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That is Kenny Brent, his was the first good house job I picked up when I got to Denver in 83 bent upon learning Western Swing. Quite a guy. I liked that Patsi and I both knew him so well. He was goofy as a shit-house rat, but he sure could play and sing. He died this past week, sad to say; but the legend of “Free Hot Dogs” still remains.


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  1. sturge, was there a limit on the free dogs,  was there a price on condiments and were they cooked on one of those hot dog ferris wheels?    as a performer, did you get an “all you can eat” perk?

    Image result for Nostalgia Hot Dog Ferris Wheel

  2. NYTimes:

    James Murdoch wants the world to know he is out of the family business.
    Once considered a potential successor to Rupert Murdoch, Mr. Murdoch on Friday resigned from the board of the newspaper publisher News Corp, severing his last corporate tie to his father’s global media empire.
    “My resignation is due to disagreements over certain editorial content published by the Company’s news outlets and certain other strategic decisions,” Mr. Murdoch, 47, wrote in his resignation letter, which News Corp disclosed in a filing shortly after the close of business on Friday.
    The two sides began discussing Mr. Murdoch’s departure from the News Corp board earlier this year, according to two people with knowledge of the matter.
    But his terse resignation note belied the behind-the-scenes drama that has brought Mr. Murdoch to this point in his life and career. And it widened the schism that has emerged between James and his 89-year-old father and his older brother, Lachlan, once a dynastic triumvirate that for years held sweeping influence over the world’s cultural and political affairs.
    A political outlier in his conservative-leaning family, James Murdoch has sought to reinvent himself as an independent investor with a focus on causes more closely associated with liberals, like environmentalism, which he and his wife, Kathryn Murdoch, have long championed.
    He has also taken public stands against President Trump, who has counted Fox News, a prime Murdoch asset, among his closest media allies.
    Weeks ago, James and his wife jointly contributed more than $1 million to a fund-raising committee for former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., the presumptive Democratic nominee for president. And in February, as wildfires raged across Australia — his father’s birthplace — Mr. Murdoch issued a rebuke of his own family’s media properties, criticizing how Murdoch publications have covered climate change.

  3. bbronc, your little friend is wiser than some of our fellow citizens –  looks as if he’s wearing  a mask and socially distancing when necessary.  beautiful colors on him.

  4. …and Happy Hour starts at 2 for all you day drinkers.
    Sturg- I’m sorry for your loss.  

  5. BB – He sure seemed tame. You are the dragonfly whisperer. Beautiful video. I’ve never been able to subscribe to YouTube. Not sure what the problem is, but they don’t believe I’m me. Same thing at work with Skype. IT still hasn’t figured it out.

  6. So much of the stuff a good country needs is being totally blocked and disabled here because of gop assholes protecting the wealth of their masters 

  7. I tend to lean towards remembering with a gentle smile. Even if the newly departed was a real asshole, my smile will lean towards the wry-side and I’ll philosophically phrase, “Well, his Grandmother loved him.” If a friend experiences a loss, as did Sturg with Kenny, there is little of comfort that I can say other than, “Yeah, man getting old really sucks–hang in there.”

  8. Do you suppose there’s anyone in the Lardius orbit who doesn’t realize how absolutely fucking stupid asshole sounds when he talks about not knowing the results of the election for as much as a year If there’s voting by mail?

  9. Yep, be hangin’ till the nail pulls loose….What happens is there’s fewer and fewer to laugh with and swap the old lies and stories around with.
     In the end, all you have are the stories.
    —Burt Reynolds

  10. lol that’s why you see so many of the old ones settin’ around laughin’ and talkin’ to they self.

  11. When they gone, you can sit around and tell the story any dang way you want to. Without any of them constant interruptions.  

  12. Brandy works really well for me. I pour it in one of those small glass espresso cups from which I gently sip over a period of several hours. I watch something entertaining on TeeVee while doing this. Never even get a buzz on–just comforting. Haven’t been able to drive at night for decades. Reading is uncomfortable. I do all my own yard work–a pleasant diversion. etc.,etc.

  13. Story time.  This is my 8th grade math teacher, Maj Ted Richardson, USMC who took me and 3 other goobers to Sydney and back in 63 on a boat out of San Fran on his annual pilgrimage to the home of the folks  in Bendigo, Victoria  who nursed him back to health after his time on New Guinea and other such hell holes.  
    Lucky me, as Kurt Vonnegut might say.

  14. There was no limit on the free hot dogs. The cowboys could hang a bit longer at the bar with a belly full of bread and wieners.
    (The joke for us was that WE were the free hot dogs, but nevertheless yes, I had my share of free hot dogs.  During Bush’s horrible financial malfeasance I often wistfully harkened back, to a time when the hot dogs were FREE and the beer flowed copiously from the tap.)

