Looking Forward

What will Joe Biden’s inauguration look like, since COVID will still be with us?

More importantly, what will Biden’s first hundred days look like?  How does he unravel the tangled mess left for him?


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  1. what lincoln project says about their latest ad:

    July 19th, 2020 – The Lincoln Project today released a new video, “How It Starts”, a warning about how Trump, Bill Barr and Chad Wolf are ordering unnamed and unmarked agents into our streets.
    Against a backdrop of falling poll numbers, rising COVID-19 infections, and a revealing Fox News interview, it’s clear that President Trump is rapidly losing control.
    “The videos of masked, anonymous government officers attacking American citizens who pose no threat is shocking to watch. Federal agents with no badge are kidnapping civilians into unmarked vans. How is this America?” said Lincoln Project co-founder Reed Galen. He continued, “All Americans must be vigilant.”
    It is unthinkable that today, in a major American city, there are unmarked vans driven by nameless, badgeless armed forces snatching people from the streets in a terrifying attempt to oppress peaceful protest. Trump may believe this is how his takeover starts, but on November 3rd, Americans will put his abuse of power to an end.

  2. PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A veteran was beaten by federal officers with batons during demonstrations outside the Federal Courthouse and Justice Center in downtown Portland on Saturday night, the 51st consecutive night of protests against police brutality in the city. On Sunday, that man said he’s recovering at home, but will likely need a few surgeries on his hand as a result of the night before.

    This is the video that captured the nation’s attention this weekend, shot by Portland Tribune reporter Zane Sparling. It shows Chris David, a Navy veteran, being struck repeatedly by federal law enforcement officers outside the courthouse building. You can read his account of the night here.

    “I stood there with my hands down by my sides and they just started whaling on me,” said David.

    He said he had taken the bus downtown to attend the protest and wanted to ask federal officers a specific question.

    “I stood in the street in front of them and I started asking them if it was okay to violate their oath of the Constitution,” said David. He said one of the men shoved him backward.

    “I lose my balance and fall backwards a bit, and then plant myself,” described David. “That’s right when they start beating me.”

    “They kept hitting my batons and I think they decided that wasn’t going to work, so the two pepper spray hits I think I took, and that ended that,” said David. “That was not fun, so I flipped them off and walked to the corner of the park as best I could and I was losing my vision. I was walking through a giant cloud of CS gas.”


    David said he sat on a park bench and a field medic named Tav came to his rescue and guided him to someone’s car.

    “I couldn’t see at all. I could only see shapes, vague shapes,” described David. “Tav was frantically trying to get an ambulance.”

    He said they were able to flag down EMTs and he went to the hospital. David was left with a fractured hand. He said it will require surgery.


  3. sturge, athough NYTimes hinted at it:

    Last week, Judge Salas was assigned to a class-action lawsuit a group of investors filed against Deutsche Bank, contending that the firm failed to flag questionable transactions that were made from the account of the financier Jeffrey Epstein, who died last August while in jail awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.


    imagine that ms maxwell is a little nervous right now given she’s in the same place epstein was incarcerated,

  4. Can Biden be sworn in on Zoom?  I don’t see former presidents attending, nor do I see pricey, inaugural balls.
    The first day, he can sign EOs undoing tRUMP’s EOs.  The next 99 days will be much more complicated.  

  5. Bink, thanks for the middle of the night Vampire weekend clip. They certainly are legit. And I like the fromtman’s guitar. Bought one just like it 22 years ago. (Epiphone Sheraton II – natural finish. Still my favorite from a visual perspective. )
    Chris Wallace gets my vote for interview of the week. He allowed Orange Lardius to show America what an idiot and liar he actually is. 

  6. This particular Lincoln Project ad needs TV time.  There are folks that do not know this is happening.  There are some who know it, but don’t understand that this sinister and illegal.   Can Bloomberg donate to buy them air time during the evening news?

  7. Wait, what? Chris Wallace is the conscience of Faux Noise and will help to save us from a second term?  Well, OK.

  8. The exasperation on turdman’s face when Chris wouldn’t just accept what he was saying was priceless.   “Hey, you’re supposed to b on my side!”  The Young Murdochians having  donated to Biden maybe has suggested the winds of change down in Dixie-Fox Land.    But Chris, after all, IS a “Newsman” not a total fox swine like the rest.

