The Real Mail Fraud

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  1. DeJoy’s ass needs to be dragged before the appropriate House committee and be ‘splainin’ what the hell he thinks he’s doing. Makes it hard to vote by mail if the mail ain’t running. 

  2. In Dallas County, at least, mail-in ballots can also be dropped off.  There would be less contact than actually checking in and voting at your polling place.  
    At least we have an extra week to early vote in Texas.   Other states should do the same if we can’t have universal, mail-in ballots.

  3. ‘We’re Dying Here’: Florida Newspaper Pleads With DeSantis To Step Up COVID-19 Fight

    A leading Florida newspaper pleaded in an editorial for more action by Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) to battle COVID-19, reminding him: “We’re dying here.”

    “With each passing day, COVID-19 continues to careen out of control in Florida,” said the Thursday editorial in the Sun Sentinel. “Your daily upbeat message is hopelessly at odds with what Floridians are going through. You make it sound like everything is headed in the right direction. But it’s not.”

    Florida hit a record number of deaths from COVID-19 three days running this week, climbing from 191 deaths on Tuesday to the latest record of 253 deaths on Thursday. The state surpassed New York’s total number of cases last Saturday.

  4. pogo, kudos to your senator

    from marketwatch:

    “It’s just asinine to think that you can shut something down or throttle it back in terms of the pandemic when basically the lifeline for voting and democracy is going to be in the hands of the Postal Service,” Manchin, a Democrat, told reporters Wednesday.
    Manchin’s letter noted that the coronavirus relief package passed by Congress in March included authorization for the agency to borrow up to $10 billion from the U.S. Treasury. The money was intended to help the Postal Service maintain essential services during the pandemic.
    “Unfortunately, not only has little to none of that funding been utilized, you are now proposing the very cuts that we sought to avoid with that emergency line of credit,” Manchin said in his letter.
    Later Wednesday, Treasury announced it had reached agreement with the Postal Service on the terms of any future borrowing but also said the service was able to fund its operations at this time without using a loan.

  5. some more background on the takeover of usps by trumpco


    The Treasury Department agreed to loan the U.S. Postal Service $10 billion in emergency coronavirus relief funding Wednesday in exchange for proprietary information about the mail service’s most lucrative private-sector contracts.
    The Postal Service, subject to confidentiality restrictions, will provide Treasury copies of its 10 largest “negotiated service agreements,” or contracts with high-volume third-party shippers such as Amazon, FedEx and UPS, and receive a crucial injection of cash that postal officials say will keep the debt-laden agency solvent for at least another year, according to a copy of the loan’s term sheet obtained by The Washington Post.
    House Democrats included no-strings-attached borrowing provisions to their Phase Four coronavirus relief bill. Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) has pushed a proposal in the GOP-controlled Senate that would require Treasury to provide the $10 billion loan without conditions and supply an additional $25 billion emergency appropriation that would expire in September 2022. Postal leaders would be required to certify that the funds were needed to cover pandemic-related expenses.
    Under siege from Trump, U.S. Postal Service finds surprising financial upside in pandemic
    The proposal has the backing of Senate Democrats and gained some Republican support, but not enough to pass a 60-vote threshold to avoid a filibuster.
    Democrats were buoyed after the Postal Service reported better-than-expected financial results in May. Propped up by surging package volume — postal workers say incoming parcels at their distribution centers are eclipsing Christmastime levels — the USPS now has close to $14 billion in cash on hand.
    That is enough money, experts said, to tide the agency over till May 2021 as a worst-case scenario, or October 2021, if package volumes remain high. The loan from Treasury will buy the Postal Service at least five more months of liquidity, but perhaps as much as a year’s more cash if package revenue continues to make up for declines in first-class mail, the agency’s most profitable product.

  6. Bette Midler:
    Donnie, you silly man! You said your friend Herman Cain died of the “China Virus.” Listen, I’m no Chinacologist, but they’re not the ones who held a flop rally in Tulsa where attendees skipped masks. Everyone knows it’s your fault. Maybe soon we’ll call it the Resigner Virus!

