quo vadis?

New York Times/Siena State Poll

Arizona: Biden 48%, Trump 41%

Florida: Biden 47%, Trump 41%

Michigan: Biden 47%, Trump 36%

North Carolina: Biden 49%, Trump 40%

Pennsylvania: Biden 50%, Trump 40%

Wisconsin: Biden 49%, Trump 38%

Biden 300+ electoral votes to Trump 200.


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  1. NASA:

    NASA, ESA (European Space Agency) and JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) will unveil a dashboard of satellite data showing impacts on the environment and socioeconomic activity caused by the global response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic during a media teleconference at 9 a.m. EDT Thursday, June 25.
    The COVID-19 Earth Observation Dashboard is a tri-agency collaboration that brings together current and historical satellite observations with analytical tools to create a user-friendly information resource for the public and researchers. The dashboard tracks key indicators of changes in air and water quality, climate, economic activity, and agriculture.
    A link to the COVID-19 Earth Observation Dashboard along with supporting graphics for the briefing will become available at approximately 8 a.m. Thursday, June 25 at:
    For more information about NASA’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, visit:

  2. craig, what were they at this time in campaign with Jimmy Carter?


    BTW, most people know what path they want to take with regard to Biden-trump; but with regard to the thread question on climate change or the path necessary to take on the virus, the best paths may be too hard to even contemplate. 

  3. Poobah,  what Alexa doesn’t know Google does. “Where are you marching,“ or in today’s terms, “Where are you going?“

  4. An opinion from twitter:




    #morningjoe Deleting your Facebook account does little. Boycott the ADVERTISERS who pay for the lies and hate. Money is what matters to Zuckerburg. And that comes from ads.

  5. Maybe SFB thinks all of that red on the COVID map means he’s winning.  What other explanation could there be for tRUMP willfully leading Americans to their deaths?

  6. “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
    “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.
    “I don’t much care where–” said Alice.
    “Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the Cat.
    “–so long as I get SOMEWHERE,” Alice added as an explanation.
    “Oh, you’re sure to do that,” said the Cat, “if you only walk long enough.”

  7. more from NYTimes  on that NYT-Siena poll fearless leader noted:

    WASHINGTON — President Trump’s erratic performance in office and his deteriorating standing in the polls is posing a grave threat to his party’s Senate majority, imperiling incumbents in crucial swing states and undermining Republican prospects in one of the few states they had hoped to gain a seat, according to a new poll of registered voters by The New York Times and Siena College.
    Senator Martha McSally of Arizona, a Republican, trails her Democratic opponent, Mark Kelly, by nine percentage points while Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina is behind his Democratic rival, Cal Cunningham, by three. Both incumbents are polling below 40 percent despite having recently aired a barrage of television advertisements.
    In Michigan, which Senate Republicans viewed as one of their few opportunities to go on the offensive this year, Senator Gary Peters, a first-term Democrat, is up by 10 percentage points over John James, who is one of the G.O.P.’s most prized recruits.
    The poll showed that the same voters who are fleeing the president — highly educated white Americans, many of them once-reliable Republicans — are providing an advantage to Democratic Senate candidates.
    Taken together, the three battleground states paint a grim picture for Republicans right now — and suggest that if Mr. Trump does not arrest his fall he could hand Democrats control of both the presidency and the Senate next year.


  8. It is always good to remember:

    “When you listen to the President, these are the musings of an imbecile. An idiot. And I don’t use those words to name call. I use them because they are the precise words of the English language to describe his behavior.” Steve Schmidt

    He is a con man and a liar on top of that.
    Watch what happens as this first wave of COVID-19 explodes due to the lack of national response and unified state response.  It may be that SFB and his cultists are hoping that it destroys the big cities, which seemed to be the early acts of the WH back at the start of this.  All sorts of hell is happening and the scary thing is that the first wave may not end before flu season starts.

  9. bbronc, he also should be labelled a serial involuntary manslaughter-er,  

    an outright murderer by reason of insanity or a homicidal mega-misfeasor 

  10. Jamie
    I deleted my FB acct in 2016. I’ve never looked back. What I saw FB doing during the 2016 election left me cold. Bye-bye.😁

  11. What If I Told You Joe Biden Is Actually Running a Great Campaign? By Jonathan Chait

    Electability was a subject of bitter contention during the Democratic primary. Many progressive critics argued either that electability is inherently unknowable, or that the key electability dynamic was the ability to motivate left-wingers who might otherwise not vote. Instead, Biden’s campaign seems to be vindicating a more conventional theory of the case. He has appealed to progressives by adopting some of the most popular pieces of their program, while steering clear of its controversial aspects. And he is winning in the very conventional way: by stealing voters in the middle who are conflicted.

  12. Methinks the biggest indicator of how badly trump is doing in the polls is how quickly Bill Barr said he’d comply with that subpoena from Congress.  He may be corrupt… but he’s no fool.  Watch how much of his hearing turns into a CYA session.

  13. I realize this sounds weird, but I have almost no ads on FB.  The few that show up are like a single real estate ad for some super deluxe house in NY Long Island, or socks.  Am I lucky or is the Firefox built in ad killer working?