  15. Book of the Weekend:

  16. I’m with those that think trump will not last til election day.  His pattern of behavior has always been to bolt (or settle) before a loss.  In order to prevent being prosecuted, methinks he will leave the country.  No… not Russia…  what the fuck would Putin want with him when he’s no longer useful.  Maybe Turkey.

  17. …trumpco too busy composing pardons to be signed on Nov. 5 to have time to deal with pandemic.

    Rudy’s like, “ooh, me next, me next, boss! Write one for me!”

  18. Luckily for trump, almost any other country to which he chooses to flee will have a better pandemic response than here.

  19. I hear that there’s already a confederate colony in Brazil…..he’d fit right in there.  
    Him and all his little confederate buddies.

  20. i really don’t see any way out for Donny and family other than a military-backed coup and installation of a fascist government.  DHS troops have demonstrated they’ll follow any order.

  21. Yeah, I do believe he’s all in. I can’t see he has any choice left.  I think he must have washed his hands in a muddy stream.

  22. …Starring: Matt Gaetz as “Brutus”
    Ivanka Trump as “Calpurnia”
    Jared Kushner as “Octavius”
    Mike Pompeo as “Marc Antony”

  23. “I fell in with bad companions.”
    Cant even begin to say how many times that was the main objective.   lol

  24. vindman op ed in today’s wapo:

    After 21 years, six months and 10 days of active military service, I am now a civilian. I made the difficult decision to retire because a campaign of bullying, intimidation and retaliation by President Trump and his allies forever limited the progression of my military career.
    This experience has been painful, but I am not alone in this ignominious fate. The circumstances of my departure might have been more public, yet they are little different from those of dozens of other lifelong public servants who have left this administration with their integrity intact but their careers irreparably harmed.
    A year ago, having served the nation in uniform in positions of critical importance, I was on the cusp of a career-topping promotion to colonel. A year ago, unknown to me, my concerns over the president’s conduct and the president’s efforts to undermine the very foundations of our democracy were precipitating tremors that would ultimately shake loose the facade of good governance and publicly expose the corruption of the Trump administration.
    At no point in my career or life have I felt our nation’s values under greater threat and in more peril than at this moment. Our national government during the past few years has been more reminiscent of the authoritarian regime my family fled more than 40 years ago than the country I have devoted my life to serving.


  25. same link at wapo about the author:

    Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman (Ret.), a career U.S. Army officer, served on the National Security Council as the director for Eastern European, Caucasus and Russian affairs, as the Russia political-military affairs officer for the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and as a military attaché in the U.S. Embassy in Moscow.

  26. Sturgeone

    Nice farewell memory for your friend.  Patsi still lingers fondly among my musings.  More folks should write memoirs for later people to stumble upon.


  27. Life is short, so love the one you got, ‘cuz you might get run over or you might get shot🤷‍♂️

  28. What a great name for a bar band, The Free Hot Dogs.
    That’d be guaranteed to pull in customers and make ’em thirsty, if they were accompanied by free hot dogs.

  29. I’m sorry to see James Murdoch leave the company. faux noox was just starting to move in a safe and sane direction. 

  30. I guess that letting the wall street journal editorial board tell trump to resign was the last straw. After that lachlan and rupert had to eject James from News Corp. 

  31. Fascist takeover- got it.  You see, there are too many motherfuckers getting rich off of trump to let him go quietly.

  32. The lawsuits in California are ramping up.  Folks are getting ready to sue employers for not protecting them from COVID in the workplace.  This is per a relative working on multiple cases.
    The 28-year old in California with COVID is into week four of this nasty virus. He’s still sick and extremely fatigued. 

  33. BiD

    This is why McConnell won’t let the benefit package go though without a protection clause for employers and why Pelosi is greeting this with an extended digit. 


  34. https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/31/us/distance-learning-inequality/index.html

    One of my coworkers has given notice because she will have to homeschool her two children for a month (or more) and no time allowances are being offered to parents.   

    Kids who have parents who work from home will will fare better, but the public school system in Texas is a joke. (I’m not sure how TT feels about that statement, but that has been the static I’ve heard over the years.) My neighbors from Singapore hired a tutor for their son to do extra work, as they could see he would fall behind by the time they returned home.

     The owner of a small business said that it’s difficult to fill positions at his company because a high school diploma prepares them for nothing.  

    One of my relatives will begin her sophomore year at Stanford online.  Although disappointed, a scholarship pays for her tuition.
    Another relative will start her college career at UCLA, possibly from the confines of her room.  Her friend was packing for Georgetown, but was then told classes will be online.  Hopefully, tuition will be reduced, but that is yet to be determined.   (Surely, Elizabeth Warren will address this, even if nobody else cares about the burden of student debt.)

    They will save money by living at home, but their college experience will certainly be different, if not diminished.
    The link below outlines how other countries handle tuition and living expenses. Can we please just let Elizabeth Warren fix things here? Please?


