Sunday Serendipity, of fathers and sons.

Yeah, sometimes it gets complicated.

Especially when your name is Bach and your father is Johann Sebastian Bach.

Last month I was listening to NPR and a piece about the music of CPE Bach, JS Bach’s second eldest son. I came home and bookmarked the article to save it for a later time. And what better than Fathers day.

The link to the Article quoted below

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach was born in 1714, educated by his dad, then spent nearly 30 years in Berlin as the harpsichordist to Frederick the Great before decamping to Hamburg to become the city’s director of church music. As a composer, Bach charted his own startling, original path and was a principal proponent of a trend called Empfindsamer Stil, or loosely translated, “sensitive style.” In Versuch über die wahre Art das Klavier zu spielen, his 1753 treatise on how to play the keyboard, Bach emphasizes music’s ability to touch the heart and trigger emotions, saying that musicians should play “aus der Seele,” from the soul.

In his music, Bach zigs and zags, suddenly slams on the breaks, punches the gas or, in the Allegretto from the E minor concerto from 1748, dares to interrupt the piano with stentorian outbursts of strings.

Bach’s restless and quirky game plan is perhaps a rebellion against his father, whom he considered old-fashioned. C.P.E. is often thought of as a bridge from the baroque era to the new age of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven. But I think he also foreshadows the freewheeling romantics.

The article recommends several selections and over the last month I have listened to several other selections and found Emanuel Bach’s music very enjoyable and often very different from either his fathers or those like Mozart who followed. Some of the shifts in tempo and volume are more reminiscent of the early 20th century than the mid 18th century.

Enjoy, Jack


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  1. jack, same concept might be said about different styles seen in political fathers and sons, e.g. the adams & the bushes


  2. Jack, nice piece and great story.
    Patd, … and if you’re the praying type, pray that the SFB family won’t be the third in the father-spawn tradition of the Adamses and Bushes. 

  3. Well, papers in tRump country might call it a large gathering, but here’s what the NYT said in its coverage:

    Trump Rally Fizzles as Attendance Falls Short of Campaign’s Expectations

    President Trump’s attempt to revive his re-election bid sputtered badly as he traveled to Tulsa for his first mass rally in months but found a small crowd and delivered a disjointed speech.

    TULSA, Okla. — President Trump’s attempt to revive his re-election campaign sputtered badly on Saturday night as he traveled to Tulsa for his first mass rally in months and found a far smaller crowd than his aides had promised him, then delivered a disjointed speech that did not address the multiple crises facing the nation or scandals battering him in Washington.

    The weakness of Mr. Trump’s drawing power and political skills, in a state that voted for him overwhelmingly and in a format that he favors, raised new questions about his electoral prospects for a second term at a time when his poll numbers were already falling. And rather than speak to the wide cross-section of Americans who say they are concerned about police violence and systemic racism, he continued to use racist language, describing the coronavirus as “Kung Flu.”

    While the president’s campaign had claimed that more than a million people had sought tickets for the rally, the 19,000-seat BOK Center was at least one-third empty during the rally. A second, outdoor venue was so sparsely attended that he and Vice President Mike Pence both canceled appearances there.

    A bit more to the point. Now a different kind of counting will begin – the infection rate for the MAgats who attended.

  4. Well yesterday was weird after all…..but it was a good weird.

    The kids shook his windows and rattled his walls.

  5. How may of them thought they were listening to the ramblings of a demented megalomaniac? 

  6. It’s not just Junior we need to worry about, it’s Ivanker and JarJar who are looking to the WH, if there is  any country left to destroy after Orange Julius is removed from office.   All of the dirt needs to come out in the entire, dirty family.   Drag their name through the mud, as daddy has done to our country.  

  7. “All of the dirt needs to come out in the entire, dirty family.”

    BiD, wasn’t that what berman prosecutions were about to do?  NYSD & the NY AG are/were hot on the family foibles. 

  8. Famous fathers and sons are always an interesting subject.  Some sons outclass their parents while others fail miserable or simply sink into mediocrity.  Politics and music are rife with pairs of all types.  In US history, the Adams family did quite well with only one or two black sheep.