  14. Congrats, Jamie.
    Mr. S, it’s impossible to “boycott the advertisers” on FB, and Zuck would never notice, anyway.

  15. Ooh, finally some chatter about replacing our terrible national anthem.  “God Bless America” is such a better song.

  16. Or, ‘That way’
    Mr Pogo, I agree, and I made a mistake about MI. It’s MN and WI that look quite safe for Biden – with the usual dead woman, live boy caveat. rush stand -in jason lewis, my former congressnake, is running to oust Sen Tina Smith, and she is ahead by double digits. 

  17. The ‘pro-life’ fund raising orgs must be having a tough time convincing people that repubco is a life-saving organization. 

  18. Agreed, “God Bless America” is a prettier song than the national anthem.  Easier to sing, too.
    A cat followed me from my apartment to my garage about 6:30 this morning.  Then it lunged for a squirrel going up a tree.  It was a bobcat.  I didn’t realize how big it was until it was stretched across that tree.  It was not afraid of me at all.  

  19. Jamie…  love you…  but  good….  less political stuff I have to scroll by on Facebook.  I’m not there to do politics…  that’s why I’m here.
    Craig… well… that’s interesting about Barr.  We shall see what we shall see.

    bId…. never heard of bobcats attacking humans…. but that would have made me very nervous!

  20. This clown would change the national anthem to “My Way”.
     By Wayne Newton.

  21. When Barr was a teenager he was known as Bully Barr  he apparently has brothers who are as big an asshole as he is

  22. I deleted my family face book account years ago. Too many of their anti Obama posts could only be explained by one thing and I decided it was better to just step back before I said something.  Something about on line, they are much better people in person.  But I’m not seeing any of them this year, Covid-19 canceled the annual reunion. 
    As to the one where I followed a bunch of trailmixers and other folks who know me as Jack. I go there once in a while but the daily grind of politics with out the fun has made it so I go less and less. Probably been a couple of months.

  23. I think Biden is doing really well staying in his basement and he should not be lured out where he can make mistakes

  24. like Nixon walking the WH talking to the portraits,  the current late nights there are  filled with “the Donald” stalking the halls tweeting threats of fantasy while barr in tow belts out a bagpipe blowjob.  they both are big on their Scottish roots.  I try not to envision them attired in kilts –  too ugly even to contemplate.

  25. The Star Spangled Banner, our National  Anthem, is concert band music with a vocal soloist when appropriate. It works well on a parade field, at a sporting event or other relatively formal setting. God Bless America strikes me as being suitable when less pomp and more warmth is desired. Both have roles in our lives as Americans. Bottom line, before which would a 21-gun salute sound ‘right’.

  26. There’s a large wildlife preserve adjacent to our housing area. That explains the large cat that I saw slinking around. But, what really caused me grave concern was the roar of a bear on several school mornings. Fortunately it was pre-dawn. I decided the best thing to do was mind my own business counting on the noise of the waking community to cause the bear’s withdrawal. No shots fired; no sirens heard.

  27. Joe Biden just gave a speech about the ACA and pandemic. CNN didn’t cover it live. CNN did air a 3-hr primetime special Sat night for Trump’s rally. Reminds me of 2016. 😒 

  28. Having heard both the Star Spangled Banner and O, Canada played one after the other for many years when I worked as a beer vendor at Royals stadium. I must say that I prefer the more rousing version, the Star Spangled Banner. O Canada will put you to sleep. Much the same can be said for God Bless America. That and we bring God into our public sphere too much anyway. So lets send God back to the Christian/ Jewish/ Moslem house of worship where he belongs.
    Now if we were talking about America the Beautiful. 

  29. everyone in this administration qualifies for the epithet “Bully Boy”.   That’s how they got where they are.  They’re proud of it.  

  30. Ahh, just stick with the banner tune and quit singing it.  There’s no telling what republicans would want if they got their slimy little fingers into it..

    And I don’t particularly care for any of that “god bless” crap-ola so nix that one right in the Budweiser.

  31. One stanza of the national anthem mentions slaves, so that’s why some oppose it.   

  32. https://www.awesemo.com/sideaction/babe-ruth-war-shortened-1918-baseball-season-pandemic-spanish-flu-gambling-scandal/
    Baseball and the Spanish flu.    The extra MLB rules for COVID, like no spitting or sunflower seeds, seem pointless considering what we’re up against.   I miss baseball, too, but this won’t end well for players, the limited number of fans, or, those with whom they have contact.  
    Maybe they could just air old, World Series on Saturday afternoons.   

  33. Easy for me to say but maybe they should just quit playing stupid games for awhile.

  34. Yeah, those people who worry about the word, slave  jumped the shark a while back when Hickenloper had to apologize for  comparing  his life under his scheduler to a Roman galley slave. 
    Nobody sings the second verse anyway.

  35. Speaking of Roman slaves… I agree with Sturg..  no more stupid games.  Let’s bring back manly games like gladiatorial ones.  I’d love to see Bill Barr pitted against a lion or tiger.  Or how about Roger Stone against a rhino.

