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  1. Brillianté!!!  The great news is that SFB’s rally produced only 1/3 as many super spreaders as the BOK center had capacity to hold. 

  2. also about the rally from oliver last night, the daily beast reports:

    On Sunday night, John Oliver took a break from his ongoing flame war with “racist” Fox News host Tucker Carlson to roast President Trump over the embarrassingly low attendance at his rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on Saturday night.
    Prior to the event, White House officials—along with Trump—boasted repeatedly that over a million people had registered for the ego-stroking endeavor, and that the crowd would be so large that they needed to construct an overflow area outside the Bank of Oklahoma Center arena to house all of the accused serial sexual abuser’s adoring fans.  And yet, according to the Tulsa Fire Department, only 6,200 people attended Trump’s rally, accounting for less than one-third of the venue’s 19,000 capacity.
    “There’s absolutely no one in the room with me right now, although interestingly, that’s still somehow only slightly fewer people than were at President Trump’s Oklahoma rally last night, which was half-empty despite his campaign claiming that a million people had requested tickets—and even building an outdoor stage so he would be able to do a second speech to the thousands that couldn’t get in. That speech turned out to be very much unnecessary,” joked Oliver.
    “So few people turned up, in fact, that even Pink was tweeting, ‘I think I sold that place out in five minutes. #donkeyshow,’” explained Oliver, referring to the pop star. “And it’s never a great sign when, as president, you’re getting dunked on by Pink.”

  3. Watching a bit (<5 min) of SFB’s “rally” and catching clips of it on MSNBC & CNN I was left with the distinct impression that SFB got to experience the sound of the  proverbial one hand clapping. The Lincoln Group ad about it makes me smile. …smaller than we expected – and it sure wasn't as big as you promised….  Beautiful. Word is Parscale was seen sitting alone in the BOK center. Well, actually he wasn’t alone – plenty of people were sitting alone there – at least in the balcony level. They’ll bus them in from surrounding states at the next one. 

  4. One thing I really find telling is that the SFB campaign couldn’t come up with a campaign slogan so they did a rinse and repeat with MAGA. In my humble opinion, Ruth Marcus hit the nail on the head. Trumps problem in Tulsa was not that he didn’t have supporters in the arena, his problem was he didn’t have a message to deliver.

  5. The message was about confederate statues, dangerous ramps, one-handed water drinking, and where’d all the people go?  

  6. Trump Claims Without Evidence Mail-In Ballots Will Be Printed By Foreign Countries

    President Donald Trump’s war on voting by mail took another turn on Monday morning in the form of a new baseless conspiracy theory.



  7. This morning he is shouting complete ignorance at the top of his lungs.  This coming weekend heading for Arizona with its newly exploding increase in virus victims.  

  8. Wow!…  why didn’t I think of that.  Maybe I’ll be able to grow a few inches if I don’t let the doctor measure my height.  Oh Boy…  5 ft…  here I come!

  9. Happy birthday to Chris. I identified with Sunday Mornin’ back in the day, and what can or needs to be said about Bobby McGee?  

  10. At 8pm on the night of the election, the titanic presidency will sink quickly into the frigid Potomac River.
    Nevertheless, work like crazy to make it happen !

  11. I would like to know why no one bothered to grab that stupid red hat out of his hand before he departed the chopper.  This is not the first time either.  Looks and smells like a loser.

  12. saw on the news that WH press corps and other visitors are not being temperature tested anymore before entering. considering the new campaign trips planned for areas seeing pandemic increase, is it possible that he’s purposely trying to get the virus? if so, maybe he’s harboring delusions that he’ll not die but be sick enough to sit out the rest of the term in isolated luxury at golf course and either garner enough sympathy votes to win or have a great excuse for losing.

    that or he’s really gone over the edge thinking he’s invincible.

  13. Listening to TrumpTV, even they are acknowledging 6,200 only @ Tulsa, And their guests are saying the fire marshall is wrong about that!  LOL…Different day same BS. 

  14. did Bolton just get pence fired for saying he was his “ally”?

    from Milwaukee journal sentinel:

    WASHINGTON – Former National Security Adviser John Bolton mercilessly criticizes President Donald Trump in his new book but writes that he had a White House ally in the vice president.
    From China and Russia to Syria and Venezuela, Bolton and Vice President Mike Pence wanted to take hard lines against oppressive regimes while Trump sought to cut deals and appease totalitarian leaders, Bolton says in his memoir scheduled for release Tuesday.
    “As Vice President, Pence maintained the strong views on national security that he’d had during his years in the House of Representatives, and I regarded him as a consistent ally,” Bolton wrote in “The Room Where it Happened: A White House Memoir.”
    Bolton argued for keeping Pence on the 2020 ticket when Trump asked if he should replace him with Nikki Haley, the former United Nations ambassador.

