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  1. so why won’t the Rump be criticized for his god and guns remark like obama was in 2008 for his they cling to guns or religion” observation?

    and who is this “our” he’s referring to in the “our kind of energy” part of his “He’s against God, he’s against guns, he’s against energy, our kind of energy.”  i take it he means coal but that kinda leaves out all the oil,  natural gas, thermal, wind, solar and the 96 nuclear plants folk if he does.  

  2. I’m making plans for my next trip to Thigh Land.

    Over and over, Trump proves that he is functionally illiterate.  He has managed to read the words written for him, but with frequent mispronunciations and little or no reading comprehension.  Many adults have these problems to contend with, but they aren’t trying to be President.  Unfortunately, SFB’s ego won’t allow him to ask for competent help and it has almost destroyed the nation.  

  3. Now just what the hell is he talking about?  He doesn’t know that Joe is a devout Catholic? Or in Trump world is Catholicism not sufficiently religious to pass muster?  This, the guy who said you don’t hold up a bible then go around lying?  Hmmm, Lafayette Park, Saint Johns Church, and now north of 20,000 lies – perhaps a bit of lack of self awareness in that?

  4. Catholics are part of the “People who go to hell” group for the Baptists and evangelicals,  along with so many others.
    kinda makes his statement a dog whistle/shout out to the “Jews will not replace us” people.

  5. Sturg, I kind of hoped that Papist sentiment had abated a bit since 60 years ago when it was used against John Kennedy. I guess not. 

  6. Yep.  Evangelicals don’t like Catholics and “all of this praying to saints” as I have heard it said down here.   Didn’t Catholicism already get litigated with JFK?  Now remind me, Kennedy won the election, right?
    He is just pandering to his ever-shrinking base.  Soon, he will just be spitting into the wind.

  7. I had a friend who was Thigh.  She went on vacation out West to Yo-Semite or Yo-Seminite.  I forget which one. 

  8. wapo today:

    Catholics, who make up nearly one-quarter of voters, historically are politically split, with Latino Catholics favoring Democrats and White Catholics somewhat more favorable toward Republicans. Polling by Pew Research Center in July showed Biden slightly leading Trump among Catholic voters, 52 percent to 47 percent.

    Trump is far less popular with White Catholics than with White evangelical Protestants, who also strongly oppose abortion.

    The relationship between the U.S. government and the Vatican has been uneasy since Trump’s election in 2016. Francis has provoked Trump several times, including calling him “not Christian.” Trump, in response, called the pope’s words “disgraceful.”
    In a call earlier this year with Catholic leaders, Trump called himself the “best [president] in the history of the Catholic Church” , according to Crux. He has campaigned hard to win Catholic votes, particularly white Catholics in key swing states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

  9. It would behoove Biden to start pointing out exactly WHY the creep made that “against god” remark, and TO WHOM the statement was aimed. It was not a “gaffe” or a slip up; it was deliberate.
     That should move a few of those Catholic voters to other (blue) side.

  10. As far as “our energy” is concerned, he means the energy of the tiki torch people.  
    Probably words from The Glue Eater.

  11. It ain’t hard. When writing for others where pronunciation may be a problem do it phonetically e.g., tie-land, and yo-sem-ih-tee

  12. Just broadcast: Brent Scowcroft has died at age 95. Back in the 70s while he was in Europe he messaged asking to get on the distribution for our/my daily briefings from the Canal Zone. I was happy to oblige.

  13. Wow!  I know quite a few Catholics that love trumpty…  hopefully this might give them pause.  But then…  they’d have to deduce that dog whistle….   so maybe not.

  14. Niger, hah!  He’d have jizzed himself if he thought it was thigh land – or tie-land for that matter.  Flatus, I’m sure you as a speechwriter might respell words that a third grader might mangle, but a pro speechwriter probably wouldn’t do that for a stable genius.

  15. Thigh Land, LMAO!  All the crap this uneducated, mentally ill man has spewed and not a word from the “republicans”.  They all represent a huge failure of the American educational system! 

  16. It wouldn’t take much at all to make it plain and crystal clear how the Catholics are lumped in with with the jews and the blacks by the kkk/white supremacists

  17. SHOCKERS: NEW Quinnipiac SENATE Polls. 

    KY: McConnell (R-inc) leads McGrath (D) 49-44%. 