  7. Jim Jordan is such a dick!  No other way to describe him. Almost threw a shoe into my tv

  8. I could easily get an absentee ballot at the town office.  Fill it out right there on the spot and turn in to the Town Clerk.  But I’ve decided I want to vote in person.  I will vote even if I have to crawl across the high school gym floor on my hands and knees over broken glass.

  9. In better news….  Rick and I went to a local blueberry farm this morning and picked a couple gallons of berries.  We put them in quart bags and they’re now in our freezer.  It feels so good to make blueberry pie or muffins that you picked in the middle of winter!

  10. “Why, God, didn’t you protect me?”
    ”I sent you epidemiologists, virologists, personal protective equipment, troves of data…”

  11. “The American people didn’t buy the constant negative kool-aid the liberal media was feeding them” -Herman Cain, FoxNews, 2016

    Cain also expresses he is “jubilant” at trump’s win.

  12. As mentioned a few days ago, or was it years ago, I am very tired of the “SFB is going to win because the Dem is . ..”  Fill in the blank of what will doom Biden.  One of the strangest ways to find failure is because Ken Salazar is perhaps, maybe, could be, advising the Biden campaign.  First is the oil and gas industry is not on many people’s list of who to vote for president when America itself is at stake.  Second, only political junkies even know who Ken is.  Salazar is a Colorado Dem, who was a senator until asked to become Secretary of the Interior.  A move that took him from voting too often for dumb bills.  Then he left the DoI and returned to Colorado.  So there you have it  Outside of Colorado nobody knows who he is.  But, some pundit thinks that Biden will lose because of this.  [screaming off the back deck into the sky]

  13. While Mitch and the repug are already on break lyingsackofshit Meadows is blaming Dems for being willing to let Americans go unprotected during the pandemic. Now there’s some brass balls there. I suspect Nancy will be issuing one of those grab and squeeze responses, at least I hope so. 

  14. grabbed & squeezing, pogo


    The House is canceling its traditional August recess, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer announced on Friday, as congressional negotiations over the next coronavirus relief legislation have reached an impasse. Hoyer said that the House would remain in session until a deal on a bill is reached.
    “It is expected that the House will meet during the month of August,” Hoyer said in a speech on the House floor. “I have told my members, and I have told the minority leader and whip that no one should schedule themselves for next week or until such time as we adopt COVID-19 legislation.”
    Members of Congress traditionally take the month of August to return to their districts and conduct business there. “We will not start the August district work period until we pass appropriate COVID-19 relief to meet the current health and economic crisis confronting our people and our country,” Hoyer continued.
    It’s unclear whether the Senate will continue working through August as well.

  15. It’s unclear whether the Senate will continue working through August as well.

    That would be a welcome change, but history being a teacher, don’t count on it.

  16. pig squeals have nothing on the sounds coming from GOPer side of rayburn building.

    plane tickets home cancelled, fundraisers cancelled or rescheduled, aides summoned back from vacays — oh the humanity, the plans to be replanned, the excuses to be made… the masks!


    Thy wee-bit housie, too, in ruin!
    But Mousie, thou art no thy-lane,
    In proving foresight may be vain:
    The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men
              Gang aft agley,
    An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
              For promis’d joy!

    [robert burns] 

  17. Not sure how to post Youtube plays, but here’s an extended one from Lincoln Project:

  18. Because I think I finally figured it out – hugely great version of Hendrix’s Red House.

  19. The epstein/dershowitz pizza shop 
    Were the flynns also there ? As johns or pimps ?

  20. Well, like I suspected, Nancy steps up.

    The White House and congressional Democrats traded blame on Friday for the expiration of enhanced unemployment benefits for millions of Americans, which have run out as negotiations over extending them stalled on Capitol Hill.

    White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said Democrats had rejected reasonable offers during talks at the Capitol late Wednesday night, and said they “are certainly willing today to let some of the American citizens who are struggling the most under this pandemic to go unprotected.”

