What has the Trump virus taken from you?

I graduated from Huffman high school in 1970, Birmingham Alabama. I’ve stayed in touch with quite a few of my classmates, and we had a nice little gathering planned to celebrate the fact that those of us that have survived this long could enjoy the company of those who did and raise a glass to those who didn’t. Well, needless to say, that gathering never occurred.

And Mrs. P & LP and I have a timeshare of sorts in Mexico. As a result of the Trump virus and a couple of other considerations, we can’t enjoy it either.

So what about you, what has the Trump virus deprived you of?


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  1. from the “I turned down dates with george clooney and brad pitt because i was too busy solving world peace” file


    the hill:

    The New York Yankees were surprised when President Trump announced his plans to throw the first pitch at a game in August, The New York Times reported Monday.
    That’s because the team hadn’t invited the president, a person with knowledge of Trump’s schedule told the Times. 
    An official familiar with his reaction told the Times the president was annoyed about the media attention Fauci was receiving for the pitch. Trump directed staff to call Yankees officials to schedule a date for the first pitch, but a date wasn’t finalized.
    White House aides reportedly tried to inform Yankees officials that Trump was booked to throw the opening pitch on Aug 15. But the president ended up canceling his first pitch on Sunday, citing that he would be busy with meetings and other work related to the coronavirus pandemic.
    Similarly, Trump had announced his speech at West Point the day before Vice President Pence was scheduled to speak at the Air Force commencement ceremony in April, also surprising West Point officials, the Times noted.

  2. patd – that is like hearing your crazy uncle is going on vacation with you, staying in your tent, while scanning FB posts.  Again, this is another incident that we are going to have to wait for the book to come out to let us know who convinced SFB he was not going to throw out a pitch anywhere, including Yankee Stadium.  There had to have been a yelling screaming, hold breath until turn blue, moment.

  3. We are fortunate in that so little has been taken from us except  Family dining out once a week and my guys lost their annual convention at Sacrecon in Seattle.

    Other than that staving off anger and depression with a lot of good books and taking up jigsaw puzzles to keep the brain busy.

    Hope you all continue healthy if bored.


  4. Of course I miss hanging in NYC with LP & Mrs. P, dinners in nice restaurants, shows, concerts, street fairs, Saturdays in SoHo and exploring parts of the city we’re unfamiliar with. But just going out to dinner here and going to Pittsburgh for weekends the symphony is playing, or even plays and the CLO cabaret are probably the things that I miss most immediately – just being out among people.

    If SFB knows anything about baseball he doesn’t want to throw out the first pitch for the Yankees’ in some game in August in an empty ballpark – he wants to throw out the first pitch at the World Series. I guess he’s afraid that won’t happen – the World Series that is. 

  5. So far, so good.  Steady as she goes.

    Never liked “going out” to begin with.

  6.  New Book Provides More Evidence of the Trump-Stone Russia Coverup

    When President Donald Trump earlier this month commuted the prison sentence of his longtime adviser Roger Stone, the media coverage generally missed a critical fact: This brazen act of cronyism was the culmination of a cover-up that aimed to hide Trump’s wrongdoing. But a new book out this week provides more evidence of this conspiracy and offers additional information suggesting that Trump lied to special counsel Robert Mueller during the Russia investigation and, in doing so, possibly committed a crime. 

  7. Sturg, I actually think she plans to hit a few of those Republican balls out of the park. I’ll wait til November 4 to see how many she gets over the fence.

  8. Here’s an to the question about the China Virus.   I ocean fish, up to 40 miles out for Grouper, Sea Bass, and other bottom fishes.  I really do rather go alone and not worry about my company with the “…what time are we leaving, …what time will we get back…I have to be home by three…,the fish are not biting here…it’s (ocean) rough…I think I’m getting seasick…I forgot my lunch…, where can I poop?…I cannot get this untangled…help me get this shark off the hook…sorry, I dropped your ($300) fishing pole overboard”…and 20 more.  Get my drift; even though I have to pull up to 500 ft. of anchor line at each stop, I rather enjoy fishing alone?  I do miss traveling with Craig’s cousin Carolyn, visiting Craig and David in DC,  and his father Bill, and a host of other friends, eating out.  I have a woodshop and really don’t need anyone else there.  So, this answers the original question.  Yep, I’m retired and miss my part time business of training police officers.

