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  1. How America Lost the War on Covid-19 It wasn’t because of our culture, it was because of our leadership.
    By Paul Krugman

    And even in purely economic terms the rush to reopen is probably failing. The last official employment number was a snapshot from the second week of June; a variety of shortterm indicators suggest that growth slowed or even went into reverse soon afterward, especially in states where Covid-19 cases are spiking.
    In any case, the point is that America’s defeat at the hands of the coronavirus didn’t happen because victory was impossible. Nor was it because we as a nation were incapable of responding. No, we lost because Trump and those around him decided that it was in their political interests to let the virus run wild.

  2. So our governor issued an indoor mask order, that if you’re in a setting where you can’t social distance you must wear a mask indoors. He’s catching up with the science of six months ago. This is a guy who’s running with ads that say Justice/Trump for governor. I guess you could say that he’s six months behind the science but light years ahead of SFB.

  3. jamie, they’re messing with him aren’t they?  you can tell they’re producing these mainly for a one person audience.  a mad man in the making.

  4. I’m basically taking a 2 prong approach to mask wearers. 
    At  Walmart yesterday a young kid was working with the arts pushing a cart forward to each customer. He was maskless.  
    I just told him in grumpy old man form “No I don’t want that cart or any cart you have touched, wear a fucking mask”  and went over to a different line of carts and took one then made a spectacle of myself spraying down the cart with sanitizer.  As I left  I noticed that someone else took a cart from the same line I did.
    Then later in the parking lot one of his fellow cart wranglers was working out in the hot sun, wearing a mask. So as I gave him my cart I handed him 5 bucks and thanked him for wearing a mask.
    Will it make a difference? Probably not but it is going to take more than just scolding  to get people to comply. 

  5. oh wow…   that Lincoln Project is delicious!
    No… it’s not just Americans that are stupid.  The more I read ancient history…  the more I wonder how our species made it this far.

  6. jack, hero of the day.  a big “atta boy” for you.

    that masked guy will surely tell his co-workers, his family and friends.

  7. I think with the Lincoln Project they have 3 goals, probably in this order of importance. Raise money from the liberals and others, live in Trumps head, and defeat Trump and his enablers.  I’ve noticed that they have created ads for each purpose. It is kinda fun watching them  work.
    But Remember, if they are successful then after Trump they will wander back to the Republican party and use their talents to make liberals look like idiots.

  8. The Lincoln Project is doing something I did not expect it to do, it is prolific.  It is producing about one of the videos every day.  Last week it created one immediately after SFB spokes person said that SFB reads.  It is doing something impressive.

  9. BTW, on the beef discussion from yesterday, lean hamburger at the fancy supermarket (Hy-Vee) was $6 a lb, equally lean burger at my local Mexican market was $3.  The Mexican market buys whole beef carcases that are wrapped in paper the frozen before delivery. They then slice up the beef into thin slices as is the style their customers favor. The hamburger is kind of an after thought, ground up from left over scraps. They use a lower grade of  Beef, select rather than choice and it maybe older animals too as the hamburger  is flavorful even though it is lean. This is the same store where I get limes 15 for a dollar. 

  10. Jack – I shop at stores like that too.  My favorite national chain is H-Mart, Korean.  I occasionally buy a primal cut of critter at Sams club and then cut it up myself and freeze the cuts. 

  11. I don’t have the freezer space to buy the larger hunks of meat and cut them up – too many old pizzas and this and that taking up space – but Sam’s is one of my go-tos for meat of all flavors – in fact I haven’t had meat from Sam’s since last night (the last of the ribs from the 4th, repurposed to become a BBQ wrap in some delicious cheese/jalapeno tortillas Mrs. P picked up Sunday.   Every couple of years we’ll have a power outage during the summer storm season and without a generator it gives me some incentive to weed the worst of the old stuff out – not that I’m looking forward to that.

  12. Jack

    There was a Twitter question about what would have to the Lincoln Project folks after the election.  My answer was pretty much the same as yours.  They will go back to being Republicans once they dump Trump while working to bring back the party from the brink of destruction.  

