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  1. and then there are times when it’s America, the ugly. 

    from rawstory:

    “So you had this very ugly and frankly, very sad scene where, as folks were being taken away and they were under arrest, you had Trump supporters yelling at them, ‘Go home, go home!’ and you had these Native American protesters, activists yelling back, ‘This is my home, this is my land!’ and I think there’s just not a common understanding between the two groups of each other,” Perry explained.

  2. but we’ll think about that tomorrow. .. “tomorrow is another day” so said scarlet.

    and today is our collective birthday. let ’em all eat B-day cake for now. (no pun intended)

    p.s. it’s also Bu the deranged dog’s 3rd birthday!

  3. Happy Fourth of July to almost every American (a few do not celebrate this day, they celebrate June 12 Russia day). 
    I often wonder how my ancestors felt during the time the Declaration of Independence was made public.  A few would have known members of the Second Continental Congress and their families from several counties of Maryland.  Some joined the Continental Army.  A couple died fighting for the United States.  So far I have not found any of them to have been Torries.
    I like visiting the battlegrounds which are at Yorktown, VA.  I like to stand where Washington stood and imagine that major battle which was the end of the British fighting to maintain rule.  I like to stand where Cornwallis stood and imagine his thoughts as he had to surrender.  What I can believe beyond all doubt is neither would have predicted the America of today.

  4. My earliest Americans were among the McCubbins, Carrols and Howards of Maryland and Virginia.  For them most went with the declaration.  Apparently about 20% of the residents in what became the US at the time were on the side of England and a good chunk of those did head into Canada.  Who knew thanks to SFB that 250 years later, many of us would be jealous our families didn’t take that opportunity when it presented itself. 

  5. There were many Tories who went up to Canada and there were many confederates who went to Brazil.  
    Book of the current scaramucci:  RABBLE IN ARMS, by Kenneth Roberts.

  6. Makes you wonder which confederates had the money to move to Brazil and how they got it. 

  7. I think they should make a statue of Wilson Pickett standing next to Sally’s new mustang…..the car should be candy apple red.
    Of course he should be standing behind the Mustang as Sally speeds away.

    Rubber on wheel faster than rubber on heel.
    —Lightnin’ Hopkins

  8. Southern man done had a beef with Neil ever since he called em out lo those many years ago. 

  9. Kind of surprised that nobody in Orange and company knew about Neil and the southrens. 

    Pretty sure old Neil’s about to be called “Loser” by the loser in another lame-ass childish tweet. His minions will stomp and jeer, with much gnashing of the teeth.

  10. Oh, I got it……they’re just going to start playing “Sweet Home Alabama” and holler “Lock him up!” when they hear his name. That’ll show him.

  11. I winder if the remnants of Skynnard are on board with all this.   Would be nice if they were not.

  12. Cool Strat. What’s the story, sturg?  Certainly HEAVILY reliced. 
    I of course would not watch trumps dumb ass shit show last night, but I’ve been reading the accounts of it at Washington post. Doubled down on the whiteness didn’t he? Demonized all those Black protesters, too. Too bad Kimberly couldn’t be there. I certainly hope she gave Don Junior a nice little gift.

  13. if he puts any of those “heroes” of his like confederates, nazis & klansmen  in his new garden, he’ll have to rename it the Garden of Good and Evil

    the hill:

    The White House unveiled an executive order Friday evening to create a “National Garden of American Heroes” that will feature statues of prominent Americans.

  14. In 1852 Frederick Douglass asked: “What, to the American slave, is your 4th of July? I answer: a day that reveals to him, more than all other days in the year, the gross injustice and cruelty to which he is the constant victim.” Frederick Douglass (1852).


  15. Pre-cbs with some kind of different pick-ups, I forget what he called them, I don’t pay much attention to stuff like that….

  16. Biden focuses on racial justice in July 4 message

    “We have a chance to rip the roots of systemic racism out of this country,” Biden says in the Independence Day video shared with POLITICO.

  17. Sturge todays picture, I can smell the stale beer and second hand smoke from here. Ain’t that America.

  18. Jack, my other, the Telecaster, got so absolutely yellow from bar smoke I took it apart an belt sanded the finish off it. Even with the finish off it’s worth at least 4 times what I paid for it in 73. If I’d known I would live this long I mighta took better care of it.


