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  1. abcnews:

    Anti-racism protesters tried to pull down a monument of Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States, in a park near the White House on Monday night before police intervened.
    Scores of protesters broke through a fence surrounding the 168-year-old bronze equestrian statue at the center of Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C. They climbed atop the sculpture and tied ropes around both Jackson and his horse before attempting to pull the statue from its base, which had been spray-painted with the word “killer.”
    Baton-wielding police moved in and forcibly removed protesters from the park, at times firing chemical irritants to disperse the crowds. Some people were seen being taken away in handcuffs

  2. could be WH just wanted to protect the press from harm while the anti-andy Jackson crowd was being pepper sprayed.  could be also that pigs have taken flight.

  3. craig, don’t they usually just turn on the water sprinklers or mow the grass with noisy machinery to disperse press on grounds?   fumigating the press rooms might be their next step.

  4. FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver Says Trump Has a Chance Despite Huge Current Poll Deficit: He Can ‘Absolutely Win’

    “For the time being, no I don’t buy that we’re going to have the same map as we did in 2016,” Silver said. “Instead, Trump is a fighting a two-front war with problems in the midwest on one hand and Arizona and Florida on the other hand.”
    “I want to be really clear, Trump can absolutely win re-election,” Silver added. “But he definitely has his work cut out for him.”

  5. Revealed: millions of Americans can’t afford water as bills rise 80% in a decade

    America’s growing water affordability crisis comes as the Covid-19 pandemic underlines the importance of access to clean water. The research shows that rising bills are not just hurting the poorest but also, increasingly, working Americans.
    “More people are in trouble, and the poorest of the poor are in big trouble,” said Roger Colton, a leading utilities analyst, who was commissioned by the Guardian to analyse water poverty. “The data shows that we’ve got an affordability problem in an overwhelming number of cities nationwide that didn’t exist a decade ago, or even two or three years ago in some cities.”
    Water bills exceeding 4% of household income are considered unaffordable

  6. politico:

    Bernie Sanders has raised more than $750,000 for congressional and local candidates in Tuesday’s primaries, his aides told POLITICO.
    The fact that Sanders invested a significant amount of money and time into these candidates will give him the opportunity to claim a win if they succeed. At the same time, any losses by Tuesday’s high-profile contenders will be another letdown for Sanders and the left in a year that has given them plenty.
    Sanders activated his grassroots volunteers to try to help progressive candidates on Tuesday as well, recruiting 3,500 people to help get out the vote for them over the weekend, according to his staff.
    His aides said there are still more than 60,000 volunteers on Slack channels maintained by his campaign during the primary. He recently decided to give access to the channels to the candidates he has endorsed, as well as progressive organizations that backed him, so they have the opportunity to recruit his volunteers.

  7. Now that they are removing a statue of Teddy Roosevelt (albeit, not of just Teddy) in NYC and they went after Andrew Jackson in DC, and, other pieces of art have been removed from the Capitol building, I fear this will play right into tRUMP’s hand.  Of course there is good reason to want them removed, but now they are not just Confederate monuments.  
    The polling numbers won’t show it, but this will win back some who were turned off by him having Americans gassed so he could stand there with a Bible or making overt, racist comments  or even lying about COVID.  Those monuments can be removed when Biden is in office.   Stop handing tRUMP a win, please.

  8. Great site, Jack…. nice pieces 
    Funny thing, back when I was a moo-jician, I loved working with wood.   Now that I’ve fashioned cabinets for the last 30 years, I don’t love it so much.  It’s all just sawdust, messy glue, and noxious vapors from the finishing.  There’s satisfaction after the close of a project, but nothing which comes close to “ love”.   I’m hoping that after escaping from this racket I will pick up a bit of the old enjoyance. 

  9. From my Twitter feed from Hunter Walker Whitehouse correspondent for Yahoo News.

    A Secret Service spokesperson just told me they are “looking into allegations that some members of the media were asked to vacate the White House complex Monday evening during demonstration activity.”

    Then an update:

    And now a Secret Service spokesperson sent me an updated statement saying, “four members of the media were misdirected by the Secret Service to leave the White House grounds” during protests on Monday night

    LOL, what a confused clusterfuck. These folks can’t even manage the basics. One has to assume nobody is in charge. 

  10. Sturge
    I understand.
    My nephew, the fancy New York city restaurant  Chef is much the same fix. He loved the creativity of cooking but once you make it a way to earn a living it is just another production line. Might as well be working on the factory floor. So he is making a career shift. 

  11. I told me dottir that if I should someday drop dead with the sander still running while sanding a big box, the first moron who says, “At least he died doing what he loved” I want you to punch em smack on the nose.  lol

    Never even had a passing interest in making a guitar….Fender and Gibson were just too good at it.