  13. they have some helluva job cut out for them “to bring back the party from the brink of destruction. “

    possible but maybe not probable

  14. has anyone come up with a mask that’s on the order of a clear plastic upside down fish bowl with filters – like a big bubble head that allows folks to talk face to face but not exchange germs?

  15. the hill:

    Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) on Monday night hit back at Fox News host Tucker Carlson after he criticized her for supporting a “national dialogue” on removing memorials to George Washington.
    “Does @TuckerCarlson want to walk a mile in my legs and then tell me whether or not I love America?” Duckworth tweeted after Carlson called her a “deeply silly and unimpressive person.” 
    “It’s long been considered out of bounds to question a person’s patriotism. It’s a very strong charge, and we try not ever to make it. But in the face of all of this, the conclusion can’t be avoided. These people actually hate America. There’s no longer a question about that,” Carlson claimed.

  16. Jack, it took me a while to figure out that the message in your face mask illustration wasn’t to have one’s nose circumcised. Next time I’ll read the captions.

  17. The lincs have to get him out or they’ll have no party to go back to.  Might even become right wing democrats, if they can fashion that narrative   All they want from this, now, is credit for the win. They’re a crafty bunch.
    And what might Rove be up to?

  18. I think there is a question which does not have an answer yet – what becomes of the greedy old pervert party?  Do the republicans which split off and declared independence form a new republican party trying to reclaim the Regan flag and the current white supremacists holding the republican banner declare themselves (publicly) the white people party?
    I can see Morning Joe along with Steve Schmidt leading the latest version of the gop.  There would be the obligatory court battles over the republican phone lists.  The white peoples party, sometimes referred to as the “evangelical people” party, would use SFB ending up in isolation at the Florence, CO maximum security with other terrorists as a rallying call.   But, at some point people like Nicolle Wallace need to leave the comfort of not choosing sides.

  19. Tucker Carlson should NEVER accuse ANYONE other than himself of being a”deeply silly and unimpressive person”.  He defines deeply silly and unimpressive.  I remember Jon Stewart taking him apart on Crossfire just before the  show folded its tent after Carlson helped drive its viewership into the ground with his stupid extreme RW positions.

  20. Does Tucker’s mom still have a presence? A long time ago she seemed a pleasantly nice person.

  21. …bought a generator, recently, ‘cuz i figured it’s pretty dumb to stuff a freezer full of food and then have it be at the mercy of the integrity of the local power grid🤷‍♂️

  22. Bink, I’ve had one for years. Switched it over to LPG so that I wouldn’t have the worry of aging gasoline clogging the system. Still leave it on a trickle charger.

  23. We have a generator…  love it.  But it depends on gasoline.  We had a huge ice storm 10 yrs ago…  power lines in the streets…  transformers blew up.  The one gas station in town did not have a generator.  We had to drive miles to get gas for our generator.  We are thinking of getting one that runs on propane.

  24. …mine’s still in the box and i got a hidden stash of gas, just waiting.  So ready.

    i feel stupid now that you’ve made me aware there are models that run on propane😭

    (My mid-March rapid pandemic preparation was somewhat of a manic affair)

  25. I am, and have always been since registering to vote at the age of 18, a Democrat.  But I used to vote for some Republicans…  back when there were moderates in the party and I knew they really cared about this country.  I can’t vote for them any longer.  But I don’t think that one party rule for very long is healthy for this country.  I do hope that the never trumper Republicans come to their senses and realize how they contributed to the rise of trump.  And then they form a more moderate party.  I might have disagreed with William F. Buckley…  but I loved watching his show.

  26. Bink… the ones that run on propane are expensive and go for thousands of dollars.
    Most people use the gasoline ones.  If you don’t live rurally, you’ll probably be fine.

  27. My grandkids will ask me, one day, “what’s a ‘cheapskate’”, and i’ll say “oh, well back when we had civilization, before the Great Plague , there was this stuff called ‘money’”…

  28. “What’s for dinner, Grandpa?”
    ”Sunflower seeds and banana peppers.”