  9. pilar, one companion on that boat hopefully you always invite and keep close to the chest is a very busty mae west.  also that an itinerary has been left with someone in case of an emergency.   boating alone as with camping & hiking alone can be quite risky.

  10. lincoln project about the above:

    July 28th, 2020 – The Lincoln Project today released a new video, “Memories,” a reminder of the loss of life’s most sentimental moments as a result of President Trump’s calamitous response to the COVID-19 crisis.
    “We’ve lost millions of moments that make life worth living. And while people around the world are going to movies, eating at restaurants, and sending their kids back to school, Americans continue to live in purgatory,” said Reed Galen, co-founder of The Lincoln Project.
    When it comes to handling the COVID-19 pandemic, President Trump has never truly put the American people first. As a result, Americans are suffering in an ongoing year marred by loss – of livelihoods, dreams, and loved ones.
    Come November, we’ll have the chance to begin a shared, nationwide healing by removing Donald Trump from office and electing a thoughtful, responsive leader.

  11. Well given that there is not a Trump virus, unless you count common stupidity, nor a Chinese virus they don’t affect me.
    But Covid-19 is a different story. Isolation, for one thing,  When you live by yourself the various outings from Burger and beer to neighborhood meetings are my only contacts with other human beings. They all went away this spring.  Then there is just basic fear. I’m having some health issues and have surgery scheduled for the end of the month. So will covid cause a postponement, how does that affect my general health, and if I do the surgery how do I deal with post hospital recovery. I would usually have a stay in a rehab facility but with covid , not happening even if I have to come home by myself and drag myself across the floor. Fortunately I have family and a niece close by. Her daughter is unemployed and has offered to come keep an eye on poor old Uncle Jack.  But it did cause a brief “wtf am I going to do” panic.
    One other thing, I’m a good cook but I’m getting tired of my own cooking. 

  12. 50 or so miles to “the stream” from Charleston.  Went frequently as a yoot, but it’s been a long long time since my last visit. The fish are safe from me.

    Having other people in my wood shop is not encouraged.

  13. Trump has not taken a single thing from me. Indeed, he has shown how much I, and the many people I honor and respect, have in common. Thanks, Asswipe.

  14. Lashed to the helm, all stiff and stark,
          With his face turned to the skies,
    The lantern gleamed through the gleaming snow
          On his fixed and glassy eyes.
    bbronc, that tether brings forth thoughts of this verse  from the wreck of the hesperus
  15. a tidbit from NYTimes story today on  the Rump’s lack of empathy and ability to console noted his grandpappy died “of the Spanish flu in 1918.”

      wonder if  Rump worries about   karma 


  16. Rick and I usually went out to breakfast with friends twice a week….  lunch with his brother, Dan at least once a week…  and usually out to dinner with just ourselves once a week…  all gone.  We didn’t go to Cape Cod this past June…  no visiting OldSeaHag on Martha’s Vineyard.  No going to Ogunquit beach in Maine… so no plays at the playhouse.  No summer plays locally at Peterborough Players.  No card playing with a group of friends.  And the big fair I did at Mt Sunapee…  of course cancelled… no seeing my craft family.  It has gone virtual though.  But I am thankful to have Rick and family around.  Even went to Dunkin Donuts to eat breakfast outside with a friend a couple times.  We are adjusting.

  17. Jack… best of luck with your surgery.  I’m sure everyone here will be pulling for you.

  18. renee, he referred to the wall of moms in his tweet yesterday as  “The line of innocent ‘mothers’ were a scam that Lamestream refuses to acknowledge, …”


  19. Jack, order the new 2020 edition of The Fannie Farmer Cookbook. Mrs Cunningham has done a marvelous job of making history readable and enjoyable by eradicating the metrification that contaminated less recent editions. It borders on 900-pages. I chose the hardcover version and it appears to be well bound. Just opened it to a random page (522) and came upon a marvelously uncomplicated recipe for Anadama Bread. The most interesting recipe for that treasure is in a copy of Gourmet Magazine from about 60-years ago. I made it then and it was incredibly tasty. Be sure to use unsulphured molasses if you try it.

