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  1. craig, good one. 

    that life sized cutout of joe gave me an idea:  start a viral campaign using that picture of joe at relevant events, odd places, famous people (forrest gump style) etc, like the gnome in the travel ad.

    one of the PACs could send a bunch of joes to local groups through out the country (college kids would be ideal) to come up with the best photo.  make  a contest of it.  “how far can Joe go?” 

  2. available at Wally’s world and other places (probably also at bezos’ bodega)

    Product details
    Joe Biden Cardboard Cutout Stand Up, 6ft:Assembled Product Dimensions: 72 x 19 inchesHigh-quality print on cardboardLightweight, free standing, and easy to assembleFolds up for easy storage and transportationCardboard stand-up figures have a bright unique look that will look great in pictures


  3. Bink – I tried that Saturday night.  I found a package of lamb shoulder chops, a favorite of mine.  I know it had to be somewhat recent, but did not bother looking for a date stamp.  I thought it somewhat odd that the package was swollen, but, small things like that do not deter me.  With a knife I slit the plastic.  The meat was still a nice pink color, however, the gas released was quite potent.  Just the memory triggers the smell.  Although no where near as ripe as some bushmeat I have eaten, I decided that I would prefer something with less kick.

  4. above cartoon is clever play on words/logo of amnesty international about which from logodesign:

    The logo combines two recognisable images inspired by the Chinese proverb, “Better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”
    The barbed wire represents “the darkness” (hopelessness) of people put in jail where they think nobody remembers they are there. They are imprisoned for unfair reasons, most likely because they said or did something that seemingly threatened the power and authority of the Government to control the actions and thoughts of its citizens. They are political prisoners.
    The candle represents Amnesty Internationalʼs commitment to remember that political prisoners are being held all over the world and AIʼs commitment to bring the prisoners hope for their fair treatment and eventual release.

  5. I just saw the best of the best hashtags for SFB doing the slow shuffle down the long ramp to the dais at West Point –  #WaterGait 

    What is fascinating is the ramp is covered in astro-turf and is very long and not much of a slope. It looks like it was built for golf carts to run up and down on.

  6. I watched the movie “Mark Felt”. It was dark, visually dark.  Can’t tell if it was the tablet I was watching it on or what. But those days seems like child’s play compared to the shit the orange bucket of lard’s flinging around in the open these days.

  7. I shall never understand the driving factors behind FOX, nor do I really care if I do. If I could give them a piece of advice, I’d let them know that people are actually real. You know, when you meet someone on the street, and you chat with them a bit, and then you move on…those people actually move on for real. They go on and do real stuff. We just aren’t part of their real stuff. We go on and do our own real stuff. Billions of people are in the world going on and doing their own real stuff. We only get to see just a ridiculously small fraction of the real stuff, and then rely on information sources to see what else is happening in places we can’t be.
    FOX manipulates that with vigor. They doctor photos and gin up scary stories about something and say that’s really happening in Seattle. They play on a fearful segment of the population who doesn’t seem to get that there are other real people out there. See, I know this because I have friends in Seattle who are going to the Autonomous Zone. My friends Peter and Jen were there over the weekend, separately. I’ve had other friends post pics of what’s really going on up there. 
    It’s peaceful. It’s joyous. It’s friendly. It’s inclusive. It’s all easily verifiable. Because there are real people going on and doing real stuff.
    As this historic moment continues, one wonders at the fate of liars in the face of their provable lies. Is it possible that we’re seeing FOX in its death rattle?

  8. Travis I’ve seen enough footage of the Seattle “no cop” zone to see that it is more like a block party than a protest, although the language of protest is certainly there.  3rd parties who have reported from there (CNN I think) have described the vibe there like that.  

    Eric Wemple at WaPo has a pretty good piece on the Fox (specifically Fucker Carlson) spin on hwat’s happening there entitled  Forgive Tucker Carlson for his panicky desperation. His world is collapsing. 
    Interesting read.

