Always in motion is the future

— Yoda

What is telling is that the 2024 presidential battle will probably be Harris and Haley.  The important thing is whether the republican party exists then.  This means trying to figure out what the parties will be in the next few years.

Starting with the greedy old perverts.  We can be assured that one piece will be the SFB cohort.  Will they be the twenty percent?  Most likely.  If they are any larger that will make the rest of the party smaller, smaller in the view those will form another party under the greedy old pervert label.  Another small section of the gop will be the ten or fifteen percent who are “I vote gop no matter what”.   This group used to be the GOP party, but has shrunk due to dying off. The next section of the former party will be the evangelical, anti-democracy/anti-abortion types.  They are not real goppers, but use them to destroy America the republic.  And the final group are the idiots who have no clue what is going on and think the greedy old perverts sound good because it is anti-everything except white males.

All this means is that what was the republican party is no more.  It has been blown up.

Now the Democratic Party has some interesting changes coming.  Former republicans will be sneaking over, but they need some encouraging words to overcome their shame of being gopers.  A new middle of the spectrum group will form, similar to the Blue Dogs.  A lot of Dems will be invested in making their lives better.

 Behind a lot of changes will be the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.  It will change a lot of how the world works. Much of the pain of no employment for millions of people will cause changes.  Think of 1930, the Great Depression and what happened from that.  We are in the Trump Depression and can only look at what we need to do to make a new world.  Every thing the current administration is doing is to make the depression worse.  It is to make the thirty thousand ultra rich more rich. 

It is time to look for the future “new normal”.  We are not there yet.  What we do need are leaders who can take us through the hell that is where we are now.


Author: Blue Bronc

Born in Detroit when Truman was president, survived the rest of them. Early on I learned that FDR was the greatest president, which has withstood all attempts to change that image. Democratic Party, flaming liberal, Progressive, equality for all and a believer in we are all human and deserve respect and understanding. College educated, a couple of degrees, a lot of world experience and tons of fun. US Air Force (pre-MRE days). Oil and gas fields, computer rooms and stuff beyond anything I can talk about. It has been quite a life so far. The future is making my retirement boat my home. Dogs, cats and other critters fill my life with happiness. Work pays the bills.

100 thoughts on “Always in motion is the future”

  1. they are touting kamala as joe’s hammer so this is both as a tribute to her and to the guy who made it famous.

    R.I.P. trini

  2. Cheap bar trick:  Bet someone you can let them deal out 25 cards from a shuffled deck and from those 25 cards make 5 “pat” poker hands.
    Maverick Solitaire 

  3. Ha! This one gave me a severe case of morning memories.  As I may have mentioned a time or ten, I had a rather weird childhood.  One night in 1961 my father’s idea of socializing with his 16 year old daughter was a bar with this new singer Trini Lopez followed by a new burlesque show featuring strip teasing puppets:  

    Le Poupees de Paris  


  4. the hill:

    The campaign of former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, released an ad in Florida on Tuesday accusing President Trump of raiding Social Security for coronavirus relief. 

    The ad comes after Trump signed a slew of executive orders over the weekend, one of which directs the Treasury Department to defer payment of employee-side Social Security payroll taxes through the end of the year for those making under roughly $100,000. 


    The new 30-second ad claims Trump is “slashing hundreds of billions of dollars from the Social Security trust fund every year.”

    “Nearly 4 million Florida seniors rely on Social Security and once again Donald Trump’s failed leadership is hitting seniors the hardest,” the ad says, showing footage of the president playing golf.

  5. Pilar…..
    in re your prediction:
    A.  It is something which you truly believe will come to pass, in which case I can only truly believe it will not.    
    B. It is a spoiler of some sort.  If it is a spoiler of some sort, I cannot imagine to what end other than assisting the incumbent in some fashion, in which case I would simply dismiss it as being a spoiler of some sort.

    But should it actually come to pass, then I would be forced to concede that you are indeed politically prescient.

  6. Remember when SFB talked about running as a Dem?  What better way than to destroy the Republican Party from within.  (He’s not a Dem, nor is he a Repug.  He’s a racist, fascist, megalomaniac.)   
    Haley may be perfectly happy watching Harris hand Pence is very white ass in a debate.    Haley’s brand would be destroyed were she to agree to run with Orange Julius Cesar.  I hope she’s smart enough to see that and keep her ego in check; run for the top of the ticket the next time.