  20. Nadler laid into Barr. Good.  Oh, God, there’s Jordan with his big  screeching mouth!  Mouthing off about nothing related to anything! 

  21. There are a lot of ways to answer the question, “what has Covid-19 taken from me”, but one immediate impact has been a loss of conservative/Republican friends.
    i was willing to meet them half-way, but they thought my mask was “weird” and i was being “silly” for social-distancing; they refused to participate.  So, now, we don’t really speak. 

  22. What has the Trump virus taken from you?”  My freedom and all that means!
    All the repubes and all the southern twang boys are in lock step behind the  dictator.  They ALL should be voted OUT!

  23. I live alone, so when I spent six weeks without my job…um, my sanity.   Job security is also a bit shaky.  
    I get to travel to see family once a year, so that’s off the table.  
    I had planned to go to NYC in the fall.  Nope.  
    Hurricane Hanna’s remnants are dumping rain on DFW, this morning.  

  24. Ah man, now I can’t do a quick day trip to Chicago. 
    They have put Missouri travelers on their quarantine list.

  25. Sweetie and I once ate out three or four times a week. We’re saving lots of money. 
    We don’t see our friends much any more. I don’t see my hair harvester at all.
    I am more anonymous, although the mask doesn’t cover my curly grey beard. 

  26. BiD, lack of freedom took away all that and more. The box of rocks  in Washington is controlling the box of rocks governor who’s controlling all the non-patriotic, uneducated morons who aren’t wearing a mask. All of them are taking away our freedom.

  27. This evening we will have achieved 152,000 American deaths by the trump plague. With haphazard school openings and haphazard family get-togethers at Thanksgiving, we can achieve 400,000 cadavers by the end of the year. 
    Go ahead, make YOUR day.

  28. Ms 21,
    My feelings on trump’s American greatness are best described by a line from Walt Kelly’s Pogo :
    “It sparkles with a duller thud.”

  29. I am just thankful that trump did not hire pompeo and barr in January, 2017. 

  30. Mr Crawford,
    I put a topic in your mail pouch, just in case you might like it.

  31. It’s refreshing to read Ping and Pilar again. I wish that they would come around more often.

  32. Based on Bully Barr’s testimony I have to ask who is running the justice department.  He doesn’t seem to know anything.

  33. From Wapo:

    The GOP Senate’s new $1 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill restores hundreds of millions of dollars in Pentagon spending that the Trump administration redirected to help pay for President Trump’s border wall.

    What exactly does that have to do with coronavirus-related funding?  No wonder people don’t trust McConnell and the Repubs in Congress.

  34. Woo Hoo,
    So Craig you ask –What has the Trump virus taken from you?
    CONCERN!  Thank you Donald Trump for a strong economy that thank God was tracking forward otherwise Oh S $#!% what if we did not have such a strong economy when the CHINA VIRUS HIT !!  Thank you for the DONALD TRUMP ECONOMY!
    FEAR –  Thank you DONALD TRUMP,  For taking action early and ignoring the PC crowd that accused you of being a  xenophobe.  THANK YOU DONALD TRUMP FOR SAVING MILLIONS OF LIVES !!!!!!  Sadly Creepy Sleepy Joe clearly stated his course of action that would have been a DISASTER with possibly MILLIONS OF DEATHS!
    To know that we are on a good track and despite the most unprecedented media biases attacks (GET OVER IT  CHEATING HILLARY LOST AND YES MORE TO COME ON THE BAD BEHAVIOR OF SO MANY) against a POTUS in history.  It is amazing with all of the coordinated attacks that Trump is even polling above zero.  This speaks volumes as the DEMS and MEDIA ramp up their stupidity and attacks. JOURNALISM IS CLEARLY DEAD!
    EXAMPLE.  The DEMS such LOSERS after the behavior today on Capitol Hill.  What a bunch of CRAP!  The House Dems are such an embarrassment for our Country
     DONALD TRUMPS VIRUS IS A GOOD THING !!!!!!   My Retirement account tells me so!Wait for the Debates – Creepy Sleepy Joe will be revealed, if anything is there….

