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  1. another day, another anti-youknowwho book


    Trump’s niece — the daughter of Fred Jr. — has written a book slated to be published in July that could explode the image of a unified Trump family.
    In a description of the book posted on Amazon late Monday night, Mary Trump, a clinical psychologist, is said to describe “a nightmare of traumas, destructive relationships, and a tragic combination of neglect and abuse. She explains how specific events and general family patterns created the damaged man who currently occupies the Oval Office, including the strange and harmful relationship between Fred Trump and his two oldest sons, Fred Jr. and Donald.”
    Mary Trump plans to reveal the feuds that have long simmered within the family but until now have been largely masked by nondisclosure agreements and the limited public visibility of the president’s siblings, the Daily Beast reported Sunday.
    The book will include Mary’s account of her conversations with Donald Trump’s sister, former U.S. appellate judge Maryanne Trump Barry, who does not speak flatteringly about her brother, according to the Daily Beast.
    Mary Trump, who declined an interview request last year to speak to The Washington Post for the story about her father’s death, did not respond Monday to a request for comment.
    A spokeswoman for the publisher, Simon & Schuster, confirmed that the book, called “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man,” will be published July 28, declining to comment further.

  2. “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man”


    now that’s a real grabber of a title.  the title alone will sell  a load of books (many to be most likely bought up by tRUMP inc just to keep them off the shelves)

  3. in re thread topic

    also from wapo today:

    It took only minutes for the video of President Trump’s slow and halting descent down a ramp at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point to begin circulating online on Saturday, accompanied by a blunt hashtag that now doubles as a campaign slogan for his opponents: #TrumpIsNotWell.
    The viral clip, which has since been repackaged into Twitter barbs and a political attack ad directly challenging Trump’s vigor and vitality, highlighted how questions over physical and mental health have become a leading attack line in the 2020 presidential race.
    For Trump, who has tried to cast his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, as “sleepy” and mentally absent, the attacks over his own wellness appeared to hit close to home. The president defended himself by offering a credulity-straining explanation for his unsteady gait, describing the standard-looking ramp as “steep” and “very slippery.”

  4. There is one constant about SFB brain, it gets a simple concept and sticks with it.  Something gets in the jelly and stays there, fermenting while he plans an action.  It might take days to happen, it might take years.  But, if he says he will do something it will happen.  But, not as an adult thinking through cause and effect, like a three year old getting back at his four year old sister.  It will also be covered with lies and big swinging actions as deflections.  But, it will happen. 
    Right now we are living under the brain of the toddler, with serious physical issues.  Each week we see a little more failure of the body and brain.  Twenty-fifth Amendment should be invoked, but I have a thought of why not.  Besides the obvious that the cult would revolt in their own no mask way.  Pence may not want to be president.

  5. about the video above from


    Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is fresh off his Republican primary win for his re-election campaign for his South Carolina seat. But now the knives are coming out for the general election and a Democratic group, Lindsey Must Go PAC, is putting $100,000 behind a new digital video ad on Monday portraying Graham as a soulless actor who’ll say anything to curry favor with President Trump.
    The ad will run online on Facebook and liberal-leaning blog the Daily Kos.
    Jones described the premise of the ad that Graham has shape-shifted over the last few years as he’s gotten closer with President Trump and turned into a golfing buddy and sometime-advisor.
    “Lindsey Graham is not a leader, he’s an actor. He’s willing to play any character to appease the critic and the top critic is Trump. He’s morphed into different characters over the last few years to maintain power,” Jones said.
    “We’re on pins and needles to see what character he’s going to play in the general election,” Jones said.

  6. I wouldn’t caption that as “dummy,” but as afflicted (with something) Don, causing him to be diminished Don.  If he wasn’t such a heartless bastard, I’d feel sorry for him.  I don’t.  He would use it to get sympathy votes.  He’s always working an angle.   Damned Don.

  7. BB – Pence would love to be prez.   If it were to happen, surely it’s ~because God ordained it.~
    He does have something going on, and as I said last night, Parkinson’s and other diseases can cause psychosis.   He couldn’t serve another four years if, heaven forbid, the EC gave it to him, again. 
    Biden needs to be FDR and lift everyone up.  JFB?