  36. I just love it. A Trump meltdown rage tweet fest is coming! I’m sure polls will tighten but i’m really enjoying this for the moment.

  37. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/25/politics/stimulus-check-payment-second-round/index.html
    OK, “the rich” didn’t cut back on spending their stimulus checks.  First of all, some made too much to get a check.  The percentage of Americans who aren’t living close to the edge is very small.  While those labeled “rich” in this argument  aren’t poor and didn’t have to spend stimulus money on rent, utilities and food, they held it back because they could see a rainy day coming.   Meanwhile, the DC bubble-folk who hold the nation’s purse strings have absolutely no idea what it’s like to live in the real America.   

  38. the hill on the above:

    The ad quotes former presidents of both parties, including Presidents Reagan, Clinton, George W. Bush and Obama. The ad juxtaposes the other presidents, who the ad says rose in “moments of crisis to hear our pain and lead us forward,” with Trump’s comments and actions in response to recent nationwide protests over police brutality. 
    The ad will run in Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan — four states Trump narrowly carried in 2016 and Democrats are pushing to flip for Biden in November. 
    This is the second pro-Biden ad the group has released, following one titled “Ready” that was released in April. The Lincoln Project has also launched numerous ads attacking Trump, including over his response to the coronavirus pandemic. 

  39. BiD, I love woody guthries “this Land…” but America the Beautiful has flexibility to meet all situations.  as flatus  pointed out, we need at times something more stately and solemn.  

  40. but if we don’t get out the vote, the next anthem will probably be “Trump Trump Trump the boys are marching”

  41. patd, at least!  “bbronc, he also should be labelled a serial involuntary manslaughter-er,  
    an outright murderer by reason of insanity or a homicidal mega-misfeasor ”
    Rachel Maddow said something like, the US is now a dystopia country.  Sure feel like it.
    Tejas, as usual, is a cluster fuck. 

  42. I’m fine with the Star-Spangled Banner. I’m among the 90% of people who can’t sing who complain that the Star-Spangled Banner is an unsingable song. For us 90% they all are. I’d also be fine with America the Beautiful – can’t sing it either – but leave God outta it. 

  43. The thing about the Star Spangled  Banner is it takes a great set of pipes to pull it off.  Back In high school I had the range and the baritone voice to do it. But now not so much. The reason a lot of pop singers can’t pull it off is that they have been coasting for years. It becomes painfully obvious as they try to sing our national anthem.

  44. There are a number of reasons to  make America the Beautiful our national anthem but this rendition by Beonce for the Obama inauguration says it all. It may be better than Ray Charles.

  45. BiD, there goes the Senate. LOL, it may even elect Trump again. Democrats are so fucking good at screwing themselves.
    After this election is over I want a 3rd party

  46. Here is probably the best reason to kick Trump to the curb. We don’t do this any more. Before Republicans and Demcrats celebrated the arts. Jeez.
    This is great stuff from the queen of soul, enjoy.


  47. Why did the orange bucket of lard give money to DEAD people?  He sent $1.4 billion to dead people!!!
    Wasn’t he bitching about dead people voting by mail??? Hummm…

  48. I deleted my previous post  as you tube was listening and they gave me  Willie without the  Clint Eastwood introduction
    The interesting thing about America the beautiful is we can all sing it and  sound mostly Ok. 

  49. I heard on the rahdio that SFB sent stimulus checks to a million dead people and or inmates. Does he think that Sent to you “compliments of DJT” shit will result in votes from the dead and incarcerated?  Just sayin’

  50. …2-octave range in high school, Jack?  Nice👍.
    i have a 3 octave range, now, but whoo-boy, that last octave…

    (jk, i’m down to, like, 3/4 of an octave)

  51. Here, let me practice for you:
    Whoa-oh say… cough cough… hold on
    Whoa-oh… hack…wait
    Whoa-oh say can you seeeee…wait, i can hit this note, hold on
    Whoa-oh say can you Seeeee…
    Like i said, a terrible song.

  52. Atheists for “God Bless America”, because i want to meet you half way.
    …from the mountains, to the prairies, to the OH-ceans…
    (those notes i can hit ALL DAY)

  53. Ok, i hope this was a fun diversion from complete societal collapse.
    Pleasant dreams!😭💔🇷🇺

  54. On tv this evening, James Carville said that Biden is running a good campaign. He also said that trump is more likely to drop out of the race than win it. Carville to the cassandras in the Democratic Party :
    We’re going to win. Get over it. 
    It’s the first time I’ve been in complete agreement with the man. What’s wrong with us ?

  55. Mr Bink,
    1. You may be thinking of the soviet anthem. It lies on the earbones the way a pound of greasy hash browns sits on the gut bone. 
    2. Imitation is the purist form of admiration and lack of imagination. 
    3. Bands of angels sing thee to thy overnight rest.

  56. Re Mr Jack’s of 10:37 pm 
    Art bores trump. That’s where he and nero differ. That and the fact that by the time Nero was trump’s age he’d been dead 44 years.

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