Trump: I’m cognitively there.

Afghanistan: 1,833
Iraq: 3,836
Vietnam: 47,424
Korea: 33,686
WWI: 53,402
US combat deaths: 140,181

Trump Virus deaths: 144,888

(World War II: 418,500; Civil War: 618,222)


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72 thoughts on “Trump: I’m cognitively there.”

  1. in his own words about the test in NYTimes:

    “I said to the doctor, it was Dr. Ronny Jackson. I said, ‘Is there some kind of a test, an acuity test?’” Mr. Trump recalled on Wednesday. “And he said, ‘There actually is,’ and he named it, whatever it might be.”
    “It was 30 to 35 questions,” Mr. Trump said. “The first questions are very easy. The last questions are much more difficult. Like a memory question. It’s, like, you’ll go: Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV. So they say, ‘Could you repeat that?’ So I said, ‘Yeah. It’s: Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.’”
    “‘OK, that’s very good. If you get it in order you get extra points,’” Mr. Trump said a doctor told him. “OK, now he’s asking you other questions, other questions, and then, 10 minutes, 15, 20 minutes later they say, ‘Remember that first question — not the first — but the 10th question? Give us that again. Can you do that again?’”
    “And you go: ‘Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV,’” Mr. Trump said. “If you get it in order, you get extra points.”
    “They said nobody gets it in order,” Mr. Trump said. “It’s actually not that easy, but for me, it was easy. And that’s not an easy question. In other words, they ask it to you, they give you five names and you have to repeat ’em. And that’s OK. If you repeat ’em out of order, it’s OK, but, you know, it’s not as good. But when you go back about 20, 25 minutes later and they say go back to that — they don’t tell you this — ‘Go back to that question and repeat ’em, can you do it?’ And you go: ‘Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.’
    “They say, ‘That’s amazing. How did you do that?’” Mr. Trump continued. “I do it because I have, like, a good memory, because I’m cognitively there. Now, Joe should take that test, because something’s going on. And, and, I say this with respect. I mean — going to probably happen to all of us, right? You know? It’s going to happen.”
    Mr. Siegel did not ask follow-up questions.

  2. the hill about the above:

    The Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump GOP super PAC, released an ad Tuesday jabbing President Trump over a testy interview with Fox News host Chris Wallace that aired over the weekend.
    The ad begins with an image of the White House and the caption “Trumpfeld,” which is modeled after the logo for “Seinfeld,” along with music similar to the hit ’90s sitcom’s signature theme song.
    The video plays a laugh track over several of Trump’s comments, including his repeated denial of several Fox News polls.
    “First of all, I’m not losing,” the president told Wallace, with the group’s ad then including audio of a crowd laughing.

    “Those are fake polls,” Trump claimed in a later clip included in the ad, followed by more added laughter.

    The president claimed the test “gets very hard, the last five questions.”
    “Don’t you believe America deserves a president who doesn’t brag he can spot an elephant?” the Lincoln Project’s ad asks.

  3. Long time ago, when I was dying of Hepatitis C and B but nobody knew why (a long story), my mental functioning was not doing well.  I was given the very difficult test, several times.  If you are suffering from mental functioning problems the test can be very easy or very difficult depending on how aware of the world you are.  Easy means you do the test with your own answers and be happy.  Difficult is if you are having problems and realize you are having problems.  One of the odd remarks from a psychologist was on the count backwards part.  I finished it and he stated he never had someone count incorrectly and still come up with the correct answer.  The liver failure was causing all sorts of poisoning of my brain so I will state that I did not ace those tests.  Now I look at the test and just laugh because I think SFB had to have failed it and was told all sorts of lies to keep him from throwing a tantrum.

  4. BB

    Last year I had a severe reaction to a drug that caused extreme dehydration and sent me into pneumonia and a temporary vacation from reality.  You can imagine me answering that the President’s name was Bush and I wasn’t sure about that.  Five days in the hospital got me back to normal, but it was weird. 

    What Trump doesn’t seem to understand or chooses to ignore is that test is meant to be easy.  

