An Unfunny Joke

Worst tell of all, when Trump lied about generals saying Beruit explosion was an “attack” no one believed him, not even the Pentagon. He’s an irrelevant joke at home and abroad.


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  1. wapo:

    HIROSHIMA, Japan — On the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombing of his city, the mayor of Hiroshima warned the world about the rise of “self-centered nationalism” and appealed for greater international cooperation to overcome the coronavirus pandemic.
    Speaking at a Thursday morning ceremony in Hiroshima’s Peace Memorial Park — near the center of the Aug. 6, 1945, blast — Kazumi Matsui renewed a “Peace Declaration” on behalf of the city and appealed to Japan’s government to ratify a 2017 U.N. treaty proposing the elimination of nuclear weapons.
    Seventy-five years after the bombing of Hiroshima, humanity struggles against a new threat: the novel coronavirus, Matsui said. “However, with what we have learned from the tragedies of the past, we should be able to overcome this threat.”
    “When the 1918 flu pandemic attacked a century ago, it took tens of millions of lives and terrorized the world because nations fighting World War I were unable to meet the threat together,” he said. “A subsequent upsurge in nationalism led to World War II and the atomic bombings.
    “We must never allow this painful past to repeat itself. Civil society must reject self-centered nationalism and unite against all threats.”


  2. So last night after snoozing On and off in front of the TV For a while before going up to bed and being unable to get back to sleep I took a couple melatonin, went downstairs to watch a little TV and get drowsy again. Well flipping around I ran across the Axios Jon Swan interview of dumbass so I decided to watch it. I thought the several clips I’d seen must have been the “greatest hits” from it. I was wrong. Until you see the whole thing you don’t get a sense of how profoundly and consistently stupid he is. My god. I have a new, deeper understanding of how much trouble we’re in with the Orange Lardius in the WH. His inability to understand an issue and reason through it to a plan of action is frightening. He never gets through that first step and applies that to the second step before moving on to the third – he just hits a wall in the understanding step and jumps to a gut instinct solution in the third. Think Oregon and you see the process played out in real time. If we can’t put Biden in the WH come January 2021 we are truly screwed. 

    Oh, good morning.

  3. Referring to my prior comment, there’s this case in point:

    President Trump called Arizona a success story in managing the novel coronavirusWednesday, as a new report suggested the summer’s surge of infections and deaths in that state and elsewhere has knocked the U.S. economy off its tentative path to recovery.

    Hiring slowed dramatically in July, according to an estimate by ADP Research Institute, as businesses added fewer than 170,000 new jobs — far short of some economists’ predictions of more than 1 million — and reported a sharp falloff from hiring gains recorded just a month prior. Virtually no sector of the economy was untouched by the new slowdown.

    Trump showed no sign of acknowledging the magnitude of the crisis as he welcomed Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) at the White House and praised what he called a “fantastic job” in turning around what had been among the nation’s worst spikes in virus cases and deaths.

    “He has done an incredible job on covid, or covid-19, or about 19 other names you can call it. It’s got probably more names than anything else you can think of,” Trump said.

    “And he was hit very hard, and . . . he hit back even harder,” Trump said of Ducey, a political ally who had lifted many restrictions in late spring in accordance with Trump’s wishes for rapid economic reopening.

    The White House endorsement comes even as Arizona continues to suffer the effects of a virus that has no vaccine and no widely effective treatment. The state is now averaging some 14,000 to 16,000 new cases a week.


    See the failure at the first step?  

  4. from our surreal world today file


    The internet’s catchiest song right now isn’t a chart-topper by Drake or one of the well-received tracks from Taylor Swift’s new album. It’s a song from TikTok, performed by an unnamed dancing llama/alpaca creature.


    Confused? Naturally. If you haven’t encountered it already, the short acoustic earworm known informally as “Mi Pan Su Su Sum” is TikTok’s latest obsession and has been tagged on more than 45 million videos hosted by the platform. It quickly rose to popularity, thanks to a slightly ominous rendition featuring a red-tinted alpaca-like creature dancing.

    We know how bewildering this sounds. Trust us: Watch the nine-second video and you too will be hypnotized.





    ♬ THIS SONG ISNTT ABOUT BREAD Stop mipansusus – itzmilpops

    Do we understand what we just saw? Not at all! Other takes on the song have been equally absurd and hilarious, often featuring animated characters doing inexplicable things.

    [continues with more tik tokking llamas]

  5. and even more llamas in the news from wapo:

    The protests in Portland, Ore., have been calmer in recent days. The shift away from large-scale clashes with police deploying tear gas came after the Trump administration pulled back federal law enforcement officers.
    But even during the intensity of the unrest, there were pockets of calm around Caesar McCool.
    Caesar, better known as “Caesar the No Drama Llama,” is a retired 6-year-old Argentine grand champion show llama that now works as a therapy llama and “llamactivist.” One of his best talents is offering emotional-support hugs, which people line up to give him at protests and other places where Caesar shows up.

  6. Pogo, you are so correct about the clips of that interview not doing it justice. I wish all of Trump’s 40% could see it all and we find out how much that number would drop. Surely it would be embarrassing enough to at least 5% to at least not vote.