  15. a few days ago, foxnews had this re pence:


    Replacing Pence with Nikki Haley

    En route to al-Asad Air Base in Iraq on a secretive flight in late 2018, Bolton writes, Trump “raised the widespread political rumor he would dump [Vice President Mike] Pence from the ticket in 2020 and run instead with [then-U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki] Haley, asking what I thought.”
    Conventional wisdom at the gossip-prone White House, Bolton asserts in the book, was that “Ivanka [Trump] and [Jared] Kushner favored this approach, which tied in with Haley’s leaving her position as UN Ambassador in December 2018, thus allowing her to do some politicking around the country before being named to the ticket in 2020.”
    The alleged calculus was that Haley could boost Trump among disaffected women voters, at the possible cost of losing evangelicals partial to Pence.
    “I explained it was a bad idea to jettison someone loyal,” Bolton writes.
    In a separate episode, Bolton says, Trump offered a head-turning anecdote involving then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.
    While waiting in the Oval Office for a call from France’s president, Bolton claims, “Trump railed away about Tillerson and how much he disliked him, recalling a dinner with Tillerson and Haley. Haley, said Trump, had some disagreement with Tillerson, who responded, ‘Don’t ever talk to me that way again.’ Before Haley could say anything, Tillerson said, ‘You’re nothing but a c–t, and don’t ever forget it.'”
    Bolton, however, writes that he suspected Trump wasn’t telling the truth.
    “In most Administrations, that would have gotten Tillerson fired, so I wondered if he ever actually said it,” Bolton says. “And if he hadn’t, why did Trump tell me he had?”

  16. more likely, given the Rump’s way of doing things, he’ll fire pence saying he put him in charge of pandemic task force and pence didn’t do a good job. he didn’t end it.

  17. But Ms Pat, that would be an admission that the greatest Administration since before the Big Bang, didn’t do the great job that trump has repeatedy claimed !  It’s in the memory hole now ? ??
    Double plus ungood doublespeak, that. 

  18. When you’re hackin’ around in joints 6 nights a week playing music, you really appreciate when one of those goomers comes out with a nice tune that doesn’t suck, so you don’t terribly mind  doing it a few thousand times.  Kris had a giant one with the ribbons from your hair song, and then another with Bobbie McGee, so he done pretty ok in that department.

  19. Trump trying to get $250-million tax credit for donating the (autographed) red-cap from last night to the Smithsonian.

  20. I don’t wanna say that the turnout for walk was poor today, but for a few minutes, I thought I was at a Trump rally.

  21. If Pence was Bolton’s ally, then they both wanted an apocalyptic war, although for different reasons.
    SFB’s ego is too big to admit it was K-pop tik-tokkers who done him on Saturday night.  Well, since there was no overflow crowd, that wasn’t the only reason.  His brand is irreparably tarnished.  
    tRUMP heads to Dream Church next, to try to suck up to racists pretending to be Christians.   

  22. i’ve been putting denatured (methylated) alcohol on my hands for years.  Probably not smart, but as you’ll observe, i’m not dead.

  23. The curtain has been pulled back, but i concur with Michael Moore in spirit if not in argument: complacency kills.

  24. Dream Church is an Assemblies of God megachurch.  (Betcha he makes an “I have a dream” comment, but it will have nothing to do with MLK.)  Mega, as in a larger crowd than Saturday night, perhaps.   (Hey, now the phrase “three is a crowd” makes sense. Ha!)
    They believe in divine healing, but they are also hawking some contraption they claim kills the cofeve.   Attendees will be in luck when listening to tRUMP, as they also believe in speaking tongues.    

  25. “complacency kills.”
    Yes, I agree. I certainly hope after this four-year shit show it won’t happen this time around. I feel heartened by the 2018 midterms. Hopefully, if history holds up, turn out will be even better in a Presidential election year. 🤞

  26. Attendees will be in luck when listening to tRUMP, as they also believe in speaking tongues. -BiD
    Does talking nonsense qualify as speaking in tongues ?  
    Speaking, as it were, of tongues, I had a marvelous beef tongue dinner last week on the deck at Moscow On The Hill. As we were lounging with drinks afterward, an Armenian accordian player serenaded us with russian and quasi-russian tunes. 

  27. Yep, Pogo he has a few diehard rednecks. Sadly Republicans only have to throw a few bones their way. Culture wars.

  28. The new Dallas county mask law doesn’t apply in an office setting where social distancing is possible (but doesn’t always happen).  

  29. xrep – Between the lies, incoherent sentences and slurring (and not just racial slurs), tRUMP-speak qualifies as speaking in tongues. 

  30. Rachel Maddow a hair away from being unwatchable.  Terrible interview with Rep Nadler.

  31. Tony
    Weird Map,
    If it is a map of independents it certainly doesn’t agree with the 2 latest 538 polls here in Missouri. They both  have Biden easily winning the independent vote. One of those polls is by the Jeff Roe group, a bunch of below the belt Republican operatives. 
    Trump is going to win Missouri but they will have plenty of company in the bright red group.

  32. There’s a British cartoonist who always portrays boris with a forked tongue, and has done so for years.

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