    SC: TIE (Lindsey Graham-R inc. 44%, Jaime Harrison-D 44%. 

    ME: Gideon(D) leads Collins(R-inc.) 47-43%

  18. This is meaningfully important. If any of us can scratch up the cash, Jaime Harrison will put it to seriously good use in his battle to kick Graham’s ass. So far as I can tell, Jaime is a decent candidate and human being.

  19. BiD, I saw that the student said Good Trouble!  YES!  She’s smarter than that fool vice principal.. There’s hope for us yet.

  20. “You got three friends in this wuld. You got Sears Roebuck and Company. You got Gawd Aumighdy ! 
    An’ You got YEWgene Hummin Tammadge uh Sugah Hill, Joejuh, an’ I want you to know it !”
    gene talmadge was another hater for a hate-filled god. But, he could spit water melon seeds with the champions.

  21. cracks in the NDA wall


    For decades, Donald Trump has relied on broadly worded nondisclosure agreements as a powerful weapon against anyone who would say something critical of him. Among those who have signed agreements are a porn star, two ex-wives, contestants on “The Apprentice,” campaign workers and business associates.
    But this key element of Trump’s corporate and political strategy has shown signs of unraveling, even as his campaign spends heavily to enforce such agreements. He and his allies recently have lost initial rounds in legal battles to stop damaging books by former top White House officials and his niece Mary L. Trump.
    Now, in one of the most sweeping efforts by a former associate to undo nondisclosure agreements, the Trump campaign’s former Hispanic outreach director last week filed her latest effort in a class-action suit to void all such campaign contracts. She says they are so broad that they deny individuals their First Amendment right to say anything critical of the president — even as he routinely takes to Twitter to mock and deride his critics.
    In a motion for summary judgment in the case, the former campaign worker, Jessica Denson, said the campaign sought a $1.5 million claim against her for violating an NDA. She said that came after she filed a lawsuit alleging sex discrimination by campaign officials. (That separate case is ongoing.)
    “These NDAs are representative of the levers of fear that this campaign and administration wield over people,” Denson told The Washington Post. “And if this lever of these NDAs is lifted, it is significant not only for the direct effect it has on people who have signed it, but for a general environment of people who are afraid to speak out.”
    Under her agreement, Denson was not allowed to disparage Trump during her time with the campaign “and at all times thereafter,” and she cannot disclose whatever “Mr. Trump insists remain private or confidential,” as defined by him.

    [continues about other NDAs]

  22. SFB enables such bad behavior.  You know it was just waiting for a trigger 
    See bad behavior say something 

  23. the hill:

    A federal appeals court on Friday upheld the House’s subpoena of former White House counsel Don McGahn, ruling that Congress has the right to enforce its subpoenas in court.
    The 7-2 decision from the full D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals reverses an earlier ruling from a divided three-judge panel that declared that congressional subpoenas were essentially unenforceable.
    “The Constitution charges Congress with certain responsibilities, including to legislate, to conduct oversight of the federal government, and, when necessary, to impeach and remove a President or other Executive Branch official from office,” Judge Judith Rogers wrote in the majority opinion. “Possession of relevant information is an essential precondition to the effective discharge of all of those duties.”
    Although the ruling is a clear victory for congressional Democrats, it does not mean that McGahn will be sitting for testimony anytime soon. The majority decision did not address the Trump administration’s claim that White House officials are immune to congressional subpoena, so even if McGahn does not appeal the ruling, the two sides will still have more to litigate before the D.C. Circuit.
    Kerri Kupec, a spokeswoman for the Department of Justice, didn’t say whether the administration would appeal the ruling.
    The circuit court on Friday also ruled that the House has standing to sue Trump over his diversion of Pentagon funds to border wall construction.

  24. The citizen has a duty to report violations of the law such as sex discrimination. This duty runs contrary to the trump NDAs.  I would advise Ms Denson to argue that the trump NDAs are for the express purpose of hiding criminal activity.

  25. Normal decent people never need an NDA, except to protect trade secrets from industrial sabotage by rivals, etc, in which case the protected information/data alone is covered. A kidnapping from the typing pool, a rape in the linen closet or a murder on the loading dock are NOT legally covered by an NDA. In fact, enforcement of an NDA to prevent whistleblowing or testimony can be charged as obstruction of justice, a felony.