  35. 'Nobody likes me': Trump ponders pandemic popularity of Fauci and Birx

    “I get along with him very well and I agree with a lot of what he’s said,” Trump insisted.

    “It’s interesting: he’s got a very good approval rating. And I like that, it’s good,” he went on. “Because remember: he’s working for this administration. He’s working with us. We could have gotten other people. We could have gotten somebody else. It didn’t have to be Dr. Fauci. He’s working with our administration. And for the most part we’ve done what he and others — and Dr. Birx and others — have recommended.”

    Trump continued: “And he’s got this high approval rating. So why don’t I have a high approval rating with respect — and the administration — with respect to the virus? We should have it very high.”
    “So it sort of is curious,” Trump said, “a man works for us, with us, very closely, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx also, very highly thought of — and yet, they’re highly thought of, but nobody likes me?”
    “It can only be my personality, that’s all,” he said.

    Haha, It’s his personality and so much more.  A pathological liar. A criminal and treasonous pig! So much more.

  36. Ping
    You got a typo,
    It is the “OBAMA economy” An economy so strong that even Donald Trump and his fumbling of the Covid-19 virus pandemic can’t kill it. And if you are smart and survive your covid-19  experience. You can vote Biden and keep it going for another 12 years.  Hey after that we’ll both support whoever that cute little gal that passes around the absentee ballot likes.

  37. Man Baby Lunatic back on deck today at his press briefing pushing a bogus drug and vouching for a fraud who thinks aliens are involved. C’mon Ping, I know you’re smarter than this. The man has lost his mind. If he was our coach when we were in Little League our parents would have called the Police. 

  38. The truth is out there…but it’s definitely not in the vicinity of Orange Julius.
    Is he just saying/going along with this alien/demon crap because it will rule the news cycle?   Distraction!
    Meanwhile, tRUMP’s goons continue to violate the US Constitution, and, Barrf has to be coaxed into saying that ANY help/interference from foreign states is a bad thing.  Lock them all up!

  39. The WH and cult followers are going to address the fact that the guy is losing the use of his right arm/hand and right leg.  Yesterday he could barely walk ten feet at the N.C. factory.   It is worse than a month ago.  He is losing control of his body, and that has to freak his body image control right out of his bed pan.

  40. whskyjack
    Yes, Obama did the easy and executed the Bush Plan that should have taken 3 years but took 8.  To keep growth after that many years is amazing.  That is right – the Bush Recovery plan created BEFORE Obama was elected!
    Trump fine tuned and accelerated and kept the growth going.  Thanks to the easy setup with the Obama regulations and lack of confidence in America.  Made it easy for Trump to fix the ignorance of the Obama Biden approach.  Funny – Now Creepy Sleepy Joe is trying to sound like Trump out of one side of his mouth and keep kissing up to Bernie from the other side…. Loser

  41. Trump Is Now Openly Defying the Supreme Court By MARK JOSEPH STERN

    The Trump administration announced on Tuesday that it will continue to defy a federal court order compelling the full restoration of DACA, the Obama-era program that allows 700,000 immigrants to live and work in the United States legally. By doing so, the administration has chosen to flout a decision by the Supreme Court, effectively rejecting the judiciary’s authority to say what the law is.

  42. OMG, a poster above actually referred to what GWB left us after 8 lousy years as “The Bush recovery”. The greatest financial collapse since the Great Depression as been renamed by delusional Trumpers. 
    The commenter above is in a cult! So sad. I know a few like him. I’m from Flint, Michigan, Chic a Trumper told me I must love Trump because he brought back the auto jobs to Flint and Michigan. He even told me my union the UAW loves Trump. I told Chic, all lies. Flint is still in trouble. No improvements.

  43. All I can think is Ping got a MASSIVE wad of cash from the COVID money. Otherwise, it just don’t compute. 

  44. Tony it is ping pong, Craig childhood buddy. You remember ping don’t you.
    Bink, OOOOOk I put up the troll food. It is not that much fun anyway.