  9. Dan Rather even praised the interview.
    So, so far it’s Cavuto and Wallace who are beginning to clap back on him.

    The engine (fox) pushes the wagon (gop) to the top of the hill, then a bit of free-wheeling on the crest, then the engine drags on the wagon as it wants to gather speed on the way down. Fox may be entering “drag” mode. Maybe not, but maybe. 

  10. How Biden is winning Joe Biden refuses to play into Donald Trump’s hands.

    Biden is running — and, for now, winning — by defying that diagnosis. He is executing a careful, quiet campaign focused less on thrilling his partisans than denying Trump the boogeyman he needs to reenergize his base. It’s a campaign that frustrates liberal activists and pundits because it repeatedly, routinely denies them the excitement and collisions that structure modern politics. It’s also, for that reason, a campaign that is frustrating Trump and Fox News, which is why they keep trying to run against Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ilhan Omar instead.

  11. Trump Plans to Expand Federal Invasion of American Cities “You’ll see something rolled out this week,” chief of staff says.

    President Donald Trump plans to assert new authority this week to dispatch federal law enforcement agents to American cities to quell “unrest,” White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said Sunday on Fox News. 
    “Attorney General Barr is weighing in on that with [acting Homeland Security] Secretary [Chad] Wolf, and you’ll see something rolled out this week, as we start to go in and make sure that the communities—whether it’s Chicago or Portland or Milwaukee or someplace across the heartland of the country—we need to make sure their communities are safe,” Meadows said.

  12. Gaslighter — Mika blames Hillary for not warning us about Trump Stop rewriting history

    It’s extraordinary for media professionals who covered the 2016 campaign to now express wonderment at the predictably tragic consequences of Trump’s victory. But the denial remains firm. On Friday, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski went one step further. Not only did she insist Trump’s monstrous, psychopathic behavior was unknowable, she specifically called out Hillary Clinton for failing to warn us in 2016.
    “We have learned he has no balance, that he was way worse than anybody thought he would ever be,” Brzezinski said, referring to Trump’s corruption and lawbreaking. “We never though that we’d be seeing this. Nobody did. And it’s not just us. It’s Hillary Clinton, who went to parties with him.” 

    Yep, the gaslighting continues from Mika and others. She and her husband did more to give us Trump than most I can think of in the media. Mika also seems to forget her times with Trump at Mar A Logo. They make me sick.

  13. There is already a divide between Fox News and the Fox entertainment goobers. Perhaps it will widen.  We’ll see.

  14. Yeah, Mika be fulla crap on that one.
    But then she’s never been the sharpest knife in the pencil drawer. But she got em ALL beat in “eye-rolling”.

  15. Think part of the new announcement of expanded power to use federal law enforcement agents to quell unrest in our cities will be that now the uniform for federal LE officers acting to quell unrest will include hobnail boots and brown shirts?

  16. Pog….right now they’re involved in a heated debate about whether to use jackboots or hobnails.

  17. Mika’s trying to cover Morning Joe’s ass for giving Lardius fawning daily free airtime during the 2016 campaign until Joe finally got fed up and hung up on SFB when he wouldn’t answer a couple of Joe’s questions.  By then the damage had been done.  Just WTF does she think that Hillary would know about the derangement of Lardius that she failed to tell us that every fucking person who watched the campaign couldn’t gather from what was broadcast?  

  18. Sturg, I would guess the hobnail boots would make a more audible impression but jackboots would be prettier.

  19. Apparently Lardius thinks he’ll get votes from moms if the kids go back to school in September, virus be damned.  From WaPo‘s updates:

    The House Committee on Education and Labor announced Friday that the White House had blocked the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from providing a witness to testify at a hearing next week on opening schools during the pandemic.

    Chairman Robert C. “Bobby” Scott (D-Va.) sent a letter to CDC Director Robert Redfield on July 9 requesting that he or someone else from the agency participate in the hearing. The committee tweeted Friday that the White House wouldn’t allow that to happen.

    The CDC is putting together guidance on how schools can safely reopen in the fall. It had been expected this week, but Redfield has delayed the release until the end of the month.

    “It is alarming that the Trump administration is preventing the CDC from appearing before the Committee at a time when its expertise and guidance is so critical to the health and safety of students, parents, and educators,” Scott said in a statement. “This lack of transparency does a great disservice to the many communities across the country facing difficult decisions about reopening schools this fall.”

    Trump has encouraged schools to reopen even as the coronavirus continues to rage across the country, with tens of thousands of new cases recorded each day.