    (And thank you Poobah and WordPress for the edit function)

  9. john oliver on tucker last night according to mediaite:

    John Oliver went after Tucker Carlson during Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, ripping the Fox News host for his rant on Sesame Street before diving into his main story on facial recognition.
    Sesame Street and CNN recently hosted a town hall to explain the current political moment to children, during which a character explained, “Across the country, people of color, especially in the black community, are being treated unfairly because of how they look.”
    Oliver noted that some children took issue with the town hall, specifically focusing on “one giant baby’s reaction.”
    “It’s a children’s show. Got that, Bobby? America is a very bad place and it’s your fault,” Carlson exclaimed after playing the Sesame Street clip on his Fox News show last week.”So no matter what happens, no matter what they do to you when you grow up, you have no right to complain.”
    “First, obviously, f*ck off, Tucker, you one-man homeowner’s association. And second, that unspecified ‘they’ in ‘what they do to you when you grow up’ is doing a lot of heavy lifting there,” Oliver shot back. “There’s basically two options for what that could mean. One, that Tucker and his viewers have benefited from a racist system that renders any specifications of who they are unnecessary; or two, that his show is a badly written piece of garbage.”
    Oliver then concluded that Carlson’s reaction to the town hall proves he is both “a racist” and “a total f*cking moron.”

  10. In a major decision for LGBTQ people the Supremes voted 6-3 in favor of protection under Title VII.  This is stunning.  Roberts decided to once again go center (most likely for his legacy).   Gorsuch went Kennedy and wrote the majority opinion.  At this moment I can only cry tears of happiness.

  11. The Supreme Court ruled Monday that a landmark civil rights law protects gay and transgender workers from workplace discrimination, handing the movement for L.G.B.T. equality a stunning victory.


  12. That’s excellent about the LGBTQ victory!  Maybe they’re seeing the hand writing on the wall even though they’re supposed to be non-partisan. In any case….great!!

  13. AAANNNDDDD, the High Court said Nope to about a dozen cases challenging laws the gun nuts say infringe the 2nd Amendment (the only one SFB recogonizes).  

    The Supreme Court on Monday declined to take up new cases for next term that gun rights groups claimed denied Second Amendment rights.

    The court did not accept a batch of nearly a dozen cases that gun groups had hoped the court, fortified with more conservative members, might consider. Among them were cases involving restrictions in Maryland and New Jersey to permits for carrying a handgun outside the home.

    The court earlier this term had dismissed a challenge from New York about transporting guns, and three justices objected, with the newest, Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, adding that it seemed likely lower courts have been too quick to uphold state and local gun control measures.

              Supreme Court says New York’s actions make gun case moot

    Although he agreed the New York case was moot, he added that he shared the “concern that some federal and state courts may not be properly applying” the Supreme Court’s decision recognizing an individual’s right to gun ownership.

    “The court should address that issue soon,” he wrote.

    He and Justice Clarence Thomas objected again Monday.


    And in  doing so put Kavanaugh out on the idiot fringe with Silent Clarence where he belongs.
    So for at least two issues it’s a good day at SCOTUS and a bad day for RW bigots and nuts.

  14. BB, I am incredibly happy for you and other fine human beings who have been down trodden because of their sexuality. Hold your head, and your middle fingers, high!

  15. About guns:   And what happens when the prostetors, white, black & others, would keep showing up at rallies heavily, open carry armed where allowed? After all the 2nd amendment covers them, too. If they fear for their lives, can’t they use force?

  16. don’t get too happy and think gorsuch has turned liberal.  he is a devout textualist.  he holds that legislated words say what they mean and mean what they say.  that there can be no discrimination based on sex is what he read and what he says it means.  if a case comes to him about discrimination based on religion, guess how he’ll rule.

  17. Allllriiiiiight!…. stunning SC decisions!

    BTW…  this year’s Triple Crown is kinda screwed up.  I know most here will focus on SFB’s Tulsa rally this upcoming Saturday.  But the Belmont Stakes (actually normally the third race) will be run this Saturday also.  The favorite is Tiz the Law….   I think it would be fun to root for him as an F-YOU to trump.
    ps…  the Kentucky Derby will be run in mid September and the Preakness will be in October.