  45. I mean, if they came to me and said, “Sturgeone—Here’s a massive wad of cash,”  I’d have it in the bank pretty quick, I’ll tell ya.   But I wouldn’t think it was coming from that isolated protoplasm y’all got in charge up there.  

  46. Well there was the Florida man who took his business loan and bought himself a big fancy car. But he got busted, that kind of stupidity always does. They just can’t keep their mouths shut.

  47. Jack
    Yes, I knew it was him. I had it out with him years ago on gay marriage. I just felt like wow, a commenter is good. I hate to acknowledge Trumpers. I moved on from Grace after years of working for me. No one is going to chant “lock her up” months after Trump cheated his way to Presidency.
    You’re great. Troll food, bring em on. This crowd can handle them all.🤣

  48. Sturge
    you are perfect for the loan/grant to pay your help. And since your help is you you might even want to be generous and give your help a raise. And if you spend it all paying your help then it is no longer a loan it is a grant. 

  49. I know there is a catch there somewhere and it probably involves being able hire a million dollar lawyer.

  50. Former FBI agent Peter Strzok releasing a book on concerns that Trump could be compromised

    In this book, I use that background to explain how the elevation by President Trump and his collaborators of Trump’s own personal interests over the interests of the country allowed Putin to succeed beyond Stalin’s wildest dreams, and how the national security implications of Putin’s triumph will persist through our next election and beyond,” he added.
    His book is set to be released on Sept. 8.

  51. I. The repub answer to Flint’s problems was to poison the water and any Flintites who drink water, tea, coffee, and of course, Chic’s Kool Aid. Clearly, the repubs were incompetent to slaughter the city, but they did get to Chic’s brain.
    II. Thanks, Ping. Apparently the bush recovery was timed to really take off 12 years after the bush inauguration, when the new ACA gave it  a shot in the arm. 

  52. Trump and friends like to whine about how they “are treated”, but can’t get through a single sentence without insulting someone.  This is the same guy who 20 years ago, called Rosie O’Donnell a name i can’t even repeat.  Now, he whines like a spoiled brat.

  53. jack……we had that free money advice early on, but opted out.   Now if they was giving away cheese, ida been there.

  54. Sex with a demon may also result in the appearance of Ivanker, D Jr, Erk, Tifni and Barunn. 

  55. Repugz are worried about folks not working because the federal stipend is too generous.  
    The problem, aside from the presence of COVID and the disappearance of jobs (many, forever) is that wages were and are too low.  

  56. At $15/hour, a 40-hour week would bring in that $600…which is more than many in  the service industry were making.  What most states pay on unemployment is peanuts, so adding only $200/week in federal money won’t help much.  As to the 70% of wages/administration nightmare the Repugz want to put in place, well, they are trying to keep Americans down. They must really want to lose every seat in every election in every state. Maybe Repugz giving themselves an enema/going down the tubes is just the clean slate this country needs. Detoxify! 

  57. They want to lose so the democrats can get things working again and all they have to do is sit around and bitch.

  58. That demon sex thing is classic. Cuomo is ripping him a new asshole over that one. So the Lardius spawn are the result of sex between the pig-eyed fucker and demons he saw as beautiful. Or maybe pig-eyed Lardius is the demon in the clutches. Hard to say, but the last one … tell me those eyes aren’t demon’s eyes. 

  59. It’s also a really good groove, distraction-wise.  Demons and aliens, I mean. 

  60. Demon sex……..sounds like my friend Pete lying about his weekend in tenth grade home room.

  61. …these loons see conspiracies everywhere except RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR FRICKIN’ FACES.

  62. Minneapolis Police Link ‘Umbrella Man’ to White Supremacy Group
    A search warrant affidavit seeks cellphone records for a man the police believe smashed store windows with a sledgehammer to provoke racial unrest.
    The suspect is a member of the Hells Angels and an associate of the Aryan Cowboys, a prison gang in Minnesota and Kentucky, the affidavit said. Neither group could be immediately reached.
    The Trump administration has often sought to blame the vandalism that took place during nationwide protests on leftist agitators. Attorney General William P. Barr claimed that “in many places” the protests were led by “far-left extremists,” but there is no evidence that anti-fascists coordinated demonstrations.

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