    “The president has been very clear for us to be aggressive and forward-leaning to make sure that they get protected and yet what we’re seeing is politics as usual from Democrats on Capitol Hill,” Meadows said, addressing reporters in the White House briefing room.

    As he was speaking, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was holding her weekly news conference on Capitol Hill, where she derided Republicans for trying to advance a short-term unemployment insurance fix with their backs against the wall.
    “What are we gonna do in a week?” Pelosi asked as she explained why Democrats rejected a proposal to extend enhanced unemployment benefits at their current $600-weekly level for an additional week.

    Pelosi said such a short-term extension might make sense if a deal were in sight on a larger bill, and more time was needed to complete it. But, she said, that is not the state of play as the parties remain far apart.

    “We anticipate that we will have a bill, but we’re not there yet,” Pelosi said.

    Eager to avoid blame for Friday’s expiration of enhanced unemployment for some 20 million jobless Americans, Republicans have increasingly coalesced around the idea of trying to pass a short-term fix. But Democrats have repeatedly rejected that approach and continue pushing for a wide-ranging $3 trillion bill the House passed in May. That bill would extend unemployment benefits through January.
    “We put forward what we need for the American people because we recognize the gravity of the situation. They don’t,” Pelosi said.

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) unveiled a $1 trillion counterproposal on Monday, but it was quickly rejected by many members of his own conference, and has increasingly seemed irrelevant as Republicans look to a short-term fix. 


    Yup, Nancy’s are bigger than Mitch’s or Lardius’.

  21. I just looked up the Federalist Society because of 
    Steven G. Calabresi.
    There is an article by John Yoo.  figures. Remember him? He was the Bush/Cheney lawyer involved with the black ops torture.  He’s a law professor at Berkeley. The conservatives can’t say that liberals interfere with their employment or anything. 
    “…former government official best known for authoring the so-called Torture Memos, which provided a legal rationale for the torture of detainees during the War on Terror.” Wiki
    I don’t like Bush any better than trumpity.  Both are horrible people.

  22. Ha, I got my check from Donald, that makes us good buddies, especially since he doubled the amount just because I’m good looking I guess. It is just in my name, I assume if part of it was intended for Sherry they would have put her name on it too, or sent her a separate check.  I’m going to stick it in the bank and see how long it is until they notice, if ever.
    After all, there was no explanation, letter or anything, just a check
    I assume they know what they are doing, all I’ve heard about this stuff came from the lying media, totally can’t rely on them to tell the truth.

  23. The bush/cheney/rumsfeld crime family belongs in Gitmo cages until their bones bleach.

  24. xrep, exactly!
    Here’ a list or partial list, Yoo isn’t there,  of Federalist Society members from Wiki.

    Bakker (Jim)
    Bozell Jr.
    Buckley Jr.
    Bush 41
    Bush 43
    Dolan (Terry)
    Dolan (Timothy)
    Dulles (Allen)
    Dulles (John Foster)
    Falwell Jr.
    Graham (Billy)
    Graham (Franklin)
    Koch (Charles)
    Koch (David)
    Roberts (John)
    Roberts (Oral)
    Russell Jr.
    Taft (Robert A.)
    Taft (William Howard)
    Welch Jr.
    White (Paula)

  25. Poobah, nah. To make it interesting, I’ll bet you drinks at your favorite watering hole, and we can settle up if we ever can travel over to DC without fear of contracting a deadly disease.

  26. Pogo his behavior lately is more consistent with dropping out of race to create his own TV platform for deplorables than running for reelection. 

  27. We want him to stay in until the bitter end so that there’s NO problem electing Biden and NO question that Biden won.
    Someone here said Pence seems more forceful lately.  We don’t want him as their guy.

  28. Poobah, not trying to convince or be convinced.  The wager stands, though if you’re game.

  29. Live from Moscow, it’s “the Donald Trump Show!”

    Featuring:  His Idiot Kids!

    Bill O’Reilly!

    Herman Cain  Antonio Sabàto Jr.!

    …and me, your announcer, Roger Stone!