  5. Jamie – yes.  Sometimes our brains can go on vacation.  My favorite is I was at the local grocery store writing a check to pay for my purchases.  I tried to fill out the entire check in the date section, all the time complaining about how the check design was changed.  The checkout clerks knew me and adjusted the line behind me.  After a while I gave up and was pleasantly surprised to find the next check was the “correct” design and I paid for the groceries.  At least I usually knew where I lived.

  6. I wonder if he can remember what he had for lunch yesterday?
    So many players manipulating this deranged puppet.  

  7. One of the more disturbing parts of that description of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment which is reportedly the test that dumb ass took is that he talked about 20 or 25 minutes later when they ask you the question the third time you get more points. The Montreal Cognitive Assessment is a one-page test to try to uncover early cognitive issues. The test is designed to take 10 minutes to take. If it took him 20 to 25 minutes to take it, either the administrator of the test, his own physician, or he had great difficulty understanding what the test was and how long it should take to take it or simply performing it. 

  8. I think most peoples (including me) would be surprised to find out how slippery is the human’s ability to grasp “reality” continuously for years on end; what a really tough job it is, and such hard work every day, and just how easy it is to go off the rails.

  9. That fat boy had it all, had the world by the ass; and he’s done this to himself and his family all because a black man laughed at him.

  10. hmm, maggie hagerman wrote about his test 2 weeks ago.  different story then that Rump told hannity than the one quoted today.  so which one is true? how many times has he taken it?  but there’s one part he said i don’t doubt: the docs were “very surprised” he passed it.

    NYTimes july 10th:

    Mr. Trump boasted that his success on the test surprised his doctors as he continued his attempt to make a campaign issue of whether his presumptive Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., was mentally fit.
    “I actually took one when I — very recently, when I — when I was — the radical left were saying, is he all there? Is he all there? And I proved I was all there, because I got — I aced it. I aced the test,” Mr. Trump, 74, said in his interview with Mr. Hannity.
    He went on to say that Mr. Biden should also take the test.
    “And he should take the same exact test, a very standard test. I took it at Walter Reed Medical Center in front of doctors,” Mr. Trump said. “And they were very surprised. They said, that’s an unbelievable thing. Rarely does anybody do what you just did. But he should take that same test.”

  11. Russian Allies Helping Trump Win Reelection Have A Partner In Wisconsin Republican
    Sen. Ron Johnson will not say where the material to investigate Joe Biden is coming from, but a former pro-Russian lawmaker in Ukraine has said he is a source.

  12. Our safety as a nation depends solely upon enough Americans being able to grasp the actual realities of what is going on here and being repulsed by it.

  13. above from mother jones article yesterday in which she says:

    So could she answer for me a question that I’ve pondered for years: Does Donald Trump believe his own lies? After all, does Trump truly think he is the smartest guy of all time, that he knows more than the generals, that he’s been more right about the coronavirus pandemic than anyone else, that his polls are great, that he has achieved more than any other president, and blah, blah, blah? “Very often he is lying to himself,” Mary said. “It depends on the circumstances.” She continued: “The more stress he’s under, the more besieged he feels, the more likely it is that the distance between the telling the lie and believing it is the truth is decreasing. We’re getting to the point it’s instantaneous.” 
    I pressed her on this point. Does he lie (so much!) as a means to get what he wants and knows this is what he is doing—or is he delusional? “It’s a combination,” she said. “Is it just delusion or is it a tactic? I think it might start out as a tactic but it ends up being a delusion because his need to perpetuate a narrative about himself—a very specific narrative about himself as the winner, as always being right—is decades old. It’s a defense mechanism to protect him against the reality of who he really is…If he had any insight into that, I don’t know that he could bear it.” 

  14. From the variety of responses by SFB I am starting to think he is given the test frequently.   Two years ago was the first reference, and now several times in different interviews.  Some responses are like he took it a week ago, other responses earlier.  It does not seem like the same test, but several tests over time.  I don’t find it very disturbing that SFB is so focused on a mental screening test like it is a full blown mental evaluation.

