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  1. according to the hill, 

    “The ad launched Sunday in Arizona, Florida, South Carolina and Texas. It will also air on Fox in Washington, D.C., starting Tuesday.” 

  2. Treasonous dumbass! He knew. Pence knew. Others in his administration knew. Deny, deny, deny. And when that doesn’t work, claim the story about the bounty is “phony.” How many in his base are so racist that they will forgive him for what he did to our troops? He and Pence and the entire, criminal tRUMP organization must go now.

  3. As soon as SFB is out of office and no longer of any use to him,Poo-tin will ~leak~ whatever intel he has on him and destroy him completely.  

  4. SFB thinks he’s powerful because he’s tall.  Poo-tin still has the dead, soulless eyes of an agent. We’re stuck dealing with his sorry ass until 2036.

  5. boris quote in the guardian today:

    Johnson said it was time for a “Rooseveltian approach to the UK”, referencing the former US president’s programme of economy-boosting public works in the 1930s under his New Deal policy, including new spending on schools.
    “This has been a disaster, let’s not mince our words, this has been an absolute nightmare for the country,” he said about coronavirus. “The country has gone through a profound shock. But in those moments you have the opportunity to change and to do things better. We really want to build back better, to do things differently, to invest in infrastructure, transport, broadband – you name it.”

    sounds like old boris took a page from Andrew Cuomo’s playbook. heard almost same words said during the gov’s daily briefings.

  6. The current burp of stuff out of the cesspool that is the WH is probably the most disturbing confirmation of the involvement of the new USSR/Putin in controlling SFB.  He deserves to sit in a cell in the Florence prison with other terrorists.

  7. If there is any truth to the allegations about Russian bounties on American troops and there was any mention of the same in the PDB or from the mouths of intel (e.g. DNI, Dir. of CIA, etc.) SFB should be 1 – impeached on that issue (again) and 2- charged with treason and tried, convicted and executed.

  8. tony, you’ll like this from Jonathon Capehart oped about his aunt gloria’s veep pick in wapo:

    But what about an African American woman? “I am going for experience, who has the experience and is known nationally. Would love to see a black candidate, but the only thing important is beating Trump,” said Aunt Gloria, unmoved by arguments like mine that the former vice president should choose an African American woman as his running mate. “Warren would pull young people and [Sen. Bernie ] Sanders [I-Vt.] supporters.”
    Some of you might be asking: Who is your Aunt Gloria, and why do you keep writing and tweeting about her? The answer is because Aunt Gloria has turned out to be a great bellwether for me for what the die-hard base of the Democratic Party — African American women — was thinking and how that group would vote. She was right about Biden becoming the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee and now a new Post-Ipsos poll of African Americans released last week shows she is not alone in not putting a premium on a black woman for Biden’s running mate.
    The survey of African Americans age 18 and older shows a near-even split on the question of “how important is it to you, if at all, that Biden choose a vice-presidential running mate who is a black woman?” Fifty percent said it was “important,” and 49 percent said it was “not important.” That’s a considerable tightening and swing since the question was asked in this poll back in January, when 72 percent said a black running mate for a white Democratic presidential nominee was “less important.”
    And then there is the question of whom Biden should pick. I’m already on record saying he should choose Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.). You can read my rationale here. But Aunt Gloria’s early support for Warren didn’t come as too much of a surprise.
    During her presidential campaign, Warren made a concerted effort to court black female voters. One attendee at the She the People Presidential Forum in April 2019 told the New York Times that Warren “hit it out of the park, to be honest.” Warren was second to Biden in support among African Americans in a Quinnipiac University poll released last September. Two months later, Black Womxn For, which describes itself as “an organizing collective of leaders, activists, artists, writers, and political strategists from across the country in the fight for Black Liberation,” released a full-throated endorsement of Warren.
    With all the talk that Biden must choose a woman of color and a black woman in particular, there is the distinct possibility that the former vice president will choose a white woman to be his running mate. And everything, from the polls of black voters to Aunt Gloria, makes two things clear: A white female running mate for Biden is not unacceptable and that the white woman most favored by African Americans is Warren.

  9. I’m sure everyone here thinks that trump is treasonous….   BUT….  the problem is still the Senate Republicans.  All that really matters as to what to do with trump is what do they think.  I don’t think they’re ready to abandon the SS trump yet.
    ps…  I still have several trumper friends.  I can tell by their posts on Facebook that they are getting very nervous.   GOOD!