  7. Poobah, I just kept repeating “Jesus fucking Christ” as I watched it.  “Read the books…”  “What books?”  “Lots of books.”  “Many other things…”  Babbler in Chief – brought to you by
    So I see the Senate Judiciary Committee is back to Hillary’s server and the Obama/Biden spying on Trump Towers in 2015-16.  Can Benghazi be far behind? Hey, Lindsey, 161,000 Americans dead with another 1,000 per day.  Perhaps you should think about looking into that.

  8. BREAKING: NY AG calls to dissolve @NRA and oust Wayne LaPierre, its leader for the last 39 years. In lawsuit filed today, AG accuses LaPierre and top lieutenants of a decades-long pattern of fraud — and of diverting millions from NRA coffers to line their own pockets.

  9. The whole mess of SFB cultists must be enjoying their time in the Parlr.  Okay, I doubt that because they keep showing up on FB and Twitter.
    Other than SFB thinking the young people on Tiktok messed with his Tulsa love in, the other reason he hates it is that he thinks it is Chinese intelligence getting the information about users.  Chinese not American or European companies learning what people want. 
    Jamie – it took years to break that earwig.  Now it is back.

  10. Ah, OK.  Rushunz.  
    I was worried that it just meant folks would start talking about their Second Amendment rights being in peril.   

  11. Craig… thanks for the breaking news.  NRA funneling Russian money to trumpco… now that would be DELICIOUS!

    ps…. thank you Geoffrey Berman!

  12. President Trump responds to New York AG’s lawsuit looking to dissolve the NRA for years of alleged financial schemes: “That’s a very terrible thing that just happened. I think the NRA should move to Texas and lead a very good and beautiful life.”

  13. Re: the NY-NRA suit, as we’ve learned during the COVID crisis, to the extent we didn’t know it before, sunlight is a disinfectant, and I’m betting the vampires at the NRA like LaPierre can’t tolerate sunlight.

  14. no doubt they got a tip or two from ms butina about the NRA when she was our guest at federal correctional facility in tallahassee before she was allowed to go home.

  15. the skunk pepe lapewierre is being accused of using the poor ole nra as his personal piggy bank. This isn’t about the politics of the nra but the abuse of the laws regulating nonprofits

  16. remember this from an NRA story back in 2018:

    CORN: But it wasn’t just the social interactions that she had. She ended up having an impact. She attended a conservative event in 2015 in Las Vegas, a conference put on by evangelicals. And a lot of the Republican candidates attended that, including a man named Donald Trump.
    SHAPIRO: She asked him a question at that event.
    CORN: She asked him a key question. She asked him the most important question there is for the Kremlin.
    SHAPIRO: We have tape of that. Let’s listen.
    MARIA BUTINA: I am visiting from Russia. So my question…
    TRUMP: Oh, Putin – good friend of Obama, Putin.
    BUTINA: My question…
    TRUMP: He likes Obama a lot. Go ahead.
    BUTINA: My question will be about foreign politics.
    TRUMP: OK.
    BUTINA: If you would be elected as the president, what will be your foreign politics, especially in the relationships with my country? And do you want to continue the politics of sanctions that are damaging of both economy, or you have any other ideas?
    TRUMP: OK.
    CORN: Now, of course Trump went on to say he didn’t think they needed sanctions, that he’d have a beautiful relationship with Putin. So this is a big deal for the Kremlin. Now, he wasn’t, you know, immediately a leader of the pack or someone who you expected to win the White House. But getting him on record saying he was against the sanctions is a bit of a coup for them.
    And more importantly, months later when top Trump campaign advisers reviewed this tape, they were astounded. They could not believe this event had happened in the sense that it was a Russian who got the first question, who put it to Trump, who had a answer for this that seemed on point. And they wondered amongst themselves – I’m talking about people like Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon – if somehow this had been a setup.
    SHAPIRO: Given how much more we know now than we did then, do you think it was a setup?
    CORN: Well, it certainly was the aim of the operation.

  17. This about  various houses lapierre bought and fabulous vacations.   Something like 64 million in untaxed benefits

  18. another old story from fortune:

    President Donald Trump has remained vague and cool in public on the idea of pursuing background check legislation in Congress in recent days, after a call with National Rifle Association chief Wayne LaPierre. The NRA spent significant sums on behalf of the Trump campaign in 2016, and could be a source for campaign contributions to the candidate and congressional Republicans in 2020.
    In 2016, the NRA spent more than $30 million on behalf of the Trump campaign, according to Federal Election Commission dataIt was a staggering number compared to 2012, when the group spent about $13 million to try to unseat President Barack Obama and elect Mitt Romney. The Trump campaign represented the lion’s share of the group’s spending—the NRA spent $54 million on the 2016 elections in total. 

  19. Ugh. The pick of vp shouldn’t be do no harm
    Susan Rice is wrong and if  do no harm is the guide.  She definitely is not the choice.

  20. KC, exactly.  That’s why he’s scared shitless of losing in November and anyone seeing his tax retOh, returns.  Oh wait, did you mean LaPierre?