    My favorite political family:  The Adamses

    John Adams, VP & Prez

    John Quincy Adams, Senator & Prez

    Charles Frances Adams, Diplomat & Educator (his brothers had much sadder lives)

    Henry Adams returning to earth after a high flying family as a successful historical writer:  “The Education of Henry Adams”


  9. Pat
    I believe the NY times was being very generous about the crowd numbers or may have the numbers reversed. From the pictures I saw the whole upper deck was empty which is more than half of the capacity. So are we seeing fear in the press about telling the truth of the debacle in Tulsa? BTW the Tulsa fire department put the crowd at a little over 6000. about 1/3 of the 19000 capacity.

  10. this video which was aired a couple of days before rally might have helped decrease crowd


  11. So how do you negotiate a presidential bankruptcy exit?  Cause from that video it looks like the bubble  the president has been living in has burst, He looked like an old man facing reality. What he has always done before is throw in his cards and leave the game. 
    He is not a very tough fighter.

  12. I’ve never seen tRUMP look so dejected.  
    A Dallas City Council member equated wearing a mask with eating your vegetables, with neither being enforceable. Well, if you don’t eat your carrots, it won’t kill me!  It’s not the same thing at all, and, it is enforceable.   Retailers:  No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service.  Employers can make it mandatory in offices.   It’s the business that will get fined.  It’s only $500, but given the fragility of businesses these days, it would hurt.

  13. Jack…  nice piece.  Even better video of a dejected trump.
    Rick I and watched Charlie and Rosie sail the African Queen down the Ulanga last night.  We wanted to see bravery instead of stupidity.

    ps… happy father’s day to all the dads!

  14. Liberal Twitter is burning with views on the firing of parscale, possible he will keep his job just to burn liberal twitter. 

  15. SFB doesn’t like it when people make money from him that he doesn’t get a part of …..I think parscale is hstory

    PPP conditions were changed after the fact (from 8 weeks to 24 weeks),  so instead of letting me stay home on unemployment and bringing me back later, after more states had opened up, I was paid by PPP retroactively and now the money has all been spent.   Things are not better.  Demand is not up.  A few were laid off, again.  Friday was their last day.  I’m not sure that there won’t be more cuts, including me, or that it won’t be permanent.    Where is Congress???

  17. I think the funniest thing last night was Trump showing he could drink water with one hand. 
    Those folks over at the Lincoln Project, man they are living rent free in Trumps brain.
    Nobody knows your weak spot like family.

  18. Citizen Ohlfahrt to Director, White House staff:
    Now is the time to have all team leaders verify/update inventories of tangible WH assets under their control. Pay particular emphasis to assets previously identified as ‘portable’. Report to me NLT 30 Sep 20 on the detailed results of the inventory.

  19. Jack
    It was mistakenly packed by the movers while the Obamas were at the inauguration. It was promptly returned.

  20. Last night was so good! The video of dejected Trump, holding MAGA hat in hand was priceless. More to come for the orange monster.

  21. Anybody talk to any trump supporters about his “i slowed down testing” remark?  i can’t imagine that played well with anyone, even them.
    (no longer personally able to discuss politics with right-leaning acquaintances, gets awkward instantly)

  22. Ok, another twitter quote that made me laugh.
    “From a Trump campaign staffer:  Joe Biden should have to report our costs to the FEC as a contribution to his campaign. “

  23. What state are you in, Bink? Are the primaries of significant interest? Here in SC, our task is the canning of Lindsey G.

  24. No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service!!!!!!!!!!
    YES!!! “I think the funniest thing last night was Trump showing he could drink water with one hand. 
    lolThose folks over at the Lincoln Project, man they are living rent free in Trumps brain.Nobody knows your weak spot like family.Jack”
    If the Lincoln Project keeps coming up with TRUE depictions of tje orange bucket of lard in ads, I’ll donate again!

  25. I guess it must it must be my frame of mind but when I read “canning” I saw “caning” and thought a few blows to the bare buttocks for the good senator was appropriate. 

  26. Well, the neighbors who don’t wear masks and who let their kids play together have set them free into a lightning storm.   

  27. BiD
    It is Texas toughening, if you make it to adulthood in Texas you are either lucky or one tough Sumbitch.

  28. Looks like the kids over on TikTok suckered Trumpco by ordering  massive amounts of free tickets.  This caused Trumpco to start believing their own BS that they were going to see a massive overflowing turnout. 