  8. if jones is right about lindsey gravitating to whoever wields the ultimate power then when it’s clear to him joe will win  perhaps we’ll see an endorsement by him just prior to election. a real October surprise 

    we might even get a hint of that if there is no argument or lawsuit from him about this new ad put out by group called republican voters against trump

  9. noted by NYTimes some of late night comics’ takes on the walk down the ramp:

    “You know, for a guy who constantly talks about how tough he is, he sure walks like a baby deer on a frozen pond.” — SETH MEYERS
    “I watched that and for the first time thought, ‘[expletive], maybe he does have bone spurs!’” — SETH MEYERS
    “Now we know why he launched his 2016 campaign coming down an escalator. If it’d been a ramp, he’d still be coming down.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

    “Yep, that’s about the only momentum Trump has right now.” — JIMMY FALLON

    ”He was just doing an impression of his approval rating.” — JIMMY FALLON
    “That was still faster than his response to the coronavirus.” — JIMMY FALLON

  10. As I said last night, the orange bucket of lard appears to have the beginning stage of Parkinson’s. And since he mocked that handicapped reporter, karma is a bitch, and she’s in heat! Good. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. 
    I’d like to see the Lincoln Project whip up a nice little ad simply slowly listing all the money the orange bucket of lard’s cost us, the people, e.g. secret service golf carts, nights in Scotland, golf trips, clearing peaceful protesters from Lafayette Park, ad nauseam. Perhaps the pleasant music in the background could be Pennies From Heaven with a pleasant male voice reading the list.  The list should be in bold black font on a white or light yellow background. This makes it accessible to both deaf and blind folks.  But then at the end, what? The mushroom of a nuclear bomb with the total dollar amount overlaid? And a horrified voice reading that HUGE number?  Or something else?

  11. Not really sure how far into an affliction SFB is – looks to me like it could just be early onset oldmanism.  The cure for that is becoming active, reading, engaging in things that stimulate your mind.  If that’s what he’s got, he’s doomed. 

  12. Here’s your morons.

    Police detain armed militia members after man is shot at Albuquerque protest

    Protesters in Albuquerque wrapped a chain around the neck of a bronze statue and began tugging, chanting “Tear it down,” shortly before sunset on Monday. Their efforts to pull down a monument of Spanish conquistador Juan de Oñate suddenly stopped as four shots rang out.

    Most people instinctively turned toward the noise, videos from the scene show. A few screamed. Just yards away, a group of militia men sporting militarylike garb and carrying semiautomatic rifles formed a protective circle around the gunman.

    The gunshots, which left one man in critical but stable condition, have set off a cascade of public outcry denouncing the unregulated militia’s presence and the shooting, although police have yet to announce an arrest or describe exactly what happened. The victim is also unidentified.

    “The heavily armed individuals who flaunted themselves at the protest, calling themselves a ‘civil guard,’ were there for one reason: To menace protesters, to present an unsanctioned show of unregulated force,” New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) said in a statement. “To menace the people of New Mexico with weaponry — with an implicit threat of violence — is on its face unacceptable; that violence did indeed occur is unspeakable.”
    * * * 
    In the hours leading up to the violence on Monday, protesters faced off with members of an armed militia that calls itself the New Mexico Civil Guard and counterprotesters toting “All lives matter” signs.

    One group sought to tear down a monument to Oñate, a 16th-century despot who massacred indigenous people. The other set out as self-designated protectors of the statue, creating a heavily armed presence at the park in Albuquerque’s historic Old Town. Aside from a few small scuffles over signs near the monument, the protest had largely been peaceful, though tense at times.

    Then, a white man in a blue T-shirt appeared to rile the crowd, according to video obtained by KOB4. People erupted in shouts, and the man took a few steps back. A masked protester swung a skateboard and struck him in the shoulder. The man back-pedaled out of the crowd but continued to exchange shouts with protesters.

    Someone in the video encouraged people to follow the man and get his license plate number. Several people followed him, and one tackled him to the ground. As he tried to stand back up and three people tried to hit him again, the man in blue pulled a gun and fired four shots, striking one man and scattering the crowd.

    In a second video that captured the moments following the shooting, the gunman sat in the middle of a road as the New Mexico Civil Guard militia members formed a circle around him. One man carrying a semiautomatic rifle, camouflage fatigues and a military-style helmet kicked the handgun away from the man and stood with his foot on top of the weapon.

    Police responded to the scene with tear gas and stun grenades to force the crowd back. Officers detained several members of the militia group, according to reporters and witnesses at the scene. Video showed officers placing the apparent gunman into a cruiser.

    Police have not released any information about the suspected shooter or said whether they believe he has any connection to the armed militia.

    The militia, which identified itself to a New York Times reporter covering the protest Monday, has a controversial history. The right-wing group has repeatedly shown up at Black Lives Matter protests in recent weeks with guns and militarylike garb.