  21. So historian Allan Lichtman, who predicted SFB would win in 2016, predicts it will be Biden this time.  It’s not a poll…it’s a model examining 13 factors.  Joe wins 7-6.  We’ll see.

  22. Ha! Don’t come to Texas to hide. We have nothin’ but sunshine here, too. You can run, but you can’t hide.  Well, maybe you can hide in Moscow. 

  23. Record heat, politics inflame Iraq’s electricity shortages
    Aug. 4, 2020
    Power cuts, coinciding with stay-at-home restrictions and scorching temperatures have extended into Lebanon and Syria, two countries also teetering on the brink of economic collapse.
    In Lebanon, residents suffer from power cuts lasting up to 20 hours a day in Beirut even as humidity climbs to above 80%, adding to public outrage over the country’s severe financial crisis. Neighborhood generators have had to switch off to give their engines a break and to ration fuel, causing a run on candles and battery-operated lamps.
    Like Iraq, blackouts in Lebanon have been a fixture of life, largely because of profiteering, corruption and mismanagement, ever since the 1975-1990 civil war.
    In Syria, nearly a decade of war has left infrastructure in shambles and electricity cuts are frequent. Last week, power was off for hours even as temperatures in Damascus reached a record-breaking 48 degrees Celsius (118 Fahrenheit).

  24. Pogo
    I mean all of them!  But I was talking about the the NY ag was talking about.  She reminds me of Barbara Jordan

  25. Now, if we can keep Joe from putting his foot in his mouth.  Not going well on that front. 

  26. A New Study Undercuts a Core GOP Argument in the Stimulus Negotiations Republicans say people were earning more from unemployment than from their jobs. New research disagrees.


    But an analysis published Wednesday by the left-leaning Groundwork Collaborative and the National Employment Law Project (NELP) finds that the majority of recipients are likely making less than before because they’re now paying for benefits that were previously offered by their employers, including health care, leave, and retirement benefits. The Chicago study did not factor these benefits into its analysis, instead looking exclusively at earnings.  

    Tennessee Justices Say Voters Can’t Request Mail-In Ballots Due To COVID-19 Fears The ruling overturned an earlier expansion for absentee ballots after some voters sued, saying they were concerned about the pandemic.

    Tennessee requires voters to provide one of 14 excuses to request an absentee ballot. They include provisions for voters 60 and older, those outside the country during early voting periods and Election Day, and those hospitalized or physically disabled. Voters had filed lawsuits asking the courts to expand the medical excuses to include concerns about their safety amid the pandemic.

    Although that expansion was overturned, the court did say that voters with “a special vulnerability to COVID-19” or their caretakers do satisfy the requirements to request an absentee ballot.

  28. This is a bitch!  Should not happen.  This administrator should be FIRED!
    “Student suspended after showing fellow students without masks l GMA.”
    At 1:05 the asshole administrator threatens kids with consequences. Fire him!  Should not happen!


  29. TT – I saw that on the news.  The kid should win some kind of citizen journalist scholarship.  
    Tony – In Texas, only the at-risk person is allowed a mail-in ballot. The caretaker is not eligible. At least that’s what happened to someone I know.   They are Republicans.

  30. TT – Do you suppose they can charge him with criminal negligence?  What about First Amendment rights?  They don’t stop the second you step foot in the building.

  31. BiD, quite a lesson in citizenship for that student!  Yes, how about the Constitution?  Give a little man a little power (the school’s VP) and this is what happens. 

  32. In my opinion, trump is not stupid or incompetent (although his admin is both), rather he is out to conquer and destroy America for his master in the kremlin. trump is the greatest secret agent in the history of the universe.
    Lock them ALL up.

  33. Quinnipiac polls: Gideon leads Collins in Maine; South Carolina Senate race tied
    Gideon leads Collins, 47 percent to 43 percent, with 6 percent of voters undecided, according to the survey.
    Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell holds a narrow edge over Democrat Amy McGrath in Kentucky and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is tied with Democrat Jaime Harrison, according to the surveys. ……..In South Carolina, Harrison and Graham are tied with 44 percent each, while 9 percent of voters said they are undecided. Both have consolidated support within their parties, while independents in the survey broke for Harrison………..

  34. Remember Trump’s  pitch to coal miners ? 

    Leading coal company Peabody Energy announced it will write down the value of the nation’s largest coal mine by $1.42 billion, as conditions for thermal coal production continue to weaken, according to a second quarter report published Wednesday morning.

    Plummeting demand for coal, due in part to low natural gas prices and the forthcoming closure of several coal-fired power plants nationwide, has compelled Peabody to take a non-cash impairment charge of $1.42 billion for its North Antelope Rochelle mine in Wyoming.  …………..  Wyoming coal mines have laid off or furloughed over 600 workers since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Industrial demand for electricity has waned with stay-at-home orders and a constricted economy. Coal production across Wyoming’s 16 coal mines in the Powder River Basin contracted by one-third during the second quarter, in contrast to the same quarter of 2019.

  35. old man, you talking about what trump calls “our kind of energy” ?   wonder who all that “our” are?

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