    A White House official with knowledge of the decision said in an email: “Dr. Redfield has testified on the Hill at least four times over the last three months. We need our doctors focused on the pandemic response.”

    A committee aide said it asked the CDC if any other official was available next week, besides Redfield, and the answer was still no.

    We have entered a very dangerous place. The one bright spot – states aren’t necessarily buying what Lardius is selling. Even Texas isn’t going along in lockstep with dipshit’s plans.

  20. …glad you enjoyed the music, Pogo.  It was rather annoying to have my Youtube dance party constantly interrupted by Republican campaign and attack ads, and i must say, all of those ads were terribly tone-deaf (pardon the pun).  Republicans don’t have a clue.

  21. Who knows what will happen come January.  The one thing I’d LOVE to see is Joe get sworn in (I don’t care if it’s on Zoom or whatever) and then see the secret service drag Don and Melania out of the White House.
    Although…  I’d still put betting money on if the polls say he’s going to lose (especially badly) come October…  he leaves the country before the election.

  22. Also, genuine thanks to corporate retailers for providing the guidance and leadership that my federal government refuses to provide.
    Land of the Buy One Get One Free, Home of the Big Savings

  23. If he obviously loses he will have to leave, so they’re going to do everything in their power to see that Biden is not “declared” winner.  Some sort of chaotic limbo will do nicely.

  24. The worst thing Biden can do is associate himself with Hillary Clinton in any way, on any platform.  If Faux can’t have Bernie, they will glom into HC.  We don’t need that.  

  25. Yes, they can’t cheat if it’s not close.  And, if SFB still refuses to go, I’d love to see him frog-walked out to the lawn.  
    It will be interesting to see how President Biden rebuilds America, after the toddler tyrant has made such a mess of things.  I’m sure Elizabeth Warren has well-thought-out plans for many issues.  I’m sure Bailey helped. 

  26. let them eat cake updated

    the hill:

    President Trump’s daughter and senior adviser Ivanka Trump will volunteer at a Washington, D.C., community center Monday to help distribute food boxes to families as part of a Trump administration program launched after the coronavirus pandemic hit.

    Ivanka Trump will be joined by Paula White, a televangelist and adviser to the White House Faith and Opportunity Initiative, at the D.C. Dream Center to hand out food boxes to local families Monday afternoon.

  27. I hope that Biden has a truck load of Executive Orders all typed up and ready to sign right on the Capitol steps.  Reverse as much of SFB destruction immediately after the swearing in.

  28. Even before inaugural Biden could face his first challenge. First question: What’s the enforcement mechanism for the Electoral College if Trump refuses to recognize his loss? 

  29. craig, i’d say it was in the hands of the congress.

    wiki’s take:

    Each state’s electors meet in their respective state capital on the first Monday after the second Wednesday of December to cast their votes. The results are counted by Congress, where they are tabulated in the first week of January before a joint meeting of the Senate and House of Representatives, presided over by the vice president, acting as president of the Senate. If a majority of votes are not cast for a candidate, the House turns itself into a presidential election session, where one vote is assigned to each of the fifty states. The elected president and vice president are inaugurated on January 20.

  30. Maybe the mandarin face will send the troops to surround the tent village in Powderhorn Park in Mpls. That could be riveting tv, ‘cuz even Bernie!-ists and friends of the fur seals here in MN are armed to the teeth with h/p rifles, 12 ga shotguns, sidearms, m80s and bottle rockets. Of course it just depends on the people’s mood. On the 5th 100F day in a row, I’d expect people to be eager to fight.

  31. Craig, it is not up to Trump, The constitution is quite clear on that.  With the exception of the Border Patrol I doubt if there is any federal force who will follow his orders come January 20th. So all Biden has to do is find a federal Judge to swear him in and ask the Secret Service to remove any trespassers. If Biden is feeling nice he can ask them to restrain their enthusiasm to one bounce. 

  32. Worst case scenario :
    trump has not yet fled or died before the inauguration. The WH is barred as tightly as the underground bunker below the Reichstag. Mrs Pelosi phones the Mayor of DC requesting that the Electricity, Sewer & Water to the WH (and Blair House) be shut off. 
    *Presto* – out pops a germ-o-phobe !

  33. Patd, I don’t think that’s the answer you’re after. That only applies if there’s a tie in the electoral college. It’s been a while since I’ve done the research, but my recollection of the research I did was that  if a president is not inaugurated by January 20, the speaker of the house becomes the president until the president is inaugurated.