    And now, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Dipshit!”

    *Russian-accented applause*

  30. Kudos to Cheyy Chase (MD, not the funny guy).  Wapo

    The Chevy Chase Advisory Neighborhood Commission voted unanimously this week to ask the National Park Service to remove a bronze plaque that honors Francis G. Newlands, an early 20th century U.S. senator from Nevada who was the neighborhood’s founder and a white supremacist.

    An inscription on the plaque, set beside a 60-foot sandstone fountain, reads: “His Statesmanship Held True Regard For The Interests Of All Men.”

    However, Newlands, who died in 1917, did not hold true regard for the interests of all. The segregationist developer wrote in a 1909 journal article that African Americans were “a race of children” and advocated abolishing their voting rights. Recognizing his racist past, the Chevy Chase Advisory Neighborhood Commission voted [5-0] this week to begin the process of taking his name off the signature landmark.

    Wonder if Lardius heard about that?  Bet it really pisses him off if he did.

  31. Bink, glad you just couldn’t stay away.  Anger or humor, I like what you post (not crazy about the dance music, but then again, it probably does me good to be exposed to it).

  32. Craig – did he “invest” in a cable channel a couple years ago?   I seem to remember a thread about his post WH world and it involved a cable show.

  33. …the flaw in my little skit is that Roger Stone doesn’t have to flee, but trump will.

  34. More Trumpkin BS – Wapo.

    Prosecutors: ‘Boogaloo’ member who plotted protest violence also sexually exploited a child

    An alleged member of the far-right “boogaloo” movement who was charged last month with plotting violence at a Black Lives Matter protest in Las Vegas has now also been charged with sexual exploitation of children, federal prosecutors said this week.

    Stephen Thomas Parshall, also known as “Kiwi,” 35, of Las Vegas, was arrested in late May along with two co-conspirators and charged with possession of a molotov cocktail and conspiracy to cause destruction during local protests.


    If only Epstein, Ghislaine and Lardius were still having parties at MAGAlago, he’d be a shoo-in for an invitation.

  35. …might be setting up a fascist power grab.  Accept the nomination and then blackmail the Republican party into supporting his coup or bringing the whole party down with him.

  36. Well, it’s Friday, too late to make my feeble brain do any more work today, I’ve been abusing Poobah’s bandwidth, and I’d really love to take Mrs. P out for a glass of wine and an order of mussels.  Man, I miss going out for wine and mussels.

  37. Cover up your potted plants, because this Saturday on the Donald Trump Network, it’s the “Grab ‘Em By the Kochka Comedy Hour!”
    Featuring: all your favorite comedy stars accused of sexual-assault! We strongly assert, all the laughter will be consensual!
    …and now, a word from our sponsor:

  38. We, here, at the Donald Trump Network, thank you for watching.  This concludes our broadcast day.

  39. I’ve heard that the Russians clap in unison. I wonder if it’s true……
    Probably just an old folk tale.

  40. Trump is plotting his $9.99 per month streaming platform for deplorables, gonna use his campaign funds to build it and pay himself a huge salary. Reelection not on his radar anymore. GOP will nominate Romney in two weeks. 

  41. The choice is mittens or joe b.  Yikes   A big problem for the white suburban voter

  42. Berkeley Ca has 8 post offices. None are open on a regular basis.  Not enough employee 

  43. Craig – I think you’re right.  They’ll put up their Mittens to duke it out with Joe.

  44. I think the heathens would rage and successfully block the mitt man.  A fair amount of those folks don’t care at all for Mormen.

  45. Hurricane Isaias might take out Mar-L-Ego his weekend.   Meaning of Isaias: God is my salvation.   

  46. They’re banking on Willard voting his conscience at tRumpsky’s impeachment hearing to hold sway with moderates.   

  47. Think he’ll blame the dreaded prospect of vote by mail if he does what you’re predicting? Not sure anyone can gather enough of the middle while keeping the rabid right to win a national election.  Certainly no one could generate the nutty enthusiasm of trumpkins … Pence? Other than mother, who’s excited about him? And Willard?  Haven’t we been there before?  Claire McCaskill was discussing the difference between attracting voters and energizing the base – her assessment, Lardius has no idea how to do the former.  Pence – he wasn’t going to be re-elected in Indiana.  Willard?  Arguably some spine and integrity, but too many garages, too little populist appeal. Joe sounds likelier if you’re right, Poobah, or am i missing something?