  26. Well… there is a difference between not wanting someone to win an election and working against someone to win an election.  But, I’m not heartened by Iran or China.  As an American, I only care about who other Americans want to win.

  27. “kremlin linked actors” I presume we mean roger stone, mike flynn, the nra, butina, robert hanssen, aldrich ames.

  28. To keep foreign states out of OUR election (sort of), maybe China and Iran can just stop Russia from messing with us.  They can battle each other and Americans can vote out Orange Julius.

  29. My dad talked to our relatives in California.  They said they are moving back to the Midwest if Biden wins.  
    My dad’s only comment: “Republicans.”

  30. Trump:  will be doing a news conference on the ChinaVirus, the just announced very good economic numbers, and the improving economy, at 7pm from Bedminster, New Jersey. Also, the subject of the Beirut, Lebanon catastrophe will be discussed.

  31. Charlotte Clymer:   When asked about this news, Jerry Falwell Jr  responded that he’s not at Liberty to say.

  32. 21-year-old Florida man recovers from mild COVID-19 — then his organs started shutting down

    After 21-year-old Canaveral Groves resident Spencer Rollyson bounced back from mild COVID-19 symptoms in May, he didn’t think the virus was a big deal — “I thought it was still a joke.”
    But mysteriously, two weeks after testing negative for the coronavirus and returning to work, Rollyson started suffering from an array of symptoms: fever, chills, nausea, severe headaches, abdominal and chest pain.
    His fever eventually reached 103.4 degrees — and Rollyson fell unconscious in the middle of a June 15 telehealth appointment. His mother drove him to AdventHealth East Orlando, where he was admitted to the intensive care unit and placed on a ventilator.
    Doctors diagnosed Rollyson with multi-organ failure with heart failure, acute respiratory failure, and severe sepsis with septic shock.
    “I thought I was going to die. I was literally sitting in the hospital like, ‘I’m going to die,’ ” Rollyson recalled.
    “I thought for sure I was gone,” he said.

  33. Kansas has proved masks work!
    Under state law when The Kansas Governor issued a mask mandate for all Kansas, counties can vote to opt out.

    After Gov. Laura Kelly put a mask mandate in place last month, 15 counties stayed with the mandate while 90 counties abandoned it, Norman said at a news conference Wednesday.


    Norman pointed a graph showing the seven-day rolling average of cases per 100,000 people comparing counties with the mask mandates with those counties that abandoned it. The favorable trend line down was entirely in the counties that required the use of masks, while the trend line for those without one was flat, he said.
    “Do masks work? Here in this natural experiment called Kansas where we have essentially — not due to any great design, but it has worked out that way — some counties have been the control group with a no mask mandate and some have been the experimental group with masks,” Norman said. “The experimental group is winning the battle. All improvements in case development comes from those counties wearing masks.”

  34. What Joe Biden needs to do is go back to his basement and announce his vp choice and let her do the csmpaigning

  35. Nobody needs to be out making stump speeches.  Not Joe.  Not his VP pick.  There is no need to press the flesh nor gather together, even with masks.   Folks only need to show up to vote for Joe and/or against SFB, however they feel about it.  
    Early voting in Texas starts in 67 days.

  36. X-R, “kremlin linked actors” revealed


    Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said that Sens. Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are laundering Russian propaganda through the Senate to attack Biden.
    Rep. Swalwell said during an interview with MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace:
    “Russia has a capability, a scope, an intent, and a prior in criminal law, they did this before, this is not articulated by those other countries. They have a preference for Donald Trump to be re-elected and use their resources to denigrate Joe Biden and they’re doing it through the U.S. Senate, laundering this information by this individual who’s described who has publicly said that he’s sending materials to Ron Johnson and Lindsey Graham to try to tear down Joe Biden.”
    “Members of the U.S. Senate are acting as Russian launderers of this. It’s reprehensible, it should stop. Nicolle, if you want to know why Donald Trump won’t confront Vladimir Putin about these bounties on U.S. Soldiers, there you go, Russia continues to spot Donald Trump and he’s not going to do a single thing even if it means to defend U.S. Troops.”
    Swalwell later added, “Ron Johnson and Lindsey Graham are all too willing to use in their naked ambition to keep Donald Trump in power and so the concern here is that U.S. Persons are being used to facilitate this Russia influence operation and, again F the president is not going to have resources to counter this and, if the senators aren’t going to, you know, responsibly conduct themselves like Americans, not pro-Russia, then it’s on the American people to have the awareness of what they’re trying to do.”

