Picture This

It’s hard to know sometimes where the picture ends and the cartoon begins.

Is that an ad for diabetes drugs?


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  1. hope the DNC et al consider a more creative use of money otherwise spent on old-fashioned convention now that nominee has been selected by primaries.  use majority of funds for get out the vote efforts.  a more entertaining, shorter virtual convene would be nice.

    (Reuters) – Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden secured enough delegates to formally clinch the Democratic presidential nomination on Friday, setting the stage for a challenge to President Donald Trump in the November election.
    “It was an honor to compete alongside one of the most talented groups of candidates the Democratic party has ever fielded — and I am proud to say that we are going into this general election a united party,” Biden said on Friday.

  2. Great idea Patd

    I know delegates really look forward to these things, but this year doesn’t really describe their presence.  If it must be held in a real building, keep it minimal with some good speeches & balloons but taking all the health precautions while saving money.

  3. Jamie, is a formal vote at the convention required on nominee’s choice of veep or is that just a nicety? 

  4. Patd

    A vote is required by the delegates, but I don’t see that it is mandatory

    that the vote take place at the convention for either office.  Not quite sure how the names would be placed in nomination (there are favorite sons named who can’t win).  Once the Presidential candidate names his/her preference, I suppose the delegates from each state or region could do it remotely.

  5. just looked at a bunch of polls on white evangelicals. they’re obviously rethinking Trump, still a lot of support but coming down, and in battlegrounds like Wisconsin. Think that explains the Bible stunt.

  6. Here’s the Ballotpedia summary of the Dem nomination rules for 2020. It sounds like the nomination requires a first vote of pledged delegates and the nominee has to have the support of over half of them. I don’t see where the rules allow or disallow voting remotely. So I’d say set up a huge Zoom meeting, put on stupid looking hats, buttons and vests and vote from your basement. Then go get drunk and try to get laid. Et voila, All the fun of the convention with much less risk.

  7. pogo, the getting laid part is pretty risky in these days of covid19, condom or no condom and masked or not masked.

  8. speaking of the vicious virus, as of today from the guardian:

    Nearly 600 frontline healthcare workers have died of Covid-19, according to Lost on the Frontline, a project launched by the Guardian and Kaiser Health News (KHN) that aims to count, verify and memorialize and every healthcare worker who dies during the pandemic.
    The tally includes doctors, nurses and paramedics, as well as crucial healthcare support staff such as hospital janitors, administrators and nursing home workers, who have put their own lives at risk during the pandemic to help care for others. Lost on the Frontline has now published the names and obituaries for more than 100 workers.
    A majority of those documented were identified as people of color, mostly African American and Asian/Pacific Islander. Profiles of more victims, and an updated count, will be added to our news sites twice weekly going forward.
    There is no other comprehensive accounting of US healthcare workers’ deaths. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has counted 368 Covid deaths among healthcare workers, but acknowledges its tally is an undercount. The CDC does not identify individuals.

  9. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/06/politics/what-matters-june-5/index.html
    We won’t have to worry about getting everyone up to speed for a smooth transition of power once Joe is elected.  He knows his stuff and he can call on Obama. Biden is the perfect candidate.  It’s no wonder tRump was trying to destroy him by any means necessary.
    Agreed that we have two obstacles in the way.  1) Voting the orange, authoritarian bastard out of office.
    2) Getting his lard ass and those of his evil spawn and their cronies out…and in prison, if valid reasons exist for any or all of them.
    The Republican Party will, eventually, all be voted out of office and they will have no lobbying influence.  Yep, the reason they ran for office (personal wealth) will all dry up.  The must be peeing in their pants that they backed a one-term losing liar named tRump.   

  10. Why is everyone so shocked about May’s unemployment numbers?  States opened up, businesses got payroll protection money, folks went back to their old jobs.  
    The numbers are still terrible; jobs are not all coming back; retail stores will continue to suffer and close stores; the airline industry  has huge layoffs pending for October 1st.   And, the virus is still with us.  It ain’t over. 

  11. People in South Carolina will reject Lindsey Graham because he is not the same honorable individual that John McCain, and I, supported last time around. I could give a shit less about his sexuality.

  12. Flatus
    I agree that’s the reason he should be voted out of office. Still, as a gay person, he has done so much damage to LGBTQ people that I hope he is outed if indeed he is gay. The man is a vile creature and that’s not about him being gay. 
    Jamie, thanks for the Twitter link, took me here pronto!
    My 35 Fu*k Trump Solar panels :0)

  13. Tony! Bear! welcome back.  missed you both. now where’s solar, carol, blonde wino, purple and the rest of the gang?

  14. Hi Pat
    Thanks for the shout out. Yes, I remember all those very fine people! Hello to all.

  15. Tony!!!  I’ve missed you!  How’ve you been?  I still think of that wonderful night that you, I, and Rick had in Daytona.  Please don’t be a stranger.