    There are a butt load of links in the article at WaPo but I remove them to keep from burdening the WP platform.
    Have I ever mentioned I don’t believe in coincidence?

  13. pogo, bet those militia men have all read “the turner diaries” and have active drills on starting up the race war it calls for.  natters not to them whether the races are brown or black.

  14. the guardian:

    Riots helped elect Nixon in 1968. Can Trump benefit from fear and loathing too?
    Like today, 1968 saw racial tensions boil over in more than 100 cities; like today, the country was riven by such partisan divisions it seemed to be ripping apart at the seams.
    And like today, 1968 even had its own pandemic, the “Hong Kong flu” that claimed the lives of 100,000 Americans.
    In the past few days another aspect of the parallels between 1968 and 2020 has exploded on to the nation’s consciousness: the warped character and dark scheming of their respective Republican leaders – Richard Nixon and Donald Trump.
    Not only has Trump taken to wielding the “law and order” baton on Twitter with abandon, but he has gone where Nixon never dared to tread – spouting direct threats of violence and using openly racist language. When he was asked by Fox News on Thursday to explain his tweet glorifying violence by saying “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”, Trump said he thought – inaccurately – that it had come from the former police commissioner of Philadelphia, Frank Rizzo (in fact it was a 1967 comment by the Miami police chief).
    Rizzo was responsible for some of the most brutal policing in US history. His favored law and order response to peaceful demonstrations was to order his officers to mount motorbikes and run over the protesters.
    Trump’s intentions in all this are clear – to try to repeat the Nixon playbook and turn white voters’ deep-rooted racial anxieties to his advantage in November. The billion-dollar question is: will it work?

  15. I am not a doctor…   but 74 seems a tad bit young to be walking like one is 84.  I had a good friend that had Parkinson’s that turned into psychosis and then into Alzheimer’s.  He died a few years ago.  I agree with TT…   trump seems to be showing signs of it.  So much so that he can no longer hide it.
    I wouldn’t wish that on anyone…  but trump… yeah…  he deserves it.

  16. So many things bother me, I don’t know where to begin.  I complained about SSA a long time ago.  It ended with me having to go to the local SSA office to get a code because my phone carrier put a safety block on random texts. I never made it there before the pandemic.  I got that block removed and then didn’t need it with them. Of course SSA offices are closed because there’s a pandemic.  I called SSA.  Seems I out waited them.  I didn’t have an account and could sign up afresh. And they’ve added sending their code via e-mail or a text.  Months later, that took care of that. One problem solved. There are mucho others.  ~Later

  17. craig,  hope we hear from jack soon.  his neck of the woods is seeing an increase in covid according to


    However, as more states continue to reopen their economies, many are also reporting an increase in cases. 
    Missouri is one of those states.
    Dr. Garza said there could be a number of reasons why the state is seeing a spike, while the St. Louis region is on the decline. He noted that Kansas City is reporting an increase in cases. He said, since the pandemic started, St. Louis has reported a higher number of cases and hospitalizations, but he said it’s possible that the virus is penetrating the area more than it has in past weeks.  

  18. See if tRump slurs at today’s police reform EO signing.  His signature doesn’t look shaky, yet.   Maybe it depends on his meds or the day or environment.  Sometimes heat and cold really impact how diseases present.  

  19. Well, East Bumfuck is the birthplace of Stonewall Jackson. We have a bronze statue of Stonewall on his horse out in front of courthouse. Our county commission is going to entertain discussion about removing the statue and it’s meeting tomorrow night. My bet is they ain’t gonna do that.

  20. Trump in Rose Garden tries to back police reform but instead irrelevantly panders to his base: “We’re fighting for school choice, which really is the civil rights of all time in this country.”

  21. Bigly shout out to Philadelphia for taking down the Frank Rizzo statue and the Italian market painted him over.
    The SFB speech today was a new pathetic low.

  22.  They could let Stonewall’s statue cross over the river and rest under the shade of the trees.

    He’d probably look down and think, “Wow, cool”.

  23. Great idea sturg – the river is about 10 blocks away and the road to it is flat then downhill.  Easy walk even for a bronze horse. Closest access to the river is Wendy’s parking lot. they could pick up lunch in the drive through (hope the local cops don’t mistake him for being asleep)

  24. Craig, I’m ok, I visited my older sister and found myself on to wrong side of the digital divide and too dumb to use a smart phone.  I forgot that not everybody has google fiber. Another reason for not moving to the country. Thanks for covering on Sunday next time I’ll plan better. 

  25. When I was a kid, I saw a couple movies in which Charlton Heston played andrew jackson.
    Maybe the world would have been a better place if the other guy had won the duel. Or, if jackson HAD hanged john c calhoun.  