  19. Ray Charles…..the man who made me old mother curse at the radio and turn it off during Sunday dinner.   She wasn’t hip to Ray, but too late…..he clocked in on me.
    ”Gonna send you back to ARKANSAW!”

  20. Bout the hardest thing to come out of that radio before that was “Honeycomb” by the other Jimmie Rogers.   lol

  21. BB, Jamie – I wonder if our ancestors knew each other.  My Davenport line (which produced Taft, HW and W, as well as undistinguished me) was here as as early as 1640, joining the original, First Church of Dorchester as a freeman.  Thomas was quite a character; there are several records of his doings in a book from Dorchester’s antiquarian society.   My favorite is how he paid a debt with which he disagreed.  He hired someone to throw “baules of paste filled with coppers” onto their property.  (I wonder if paste was a euphemism for muck?)  Here’s your English coppers; find ‘em, pick ‘em up and dig ‘em out.  Ha!   
    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. – Margaret Mead
    SFB is afraid of any idea except one in which he is all-powerful, everything goes his way, and, it’s still 1950.  Or, 1850.   Ideas are the enemy of the status quo, governmentally and personally.   It’s impossible for him to even entertain a new idea.

  22. During the sixteen hundreds most of my ancestors were in Maryland colony settling Somerset County from the Bay to the Atlantic and in Queen Anne’s Parish along with Anne Arundel County.  During the early seventeen hundreds more settled around Marlboro and the Anacostia River.

  23. BID

    It’s a pretty good bet that anyone descended from any family here in the 1700s are probably related to each other in some fashion.  I know Daniel Boone led a large chunk of my crowd through the Cumberland Gap and we have direct descendant from his uncle.  This is why it is so important to find the maiden names of the women wherever possible.  Virtually all of the Presidents are related to each other in some fashion not just the Roosevelts.  

    Genealogical relationships of the Presidents


  24. So,  what’s the next stop in Trump’s Trail of Tears Tour of America’s Stolen Lands/Mobile Coronavirus Infection Party?

  25. Ok, time to go hang Ol’ Glory so they skip my house in the first round of purges.  ✌️❤️🇺🇸

    (i stopped researching my genealogy when i got to my great-grandfather and saw that 9 of his siblings died before age 3- too sad)

  26. BB – While some Davenports stayed in Massachusetts, others moved on to RI, CT, and NY by the 1700s.   I don’t know if anyone fought in war for independence, but one of Thomas’ sons fought in King Phillip’s War (which nobody talks about), and was killed.   There is information as to his belongings/money that was bequeathed back to Thomas upon his death.   There is also any entry in the book about a “poor, blind Indian” who showed up at Thomas’ house with two children.   No detail as to if they were children of settlers or of natives, nor of what happened to them.   I took a guess as to the fighting age of  an ancestor and asked the DAR if he was listed, but no.  They said many weren’t officially listed.  I didn’t think it was worth another guess at who’s service might have been listed.  I do have copies of the muster rolls for two ancestor grandpas who fought in the Union Army.  One day, I would like to get to where the Battle of the Wilderness was fought to pay respects to Luther, who was killed there only three months after he enlisted. By that time, a Davenport had married and moved to Wisconsin.  He left a wife and eight children, and one on the way, to dies so far from home.  When the baby was born, he was named Abraham Lincoln.  

  27. Jamie- Yep.  Eventually we are all cousins.  Or in small, rural areas like mine, double-related cousins on both sides.   That’s a double-edged sword; that means SFB is a cuzzin’ 2.

  28. Mr.Cracker has relatives who fought for America in the revolutionary war.  He was 12.

  29. Sorry sturg got waylaid rallying around the lawn tractor and making long grass short. Newly rebuilt deck with sharpened blades sure works better. 
    FCS – Fender Custom Shop – the home of making new Fender guitars look old and selling them for 3 to 4 times the price of a new one. Were those crazy guitar skills yours or one of your old band mates?

  30. Ray IMHO sang the definitive America the Beautiful. I’m guessing Aretha sang it, too, and that would be special as well. 

  31. Poobah, you know, I know, we all know that people dead from Covid don’t mean shit to SFB so long as he’s got some decent jobs numbers to crow about.