  29. “There was a shopping mall, now it’s all covered with flowers.”     -“Nothing But Flowers”

  30. I keep wrestling with myself over installing a generator – the way our house and basement access is a portable Gas powered one isn’t practical and a hard installed NG one is $3-5K plus installation.  We probably need it 3-5 days a year, and maybe 2-3 of those overnight.  In 21 years we’ve had extended outages twice that resulted in spoiled food so it’s kinda difficult to justify the cost.  HOWEVER, when it does happen Mrs. P says we should buy one – maybe I should pursue the happy wife, happy life path.

  31. So, this is odd:

    “ Lincoln City police arrested seven men on the Oregon Coast Saturday night after the men allegedly made racist threats toward a Black family during Fourth of July celebrations at the beach.”

    “ Gennadiy Kachankov, Antoliy Kachankov, Andrey Zaytsev, Oleg Saranchuk, Ruslan Tkachenko, Yuriy Kachankov, and one man who refused to identify himself, were arrested…”


  32. bink,  perhaps an additive will keep your stashed gas viable.

    pogo, look into solar opportunities in your neck of the woods.  i keep flirting with the idea of a solar roof when it comes time to replace the old shingled roof.

    plenty of solar generators on market.

  33. Solar is a good way to go.  Lithium batteries are becoming cheaper, inverters have been around a long time. 
    Another option is to go with a diesel generator. 

  34. …dummy could have raised a fortune selling MAGA masks but he’s a TERRIBLE BUSINESSMAN.

  35. We could whip this thing if only we’d remind people that C19 kills unborn Confederates.

  36. Ya, he could have sold maga masks with little ‘Made In China’ tags. Then he could spout off about Biden’s dealings with China, and the republican’s wouldn’t even notice the irony or the cynicism.

  37. Don’t order Tesla solar tiles.   Apparently they took a lot of deposits and fulfilled no orders

  38. My Solar System works great. The total cost for energy last year here in Florida was $87. My inverters work great during the day when the sun is out and the power is out. I have a gas-powered generator mainly for hurricanes. I use it for the Master suite AC unit, light and small tv, and fridge. I have clients that have whole house generators that use natural gas and they work flawlessly. 

  39. AD, that is to say, After Drumpf, the rippers won’t be able to reconstitute the party. There may be a republican party, but it will no longer be the familiar unholy alliance of the blood worshipping racists, the sexist ‘christian’ crazies and the mammonist chamber of commies.
    I don’t think the chamber of commies wants to associate itself with the confederacy any more, and it certainly doesn’t want to spend money on separate but equal pissoirs for men, women, she>hes and he>shes. And, it is probably waking to the brutal necessity of following science regarding things like race, gender, global warming, oceans rising, solar power etc.
    The ‘christian’ crazies are likely to split over the issue of the equality of black and white souls and of male and female souls. They are also starting to wake to the fact that just being anti-abortion-by doctor does not equate with being anti-abortion.
    The racists may have to choose between crazy ‘christianity’ and genetic paganism.
    In short, trump’s factions are about to become post-trump fractions. My opinion, ‘course.

  40. I don’t have a setup that allows for practical use of a portable generator according to my contractor buddy.  There would have to be leads of about 40-50′ to get the generator into the 2 fridges (one in basement, one in Kitchen) but keep the generator exhaust away from the house.  If I get one (and I might) it will be a NG automatic starting one hardwired into the breaker box.  A bit expensive but if Mrs. P insists it’ll be worth every penny the first time power goes off during the summer.
    I’ve looked into a solar option, but it’s not common around here (read expensive).  Also, I don’t have a roof pitch that faces south – front pitched to the east – with large hardwoods in front of it and back faces west – but gets about 8 hours of exposure in the summer.  Could probably be done, but I haven’t looked into the price of a system that would possibly work.

  41. Pogo
    Yes, cost and good location are important. My system was $17000 with $6000 tax credits that carry over until used. 5.5-year payback for me. A good deal for me!

  42. Russians are notoriously racist and homophobic.  Not surprising behavior.
    TEA – Kids must wear mask, staff must get tested first, PPE will be provided, online is an option, anyone who tests positive or has symptoms has to stay home for 10 days after symptoms subside (so asymptomatic spreads are free to continue spreading).  Online kids v classroom kids = wealthier families with a parent at home and high-speed internet v everyone else.

