president, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and others in the Trump administration for “election subversion.”
    “I call upon you to open a wide-ranging investigation of Trump’s actions to interfere in our elections and to empanel a grand jury for the purpose of considering criminal indictments for Donald Trump, U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, members of the United States Postal Service (USPS) Board of Governors, and any other officials in the Trump government that are participating in or have participated in the subversion of New Jersey state elections,” Pascrell wrote in a letter to the New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal.
    In his letter, Pascrell notes that New Jersey just became one of a handful of states to automatically send ballots to every voter (as opposed to making them apply for one) and so the election’s integrity will depend on an efficient postal system.
    “Amid this ongoing pandemic, the USPS will be the electoral heart and engine or New Jersey’s and America’s electoral machinery,” Pascrell wrote.
    He urged the attorney general that if an investigation determines there is a violation of the state’s electoral subversion laws that he “pursue criminal and civil charges against Donald Trump, Louis DeJoy, and any other high-ranking officials involved.”

  49. We have a friend whose son grows popcorn. We ordered a grain bin full. Now, to clean out St Paul’s supply of 3buckchuck.

  50. We have the best and brightest. I can’t wait to hear these GREAT speeches from so many of my hero’s!

  51. AOC needs to cool her jets and check her ego about only being given one minute to speak at the convention.   We don’t need to give Repugz more ammo, which she will do in 60 seconds,  and…it’s NOT her time to crow.   

  52. In the light of day! In Wisconsin .Voter suppression on a massive scale. To the people who just couldn’t vote for Hillary, have you no shame. You made this happen. 

  53. The  Flying Monkey Air Force  has been  dispatched  running  bombing sorties   on Harris .
    Their line of attack  …………. “She spent more time under Willie Brown’s desk, than in court”. 

  54.    I can’t  get the Cohen book out of my head.  I watched Rachel Maddow  read the forward  he released.  It runs for over 9 mins. 
    And just a month ago –

    Mary Trump’s interview with Rachel Maddow gave the show its highest rated hour in its history and set a record for the highest rated scheduled show on MSNBC, the network said on Friday. Watch a clip of their sit-down above.
    The Rachel Maddow Show pulled in 5.2 million viewers, also making it the top show on broadcast and cable in total viewers. Hannity, which usually wins the time slot, had 3.8 million viewers.



  55. In the entire history of the Cosmos , can anyone recall where a gangster’s  lawyer of 10 years  rolls over on his Don ?
    My favorite line so far …..  “I know where all the bodies are buried, I buried them”. 
    All of this reminds me of the Swift Boat attacks  on Kerry .   But   these books  are a whole  new level  of  “Bean Bag”. 
    I wish we all could see what  Mike Pence’s face looks like when he looks up “Golden Showers”  on Google. 

  56. Carbuncle

    carbuncle is a red, swollen, and painful cluster of boils that are connected to each other under the skin. A boil (or furuncle) is an infection of a hair follicle that has a small collection of pus (called an abscess) under the skin.Jun 20, 2019

    Symptoms: Fatigue; Boil; Fever
    Time to lance the carbuncle. 


  57. And looming out there  somewhere  is Bloomberg .  He’s about to drop a dime on “The Stable Genius”.  He’s been been supplying  tech support , and funds to a lot of people. 
    But  he’s got something up his sleeve. 

  58. Every Republican  running for office needs to answer this question  –
    Would you let the 45th president of the United States  grab :
    Your mother’s crotch ? 
    Your wife’s crotch ?
    Your sister’s crotch ? 
    Your daughter’s  crotch ? 
    Or your  crotch ? 

  59. Oh no Bob  ! 
    Too far ! 
    We’re playing Bean Bag with the Russians, and  a pathological  narcissist.  Pat Robertson needs to answer this question .  all the women on Fox News need’s to answer this question.  Pence needs to answer this  question. 
    Remember the day after this question  the Russians dumped the emails stolen   from Hillary. 
    And as time has moved on there was zip there. 

  60. This entire series  of books  has put shackles on their  flukes.   He’s wounded and bleeding in the water. Time to  throw every harpoon  there is  . 
    “Death Donald Dick” !
    Metphorically speaking.

    0:13 / 8:00



    Moby Dick (1956): Gregory Peck’s best scene



  61. 😳😳😳😳

  62. Fun fact  ,,, let’s count the new  voters  in Fla .  that came after Maria.  They were all US citizens, and voters before the storm.  All they got from Trump was a roll of paper towels.  
    And living on the mainland, their votes count .