  32. My relative in California just hopes Joe doesn’t pick Kamala Harris.  A Republican who is sure tRUMP will lose, they’re worried about who Joe will pick as his veep because of Joe’s age. At least they are sure tRUMP will lose.  It’s his piss-poor handling of the pandemic that has caused them to be happy to be rid of tRUMP…but man, they do not like Harris.

  33. The musical “1776,” is on next.   Who needs “Hamilton” when you have the song “Piddle, Twiddle and Resolve”?  (“…not one thing do we resolve…”)  I love this song.  God could send an earthquake or  some other catastrophe, but instead, sends Congress.   Love it!

  34. “Learn to live  with it.”  How many voting relatives of the deceased will like that motto?  How many of the sick or  recovering will take that as anything but salt in their wounds? When was the last time Cadet Bine Spurs ever (if ever) had to “embrace the suck”?  Never.  When SFB is sick and needs meds or oxygen, tell him to “learn to live with it.”  

  35. Something that surprised me was how many thousands of Englanders were shipped every week from Britain.  Thousands and thousands.  Looking at the typical 1650’s freight vessel you can see they were packed everywhere in them.  The journey from England took several weeks, depending on the route.  But all ended up in the colonies where the voyagers, willing or indentured, arrived to see something wild compared to what they left in England.  New England, Boston or New York, were developed to a degree.  But coming in at Jamestown, or Yorktown, or Gloucester, would be staggering, especially in the summer.  I would have enjoyed seeing all the ships coming into port, anchored off waiting to discharge their cargo and passengers, loading and sailing off to England again.
    At the same time was the civil war in England.  Some were leaving to avoid it, some were sent because of it, but even with the war going on, ships were built and sent to the colonies.

  36. My 5GJohn Skidmore, Esq., from Jamaica L.I. was elected Captain of the newly formed Minute Men Company “…for the defense of American Liberty…”. Shortly thereafter Jamaica promoted him to major and assigned him up the North (Hudson) River where he remained until hostilities stopped. In the meantime his wife died.

  37. I found nothing disrespectful in the naming of Cleveland’s baseball club around the turn of the last century. The marketing creation of Chief Wahoo was something else; that image and naming has been retired for a number of years. While we’re at it, let’s rename Lakes Erie and Huron.

  38. Right? Everything within context.  I guess the way around the issue is to just use your corporate sponsor’s name.  Just like we now have the FedEx Orange Bowl or the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl (or will have in 2021 or 2022 when the pandemic has wound down, for those who make it through), maybe team names will go that way.  The Washington T-Mobiles or something. 

  39. OMG, tRUMP’s delusional ~motivational~ Independence Day message.   We are, indeed, breaking all kinds of records…for COVID-positive tests and hospitalizations, as the death toll mounts.  We could actually enjoy today if he had closed down everywhere and made masks and social distancing mandatory.   tRUMP’s plague.

  40. Will SFB be trying to read another Independence Day address tonight?  Will 60% reject it as his day to day bullshit?  Not me. (I won’t watch or listen). Goddam moron – him, not me (I hope).

  41. I grew up in the Detroit area in the fifties and sixties.  Our education included a deep history into the various Native American nations  which lived in the regions of the Great Lakes.  We learned so much about how they lived.  Much of this is because Michigan, Ontario and the surrounding regions have a very large connection to the Native Americans.  Local names, reservations and (very important) friends and neighbors.
    I do have to say that our education was filtered by many prejudices of the WASP world of the  post WWII era.  But, when I read or hear of how little other Americans know about the world of our Native Americans, it is like I had a masters education. 

  42. Watching Martin Scorsese’s documentary on Bob Dylan. No Direction Home. Really interesting. In my opinion it’s as patriotic as anything else I could watch that’s on right now.

  43. Just for the record: I was never invited to, nor did I ever visit Epstein’s Island.
    I hope this clears that up.

  44. I guess right here is where I begin to wax nostalgic about the old televisions just having a knob to turn to pick one of the two channels that actually broadcast something.

  45. “Molasses to Rum to Slaves”…”it’s money, not morals that save…willing for the shilling.”  I’ve watched “1776” almost every year for a decade, but it’s been around since 1972, and, it was on Broadway before that.  

