Let Biden be Biden

In these times of pandemic and protest, the country needs comforting. The country needs a big warm and fuzzy hug. Let Joe hug again. Let Joe be Joe again. And while they’re at it, let loose the happiest of the happy warriors to be his surrogates on the trail. Lizzie, Cory, Pete and most of all Bailey romping through the crowds with hope and empathy and promise of happy days here again.


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  1. lift our collective desolate spirits with happy warrior campaigning like esquire describes below:

    Here she is at the state fair, talking to a crowd along one of the wide boulevards, the people who couldn’t find spots in the huge crowd that waited in stifling heat to hear her at the Des Moines Register‘s candidate soapbox out front, the way Bruce Springsteen turns around to play to the crowd sitting behind the stage. Here she is backstage at some event or another, greeting Senator Kamala Harris like an old college pal, a signifying moment between two powerful women who already share one of the iconic pictures of this campaign. She spends as much time talking to kids as she does to their parents, and she works the crowd like someone born to work the crowds at state fairs.
    None of the candidates seems to be having as much fun as she is. The endless selfies after speeches. The pinky-swears with young girls about how what girls do is run for president. Her willingness to hold town halls anywhere. That loose-limbed, almost goofy wave with which she steps onto every stage. In a gloomy political time, with a humorless sociopathic bully in the White House, and with all the worst impulses of the national Id come out to play, Senator Professor Warren is the campaign’s happy warrior, the teacher everybody hopes they get when school starts up again in the fall. People respond to the good feeling around her campaign as much as they respond to the blizzard of policy proposals that campaign has loosed upon the electorate.

  2. as for letting joe be joe and hugging us again

    if he gets too chummy just kick him in the cajones – you know the thing which his opponent hiding in the bunker lacks. 

  3. The funniest thing I can think of is Biden walking down Black Lives Matter blvd to the SFB compound and give a speech ending with “Mr. Putin – tear down this wall”.

  4. This is something we have all noticed, but this article gives a broader application to the problem.

    “He talks funnily,” A little girl says the the camera, when she’s asked about Donald Trump. “He says ‘HUGE’ a lot.” Her forehead twists up in thought. “He sounds a bit silly.”


    Does Trump Have a Low Verbal Ability



  5. BB – You get my vote for comment if the day.  Ha!
    The hugs will have to be virtual, for now, but Warren is always an inspiration to me.  Where there is a plan for the future, there is hope. 

  6. So they were reporting on MoJo this morning that SFB’s support among white Catholics is now at just 37%.  Mrs. P’s Mom has a lot of friends, almost all except a couple in the indie living facility she’s living in now are white Catholics.  All her old friends from Cleveland fall into that category, and all of them support SFB.  Good to know they are in the minority of white Catholics.  Might help explain the OH numbers showing SFB much weaker there than before.

    (Love the edit function).

  7. Whatever happened to the Mudcat?  Guess that earful from the Lardass Liberal was a bit off-putting.

  8. oh patd…   that title…   I LOVE IT!
    Just watched the new Randy Rainbow….   best one yet!

  9. BBronc, your “Mr. Putin – tear down this wall” truly deserves the trail’s highest award of the day.

    I hope one of our d.c. denizens (hint hint david or craig) will produce and attach such a sign (extra large) to the new fence. 

    renee, thanks

  10. politico is hinting that mayor bottoms will be joe’s veep selection. in the article, they also include val demmings as a possibility.

    but for some background

    here’s a link to a “who is Keisha Bottoms” article by her home town paper atlanta journal const   and this quote:

    Bottoms has endorsed Biden and previously said in an interview with NPR that she would be “honored” to be on the ballot.
    “I want Vice President Biden to choose the person who he thinks will help him best beat Donald Trump in November, and so if it’s me, I would be honored,” she said. “But if it’s a green martian that helps him get over the finish line, then I think that’s who he needs to go with.”

  11. that CNN poll spread is phenomenal. but we can’t forget the 17 pt Dukakis lead. there is a difference tho, Duke was easy for Lee Atwater to define because he wasn’t well known, almost a blank slate. Biden is already well defined, love it or leave it, and he’s 14pts up. So you’re right PatD let him be, he’s doing just fine.

  12. Pogo…  the NFL draft already happened several months ago.  Kaepernick hasn’t played in a game in over 3 years.  At the time…  there were teams that wanted him as a backup…  but he refused.  Said he’d play either as a starter or not at all.  Ya know…   kinda like Tim Tebow…  that didn’t work out so well for Tim.  IMO, Colin is more than likely done as a player.

  13. The 2020 Nobel Prize in Jokery goes to Ms Blue Bronc. 
    The funniest thing I can think of is Biden walking down Black Lives Matter blvd to the SFB compound and give a speech ending with “Mr. Putin – tear down this wall”.

  14. Congratulations, Trump. You just ended the longest economic expansion on record
     “So, once again, a Democrat is going to have to clean up this mess starting in January 2021. Because fact: for the last 40 years, every recession has begun with a Republican president and ended under a Democrat’s watch.”