  16. Hi Renee
    I hope you both are doing well. You bet that was a nice evening. The ambiance with the Atlantic in the background, perfect. Fun fun!




    .@ewarren stops by DC protests with her husband and 🐶


    lizzie not only walks the talk, she also takes action according to the hill:

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) announced Friday they will introduce a bill that would hold law enforcement officers criminally liable for not providing medical care to people in their custody.
    The two Massachusetts lawmakers will bring forth the Andrew Kearse Accountability for Denial of Medical Care Act, named after Andrew Kearse. Kearse, a 36-year-old black man, died of a heart attack in the back of a police cruiser in 2017 after begging the officers for help. The officers did not face charges in relation to his death.
    “Andrew Kearse died begging for help and the police officer who looked the other way got off scot-free. Our bill will make sure that officers who fail to obtain potentially life-saving care for people in their custody are held accountable,” said Warren. “This legislation is just one step – I will keep working with my colleagues for a complete overhaul of our policing and justice systems.”

  18. Tony, your sudden departure left a vast empty space last time you were here. Please, please don’t do that to us again.

  19. Hey there Bink and Flatus.
    Flatus you’re too kind. I left TM on election night 2016. It was hard to ignore the behavior of some here towards Hillary that resulted in Trump. I dumped FB because some of my Michigan family members are Trumpers. I just didn’t need the confrontations with people. I was enraged, angry and I still am.  
    “I’m the Last Thing Standing Between You and The Apocalypse” – Hillary Clinton, October 11, 2016

  20. i’ve admired your adherence to principle this whole time, Mr. T, well-played💪❤️🇺🇸

  21. tony, understandable response at that dreadful time.  sometimes one just runs out of other cheeks to turn and has to walk away.

  22. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/buffalo-police-officers-arrested-after-shoving-75-year-old-protester-sources/ar-BB157YoX?ocid=spartanntp

    Two Buffalo, New York, police officers are now facing criminal charges in connection with the graphic caught-on-video shove of a 75-year-old man during a protest, a law enforcement source told ABC News.
    Charges against the officer will not be unsealed until after their arraignment on Saturday, according to the law enforcement source.

  23. Pat
    So right. I find confronting people a waste of time. My uncles and aunts are welcome in my home if they visit from Michigan but they know, don’t mention Trump or Hillary. Grace who you might remember worked for me. A Trumper. Made the mistake of chanting “Crooked Hillary” three times months after the election. I told her, were done! I wish I had cheeks to turn. Given the reality of Trump I just don’t. 

  24. Hi Tony
    wonderful to see you on the page.
    please hang out with us
    Nash come back.

  25. One more thing, tony: here is the Dance Pop playlist i made for the group, here, recently.  Guaranteed to make any workday shorter or any weekend night longer:

  26. Hey, Mr Bear !
    Aw man, so good to read you ! Manly Midwestern virtual bear hugs.

  27. Calling Messers Solar, Nash, Ping, and Mses Wino and Bethyboo. Please return to your stations. Pretty please, with genuine MN Grade A maple syrup all over on top.

  28. 110,803 dead. Thank trump almighty that we defeated this virus. I’d hate to see the number if we had lost. (dark & angry sneer)

  29. Time to lynch Snotter runt pol in effigy. 

    runt has a vey distinctive head of hair which I indicative of dictatorial ambitions. See hitler, mao, nero, stalin, mussolini & putin, king kim, Napoleon, trump and louis XIV, “the sun king.”

  30. I’m glad the D.C. mayor didn’t put her 1600 paint job up for bids. Tony would’ve been up there doing it for nuthin’. And I woulda been standing guard duty along with Sturg.

  31. Don’t be fooled by nice weather and lackadaisical behavior by others- infection stats still following a near-exponential curve in my neck of the woods.

  32. flatus, too bad she didn’t have that message painted in front of 1100 penn ave (aka tRump international hotel nee old federal p.o.).  that would have really set him off.

  33. With over 110,00o Covid deaths, we are over a quarter of the way to the number of Americans killed in WWII, but it’s happened in only a few months time.  
    It’s D Day.  Where is Cadet Bone Spurs?  He doesn’t care about veterans.  He doesn’t care about Americans.  He hates democracy.  