  37. ms petri at https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/08/07/if-youve-never-supported-nra-now-is-time-start/

    Dear (Name),
    You are on this email list because you have never donated to the National Rifle Association. As you may have read, our organization is going through a rough time. New York Attorney General Letitia James thinks that fraud and corruption are so rampant within us that we ought to be dissolved. That’s why we’re reaching out to you.
    We bet that what’s been holding you back all this time is the belief that if you donated to the NRA, it would help put more guns in more places and that such a goal, in your opinion, would make the United States a more dangerous place. Well, we urge you to take a second look and ask: Is that really what the NRA is doing?
    A misconception that a lot of people have about the NRA is that we are some sort of gun lobby, trying to put guns into and keep them in the (cold, dead) hands of as many people as possible. But as allegations in a recent lawsuit demonstrate, the NRA is about so much more than that. We are also about subsidizing the personal travel of CEO Wayne LaPierre, his family members and a few trusted affiliates! We’re not just a gun lobby whose annual convention did not take place this year and which seems as though it hasn’t been very active around the coming election. We also believe in the power of travel, and the need to support America’s small-ship owners, or large-yacht owners, depending on your perspective.
    So please, if you haven’t, consider giving generously to support this vital organization.
    And wouldn’t it be a shame to see the NRA dismantled and replaced by some sort of new organization whose priority really was putting guns in the hands of history teachers, for no good reason? That’s the alternative we face.
    If you are someone who has supported us in the past and want to know where your money went, please disregard this email.
    The NRA

  38. Louisiana Supreme Court upholds Black man’s life sentence for stealing hedge clippers more than 20 years ago

  39. OM – “Hands On The Wheel” seems particularly appropriate these days.
    Gee, what happened to all of the Lady G rumors? Wasn’t someone gonna break their NDA?  Did someone pay them off to keep mum?   Lindsey Graham is GD, un-American, traitorous, lying weasel; carrying poisonous  water for tRUMPSKY/Poo-tin.  

  40. Everyone knows that tRUMP’s EOs are an attempt to buy votes.  They will have nothing to do with his desire to help folks…because he doesn’t give a crap.  “It is what it is.”  He takes no responsibility.  

    Everyone also knows that it’s the Republicans who are holding up the much-needed relief, not the Democrats who want to do more than put a small bandage on a gaping wound.   
    Oh, and everyone one also knows that it’s OUR money they will be ~giving~ us.

  41. Every Monday in high school  for nearly  2 years I came home , and the  LA Free Press  was in the Mail Box.  It was like having the  paper being mailed  to  Mars. 
    Buddy Holly here was still  that  motorcycle white trash , playing  N!gger  Music.  And they were sure  it was a blessing he was dead. 

  42. Windy Cows  Jamie, Windy Cows .
    By the way , I will never forget your quiz  about windowless  buildings  holding thousands  of women late at night. 
    I married one of them . 30 years ago.

  43. The Great American Myth 
    Our world , has crashed  into the  reality  of a new world,  as old world’s  have a habit of doing.  
    And  at every turn , our old world  thinking fails us . 
    Now, we must pull Trillions of dollars  out of thin air,  ( roll that marble  around your head ” .)
    I don’t lay down with dogs.  We need this “Fictional Money” ,  but we need to realize we will get up with fleas. 

  44. The Trump tax cuts ………….  getting  up with fleas. 
    20  R  Senators  now oppose relief  spending ,  They all loved that bill,  they  just  fell  into  a trap .  One does not  cut taxes in a booming  economany , they did ,  And the Debt took off . 
     But now , greedy poor people  are our biggest threat ,  giving them money is a sin .

  45. My last  observation  tonight, 
    The polling people ask  this question –
    “How enthusiastic are you about your Candidate ? ”
    Big numbers  for Trump . 
    A better question  this year. 
    “How much do you hate  the President ?”
    There’s  a poll number  no one is sampling. 

  46. And as the NRA knows , hate and fear  bring out votes. 
    Not  the  love of a person running. 

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