  29. Yeah Craig, sad , kinda like when the Osmonds broke up. 
    Hopefully we don’t get the Trump equivalent of Donnie and Marie

  30. They texted “there is still space available,” yesterday.  The info about K-pop tik-tokkers RSVPing for tickets has been out there for a few days.  They wouldn’t have filled the seats even if there hadn’t been fake RSVPs.   Now, of course, they will just claim the low turnout was only because of this, as if it had nothing to do with COVID or tRUMP  desecrating a Bible or folks just getting tired of the same, old lies.  

  31. BiD
    No but it made them think they were going to have an overflowing event, they even had a stage set up for the overflowing crowds. So you may have known 3 days ago but I don’t think Trumpco caught on to it until the day of. They were busy setting high expectations. And you are right TikTok didn’t cause an empty arena. But they sure leave  Trumpco looking like the idiots they are.

  32. What caused the low turn out? Covid-19 and Trumpco’s distain for mask wearers. Old folks are Trump voters/supporters and old folks wear masks. Sam’s club was full of old people wearing masks the other day. Funny thing about that is you would see women with the mask on but their husband not.  But Mask wearing of all genders was the majority.

  33. the hill:

    The SDNY had been examining the Turkish bank Halkbank for allegedly violating U.S. sanctions against Iran. Bolton asserted that Trump and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had discussed the investigation several times, with the Turkish president wanting a settlement for Halkbank.
    “And the president said to Erdoğan at one point, ‘Look, those prosecutors in New York are Obama people. Wait till I get my people in, and then we’ll take care of this,’” Bolton said. 
    “And I thought to myself — and I’m a Department of Justice alumnus myself,” he added. “I’ve never heard any president say anything like that. Ever.”
    The former national security adviser pointed out that if a U.S. bank had violated the sanctions against Iran “we would have toasted them and quite properly so.” He said Attorney General William Barr allowed for the appropriate prosecution of the bank after Turkey wouldn’t agree to a “reasonable settlement.” 
    Raddatz asked Bolton if he thought the incident qualified as “criminal” or “high crimes and misdemeanors,” which is required to impeach the president. 
    “I don’t think I know enough about all the circumstances, but I tell ya, it did feel like obstruction of justice to me,” Bolton said.
    A clip of the interview was released Saturday. The full interview will air at 9 p.m. Sunday.
    Bolton’s interview was recorded before Trump fired former SDNY U.S. Attorney Geoff Berman on Saturday, raising questions about the president’s involvement in the Justice Department.

  34. Wholly crap ! I think that trump should serve all his upcoming terms consecutively. After all the lawyers’ fees, fines, back taxes, and hushmoney payments, the racist rapist russophile is going to wish that he’d paid into Social Security. 

    Status in prison comes from either money or fear, and no one is going to be afraid of trump after inauguration day.

  35. Where in the world in Rudy Giuliani 
    Think we will see more of him now that Berman has been fired

  36. KGC
    We can only hope, I can’t think of a better gift to Biden than to trot out “Americas mayor”.
    Of course Trump could always do another rally. 

  37. Rudy had a tweet after the rally.  Can’t remember what he said, something about the great rally, but he just got laughed at.  

  38. Bette Midler is having a great time with the water, and the ramp, and the turnout—whatta gal

  39. “Rudy had a tweet after the rally.”
    …i’m guessing that tweet was sent from a non-extraditing country.

  40. Trump 'furious' about 'underwhelming' crowd at Tulsa rally "This was a major failure," one outside adviser said.

    There are growing concerns among Trump campaign officials that neither the president nor the 2020 team have a coherent message for why he should serve a second term. Saturday evening’s meandering, nearly two-hour rally speech, is the latest evidence of a lack of a targeted strategy to attack Biden, with less than five months to go until the general election.

  41. tony, and who does the orange bucket of lard have to blame for his under whelming crowd?  HIM!   LOL

  42. Haha…..I wrote a country song one time called, “Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Hurtin’ “

    Come to think of it, good caption for The Lonely Walk.

  43. tiptoe
    You bet its all on him. Trump is a disaster for the country and world but also himself. Seeing him in that video Jack posted did me so good. I think we will get justice. I hope he loses in a landslide and SDNY is on his ass forever.

  44. Michael Moore is a buffoon.  I knew it at 18 in Flint, Michigan when he used to come and discuss his newsletter at GM Truck And Bus. Always piles on Dems. Wrong much of the time. Why MSNBC has him on I just don’t know.