  12. Jack, if he does something in the city or the Catskills lemme know and I’ll tell the kids.   

  13. Tony

    In 1950 global population was 2.5 billion people

    In 2020 global population is 7.8 billion people

    They all have this nasty habit of wanting a drink of water


  14. Jamie
    It is not a water problem it is a delivery and return problem. 
    Retrofitting 19th century sewage /water system for 21st century environmental standards is expensive. Those antiquated systems are almost all located in areas where poor people live.  Often boxed in by wealthier suburbs who aren’t going to share the expense. So what we end up with is older Cities are forced to enter into consent decrees with the EPA and the only way to pay for the improvements mandated by those decrees is to raise the fees charged for water and sewage. In this city the annual cost for water is now equal to the cost of  electricity or gas.  Twenty years ago we were billed bimonthly and a $50 water bill meant you were using a lot of water. Now we are billed monthly and my vacant house next door with the water turned off is billed over $40 dollars just as a hookup service fee.
    So yes poor people are getting hit hard but it is not because we are running out of water. 

  15. sturge, spot on about Kris. real poet. very sensual like this from “for the good times”

    Lay your head upon my pillow hold your warm and tender body close to mine
    Hear the whisper of the raindrops blowing soft against the window
    And make believe you love me one more time for the good times


    and the phrase you mentioned from “help me make it through the night”

    Take the ribbon from your hair
    Shake it loose and let it fall
    Layin’ soft upon my skin
    Like the shadows on the wall

  16. Sawdust generation and pandemic protocol are not very compatible😭
    i admire your fortitude, Mr. S.💪❤️🇺🇸

  17. Kris went thru the Air Force, became a captain, mostly to please his dad, I think, and then followed his dream of being another Hank Sr by dropping it all and moving to Nashville, sweeping up at a studio till he could sell a song…..

  18. Passing on our traditional viewing of 1776 in favor of subscribing to Disney Plus for at least a month just to watch HAMILTON


  19. I have to laugh anymore at that Hank jr song. Especially with all the “badass” boogaloo boys. Ya know I knew a few crazy types back down in the country and more than a few wannabees who would sing along to that song.  But I never saw the level of craziness that I’ve seen here on the east side. Black , white , Hispanic, there is a level of plane crazy badass that  very few country boys could tackle.  Hey, they shoot each other for fun around here. So if those Boogaloo boys want to start a race war they may wish they had stayed at home, drank beer and sang along with hank jr on the juke box.
    Just sayin’

  20. Bink

    Yes.  It is being broadcast on July 3.


    Disney bought distribution rights to “Hamilton” earlier this year, but hadn’t planned to release it in theaters until October 2021. Now “Hamilton” becomes the latest movie pushed to the service amid the nationwide stay-at-home orders that have driven millions of subscribers to Disney .

  21. Thanks for the heads-up!  i’m going to try and repost a tweet, here, because it is uplifting, and if it doesn’t work, oh well.  Have a good day, all.

  22. Sturg, in the Central Highlands of Vietnam when I first arrived in ’65 there were magnificent hardwood forests. The French, of course, cultivated rubber forests as their cash crop. Mahogany is what is there now. The climate is perfect for whatever they choose to sow and what outsiders allow to grow to maturity.

  23. SFB is opposed to taking down the confederate statues — he doesn’t see a problem because apparently he went to a hs with a statue of Goebbels.

  24. Reporters Ordered To Leave White House
    The continuing attempt at dictatorial shit.  The orange bucket of lard continues to violate his oath to uphold the constitution,  There is freedom of the press.  Freedom of speech.

  25. Arable land is shrinking.  Animal habitat being destroyed.  Glaciers melting.  Man depositing filth that is destroying species.

    Just because we can recycle doesn’t mean that it is the solution to all of the above.


  26. In California monuments to racist people are being removed.  It is not just actions of the confederacy.   Father Juniperserra. Enslaver and murderer of Indians.  Eugenics used to be a thing.  Not a good thing. Popular in California though.  School in Palo Alto named after a popular educator who supported eugenics  not named after him any more.

  27. Haha I’ve always had to make allowances for the singing part……

    You know….like ya do for Dylan, Cash, Bachrach, Randy Newman, and all them that don’t exactly sing just right.

  28. Here’s the comment of a heartless repube, Gov. Abbott.  NO concern for people but for greed.
    “I know that some people feel that wearing a mask is inconvenient or is like an infringement of freedom, but I also know that wearing a mask will help us to keep Texas open,” Abbott said.

  29. The GOP’s impossible choice on Trump’s coronavirus testing comments: He’s dangerous, or he’s lying”
    How ?  How can this go on?  Why is he still living?  

  30. Sturg, hear dat on th’ songwriters who don’t really have the best singing voices in the room.  
    So on the day Fauci and Redfield are testifying to congress Dumbass said he wasn’t kidding when he said he told “his people” to slow down on the testing.  Fauci said he hasn’t told the C-19 task force that.  In fact, according to WaPo,

    “All four health officials testifying before the House committee on Tuesday said they had never been instructed to slow down testing for the coronavirus.

    “When asked by Rep. Greg Walden (Ore.), the committee’s top Republican, whether Trump had ever instructed any of them to slow down testing — as Trump claimed during his rally in Tulsa on Saturday — Fauci, Hahn, Redfield and Giroir all said no.”

    What an utter idiot – some people won’t follow when you lead with lies.