  15. ’bout time de Barr is debarred


    Four former presidents of the D.C. Bar Association have signed a letter calling on the group to investigate whether Attorney General William Barr has violated its rules. The District of Columbia Bar authorizes lawyers to practice in the city and has the power to punish them for breaking its rules and to revoke their law licenses.
    The complaint argues that Barr has broken Washington’s ethics rules by being dishonest and violating his oath to uphold the Constitution, along with other charges….
    Bar associations can take years to review disciplinary complaints, and their processes are kept confidential. The letter comes as Barr faces sharp criticism from leaders in the legal profession. Late last month, the president of the New York City Bar Association and chair of its task force on the rule of law sent a letter to top members of Congress calling him “unfit” for his job and raising some of the same concerns raised in this letter.

  16. i’m breaking my hiatus to share that, as i had requested, Yahoo! has suspended comments under articles, as those sections had become repositories of all manner of hate-speech and disinformation.
    Good job, Verizon.  Thank you.

  17. Bink…  enjoy your hiatus.  It’s too hot and muggy to think much.
    The look on Chris Wallace’s face is priceless!

  18. Now, I’m no strategist, and have never worked on a political campaign, but if I were a strategist, I’d be directing my team to assemble tons of footage showing peaceful, masked citizens being roughed up, gassed, etc. by federal LE agents – there is plenty already and more to come soon – and run about 30 seconds of the worst of it and have a chyron and voice over at the end – Donald Trump’s vision of America – Vote Biden in November.

  19. Speaking of Dr. Mesmer, I have C-SPAN on in the background.  Rep. AOC and team are ripping up Rep Yoho.  It is wonderful to finally see and hear Dems doing what they should be doing almost everyday, take on and publicize the hate mongering of the republicans.

  20. Maybe they should send the private gestapo to all the baseball games so they wouldn’t have to pipe in fake crowd noise.

  21. Best ad to vote against tRUMP: Look at your life right now.  Are you better off than you were four years ago?  Nope.

    One of my co-worker’s has an adult son on a ventilator.  Another co-worker was sent back home because, although she and another co-worker had quarantined for two weeks and tested negative after exposure to someone, it came to light that she lives with her sister…who tested positive.  If it hadn’t been discovered that her sister was positive and that her exposure to COVID is on-going, she would be here every day.   Folks still don’t get.  

  22. Federal judge finds that Michael Cohen gets to go home. Found that his reincarceration was retaliatory for his desire to write a book and talk about it on social media, exercising his first amendment rights. Excepts to come. 

  23. What was the rationale which allowed Ike to send troops to Little Rock, or were they nat’l guard?

  24. That’s what I asked a week ago.  Do felons have First Amendment rights?   I guess so.
    Now, how is tRUMP allowed to send goons out to nab folks off the street and get away with it?  Isn’t it unconstitutional?

  25. Here’s that excerpt from the WaPo article linked about Cohen’s release. Federal District Judge Alvin Hellerstein said in his ruling:


    “I make the finding that the purpose of transferring Mr. Cohen from furlough and home confinement to jail is retaliatory and it’s retaliatory because of his desire to exercise his First Amendment rights to publish a book and to discuss anything about the book or anything else he wants on social media and with others,” Hellerstein said in a scathing finding during a phone conference hearing Thursday morning.

    The judge rejected arguments by the U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan that Cohen was rightly jailed because he was combative in a meeting with a probation official who had been tasked with monitoring his release.

    Well then, that telegraphs the Judge’s view of what Cohen can do upon his release to home confinement.  

  26. BiD, how is the orange bucket of mentally ill lard ALLOWED t do anything?  Who’s going to stop him? The senate impeachment circus is gone. NO check & balances. Now the gestapo goons are everywhere.  

  27. New FLORIDA Quinnipiac Poll: Biden leads Trump 51% to 38%. BIDEN +13% IN FLORIDA. In late April Biden led Trump in Florida by 46% to 42%.

    If Biden can maintain a double digit lead there not even Gov. DISASTROUS can steal it. 

  28. I’ll rephrase the question, Alex……how is TrumpGestapo different from the troops during Ike going into Little Rock Ark to enforce integration?

  29. “Dragnet 1970” was a pure hoot this morning.    Officers Joe Friday and Bill Gannon went and busted an LSD party. 
    The immortal Jack Sheldon played a drunk yesterday while Herb Ellis played a two-bit hoodlum. 

  30. Jack Sheldon joke:    Merv:  What did you do this weekend, Jack?
    Jack:  I went down to Tiajuana and saw a bullfight, with a matador named Juan.    First the bull made a pass at Juan, then the bull made another pass at Juan.  Then the bull made a hole in Juan.