  7. I finally feel good about the battle ahead.  It will not be easy fighting a corrupt administration and foreign enemies at the same time.  But, Harris and Biden can do it.

  8. Hello Blue,
    Interesting thought that two candidates with history from India will be the choice in 2024.  Also interesting points regarding the Republican party however you have overlooked the battle in the Democratic party with the big pull to the left.  This is the dynamic that would be the demise of the Biden / Harris ticket.
    You are correct of the move towards the middle and once the Republicans complete this journey and if the Dems continue to be pulled to the far left by radicals, the Republicans will become the dominate party.
    Let’s see what happens 

  9. Blue,
    Humor –   “It will not be easy fighting a corrupt administration and foreign enemies at the same time”  This is what Trump has done as the Obama /Biden administration created a horrible mess for our Country.  That shoe will drop soon.   

  10. the week:

    Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s pick of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) as his running mate got a positive reception from Democrats. But what about the Republicans hoping to defeat President Trump this fall? Well, the GOP operatives behind the Lincoln Project approve, they signaled in a new ad released just hours after Biden announced his pick.
    “Joe Biden is the president for this moment,” the ad’s female narrator says. “Standing with him, Kamala Harris, a strong voice for a better America. Daughter of immigrants, a passion for justice, a happy warrior in the battle for the soul of America. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is the America we believe in, where hard work means more than family wealth, where compassion and kindness are strengths, not weaknesses. This is the America of our better angles. … Joe Biden and Kamala Harris — it’s time.”
    You can disagree with the Lincoln Project’s politics — or not even really understand their politics — but you have to admire their speed.

  11. How would SFB’s racists feel about him swapping out Q-Tip for Hayley?  Would they just stay home? 

  12. Some of “the base” might begin to be a bit queasy if the evangelical and very white pence were to get the boot.   It would show weakness and desperation.

  13. Go, donald.  go far far away. 

    and take your spawn with you.

    Rikers island is nice this time of year and you may see some old friends there.

  14. Nice thinker piece BB. Ping, I think voters are moving to the left and the dems are just following them, repubs in denial. Greed at the top is turning people against big business. For example, universal health insurance is almost a mainstream idea now, at least for a public option. That’s a big change from just a few years ago. Interesting how FOX prime time anchors now attack the “radical left” instead of just the “left” as they once did. Almost an admission that the left and liberal no so unpopular these days, now needs a scary adjective.

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  16. Craig – much of what I have been thinking about, which is occasionally referenced in polling analysis, is the U.S. is tipped to minority majority now.  My generation, Baby Boomer, is dying off, Gen X, Gen Z and Millennial  generations are the majority.  All that means that previous factors used in analysis are old and that Millennial’s will be voting in 2024.  They are not the same as the generations before them, in many ways.  Gen X and Gen Z suffered through the last republican debacle and the Great Recession.  Now Millennial’s are suffering through the SFB Depression.  All generations are being affected, but the younger are the Social Security payers. Baby Boomer is the recipient of Social Security now.  The younger generation is more liberal and looking for equality.  They see what is happening right now and it is not good.  If 2024 is Haley v Harris, I expect to see the more liberal Dems to keep on winning.

  17. Hmmm, I hear about this bit about the party being dragged far left by the radical left elements in it, but I see two center-left candidates heading the slate for November, a center-left speaker of the House and a center-left minority leader in the Senate.  I haven’t seen any radical left legislation coming out of the House and aside from a bit of support for the BLM movement and discussion about universal healthcare (or as Poobah noted, offering a public option) but otherwise I only see that shift in the insane ramblings (and nothing else comes out of his mouth) of the Orange Clown and his enablers.  Love to see someone (Ping?) point out what demonstrates this shift left.

    BTW Poobah – I don’t see any new edit button.

  18. One proof of a general trend left is the fact that half or more of the republican party are now supporting the democrats’  ticket.