  34. Jack, I think a more likely scenario is that the Republican party would file a lawsuit with the Supreme Court contesting the election results and would ask that the court place a stay on any activity related to the swearing in of a new president until the court resolves the contest to the election results. The question would be whether the court would even accept such a suit, and if it did whether Lardius would remain in office pending the outcome of the suit, or whether Nancy Pelosi would become the president pending the outcome. 

  35. President Biden might also have a sweep done of the WH for Poo-tin’s surveillance before he moves in.   What was in that soccer ball? Cash, a thumb drive, blackmail pics, bugs? I wouldn’t take the parting gift from Melanier, eithah.  Straight to the landfill. 

  36. Handing out food, with Ivanker,  at the side of a televangelist.  (They can’t undo an ethics violation, promoting beans, by handing out food.    What brand of beans will they hand out?)
     Tweeting a pic of his fat, orange head in a mask, claiming to be the most patriotic person, after hundreds of thousands have been sickened and/or died because he derided the use of masks.   
    The name tRUMP, and all those associated with it, will always be associated with death of Americans, corruption, and, fascism.   

  37. pogo, because the electoral college vote is officially counted by the congress, formally tabulated by both house & senate in joint session, Rump can’t very well claim he won if they announce joe has the numbers. that’s all i was addressing. up to that announcement, he can rant all he wants to about rigged elections.

    as for transition time between election and inauguration where normally it is the custom of outgoing admin to provide incoming team with info of what’s on the burners & maybe what property stays/goes, i doubt if the Rump will allow assistance and may in fact set a few booby traps.  there certainly won’t be any how-to workbooks on pandemics left for the newbies like obama did for him.

  38. Well, I just finished watching Joy’s first show. Hillary of course was brilliant as she always is. Joe and her in the same hour, amazing if you’re a proud Democrat and I am.  To the people who gave us Trump, you stink!

  39. Craig
    I agree with you, glad no Dem convention. Its been over the top. Not needed for the times were living in.

  40. Tony… I watched it too.  Thought Joy did fantastic…  thought Joe did fantastic… thought Hillary did fantastic!  It’ll be good to have a show at 7pm on MSNBC again that I will want to watch.

  41. I love how Joe speaks directly into the camera, condemns Putin, and tells him when he’s President there will be consequences. 

  42. Hi Renee
    Yes, I was really uplifted to see the party leaders united in beating Trump. .All hands on deck. I couldn’t watch Tweety but Joy is great. I agree, nice to have the 7 pm slot back!!

  43. Leaked Documents Show the DNC’s Plans for a 'Reimagined' Convention

    According to the plan, while the convention will feature “major programmatic elements” each night of the convention, one or more of the “main” speakers each night will address the nation from an unnamed “message-based location” in swing states around the country.

  44. LOLOLOLOL. Duval County sheriff says because of lack of plans by RNCommittee he can’t provide security for the RNConvention. BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! If you gave Lardius a ball bearing as a toy he would find a way to break it. 

  45. trump wants to manage the county for the next four years ?
    he can’t even manage a five day convention in a 10,000 foot arena.
    I doubt that he can manage the denture cup on his bedside table.

  46. 143,000 dead of C19.
    On Thursday trump will achieve a thousand gross of cadavers. 

  47. Patd, The fat ass won’t wait until all of the votes and then tabulated in the electors are ready to vote. Hint: Bush v. Gore. 

  48. SFB will start giving COVID pressers, again.  Trying to give the impression that he’s handling this mess?  There is no way for him to spin this with more lies.  

  49. “I take Responsibility always.”  Lardius actually said that Sunday.
    “I don’t take responsibility at all”. Fatass on March 10, 2020 on lack of coronavirus testing. They record these things, asshole.
    Excuse me, where are my manners? President Asshole.

  50. Desperate. 

    “We are United in our effort to defeat the Invisible China Virus, and many people say that it is Patriotic to wear a face mask when you can’t socially distance,” he tweeted, using a phrase many have worried encourages racist targeting of Asians in the pandemic. “There is nobody more Patriotic than me, your favorite President!”

    WaPo. Stupid shit. 

  51. Something from twitter I just had to share

    One DHS official we spoke to expressed frustration and astonishment that Portland protesters were showing up with leaf blowers to disperse tear gas and send it right back at fed agents

  52. Well, i got a young friend in the U.S. Army who is too busy serving his country to follow the news, and hadn’t heard about trump’s lack of response to Russian bounties targeting U.S. soldiers, so i just told him (links provided).

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