  18. patd,  No illusions here.  Lawyers learn that you take your victories where you find them, lick your wounds if you lose, then move on to the next case.  Understand that in order to find as it did, the Court had to find that the law it upheld – Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits discrimination “because of sex,” is constitutional and with respect to sex, is extremely broad.  A contrary ruling would have been a huge narrowing of that provision, and I assess that today’s decision is a huge decision, shutting the door on LGBTQ discrimination in the workplace as being lawful, and opening the door to discrimination suits that parallel sexual harassment and gender discrimination suits in the workplace, writ large.  RBG has to be extremely gratified by this decision.

  19. I wake up in the morning, waddle into the bathroom, and look in the mirror. YIKES !!! WHO ARE YOU ??? 
    Fortunately, it’s just that my mirror needs a tune up.
    Face recognition . . . . funny

  20. The immensity of the decision is very hard to grasp.  Until now employers could and did fire people for being “gay” or “too manly”.  Even straight people were canned because they did not measure up to a measure that was not defined for gender or sexuality.   Reading through the decision i spotted a disclaim paragraph that the decision does not address things such as restrooms.  One of the ways employers fired transgender people was for restroom use.  The employee was told they could only use certain restrooms, usually opposite their gender, or they had to use one restroom away from all the other people.  When caught using their gender appropriate restroom they were fired.  Though not in the decision, the use of a restroom is going to be challenged very soon.
    I am still out  of breath at this decision.  It is larger than the 2015 Gay marriage decision.  This affects millions of people.  Stunned and shocked.  It will be a happy day.

  21. Get a pair of glass eyes. Paste them in different places on your forehead every day. tape your ears back 3 days a week. Cheek stuffing down by the lower jaw should help a little. Whites, wear black face. Blacks wear white face. Wear the hijab.

  22. x-r, “Whites, wear black face. Blacks wear white face. Wear the hijab.”  LOL
    I’ve wondered why black folks don’t or didn’t wear white face.  

  23. He’s my musician of choice for pandemic summer!

    Speaking of, we might get some really good music out of this since musicians can’t tour but can use the internet to share lyrics, tracks, and mixes for new songs.

  24. If he can’t recognize the face in the mirror at his young age, who’s he gonna find when he’s an old man ? Scary.

  25. Ignorance is bliss.  Sorry God made you so smart.  They say it’s because He has a good sense of humour🤷‍♂️

    Ok, thx for the SCOTUS scoops, people of trail💡❤️🇺🇸

  26. LOL. FDA revokes emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine. Well so much for the gut instinct from the great gut of the orange idiot in the White House. I bet the Twitter machines going to blow up tonight.

  27. Congratulations on a great Scotus decision.  A celebration all around is in order.

    Now I would like a discussion on the restroom question.  Enclosed cubicles take care of most of the objections people could come up with, but I do have one qualm.  Restrooms have been the site of assaults, not by transgender (absolutely no proof on that score), but by heterosexual males forcing the appendage on the unwilling of all stripes and ages.  Not quite sure if a rule that covers all the permutations is even possible.   

  28. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/15/us/nascar-thin-blue-line-car-trnd/index.html
    I wonder if the “thin, blue line flag” will be taken up by those who would prefer to fly the stars & bars?   It’s appearance now seems to be in response to BLM.  
    BB – Good news for a change!
    If a person has balance issues, things can seem slippery.  Watching tRUMP’s arm swing, or lack of, when he walks on all occasions.   I’m sure that the cardboard cutout of Joe could descend a ramp with aplomb.  

  29. While more inclined toward the other Kurt Weill, I did find the one above to be refreshing from a musically retro perspective.  