  43. I hope that test taker comes forward to corroborate the trump SATs story. And, I hope he’s a Southern Baptist minister with a mega tele-church in Texas and a guilty conscience. 
    Yeah, I know. Mega tele-church ministers don’t have consciences.
    But, a fella can dream, can’t he ?

  44. Tony, 5.5 years is a great payback window.  I’ve done those kinds of calculations when considering this or that car, especially hybrids.  Have a great friend who figured out that it would pay him to buy a diesel Rabbit back in the day. Great idea – odd car for a dirt bike racer to drive, but, hey, money’s money.  It sat for a few days after an ice storm in Tuscaloosa when the temps dropped to the teens and 20s for almost a week and he hadn’t put conditioner in the fuel.  What’s a kid from Mobile know about gelled diesel fuel anyway?  Not enough is the answer.  I think I was driving one of my VW vans at the time and was able to give him a ride to work while his car sat in his carport – lucky for him. 

  45. German tanks stalled in WWII because they were gasoline, so you couldn’t build a fire under them, ‘cuz . . . well . . .  ‘cuz it’s GASOLINE. The russians has diesel engines. The russkies would light a fire underneath a tank and warm the fuel enough to turn the engine over – even on the coldest nights. Little scrap wood fires  won the war. russian engineering.
    Thank goodness, the germans kept building diesel tanks anyway. HAHAHA German engineering, my ass.

  46. My generator story goes back a couple of decades.  The republicans got control of the state and deregulated the power suppliers, i.e. they made the power suppliers corporation controlled.  During the change over period the power company decided to install RF read the meter from the street systems.  The new company could have a car drive down the street and read the power meters. 

    Prior to this upgrade to the power meters. my uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) started shutting down due to high voltage.  I called the power company, they sent out a tech to install a power reader. While we were talking he suggested I get a generator and make a plan for using it, lots of power and lots of cables.  Which I did. 

    That week the power meter was bored by the steady power.  It was removed. 

    The next week the power went high and burned up hundreds of the read from the street units.   A few days later a nasty storm hit and the power went out for several days. 

    We had hot coffee and cooked meals.  Others in the area did not.  The generator used about one gallon per hour, but we were able to stay warm and eat well, and the refrigerators and freezer stayed powered up.

  47. Who knows, if the US automakers had located in AL & FL instead of MI & OH, we might have become a diesel-drive nation.

  48. bink & XR.

    the dtRump store sells magaT masks for $21.95

    click here at your own risk.  decontaminate immediately before returning to trail.

  49. In Sonoma County there is a loan program for solar and other energy savings.    You can get the total amount. Tiny interest and pay back over 20years

  50. how to throw a party convention where nobody comes –  (except the Rump that  is)



    Politicians, donors and party officials, especially seniors at higher risk of complications from the disease, now face a difficult choice between a personal risk to their health and a potential backlash from the president and his supporters. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), 78, indicated Tuesday he will attend the convention, but two other top Senate Republicans, Iowa’s Charles E. Grassley, 86, and Tennessee’s Lamar Alexander, 80, are taking a pass.
    They are joined by two of the most senior Republican women in the Senate. Maine’s Susan Collins, 67, said though a spokesman that she avoids attending the party convention in years when she is facing reelection. Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski, 63, also has no plans to attend, according to a spokesperson, nor does Utah’s Mitt Romney, 73.

  51. Bink, just for you ESPN is running the Eagles MMXVIII sold out 3 night concerts in LA. Enjoy. 

  52. Jamie,  If those landowners win that suit, I have a different idea about what they might do to SFB with one of them cactuses. Hint: Vlad.

  53. lol Pogo- concerning sports, i was curious about Le Tour De France, so i checked: it is tentatively postponed until 8/29, but i’ll believe that when i see it, because i don’t see how competitive cycling is safe, right now.

    There was a World Tour race this past weekend, so i suppose we will know how safe peloton-style cycling is in two or three weeks🤷‍♂️

  54. LeTour ain’t likely this year. The Peloton would make NBA or NFL look safe by comparison. 

  55. trump threatened to disown jr if the latter joined the military. 

    Wouldn’t want his son to become a hero, I guess. They’re all very well cast in bronze, but you wouldn’t want one in the family.

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