    Harris has a fellow on her staff from Haiti that speaks Creole.
    The vote in South Fla. is about to shock everyone.

    I am not the only one that has the bit in their teeth.

  63. The Harris vote ,  how many Indian  women are in the US ? And where do they live ? 
    I have great faith  that the women in this country  have the bit in their teeth.  And they, like me  will show up. 
    I am am ole’ dog with no bite .  Women are running this election ., make no mistake. 
    And  old white guys like me  have an appointment  with the ash heap of history. 

  64. Bob, pretty easy. Just be on the video on youtube, click share. Copt the link and come back to the comment box but add a @ or # and paste it. You should then see the video display after Post Comment. You can experiment till you get it right by just deleting the comment and start over.

  65. Old Man – There’s a copy button at the bottom of the screen on YouTube, but sometimes it just copies as a link (like the “Blind” video I posted today) and sometimes I get the full picture to display.  

  66. What a great Saturday afternoon thread. Sorry, but I was busy getting started on installing a different backsplash behind our stove, and living in an old house that ain’t exactly (ok, not even nearly) square and level, well you get the idea. Finally decided to settle down, catch up whi’ what the fucks going on in the world today, and of course here’s where I start. Bob, no it ain’t too far. As the old saying goes, joke them if they can’t take a fuck.

  67. I when to Taos in the summer of  68 ‘, I was a house keeper for  art students.  It was a long walk to town.  We had this  album , I wore it out. 







    0:14 / 4:15



    Simon and Garfunkel-Old Friends, Bookends Theme -full version.

  68. jamie, you might enjoy this story and share it with your nesting cam buddies,


    A squabble in the sky over Lake Michigan left one bald eagle victorious and one government drone mangled and sunken.

    Hunter King, a drone pilot at the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy, was surveying an area of the lake near the state’s Upper Peninsula last month when the drone started “twirling furiously” after it indicated that a propeller had been torn off.

    “When he looked up, the drone was gone, and an eagle was flying away,” said the department, whose name is abbreviated E.G.L.E.

    A couple who regularly spends time watching eagles go after sea gulls in the area witnessed the battle but were surprised when they learned that it was a drone that had been downed in the fight, the department said.


    The department speculated that the eagle could have attacked because of a territorial dispute, because it was hungry “or maybe it did not like its name being misspelled.”


  69. Mr Man,
    Certain of us old men, like you, helped manage to keep things going until the women could come to the rescue of our country & planet. I did a tiny bit, too.

    – Old male mutt 

  70. Pogo ,  It’s really cool this is NRA type  anger,  believe me  this will make 1932  look small .
    Everyone  has  the  bit in their teeth. 
    And anger not reason  drives  voters to the polls. 

  71. I go to the YouTube vid, click “copy” on the link at top, then go to trail mix comment box click “paste” to put in the link…….after you paste it in, a box will pop up over or under the link……click on the last icon on the right, the little box will disappear.  then post the comment.  

  72. A s a lost soul ,  it’s really  good to be  washed up on this beach. 
    You folks , have lots of coconuts.

  73. This  Post Office  attack will drive more to the polls.. Our president  is dumber than Hitler. 

  74. Go to You Tube

    Hit “Share”

    A box with the video address pops up 

    To the right of the address is the word Copy.  Click on that 

    Come here click in the comment box and hit paste.  Since I’m watching Guys and Dolls, my favorite song from the Broadway show left out of the movie.

  75. OM – It still works if just the link shows up and not the full picture.  It takes us right to your videos.  

  76. The “Golden Years”  What an American myth .  Growing old  is not a TV ad .
    I am nearing  riding  in an electric  cart 

  77. Pogo
    For some reason you are getting an embedable link, Your link looks as if you copied it out of the browser window after you came from some play list. Much like the link you would see if I clicked on the go to youtube link to watch the rest of the video, as I just did in the video above, see what happens

  78. See, “Watch” in the above link isn’t in an embedable  link  In fact embedable links are really simple looking  As you are using a phone I don’t know how you correct it.
    BTW the video above is one Bob posted earlier today.

  79. bink, you must be the only male alive who reads the manual first  🙂

    thanks for the above on the ‘tube

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