  30. Jamie is correct about the bathroom thing.  Sorry-sack-o-sh/ , TX Lt. Gov. Damned Patrick, tried to argue that it was for the safety of little girls at school, because sexual predators would pretend to be transgender.  Really? And they would get through school security how, exactly?  By the way, I’ve had to use the men’s room several times.  Sometimes the line at the ladies’ is just too long. Not that that’s the same situation at all, just saying.
    Covid may take care of that issue in offices.  Ours only allows one person in at a time.  We were given whiteboard markers upon our return to the office, to mark the board on the door when occupied. 

  31. If bathrooms were individual little rooms like in Europe, that’s solve everyone’s bathroom issues.

  32. The potty problem is a hate monger meme.  The hairy guy wearing a dress to go to the women’s restroom is a hate monger meme. What does happen, and frequently, is a trans woman goes into the restroom and is assaulted by one of the “christians”.  Sometimes the police take the report accurately, but often it is the attacker who goes free and the transwoman charged with some crime.  Sometimes no report is made.  A close friend was brutally attacked in a restroom by a co-worker.  She survived.  The attacker went free.

  33. Speaking of licking one’s legal wounds,

    The Supreme Court on Monday refused to review a form of immunity that has shielded police officers from lawsuits alleging brutality and other civil rights violations, an issue that found renewed attention after nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd in police custody.

    The justices declined to hear eight separate cases presenting reconsideration of the doctrine of qualified immunity that establishes protection from lawsuits for government officials, particularly police officers.

    Justice Clarence Thomas issued a six-page dissent, calling on his colleagues to revisit the protections and expressing “strong doubts” about the court’s approach to qualified immunity.

    The doctrine, created by the Supreme Court decades ago, allows civil suits only when it can be shown that an official’s actions violated a “clearly established” statutory or constitutional right. When determining whether the right was clearly established, courts consider whether a reasonable official would have known that the actions were a violation.

    And we also find ourselves through the looking glass with the dissent by Silent Clarence.

  34. But, do we actually get better protection if our cops are as ignorant and stupid as the felons are ? I don’t swallow that theory. 

  35. I worked on this one horse town’s police force many, many moons ago.  I was the crosswalk guard, the if you needed a police presence at the high school dance, and any other function that required a police presence by law.  I wore a uniform…  but did not carry a gun.  I did have a radio if I needed to call in for backup.  I never used the radio… didn’t need it.  I was the only female….  so would have had to do body searches of any female suspects….   never did that either.  The men I worked with were all friendly and professional.  But…  you knew this was coming, right….   there was one guy who was stupider then a sack of rocks.  He eventually got fired for hitting a deer with the cruiser while he was out of town looking for a store open late enough so he could buy a pack of cigarettes.

  36. XR, not sure I get your point.  We are safer if the cops aren’t shielded from their bad behavior by holding whether other cops would have done the same thing up as the standard. Remember – the cops exhibiting the bad behavior would be among those whose actions determine the standard in cases in which other cops are involved.   It turns what IMHO should be the reasonable person standard into the reasonable cop standard – and that’s not a standard I am sure should be held up as a standard promoting “To Protect and Serve.”  I’ve known a lot of cops – and I can say without hesitation that opinions among cops about what is or is not reasonable in enforcement differs greatly depending on what cop you talk with and as one who is supposedly protected and served by them, what I see as reasonable is nowhere near the same as what they see. In short, oddly enough, I might actually agree with Clarence on this one – and lord knows that is a rarity.

  37. More proof Chief Justice Roberts is no Trump fan. Dont think it was an accident he chose a Trump appointee to write today’s decision for gay employment rights (a bigger deal than gay marriage IMO). That was Trump’s last remaining argument to right wing, that he picks judges who uphold their bigotry.

    The thing is when you dial 911 the police come for everything.  Never made any sense to me. If it’s a domestic or other type of problem like a fire, the police shouldn’t go.  Not everything people do is illegal.  Not everything needs a police presence especially if they’re not trained to deal with it. Those issues should be sorted out from the police with a different phone number like 311 or whatever. 
    I’ve always suspected that they arrive for everything because they’re always looking for other stuff to charge people with  just by chance, just because.  Like when they stop you for something benign like a tail light that’s out, and then they snoop around the car shining a big, old flashlight in it looking for anything else.  No need for that if it’s just a tail light problem, IMO. But they do that all the time.