  19. Sturg…  I don’t see half the Republican Party as declaring themselves “left”.  Methinks they clearly see trump for the asshole he is…  and Biden as a decent human being.  They will vote Democratic this time… but maybe not in 2024… depends on who the candidates are.

  20. Yep, they still gops but I think that they are also moving left, even if only, for now,  away from  what the gop has become.
    Impossible to deny that it was gop policies which irrevocably led to the present situation.

  21. They threw the best they had in their whole party against him and in the end every one of them either groveled shamelessly at his feet or got chewed up and spit out. 
    Can they hope to regain control of the gop or will it continue as the party it has become, leaving no place for them……

  22. Craig

    Call some of your media folks.  They keep making a major error.  Kamala Harris is NOT the first Californian on a Presidential ticket.  That just happened to be the very first Presidential Candidate for the new Republican party, John C. Fremont, Senator of California.

    Of course it helped that he helped steal the state from the Mexicans in order to do it and happened to marry into heavy political family in Jessie Benton, but that’s politics for you.


  23. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch because these motherfuckers made an omelette out of the Constitution.

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  26. reminds me of the 6 ft tall rabbit Harvey in that jimmy stewart movie that only he could see. 

  27. I don’t see a big pull to the ‘left,’ whatever ‘left’ means, Mr Ping.
    On your side of the divide I see a swing toward Big Government rule without input from the Congress, and praise bestowed on the jim crow era, rioting federal agents, neonazis, russian agents, and ghislaine maxwell. Is this what ‘right’ means ? If so, run on that, please.  

  28. this is part of an email lizzie sent out to her grassroots supporters today:

    I’ve known Kamala Harris for a long time — from when she took on Wall Street during the financial crisis as attorney general to working for the people every day as a United States senator.

    Throughout her career, she has been unafraid, and an inspiration to millions of women who see themselves in her. As our vice presidential nominee, Kamala is making history.

    She’ll be a great partner to Joe Biden in making our government a powerful force for good in the fight for social, racial, and economic justice.

    I will do everything I can to ensure Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are elected in November so they can get big things done for the American people starting January 2021.

    P.S. I’m SO looking forward to seeing Kamala take on Mike Pence on the debate stage. Go Kamala!

  29. Well this makes Willie Brown look like the attention seeking asshole he is.  He said in a newspaper column that Harris should turndown vp and take ag instead….. Because so many ag’s have  gone on to be pres.
    Talk about being politically irrelevant…Brown took a promising political career and traded it for money and corruption

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    update… nope… same old one. But then I have one of Craig’s hated Macs.

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    KGC, weird. i see one after your date time line too.

  32. I don’t see Green ? on that continuum, Ms Pat.

    Also, I don’t see Presbyterian/Sunni Islam-ism through Anglican/Shi’ite/Papism, that is, De-centralized & Fatalist vs Centralized & Free will-ist.
    Or a  continuum of commie-ism (Centralized Fatalism) through  ayn rand-ism (Decentralized Free Willism)
    These two axes together form a grid. Throw in a Green – brown continuum and you get a 3D  matrix. Throw in a Theist-Non Theist continuum and you enter the 4th Dimension. 
    Now, about carnivorism and vegetarianism . . . .

  33. patd….  the edit button is exactly as it’s always been.  No, I can’t see yours.  And yes, my button still works…  I had to use it to do the update.

  34. Steve Schmidt just went to the edge and stated the unspoken.  He said that Kamala Harris is most likely the next president after Biden.  The way he said it was to hint that Biden was one term only.  Yup.  Finally said.

  35. Hot damn.  Someone who can speak, clearly and not in the rattling space of an empty casaba.  I am so happy now.  Back when Biden and Obama took the stage there was not the drama of today.  Yes, there was a recession happening, yes there was the disaster of Iraq and Afghanistan and there was the Village Idiot and the war monger without a heart.  Today we have a team of anti-Americans in the White House who are doing everything possible, including allowing foreign actors, to destroy this country.  Bush had never had that goal.
    Yay!  Hip hip hurrah.

  36. Love this more than I expected, given my feelings about Warren!  Biden-Harris!
    And if the fascists in tRUMP’s camp are trying to paint Biden as frail/old, ummm, Joe’s out riding a bike while the orange, bucket of lard is having his ass hauled around in a golf cart, has to use two hands to lift a glass, and barely knows what’s actually going on (not his conspiracy, anti-science garbage) in the world.
    Biden/Harris 2020…and beyond!    