  26. Good news, Jimmy Buffet has a new album 
    Here is a good thought for the days. 
    Now back to work.

  27. I can see why some folks wanted juan de Onate’s  statue pulled down after reading this in wiki:

    Today Oñate is known for the 1599 Acoma Massacre. Following a dispute that led to the death of thirteen Spaniards at the hands of the Ácoma, including Oñate’s nephew, Juan de Zaldívar, Oñate ordered a brutal retaliation against Acoma Pueblo. The Pueblo was destroyed. Around 800–1000 Ácoma were killed.

    Of the 500 or so survivors, at a trial at Ohkay Owingeh, Oñate sentenced most to twenty years of forced “personal servitude” and additionally mandated that all men over the age of twenty-five have a foot cut off He was eventually banished from New Mexico and exiled from Mexico City for five years, convicted by the Spanish government of using “excessive force” against the Acoma people.


    just finding out about a lot of stuff left out of all the history books we had to read.  nothing ever said about this guy or about the tulsa massacre.  a whole lot more out there we don’t know about.  sad knowing our vast unknowing of the unknown.


  28. Amazing reading on the intertubes, seems some guy killed a couple of deputies in California.  Massive manhunt for several days.  “Armed and dangerous” was used.  Reports are the  guy was found, nothing noted about him being shot or strangled or beaten to death.  The reports are he is alive and well, strange.  My guess if he had any African ancestry he would be dead.
    There has to be support groups for people like me who get sucked into streaming soap operas.  Grey’s Anatomy is my current struggle.  Brain teasers, such as Cheers or Frasier, or deep thought such as Bone‘s, are my fare.  But sixteen seasons of GA is a tough watch.  Next will be something even heavier, General HospitalDays of our LivesI love Lucy?

  29. Okay – I just saw the cover of Mary Trump’s book about SFB.  Unfortunately the cover is a picture of the loser from some point in his teens.  As my grandmother would have put it, at least the translation into English, “he is such a pretty boy”.    I am sure this will be another best seller.

  30. Americans Are The Unhappiest They’ve Been In 50 Years, Poll Finds Just 14% of respondents said they are “very happy,” down sharply from 2018.

    This bold — yet unsurprising — conclusion comes from the COVID Response Tracking Study, conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago. It finds that just 14% of American adults say they’re very happy, down from 31% who said the same in 2018. That year, 23% said they’d often or sometimes felt isolated in recent weeks. Now, 50% say that.

  31. TX Gov Abbott calls request for him to order masks to be worn in public, inciting hysteria.  He says he’s not going to make it mandatory, because those who won’t wear them would be thrown in jail and that’s dangerous with Covid.    Talks out of both sides of his mouth like the snake he is. 

  32. I feel depressed when I put on a mask, too.  No facial expression does that, I think.   

  33. So I had to go conduct some business at the bank today. I went into the branch over in the evil twin city and the woman who used to be the teller manager in East Bumfuck was there. I had my mask on, she had her mask on. I walked in and she said “Hello stranger – long time no see.”Well so much for wearing masks to rob banks.

  34. I had the same question when I cashed my stimulus check.  Do I wear a mask in a bank?  Yes, please.   They had no cash that day, which I thought was odd.
    Shooting at Dallas Galleria.  That wouldn’t have happened if the malls were still closed.  

  35. All the Repug Govs keep saying is that we have enough hospital beds, so it’s not a problem.  We’re gonna keep opening up things.  The dumb-asses who are anxious to get out and about don’t even hear the part about hospital beds.  Nobody wants to get sick at all, let alone sick enough to be hospitalized…but they don’t hear that part.  It’s not over.  And with the cost, it might be better to just stay home and die. The world is f-ed. 

  36. patD – Yes, Elizabeth Warren has a generous spirit and a lot of energy, helping to promote other Dem races.  She’s amazing. 

  37. Another outsider rioter/arsonist has been apprehended for helping fire the 3rd precinct in Mpls. This one is from up north in Brainerd, MN.
    Of the 11 rounded up so far, only 2 are from the cities, 5 are suburbanites, 1 is from up north, and 3 are from out of state.
    It’s nice to know that the outside agitator story finally describes reality.

  38. BiD,  most of the retailers are asking folks not to use cash so maybe your bank was trying to dissuade the use also.  people are afraid to handle dollars known for their germiness. have heard some take extra precaution and wash them during flu season. were the tellers wearing gloves? exchanging lots of handled paper, not just dollars, must be a worry for them, their customers and co-workers.

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