  45. tony, it was Michael Moore who predicted that Trump would win over Hillary when no one could imagine that.  Listen to him.  He now says to not under estimate the orange bucket of lard. 

  46. Tiptoe
    Yes, he says a lot of things! I think anyone with half a brain after 2016 wouldn’t underestimate Trump. Michael was a bullshit artist back in the early ’80s and he still is. Now switch out HRC and he’s doing his slamming of Biden to anyone who will listen.
    All-cause St. Bernie couldn’t connect with the average Democrat. It seems to me at times Moore makes a living trashing Dems. Even if Joe wasn’t my first pick I’m all in and I’m not gonna trash him. I’m going to talk him up to all I can. 🥰

  47. Jack, I assume when you said “But Mask wearing of all genders was the majority.” You were referring to someone other than the “rally” participants. I watched a bit of it and masks were  almost As scarce as black SFB supporters. 

  48. What a disaster. I hate to walk out the door. Florida sets another daily record with 4,671 new reported COVID-19 cases.

  49. Tiptoe

    Michael Moore did everything short of announcing he had become a Republican to defeat Hillary Clinton.  You can throw in Cenk Uygur and Susan Sarandon on to the odiferous pile of garbage along with Mika Brzezinski Scarborough and every news person who yowled “But Her Emails” in the A block of every show.  

    Am I still Pissed? How did you guess?

  50. Tony…  you are so correct about Moore.  Saw him on Bill Maher this past fall and Bill tried to get him to accept Biden as the most likely nominee.  Moore wouldn’t give an inch… had nothing nice to say about Joe.  He can go eat shit!

  51. Jamie
    OMG, you said it all. I’m still so pissed. Every time I hear drivel from him or Cenk, Surrandon I remember it. Moore and support of Nader. THE 2000 CAMPAIGN: THE GREEN PARTY; In Nader Supporters' Math, Gore Equals Bush
    Moore, “A vote for Gore is a vote for Bush”
    Spot on! I watched that same show. I quit watching Maher when he started talking like MAGA regarding the shutdown and social distancing. Oh, and yes, Bill like Moore is always on Dem downer talk. Eat shit, yes Moore can.🤬

  52. How, exactly, is an airport hangar an open air venue?   Still think Bink was right to suggest Cracker Barrel.

  53. Thank you- this is where i make a joke about making sure to set the thermostat very low in that Cracker Barrel, but in honesty, i don’t want anyone to die, i just want them to wise-up and get this dangerous dullard away from power.  Please?  

  54. Looking at the rally last night I see SFB’s supporters are in the high risk category  ie get the virus and die so that’s 3500 votes fewer for SFB as of last night

    A door count placed the Trump rally officially placed crowd at 6,116. Of those, 2,837 were paid gig actors & 986 were Trump Campaign 2020, 532 were WH/Trump propaganda machine employees, 183 were plainclothes security meaning: 1,578 were real attendees.twitter

  56. Pogo
    I thought I made that clear. 
    The mask wearers were at the northland Sams Club. The Northland btw is the Republican part of Kansas City. Probably 90% of the mask wearers in that store voted for Trump. Of course you didn’t see any mask wearers, they all stayed home. It doesn’t mean they won’t vote for him……

  57. So can Trump pivot and start wearing a mask? Being upside down in polls of folks over 65 didn’t get his attention will not being able to draw a crowd in the most redneck state in the union get his attention. The only thing on his agenda tomorrow is a private meeting with Pense, would love to be a fly.

  58. Sturge from one of the pictures taken from the floor if it hadn’t been for all the security people standing around scratching their ass the floor would have looked half empty. So your numbers may be close to spot on. maybe even optimistic.

  59. i’ve never been to Stone Mountain, GA, but that carving is the shittiest figurative sculpture i’ve ever seen.  It looks like Mother Nature, in Her grace, left this lovingly-hewn edifice of smooth earth, and then some 7 year-old scribbled on it.  What a desecration.

  60. …quite frankly, all these slave-master statues getting ripped-down by the hoi polloi are rather pedestrian.  Dude on horse.  Whoa-ho-ho, how visionary🙄

  61. bink, they should at least leave the horse (pretty fine steeds in stone in most cases) replacing the reb gen with Chief Joseph or Sacajawea. 

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