  39. Thomas summed up the basis of his dissent in its last 3 paragraphs.

    Although I express no definitive view on this question, the defense for good-faith official conduct appears to have been limited to authorized actions within the officer’s jurisdiction. See, e.g., Wilkes, supra, at 130; T. Cooley, Law of Torts 688–689 (1880); J. Bishop, Commentaries on Non Contract Law §773, p. 360 (1889). An officer who acts unconstitutionally might therefore fall within the exception to a common-law good-faith defense.
    Regardless of what the outcome would be, we at least ought to return to the approach of asking whether immunity “was ‘historically accorded the relevant official’ in an analogous situation ‘at common law.’” Ziglar, supra, at ___ (opinion of THOMAS, J.) (slip op., at 3) (quoting Imbler v. Pachtman, 424 U. S. 409, 421 (1976)). The Court has continued to conduct this inquiry in absolute immunity cases, even after the sea change in qualified immunity doctrine. See Burns v. Reed, 500 U. S. 478, 489–492 (1991). We should do so in qualified immunity cases as well.2
    I continue to have strong doubts about our §1983 qualified immunity doctrine. Given the importance of this question, I would grant the petition for certiorari.
    2. Qualified immunity is not the only doctrine that affects the scope of relief under §1983. In Monroe v. Pape, 365 U. S. 167 (1961), the Court held that an officer acts “‘under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage of any State’” even when state law did not authorize his action, id., at 183. Scholars have debated whether this holding is.

    AS I said, I am in strange territory here, agreeing with Thomas.


  40. That cop in Atlanta was a good example of stupider than a sack of rocks, IMO.
    TT…  the police automatically go out when there’s a fire in order to direct traffic.  Lots of rubber necking whenever or wherever there’s a fire.  Also… small town cops are different from city cops.  In a small town you’re apt to know everyone.  The person a cop stops might be his son’s best buddy’s father.  I know here, we vote up or down the yearly police budget.  I’m sure it does give them pause not to act like jerks.

  41. A well-managed Wendy’s is amazing. 
    So, i watched the trump walking and water-drinking episode and critics are really grasping at straws.  Is being completely incompetent, self-dealing, and inciting civil unrest not enough?
    Now, i have to watch this Wendy’s video and figure out a way to justify a guy going for a cop’s weapon.  Right or wrong, that rarely works out well.

  42. RR Gov. Cuomo talks about each police department and community needs as being different. 

  43. Ok, so, thankfully, i didn’t have to watch a murder/killing, and i’m going to trust that this written account is accurate:
    …to punch a cop, take his weapon, and then turn that weapon on the cop is terrible decision-making.  If cops don’t have the right to defend themselves, you will have no cops, for sure.  i ain’t taking that job.
    Were the cops supposed to say, “have a nice night, drive drunkenly safely”?
    A sad story.

  44. Something caused him to suddenly and  urgently fear for his life if they got cuffs on him.  

  45. BiD, on the ramp thing, could it be he’s wearing lifts (aka hidden highheels for men)? might explain his tilted off-balanced look at times.  

  46. bink, he used to be 6’3′ but most people by 74 yrs have lost a little off the top – hair, height & mental acuity

  47. Hey, patd, i’m not one of them, but i promise you there are millions of good-natured, kind-hearted short men who bemoan the fact that that asshole gets to be 6’3”.  He’s a tall guy.
    Like they say, “sense of humour”.

  48. He seems to hold large swaths of Americans to be saps and losers.
    He inhabits the Wiseguylight Zone.
    Didn’t get bone spurs? Haha, whadda sap.