  46. My grandpa wouldn’t let me change the channel because it would “wear out the physical parts.”

  47. Trump sank himself in Michigan. Biden didn't have to lift a finger

    The reviews from Michigan are in and they are not looking good for Donald Trump. Not only have the last several polls of the state shown Joe Biden ahead by double digits, but one of those polls captured data showing that Trump likely has no one but himself to blame for surrendering the state.
    The New York Times/Siena poll released last week put Biden up by 11 points in the Great Lakes State, but it also tested the question in a half dozen battleground states, revealing that Michigan voters were far more likely than voters from other states to believe Trump had treated the state unfairly during the coronavirus response.

  48. European diplomats believe Joe Biden will repair the damage done by Trump to America's broken alliance with Europe

    However, there is growing optimism in European diplomatic circles that much of the damage could be undone were the president to lose in this year’s election.
    One senior UK diplomat, who asked not to be named, told Business Insider that a Biden presidency would bring a welcome end to the “venal corruption” of the Trump era.
    “A lot of stuff will change if Biden wins,” the diplomat said.

  49. Happy Fourth everyone!
    Biden should say now, and KEEP STRESSING WHEN HE GETS IN, that it’s patriotic to wear a mask!


  50. My cousin’s boyfriend in CA just tested positive.   Now, the whole family (well, both his and mine) is getting tested.  (He thought he had probably had it already, because he was really sick a couple of months ago.)  He was congested and had severe body aches this week, but no fever yet.  

  51. Pogo

    You will need to wait for it, but a Broadway musical was temporarily ended due to the virus won’t appear now until next year.  It uses all Dylan songs and the cast recording was made before closing and will be released sometime in the Spring if not before.

    Keep and eye out for “Girl From The North Country”.

    For the 1776 lovers, this is the show my family watches every year.  Molasses to Rum to Slaves is a killer.


  52. Too bad, BiD.  Unfortunately, it’s just a matter of time…because it’s a VIRUS!  Hopefully they all will be OK. 

  53. Jamie, thanks for the heads up on that. I can wait. I’ll get the recording when it’s available 

  54. They are mostly younger, 20s, so I hope they are all OK.   Now, I have psychosomatic, nasal congestion. Ha!  Don’t think I’ll make it to 10pm for the broadcast of Kaboom Town.  Hope the neighborhood is quiet tonight. 

  55. Sounds like we’re in a war zone here. Never heard as much fireworks in the neighborhood. 

  56. I’m up. Fireworks everywhere around here.  Live display on CW33 seems kinda puny.  Guess I’ll see Kaboom Town after all.

    Oh, it was from Houston.

  57. Best fireworks display I ever saw was in NYC, standing on the East side overlooking the water toward the Brooklyn Bridge.   I can still smell them, too.  Best view.    Think somebody here has M-80s.  Loud!

  58. tRUMP’s new campaign song can be “Live and Let Die.”   Nah, Sir Paul won’t go for that, either. 
    I think I’m the only one in the neighborhood not shooting fireworks. 

  59. Just sayin’- Jupiter, Luna, Saturn, Mars, and i are having a pretty bitchin’ summer.  Hope you are!😴🌔🇺🇸

  60. (i’ve been sleeping in a tent for the past week while i quarantine from my new resident [long story].  It’s fun.)

  61. Yep, by the firecracker index the stimulus package was a success. Over the years I’ve observed you can tell how comfortable people are money wise by the amount of money spent on fire works. It is almost midnight and they are still going strong. That rarely happens and never in a recession.

  62. Brewster, the dog doesn’t like thunder or fireworks . They started shooting off fire works  at 7;30 this morning. So I took him out to the country around one of the local lakes as it was already getting bad by noon  and he needed some calming. It was quiet  at the lake   he had a good outing and wore himself out. Then I followed our old vets recommendation and gave him half a benadryl as a tranquilizer. Between the exercise and the tranquilizer  it has worked.  Not that he is happy right now but he isn’t shaking and panting so hard he slobbers as he was last night. 

  63. jack, billie bob the princess dog likewise re thunder and fireworks.  she’s an octogenarian plus (131/2 ) in dog years so I worry about her having a heart attack in addition to the doggy terrors she must endure.  with their super hearing, it would be like standing in the midst of anti-aircraft going off.    thunder, I can understand her fear. it must sound like an enormous dog god growling, but fireworks & guns?  who can tell what goes thru her doggy mind? 

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