  31. Fauci et al. aren’t donnie’s people- Kushner, Parscale, Ivanka, Miller and the rest of the evil idiots are “his people”.

    That is to say: if trump claims that he endangered hundreds of millions of American lives by instructing his lieutenants to “slow down testing” for political purposes, i believe him!

    It’s the most believable thing i’ve ever heard him say.

  32. I only report what I’ve read.  The “his people” reference should include the testing czar Brett Giroir, who denied being told to slow down testing, since it’s about testing and all.

  33. The church now says it misspoke about the COVID-fighting power of its contraption and those attending had to agree to the waiver, so they can’t sue SFB’s campaign if they get sick.  They expected 3,000 but I haven’t seen actual numbers.  Still, it must’ve looked better in tRUMP’s squinty, reverse-raccoon eyes since it’s a smaller venue.
    (Should the church lose its tax-exempt status for holding a political rally?)
    Still suits, like in the book, Dune. I was joking. 

  34. The McCain’s ought to be able to help deliver Arizona to Joe, oughtn’t they?   

  35. Obama at Biden fundraiser: "I am here to say help is on the way"
    Obama on Republicans: “All this talk about deficits and debts apparently only applies when Democrats are president.”
    OMG, he parroted me, I’ve been saying that since the Clinton Administration.😆 

  36. https://reasonstobecheerful.world/we-know-how-to-fix-the-police/Well, some of this sounds good, but some of the stats are confusing.  Police  are less likely to be killed in the line of duty if there are more restrictions on how much force they can use.  (I suppose that runs along the same line as gun owners being more likely to be killed by a gun, too.)   A higher level of altercation is more likely to result in the death of officers as well as suspects.  
    However, I’m not sure how cracking down on minor things, like vandalism (which isn’t minor if you’re the victim), increases criminal activity. 

  37. E.U. May Bar American Travelers as It Reopens Borders, Citing Failures on Virus

    BRUSSELS — European Union countries rushing to revive their economies and reopen their borders after months of coronavirus restrictions are prepared to block Americans from entering because the United States has failed to control the scourge, according to draft lists of acceptable travelers reviewed by The New York Times.

  38. Does anyone want to fly anywhere?  Does anyone have a vacation fund left?   The US has failed with regard to the virus, but traveling isn’t a smart idea for anyone, anywhere, at this point in time.  2022!!!

  39. I hain’t been inna are-plane since 77 when I flew into Newark to become a tree cutter on Staten Island. 

  40. pogo, the folks who really oversee the largest amount of testing are the governors.  remember the Rump passed the buck to them for that and for lockdown responsibilities.  so he wasn’t kidding, he was hinting to or outright instructing that group (particularly the gov’s in red states who are more likely to listen to his every utterance) to ease back on testing.

  41. https://www.thedailybeast.com/dr-birx-contradicts-trump-privately-tells-govs-to-increase-covid-testing?ref=home

    Dr. Deborah Birx, the coordinator of President Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force, told the nation’s governors in a call Monday that it was vital that they ramp up testing to find asymptomatic individuals to prevent further community spread. 
    Her remarks stood in stark contrast to those by the president at his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma over the weekend—and the days since—in which he said he had asked his team to slow-walk testing initiatives so as not to inflate the country’s official case count. 
    “Hopefully I have left you with the impression that increased testing is good,” Birx said on the call, a recording of which was obtained by The Daily Beast. “We would like to even see it even more. Identifying cases early including your asymptomatic [ones] will really help us protect the elderly and the additional people with comorbidities.” 
    In her weekly call with governors, Birx said her team had collected data that suggests an uptick in cases in people between the ages of 18 and 35, and that state officials should continue to test that population to better contain the virus and to ensure hospitalizations and deaths do not spike. For good measure, she asked governors to enhance testing of workers in nursing homes and of individuals in Hispanic communities, saying it would be helpful to enlist bilingual testers for the latter.
    The call with governors comes just two days after President Trump told rally-goers that he asked his team to “slow the testing down” to keep the U.S. case count artificially lower.


  42. “ ‘Hopefully I have left you with the impression that increased testing is good,’ Birx said”

    …what a terrible nightmare we’re in when that statement isn’t obvious and needs to be expressed outright (and she’s not even sure it’s understood, hence “hopefully”).
    Not One More Minute.

  43. Dr. Birx needs to SOS with those semafore scarves?    Really, though, any governor who doesn’t understand the importance of testing and contact tracing (or who is still beholden to that loser tRUMP) shouldn’t be in power.  

  44. I watched the orange bucket of lard’s event in AZ.  He had some college kids talk.  They kept saying “in my whole life”.  LMFAO yeah, they’re what 18 or 19? The whole event boiled down to bashing “radical liberals” and his telling the crowd, sans masks, what they wanted to hear. Another super reader event.  I wonder how much illness and how many deaths he’s responsible for? Mass murderer as someone posited here.

  45. contemporary martini-bar music:

    (…turn down the lights, pour yourself a drink, and pretend you spent $17 for it. i just saved you $16😎❤️🇺🇸)

  46. Sturg,  hard to worry about the greats, even if they’re dead – in fact ESPECIALLY if they’re dead. 

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