  48. The replacement tackle dummy candidate should the incumbent abdicate his gold plated throne:  “My fellow Americans, I simply cannot, after what our humble party has put you through for these past few years; Yea, I cannot, under these circumstances, ask for your vote.  I urge you all now to cast your mail-in ballots for Joe Biden, a man you can trust.  Please wear your mask.”

  49. Sturg, you been into the Kickapoo joy juice again?
    BTW, Joy just showed a clip of DUMBFUCK lying his ass off about what they did to ave thousands of lives from the SARS-Cov19. What the FUck drugs is she taking?  BTW, Joy is growing on me.  Loved her comments about Kushner.

  50. It could be mittens.  They have no loyalty to anyone anyhow.
    Some poetic justice in mittens since trumpity teased him over dinner re: a job and then mittens voted to impeach him in the senate. A karma kinda thang.

  51. If they lost their totem they’d become completely unmoored.   How would the gop even be able to agree on someone?
    ”Who’s in charge here?”

  52. I’m glad Little Fred got to dump that bowl of mashed taters on his head; and I’m glad Barack and Judd Apatow got to laugh their asses off at him at that Correspondents’ dinner.   

  53.  The thing I think about is if bobble-head is the president candidate is that he knows he is not smart enough to do it.That leaves it wide open for the greedy old pervert side to come up with someone who might win.  And, it will not be easy.

  54. Bout Willard….for all of his voting his conscience he knew the votes, and knew he was safe from being the convicting vote. If he’d had any moxie at all, he would have convinced a couple of others.

  55. Position Available (GOP Presidential Nominee):
    Succesful candidate will be competent in racist dog-whistles while having accurately predicted the pandemic in January.  No experience needed.  Starting salary $435000, does not include grift and kick-backs.  Position requires failure of a background check so the party can blackmail you to support their agenda.
    Mail applications to:
    GOP Headquarters, 1917 Bolshevik Way, Moscow RU

  56. Do ya think when they whisper sweet nothings to each other at  midnight  Putin says, “You’re screwed comrade”? 

  57. 2020 (tRUMP/COVID/murder hornets):  All jacked up on Mountain Dew and coming at ya like a spider monkey.  

  58. craig, he won’t abdicate until he has an ironclad agreement for a pardon the very nano second he steps down.

    if you listen carefully to his and aide adolf miller’s diatribes about mail-in voting, you can hear between the lines them begging for dirty tricks from vlad.  both of them list several ways the comrades could help out from stealing ballots to forging them with technical hanky panky in the meantime… plus sending in the goons to disrupt folk at the polls.

  59. Would have been a time I would have rolled another joint, mixed another drink and partied into the night, looked around and wonder why everybody was passed out.  Now I’m the early out.
    A classic performance.


  60. Too old, I leave that to the youngsters. Besides rage never got me anything but busted knuckles and ripped shirts.
    Way it goes.

  61. Old man,  but here you are, back, and on the right (left) side of the divide, and with a new pseudonym, but the same passion you had way back when.  Too bad the old nemeses are long gone and doing whatever they are doing wherever they do it.  I‘m glad you’re back – shothole, etc. and all.  I really don’t remember as much about your departure as I remember your Shelter Box efforts for Haiti.  High on my list bubba.

  62. Jack, thanks for the Allman send off.  Reminds me that I saw Gregg back around 1990 in Richmond – first half of the concert was an acoustic set much like that Melissa vid you posted.  It was a 3 hour magical night. 3rd best lineup guitar wise of the ABB history. Maybe the best acoustic guitar lineup.  Gregg on 12 string, Betts and Toler on 6 strings.  Memorable.

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