  35. I’m listening to Obama, again, at John Lewis’ memorial. Can’t listen to him enough.
    In the category, things could always be worse: I have married friends in Rochester, NY who are moving to Florida. The moving van cancelled yesterday because they were over booked.  They had to vacate yesterday. The movers came at 8 a.m. today. They were  staying overnight with a friend tonight who was going to drive them to near Washington, D.C. to catch the car train to Florida.  So they’re moving from a lower risk virus  area thanks to Gov. Cuomo to a way higher risk area thanks to Gov. DeSantis.  They both are ancient and both had surgery recently. And then there’s the heat and humidity factor that they surely aren’t used to. But wait. Now there’s a hurricane. The car train is cancelled, and they don’t know what the moving van will do.  They do get to stay with the friend for a few more days.  They’re moving because one of their daughters and the grand children live there now. The surgeries just happened, and they couldn’t predict the hurricane. Timing is everything.

  36. TT – That’s quite a rogues’ gallery you’ve put up, tonight.   At least W was not tRUMP, but that’s not saying much.  As with pictures, always  stand next to someone ugly so you don’t look so bad. 
    I hope your friends make it to Florida.  Maybe the delay will be a blessing disguise since there’s a hurricane on the way.   (Texas should stand next to Florida for picture day, to look halfway decent.)
    After a long talk with relatives in California today, I am surprised that their state is in such a…state.    I’ve only been to LA once and I thought it was the most godawful places I’ve ever seen, coming in slightly ahead of Miami.  I can’t imagine living like that.

  37. …by the way, there is delicious justice in realizing that the reputed germaphobe, trump, has to pretend he isn’t scared shitless of Covid.
    As a fellow germaphobe, i can promise you, he is😀 

  38. I agree, BiD.  I have no interest in living in either place.
    I almost forgot.  I was watching something on YouTube. A man who knows the orange bucket of lard said that SBF sniffs while at the mic  because he snorts cocaine and Adderall. And that explains his word slurring, too. Look up trumpity, nose, and sniffing on YouTube and post if you find it.

  39. …the reason i kind of roll my eyes at questions concerning Donnie’s health is because i wonder:
    ”…was ‘fascist’ not enough (of a disqualifier)??”

  40. “Ok, so, you’re a fascist.  What concerns ME is: are you a fascist… IN GOOD HEALTH??”

  41. “Ok, so… I understand you gleefully and without remorse, throw innocent children in cages, indefinitely, just to punish their parents, as a matter of policy, but what I really want to know is: ‘how is your blood pressure’?”

  42. …can’t have an unhealthy fascist leading the free world.  That would be PATENTLY RIDICULOUS.

  43. “I have heard yon tale that ye be a taker of methamphetamine.  Humbly, i entreat thee, please doth illuminate me:  do you know what your ‘good cholesterol’ level is?”

  44. Let’s stay on task, people.
    ”So, I said to my people, ‘slow the testing down, please”

  45. vogue via msn about the above:

    But are national security concerns really behind Trump’s sudden pronouncement? Or is there another reason why the president wants to ban TikTok? Social media had their own answer: It’s all about Sarah Cooper.
    Cooper, of course, is the actress and comedian who has come to Internet fame by posting videos of her lip syncing Trump’s speeches and interviews to hilarious effect, whether it’s him denying he retreated to the White House bunker because of a threat posed by protestors, dodging a question about what his favorite Bible phrases are, or, most memorably, recreating his now-famous “People, woman, man, camera, TV” interview. With more than half a million followers on TikTok, Cooper has been written up by The Hollywood Reporter, The Washington Post and The New York Times and appeared as a guest on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and The Ellen Show. (“You make me so happy,” Degeneres said). A profile in the Times of London was headlined: “How Sarah Cooper’s Trump Takedowns Made Her America’s New Comedy Hero.”
    See the video on YouTube.
    And true to form, on Friday night, she posted a video lip synching to Trump’s later comments about TikTok, as he arrived back in Washington and headed to the White House. “We’re looking at TikTok. We may be banning TikTok, we may be doing some other things, there are a couple of options,” she intones, using a recording of a quick press briefing Trump gave before boarding a helicopter, which could be heard whirring in the background. “But a lot of things are happening, so we’ll see what happens. But we are looking at a lot of alternatives with respect to TikTok.” (Cooper even supplies visual effects, with her hair seemingly blowing in the wind as she mouths Trump’s words.)
    But is it only Sarah Cooper who has gotten under Donald Trump’s skin? After all, when the crowd at his Tulsa rally was far smaller than predicted, teenagers with TikTok accounts immediately claimed responsibility, saying they and their followers had registered for hundreds of thousands of tickets for the campaign rally as a prank, and then had not shown up.
    “Oh no, I signed up for a Trump rally, and I can’t go,” one woman said slyly, adding a comically fake cough, in a TikTok posted on June 15.
    Sounds like Donald Trump can’t take a joke.

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