  15. …kinda funny Republicans don’t realize the most legitimate Roman analogue to trump is the original Anti-Christ, Nero.
    Good eyes, Christians!🙄

    (fat, ugly, narcissistic, gilded everything, built useless monuments, delighted in others’ suffering, set fire to his own society)

  16. RR, I can’t imagine how Kaepernick is doing better now financially than he would be doing as an NFL QB, starting or not. But then, what do I know about the NFL?  

  17. I don’t think it is smart to let Biden be Biden. On his own he has insulted black voters and is frequently both defensive and arrogant.
    He should stay in his basement and send out Jill.

  18. Mr Corey, Could you find and use a picture of trump and putin saluting the russian flag ? Maybe with general flynn and paul manyfraud ? Of course, what ever you put together is wonderful. Just offering thoughts to be of better service to you.

  19. Oh yeah, xrepublican. I search the internet to find pictures for the memes that I come up with in my head during the day. Today’s meme was inspired by a co-worker who said that she was dealing with bone spurs and they were very painful. I said, “You know who else suffers from bone spurs?”

  20. If this was Rome  the Pretornian Guards would have made Mike Pence Emporor .  His wife would have poisoned him, 
    Now to make Rome Great Again.  

  21. Jamie sad news, I actually had the hots for those girls and I was old enough to know better. 
    It was this song, it still gets me excited

  22. Trump might be Nero but I think Caligula “little boots” got everywhere because of daddy.

  23. No Bob, sorry but  you can’t go somewhere where you already are. He is already insane, it just makes him do a more active crazy dance.  Now if we just knew somebody who had a solar power kettle corn popper.
    Good to see you, you crazy a*****e, btw, how are the sand storms down in west Texas?

  24. This is going  to insane. 
    They made an outer fence . Expanded steel , panels  All around the White House.
    It’s a perfect place  to glue wheat paste  posters. 

  25. So , young Crawford  go down there and Get The Story! 
    Gruff Editior  of a great  Metropoliatan  Newspaper !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Craig , Bob has a point, You are in the middle of everything, write it up and put it in a story. 

  27. The school took a stand. Ivanka brought the Bible in her $2000 purse for Trump’s photo-op. After gassing peaceful protesters. Vile all of them.

  28. BTW, you have never lived until you’ve been laughed at by a Buddhist nun, but we got her lawn mower working any way.  What she was laughing at? this old man trying to get his ass up off the ground after laying down and working on her lawn mower. Got to admit it was funny.

  29. Kampala Harris said it’s not defund the police. It’s reorganize the police.

  30. don’t be surprised if there’s a big prolonged sick-out (ostensibly due to covid) at MPD just to spite the council that voted to do them in.

  31. Decades is now airing a special on the Spanish flu.     Woodrow Wilson, like tTrump, also killed folks with his mishandling if the pandemic.   “Pre-forgetting” because they were told to focus on the war effort.  

  32. Pat 
    I think that will be their choice but they shouldn’t expect to be hired for the new force. Renta cop pay is really low.
    It’s a bitch when you get the liberals and the conservatives against you. lol The police unions need to pull their horns in a bit, it is a new world

  33. Must agree with C’Bob that a call to defund police departments is exactly what will play into the tRumpster’s hand.  I hope Joe won’t go there.

  34. No surprise that the Hispanics eventually cleaned up the mess that Nero made.  Took a while, though.

  35. If you didn’t know, nepotism and favoritism are endemic in law enforcement.  A whole lotta good ol’ boys getting their under-qualified, trigger-happy nephews jobs.  Gotta sweep up that culture, folks.

  36. BiD, Joe has already said “fuck no”, he had a plan months ago and is sticking to it.

  37. We need the police or something like that.  What we DON’T need are jack booted, brown shirts!
    They need training in being humane! 

  38. Tip toe, I live in one of those neighborhoods and we need good policing. There is nobody in my neighborhood wanting the police defunded, they just want them to do their jobs in a respectful manner.  An encounter with the police shouldn’t leave you feeling like you have been treated like shit.

  39. My thought the last few days is we need to think of police first as social workers because that is mostly their job. 
    So instead of hireing exmilitary who know how  to kill people they should be hiring people with social work degrees. Then teach them how to safely carry a fire arm. It is easier to teach someone correct habits than it is to change bad habits.

  40. Pogo, all I can do is pass on what some news media is saying. But I assumed stupid went without saying, a feature, not a bug.

  41. Bink
    The Mexican grocery had large limes 12 for a buck. So one lime, 1 diet 7up and 1/2 cup of hand sanitizer. I’m good for the night.. just put it in the freezer and serve cold.

  42. BTW, don’t be shopping at the white peoples store, they rip them folks off all the time.

  43. Jack, yes vis-a-vis police.  OMG  The Daily Beast website is so JUNKED up with ads and crap that I just clicked off.  I don’t have the patience nor the interest to navigate through all that  “stuff”.  I guess they don’t care that they don’t get readers that way….and big time they want ya to subscribe.  Nope!  Too bad!

  44. TT
    I understand, I’m on my good computer but if I was on the old desktop……. Even with this one somedays…
    You would think if they are interested in eyeballs they would work to make it easier.

  45.  “I’m good for the night“
    Heck, yes, you are!  How the eff they make money on 12 limes for $1?!  Who cares, right?

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