  31. As a comedian, Jack was a great trumpet player.
    And, of course, the voice of Sugar Bear

  32. Wiki
    When integration began in September 4, 1957, the Arkansas National Guard was called in to “preserve the peace”. Originally at orders of the governor, they were meant to prevent the black students from entering due to claims that there was “imminent danger of tumult, riot and breach of peace” at the integration. However, President Eisenhowerissued Executive order 10730, which federalized the Arkansas National Guard and ordered them to support the integration on September 23 of that year, after which they protected the African American students.

  33. I’m trying to figure what recourse the governors and mayors have against this gestapo.  Seems like if there WERE any recourse that evil rat bastard Faubus would have resorted to it.

  34. OMG.  Put tRUMP in front of a map and he has no idea what is going on in this country!
    Just talked to a relative in KS.  There’s a fair!  It’s hot and nobody was wearing masks.   Why was there a fair? Why did they go? IDK

  35. St. Pete Polls has Biden up by 6 over Dumbass in FL, 50-44. 
    RCP lists 17 “Battleground” States.  Trump is ahead in 3 – Texas (+.2) Iowa (+1.5) and Georgia (+2.7).  In the other 14, Biden leads by 2 or so in 3 states, just under 5 in 1 (NH) around 6-7 in about 3 – ant 10-11 in the rest.

  36. Hey, Mnuchin!  Maybe folks who are making more with the $600 federal stipend than they did working…were being underpaid for the work they did!
    He said the folks will “understand” if they were making $300/week before, that they’re not going to get $600/week now.   He should try to live on $300/week!   That probably wouldn’t cover what he spends on hair dye. This is going to force folks into shelters or onto the streets.  Not only won’t they have money for rent/mortgages or food, but they won’t have money for anything else, either.  
    Republicans are going to tank the economy because they’re so effing stingy with anyone but the 1%.  Who did the hard work to build this nation?
    And, as for my co-worker who is loving with her COVID-positive sister, neither of them can work.  This is not their choice.  My co-worker would be at work right now if it hadn’t been discovered that she was living with someone with COVID.
    I am not an AOC fan, but Yoho is an asshole.  That’s what he should’ve called AOC if he needed to call her a name.   (Everybody has one.  You can’t call it a sexist comment. She could’ve  called him the same thing.)   Her outrage at the lack of civil discourse in Congress is laughable.  Folks used to say and do pretty questionable things on the floor. Her response was exactly what a Republican would do, though.  Use it for all of the press you can get.

  37. That fat boy had it all, had the world by the ass; and he’s done this to himself and his family all because a black man laughed at him.
    That was so spot on it needed to be posted again

    Without the federal stipend, Texas unemployment drops to between $69 to $521 per week.   That’s the other part that Mnuchin and the Repugz conveniently forget.  Every state is different, so some states may pay even less. Folks are not getting their full paychecks from unemployment.  
    Republicans are killing folks.  Republicans do not care about the American people.  

  39. Gestapo
    Using  this word  is just wrong, to describe  out current state of affairs .
    Secret Police 
    Using this word to describe  out current state of affairs  is spot on. 

  40. I really wish those folks in Portland protesting had a leader  with a sense of history , attacking  the Federal Courthouse  ain’t gonna change things . 
    The battle is not about statues , and buildings  it’s about hearts and minds. 

  41. The James B. Caird leaving leaving Elephant  Island on the most hopeless journey any humans ever made . 
    When ever my dip stick of courage  is a quart low , I remember these guys .

  42. When John Brown attacked  the Federal arsenal  at Harpers  Ferry and failed .  Badly . 
    He shocked the South .  They went into action , and began a feverish  period of  armaments  , organizing , and deeper resistance ,
    His plan was to arm slaves to  overthrow the South , 
    These folks  were some of the richest  people ever produced by this country.  They were not about to get murdered in their beds. 
    John Brown  was  a protester, and spilling blood  was his goal, He achieved it in spades. 

  43. I watched  Greta on Colbert , I watched Mary Trump on Colbert .
    It is time for old white men to sit down , and shut up.









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    Pickin’ with Buddy – 4 Picks on the longest






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