  10. Another day, same shit.
    The orange bucket of lard continues to know nothing, hear nothing, see nothing, and knows no one especially in his administration. *yawn*
    Pence & Abbott,  in all their lying glory,  on national TV continued to say that Texas had flattened the curve.  Since I look at the curve everyday, live in Tejas,  and have had multiple statistics courses that involve a CURVE, it nevah happened.  It was always UP the left side of the curve toward the top.  Nothing flat about that.  *yawn*
    They mouthed the word wear a mask with NO fervor nor enthusiasm. *yawn*
    We’re all doomed.

  11. As far as I’m concerned Warren is just another member of the purity police the collection of Bernie people which is the same as a Republican.  She is too old for the position and likely to drive off any members of Trump’s base considering a switch even more than a black or Hispanic woman would.  

  12. One of my un-masked coworkers (who is also a smoker) had a relative die from COVID this weekend (in another state).  Still not wearing a mask in the office.  Standing over others at their desks, talking.  WTF!

  13. In the Special Ops world such things as hired mercenaries doing hits for hire aren’t unusual. Approval at the chief-of-state level, depending on the organization/size of the combatants, might be unusual.
    Depending on the circumstances, revelation of what is happening by the victim state would be very closely held until strategic decisions are formulated. There are special categories of classification above top secret where matters such as these are assigned/discussed.

  14. I’ll be coy with a question mark, but did Trump want so much to be able to brag he ended Afghan war by Election Day that he was fine with our troop deaths rising to increase congressional and public support for withdrawal???

  15. Pogo…  I love the news of Cam Newton being a Patriot!  Should be an interesting year.  Been enjoying listening to sports talk radio today while I’m weaving.  So far…  most fans are happy.

  16. The only way that COVID curve in TX looks flattened is if you lay down and look at it sideways.  It’s a steep curve.  We are running out of ICU beds.  Some counties are looking at overflow facilities, like convention centers.  The tRUMP administration  has abandoned the American people, not that they were ever really there for us. Mass murderer! Traitor! 

  17. Renee,  even as a die hard Bama fan I gotta admit that Cam is a pretty exciting QB to watch.  The man has skills.

  18. BiD, I know two people here who had fellow office workers with Covid.  Aren’t companies demanding workers wear masks at work now? 

  19. Jamie, loved your sign of the times.  a friend found this on facebook (which I do not use) and forwarded it to me

    The FDA just approved a drug that reduces your chance of getting COVID-19 by 5X? Its trade name is called Wearamaskasshole. Side effects include mild inconvenience, being ostracized by your anti-vax pandemic bros, and the power to stop your own asymptomatic transmission as this country stubbornly dives right on into that second wave.


    Check with your doctor, or really anyone, to see if Wearamaskasshole is right for you.

  20. I follow Cullen Roche  on twitter and on his blog. The quoted material is from a post on his blog and I thought it was excellent thought on wearing a mask. The blog post is here

    1) The Mask Controversy. 
    I manage risk for a living. It’s something I obsess about every minute of every day. Understanding risk helps you optimize risk and reward by understanding when things have an asymmetric payoff. We all want to do things that have a high payoff and low amount of risk.
    COVID is obviously a very high risk virus. We don’t know exactly how to stop the transmission of the virus, but it is becoming clear that mask wearing is consistent with reduced rates of transmission. Mask wearing is also a very low cost and low risk act. It is, in the current environment, one of the perfect asymmetric trade-offs. So, there’s your trade of the year – if you want life to return to normal and the economy to recover then do your part and wear a mask when you might expose other people to the virus and ignore all the political bias around this issue. It’s just silliness.

  21. Craig, If paid hits were made without Putin’s specific approval, heads will have already rolled. I think it’s unlikely that he would have approved–there is nothing in such a doing that is in his interest.

  22. Flatus – I agree, with one caveat, it could be the GRU FSB are given some leeway due to Putin being KGB and they are his team.  What may happen, if not already done, is punishment for whoever left the trail back to the GRU. Some things are to be done in the dark.

    Other things, like screwing with me, are done in daylight with flashing lights. The bastards have decided to restart the near around the clock attacks and I can’t even think of what I called Putin to get them all pissy again.

  23. Pat
    Thanks for the Capehart piece. 
    I’m with you on Warren. I still remember when she claimed 2016 Primary was rigged against Bernie. Still, if Biden chooses Warren I’ll suck it up. I like Klobuchar and Harris. Klobuchar is out so Harris I hope is the choice. I’m fine with any choice he makes.

  24. Except that we also passed the info about the bounties to the U.K.
    Poo-tin isn’t clever, he’s evil.
    TT – Not in an office setting.  That’s for businesses interacting with outside customers.  We don’t do that.  Until it’s made mandatory in the company, it’s fend for yourselves.  