  34. craig, glad to see the divine miss M pitching in with the #ditchmitch folk on behalf of amy.  Lincoln project group ran this one last week


  35. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.texastribune.org/2020/06/04/federal-appeals-court-extends-block-voting-mail-expansion-texas/amp/
    “…a sickness or physical condition that prevents a person from appearing in person without the risk of injuring the voter’s health…”  It sure sounds like a reason for a mail-ballot to me.    
    The physical condition is lack of immunity to Covid-19.  That puts the voter at risk.  Republicans will lose even if they force folks to vote in person.   They will also be morally responsible for sickness and death.  If they could be made financially and criminally responsible for sickness and death by contacting the virus at a polling place…  

  36. Good to see you too! Back at you with the virtual hug. You still have that great sense of humor. Helps in these trying times. 
    Great dance music, that helps as well. 
    Thanks, I read you on Twitter and retweet you. I hope David is good and your Dad is staying well. 

  37. Sturg
    There you are. I hope you’re good and keeping the place laughing. Thanks for the shout.  ✋

  38. Jamie
    I feel like I’ve never been apart from you because of Twitter. You rock there and I really enjoy you.🤣

  39. Republicans fear Trump may cost them Senate
    Republicans had their chance to convict and remove this criminal President. I have to believe voters will get justice in November. Returning total control to Democrats. Then its time for Democrats to be brutal. No repeat of Obama’s first term deluding ourselves into thinking Republicans will ever work with us for the greater good. Not going to happen.

  40. Of course she’s had uncertainty….what color to dye her hair, who can she steal handbag designs from, whether or not to fire her servants….it don’t come easy

  41. Sturg
    Yes, I see your point, Ivanka must have it rough. Geez, the handbags and servants. Must have been why she was distracted stealing from the Trump charity. I hope they get theirs and soon.

  42. Defeat @LindseyGrahamSC 

    Support @harrisonjaime

    Lindsey Graham on Civil Rights:

    Supported the constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

    Voted YES on constitutional ban of same-sex marriage.

    Voted YES on banning gay adoptions in DC.

  43. Thanks for asking Tony. David working at home, kinda thankful for the virus in a weird way because I now have him 24/7 which I love, tho he might be tired of me. 

    Dad OK, our last time together was a fabulous lunch on Lake George, Sanford (St. JOHN’S River Steak & Seafood) where we gorged on frog legs our fav delicacy, in your vicinity. Virus has kept us apart ever since, which sucks. 

  44. What did we learn this week kids ?  
    That’s right, the 45th president is the world’s worse  bible sales man  He sold more steaks. 

  45. wapo oped by George:

    Just as crises can provide a test of anyone’s character, they do so especially with presidents. We stand burdened with watching a president fail his test, in cataclysmic fashion, and with the nation suffering the consequences.
    But it’s more than just narcissism that drives this failing, flailing president. However difficult they can be, even extreme narcissists can have consciences. They don’t necessarily cast aside behavioral standards or laws, or lie ceaselessly with reckless abandon. Trump’s behavior is conscienceless, showing utter disregard for the safety of others, consistent irresponsibility, callousness, cynicism and disrespect of other human beings. Contempt for truth and honesty, and for norms, rules and laws. A complete inability to feel remorse, or guilt. As a New Yorker profile of Trump put it nearly a quarter-century ago, Trump lives “an existence unmolested by the rumbling of a soul.” That’s Donald Trump’s problem yesterday, today and tomorrow.
    It’s our problem, too, for now: We remain governed by a soulless man with a broken mind. The damage will continue, and it won’t stop until voters end it. Come November, it will be up to the eligible human population of this country to look to their souls, their consciences, their humanity — and to cast their votes for one of their own.

  46. Debate of Dem candidates for the run-off    for Senate right now.  I voted for MJ Hegar in March.  Do I vote in person in the run-off in July?  Either one of them would be an improvement over Cornyn.  

  47. c’bob -Worst Bible salesman. Ha!   His ego won’t be hurt too bad since you didn’t call him the second worst. 

  48. here’s a song for the sunset in case you didn’t have one already cued (queued?) up:

  49. Barr is a fascist, for sure.  Here might be this generation’s Neil Young without trying too hard to be Neil Young:

  50. Mrs. P sez Barr is just like SFB. I pointed out that he’s not orange. 
    George’s op-Ed was absolutely dead on. 
    Summer has definitely arrived in East Bumfuck. 88 and sunny. Spent the morning giving Mrs P new plants in her beds out back and spreading more mulch. Tomorrow, the mulching continues, a bit of weeding then two hours of music (aka cutting the grass). Last week it was the Allman Brothers. Tomorrow, …???

  51. “My attitude was get it done, but I didn’t say go do it.” -Bill Barr  
    What a ball-less little weasel.  

  52. barr’s lack of testicular material may partially explain the pendulous mammae growing on his cheeks and chin. I’m guessing that mayonnaise and peanut butter on freedom-fried potatoes may also have a lot to do with his/her/its condition.

    Another Theory :

    Image result for grouper



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