  37. I look forward to the “debates”.  Those will be a blast.  SFB wants many of them, his staff realize that he could not talk himself a winner debating a dead night crawler. 

  38. Biden and Harris sound like the perfect team!   Joe did a great job with his first pick.  Can’t wait to see his cabinet!   
    ps – Suck it, tRUMPSKY.

  39. It’s going to be called a disaster a whole lot before this thing is over.   But it won’t be one no matter what they call it.

  40. Damn.  T-storms around DC.  Power went out and I did not get to see the final minutes.  YouTube will be the way to watch.   Good grief, it is Todd.  I thought he was demoted and the 5pm program was Nicolle.

  41. She’s too tough.  She’s not tough enough. Jeez, he fascists in the WH and Faux Noise can’t even get on the same page.  Too many turning points mean you’re going in circles.  
    The Whitest Man is gonna be annihilated in the debate.  

  42. Trump on Harris and Biden: “She said horrible things about him, including accusations made about him by a woman where I guess she believed the woman.” FOX also pushing this narrative, with clips where she does appear to say that. Kamala needs to put this down somehow.

  43. Mmmm, let the women who signed NDAs with tRUMP speak freely.  I mean, if the misogynists at Fox wanna go there, let’s talk about the rapist in the OO.

  44. Harris could be the Veep PLUS the AG.  
    Who else do we have who can be mean a junkyard snake in going after polluters, russian moles, saudi moles, simony artists, bribesters, illegal weapon distributors, racist thugs, federal rioters, baby cagers, vote depressors, crimes against humanity perps, stimulus kleptos, obstructors of justice, obstructors of Congress, illegal contributors, renta regulators, child sexual abusers and traffickers, and misprision of felony perps ?

  45. Show me your numbers and I’ll show you mine. Where’s my black guy? Bwahahahahahah. Diverse my ass. 

  46. she went after the Rump in clear easy to understand terms:  he’s responsible for the covid death every 80 seconds, the worse economy, the 16 million out of work, the millions of children not in school etc etc   while the rest of the world has done better.

    glad she’s focusing on him.  waste of time to trash pence.

    and yes it’s nice to hear people speak coherently. 

  47. her very best line:

    “Like everything else he inherited, he ran it straight into the ground.”


    that had to hurt

  48. kamala:

    “This virus has impacted almost every country, but there’s a reason it has hit America worse than any other advanced nation”

    “His refusal to get testing up and running, his flip-flopping on social distancing and wearing masks, his delusional belief that he knows better than the experts — all of that is the reason and the reason an American dies of Covid-19 every 80 seconds”

  49. Craig, Harris  can combat  her clips with mucho clips by trumpity on women and sex.
    OMG, Marjorie Taylor Greene of merry ole Georgia is a stupid conspiracy Q-Anon mess.  GAG.

  50. Wonderful!  A breath of FRESH air! Biden’s & Harris’ speeches today were wonderful.  They said, especially Biden. ALL the stuff we’ve been seeing in this country. 
    I’m donating for the second time in my life to them. And it’s cheaper than moving to, I think, England now.

  51. 169,124 Americans. I hope they start haunting the bitching pumpkin, the entire cabinet it sits in, and the fertilizer caucus he created in Congress. 

    170,000 coming up tomorrow.

  52. So now I see that Jeanine Pirro is yammering Pilar’s prediction (about Biden not being the dem nominee) on her Fox TV show.  

  53. Ms 21, I don’t think England will let you in. I mean, you are from the Covid/Bible Belt.

  54. Hey Sturg.. All good here in Florida.  Seems somewhat normal with a mask and just stay clear!  How are you?  

  55. Bout the same, wear the mask, try and stay clear……..I never liked most of those people anyway.    

  56. If you think I’ll let jared kushner
    Move in next door and ‘borrow’ my push mower,
    You must be crazy or something.

  57. Our suburban women and children will be in great danger.

    Joe will kill god and soil your sacred suburb groves with Jesus, Saints Joseph and Mary, other poor people and bathtub statues. 

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