  49. Bink, You’re right on many levels – punching a cop, grabbing one of his weapons, running away, firing the weapon at the cop – those things don’t bode well for the guy who’s being put in cuffs.  Stupid decisions many would opine.  But here’s the rub – I saw the video over the weekend and thought the shooting looked justified – silly me.  But I’m not a cop and am not trained to deal with people I find asleep in their cars.  But here’s a bigger rub – cops routinely argue strenuously that tasers are not lethal weapons and their use does not constitute lethal force – oops.  And the guy “punched” the cop sufficiently to dislodge his cap. Stupid thing to do, but wow.  And the guy was running away when he turned and tried to shoot the cop with the purloined taser – and missed.  If the cop hadn’t chased him he would not have been in a position to feel the need to defend himself.  And then he was shot in the back twice.  And then the cop was fired.  And then the Chief of Police resigned.  (Those last two might have been in reverse order) Well, I’m no genius, but it appears there was simply no justification for the use of deadly force.  Would I charge the cop with some murder-related crime?  Hmmmm, probably manslaughter?  Second or third degree murder?  Depends on GA’s definition of the different levels of killing.  But here’s the bottom line for me.  Black guy was sleeping in his car at a Wendy’s and two cops thought that was enough to start a chain of actions that would – in a 30 fucking minute encounter – result in cuffing a guy whose offense was sleeping in his car and ultimately killing him.  If it’d been a white guy the cops would give him the option to call someone to drive him home, would have maybe even called on his behalf. I could be wrong, but I’d bet there would be two less bullet casings on the ground at the end of the night.

  50. I’ll take your word for it, good Sir, Pogo.  i can’t defend entry wounds to the back.  Like i said, didn’t wanna watch.  Thanks💪👍

  51. In all those soupy westerns, the most reviled kind of sidewinder was a back-shooter.  Stronger than bushwhacker or hoss-thief.
    Not that that means anything.

  52. ” If it’d been a white guy the cops would give him the option to call someone to drive him home, would have maybe even called on his behalf. I could be wrong, but I’d bet there would be two less bullet casings on the ground at the end of the night.”

    I think you’re spot on here, sadly. This shouldn’t have happened. In their training, I wonder what it says in regards to someone sleeping it off in their car. Seems a ride home and an impounding of the car would be a proper penalty.

  53.  Husband of San Francisco ‘Karen’ loses job after video of the couple harassing a Black Lives Matter advocate goes viral
    I love it Twitter exposes these people. There’s a price to pay for such vile racist behavior.

  54. It’s been a virtual Karen Fest….

    Many seem to be max-stress about other things entirely but then then these videoed tirades become the magma spewing forth on these folks with cameras.

  55. Trump says that 'if we stop testing right now, we'd have very few cases' of the coronavirus
    What a moron! I suppose he thinks we shouldn’t test for Cancer either. Let me add an Idiot as well.

    “Randy Rainbow
    And if I throw out the scale in my bathroom I can keep eating pasta.”😂😂😂

  56. Tony, great catch. This would be the man who questions the age and physical and  mental acuity of Joe Biden? I gotta  find the vid of him lumbering up the steps to the dais at West Point.

  57. Tasers have killed.   That said, the guy was running a way…and drunk.  Let him run.  Why do they always aim to kill?  Maybe don’t let things escalate.   Once the field sobriety test is done (and he’s over the limit), ask him to go into the Wendy’s and buy him a cup of coffee. (Do they sell coffee? OK, a soda.)   Have the car booted. Drive him home.  Give him the number to AA.    He was sleeping, so he wasn’t actually observed driving drunk (although, how did he get there), but that doesn’t matter now because the man is dead.  Dead.    
    TT – The, thankfully, few times I’ve had to call the cops, they were of no help to me.  They always checked my driver’s license, looked around my place and treated me like they were trying to figure out if I had done something wrong.   Even talking to an officer at a community meet and greet, the officer I spoke with couldn’t have cared less about the problems we had there.   But, not all of them are bad and if you every really need one…
    I had to laugh when Dallas PD’s tattletale app got spammed by Korean pop fans. Hilarious. They are making sure Back-the-Blue, which is not just to counter BLM, but is something for racists to hide behind IMO, doesn’t drowned out BLM.