  25. BB, cardinal rule is not to leave a trail–not even a false one. Now, who are the bastards that are harassing you? What can we, individually or as a group, do to teach them manners. Is it being done in a municipality? Are they creating a threat to navigation? You’re a fellow vet–they mess with one, they mess with all. Let’s do something about it. Them messing with a woman makes it even worse.

  26. Sure there’s an upside.  Poo-tin puts this in play, but puppet-SFB does nothing.  Word gets out about bounty-killing of U.S. troops, but there being no repercussions.  SFB doesn’t mention it after it was reported to him and his administration in March.  Now, he denies knowledge of it and calls the reports phony.  Still no repercussions by the U.S. for this abomination.   Open season on U.S. troops.  Treason! 

  27. BB – Gale Storm was waiting to go.  She kept looking over the side wondering why you were still standing there talking. 

  28. I love Warren, but I’ll take what I can get for veep.  The Dem bench is deep and we need her smarts, her plans, her communication skills in any capacity we can get.  Veep, Senate, cabinet position.  Warren is the best!

  29. Flatus – there is nothing the Trail Hands can do, I have to put up with the GRU and lately the Chinese. The FBI knows what is happening.  I think the Chinese are seeing the Russians messing with me and they want to know why.  Most of the attacks look like training for the new KGB/FSB/GRU recruits. I am not sure what I called Putin last week, but the little sheep herder with stump trained cows, needs to be happy someone remembers him and his actions in the 80’s.  In a few hours I will get hit with a massive attack by them for sullying their leader.  But it is worth it just to keep them busy. 

  30. Jamie, thanks for randy’s latest.  do you know whether he writes the lyrics as well as perform them?  whoever does, they’re perfect.  

    and kudos too to the choreographer and camera man

  31. A covid story.  A woman I know here called me Friday night.  She’d been to 2 doc in the boxes & was turned away even though she had a fever and chills.   They surpasses their allotted tests for that day so she was sent to an ER.  She was tested and given 2 large shots of steroids. NO directions other than drink water, rest and eat soup.  She has unrelated 2 adult students living in her house.  They didn’t tell her to quarantine herself from them so she had dinner with them on Saturday. She told the hair salon where she had her hair done last week.  They told her not to tell anyone, and they weren’t going to tell anyone. Why?  Because there’s a stigma associated with having it.
    We’re doomed! 
    She says, she wears a mask & has hand cleaner in her car! Then she had another student that she tutors in her house.  Neither she nor the kid wore a mask.  The kid had a cough & needed tissues. Besides that, she was blowing & going all over town the last few weeks. She ate out a few times at restaurants, had her nails done, had her eyelashes done besides her hair.  All at different salons and had visited 2 women in their houses. No masks of course.  
    Friday night she had night sweats & had to change her night gown twice. 
    She should have recognized that she had it. She used to be a nurse. The ER should have given her specific instructions. The salon should do contact notification.  We’re doomed.
    Just think of how many people like her and businesses around the country are doing the same things. I hope ER’s are generally more responsive.
    I have a male friend who’s doing the same things, blowing & going all over town. But he wears a mask he says and has hand cleaner in the car. Denial is more than a river in Egypt.  This crap in addition to the orange bucket of lard and then Pence in Dallas with thousands and a huge choir singing away, shoulder to shoulder, with no masks.  We’re doomed.
    I think who’ll be left is a bunch of ancient folks who have self quarantined because they have common sense!

  32. The sick thing about this covid thing besides it makes ya sick is that unless you never leave home & don’t have anything enter your home, you still can get it…..because….it’s a VIRUS!!!!

  33. TT –  That’s scary.   A few weeks ago, I made an appointment to get my haircut next month.  I’m having second thoughts if folks are not telling anyone if they don’t feel well, let alone if they are asymptotic and won’t wear a mask.    

  34. BiD, it’s about money.  They don’t want to lose clients!
    I also know 2 people who work in different offices where someone was covid positive. One of them got it also.

  35. Oh dear. This is a threat to the trump Moscow hotel and the trump Crimea resort. What could be worse ?

  36. Let’s recap these fast moving reports: Our government has known for well over a year that Russia was paying Afghans to kill our soldiers and nothing was done about it. Even  now that it has become public, still nothing being done about it.

  37. Right, Mr Crawford !
    Lock ALL those traitors up. Airdrop them all onto an undisclosed place in Antarctica, each with a trench tool and a bag of burpee seeds. Without a tax burden, the market will “immediately” supply all their needs. 

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