  58. Weather forecast for Tulsa on Saturday, 90s with a 50% chance of rain.  Rally-goers will be lined up in the swampy weather to get a good seat to see Orange Julius. Face masks will be handed out, but it won’t be mandatory to wear one.   Group psychology tells me that nobody will be brave/smart enough to wear one.  It’ll make a nice souvenir to leave someone in their will.  BOK will be a Covid cesspool on Saturday.   

  59. back to the lifts, remember trump is all about optics and likes to be the biggest, tallest gorilla in the room.  notice he rarely lets a taller guy anywhere near him.  always tho’t he got rid of comey more due to comey being taller – a very lot taller.   if you look closely at the few shots with him and Obama (6’1″) and others who are a little over 6′ tRump doesn’t tower 2″ over them – except sometimes and those times seem suspicious.  I think he wears high heels except when he’s playing golf and he usually is seen then only with folks shorter (lindsey, rand, et al) than he.

  60. I believe that the orange bucket of lard has the beginning stage of Parkinson’s. He went to the hospital unexpectedly in November.  That report has never been made public, of course. I noticed his stooped look a while ago. Others commented on his writing a while back. Includes hand tremor (drinking water), stiff arm, slurred and slow speech,  & unsteady balance.  That military guy was there to catch him! I could be wrong. Mabbe it’s   Alzheimer’s like his father. In any case, it’s neurological. Makes him more of a menace.
    Ah, karma.  She’s such a bitch.  Remember how he mocked the handicapped reporter? Well, karma, she’s back again!


  61. He definitely had a hand tremor and had to use two hands to get the water to his face at West Point.   He’s used two hands to drink water before.    Anxiety and being agitated are also signs of Parkinson’s…and probably other neurological diseases.  He doesn’t need to have his hands on the controls.  

  62. So, if he loses, will he use his health as an excuse to leave…or will his ego not allow that?

  63. i’m half his age, walked with a limp all day, yesterday, and frequently drink with two hands so i don’t spill.
    …jyst sayin’, silly criticisms detract from legitimate ones.  Whatever.🤷‍♂️

  64. Ok, just keep yourselves alive until November, please.  Here’s the last song i’ll post until Jack posts a song (heavily-produced post-acid chill-wave indie rock):

    Hold dear your critical-thinking skills!🤔❤️🇺🇸

  65. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/15/politics/policing-reform-congress-latest/index.html
    Maybe…don’t recess.  Work and get things taken care of before you take a break.
    BTW, it’s not just petty swipes at SFB’s physical infirmities.    They point to something going on with his health, and, some of the things that cause those traits can  also cause psychosis.  Nobody really knows what’s going on with his health because he dictates what the doctors are to say…like dictators do.  
    patD – Here’s a rumor…maybe it’s syphilis eating away at his brain. 

  66. I’m what, 4 years younger than SFB. I had a knee replacement 3 months ago. I walked with a limp before that – am past the post op limp now. Haven’t had to use 2 hands to drink from a glass since I was about 4. Motherfucker has physical problems he’s denying and he’s doing a shitty job of hiding. He’s lying to us. Even his crazy doctor admitted SFB wrote the lying letter about his health in 2016. The WH physician needs to resign his commission for lying to us. Collateral issues?  His health, yes. His lying, fuck no. More important than the bullshit EO he’ll sign about policing tomorrow. Just MHO. 

  67. lizzie has really been busy lately endorsing down ticket candidates, sending out to her donor list requests for contributions to their campaigns.   have any of the other former 2020 presidential candidates (like Bernie) been as  generous?    for example, here’s the one from yesterday:

    Today, I’m honored to endorse Reverend Raphael Warnock, who’s ready to flip a Senate seat for Democrats in Georgia and win results for working people across the country.
    Reverend Warnock was raised in public housing, got help from Pell Grants to get a great education, and became Senior Pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, where he preaches from the pulpit of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    As a champion for fair wages, Reverend Warnock has fought for working families for years. I’m proud to endorse him because with him in the Senate, Georgians will have a leader with the courage and conviction to put working people first.

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